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Hummingbird Cremation Jewelry

Memorials That Hover Your Heart

The beauty of a hummingbird, the smallest of birds, is breathtaking.

Every movement is choreographed perfectly, an orchestra of motion in flight.

Much like the hummingbird, they never stopped. Helping those they loved, always on the go, your loved one simply was a wonder. Create a resting place for their never-ending spirit and energy with hummingbird ash jewelry.

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Whimsical Keepers of Your Heart

The fast fluttering of wings, they zing in and zing out, taking what they need, what is necessary and return in rapid sequence when the time is right. The glorious beauty of the hummingbird can leave one watching in wonder as these beautiful birds dance around feeders and flowers, gracing us with their presence for moments here and there.!

We have loved ones much like the hummingbird – those that flit in and out of our day to day routine, bestowing a smile, some love, a laugh, a quick glimpse of their inner child and playful nature. Losing such whimsy, such joy is heartbreaking and what better way to remember and honor them than with hummingbird keepsakes!

The beauty of hummingbird cremation jewelry is breathtaking. The long beak and delicate wings is detailed and the interior contains the personal part of the ash jewelry. Protected by a threaded screw, the hummingbird will hold your choice of small remembrances such as ashes, dried and crushed flower petals or even a few strands of your loved one’s hair inside the inner compartment. Completely hidden from prying eyes, no one will ever know what the jewelry holds unless you choose to tell them. Hummingbird jewelry for ashes includes the keepsake as well as a matching chain, funnel and adhesive and our promise that you’re going to love it!

Honor your loved one by choosing a tribute for your hummingbird cremation jewelry like:

  • Cremated ashes
  • Sacred ground
  • A few strands of hair
  • Dried and crushed flower petals

Full of whimsy and laughter, hummingbird urn pendants are a wonderful way to hold onto those that made you smile.