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Picture Cremation Jewelry

A picture speaks a thousand words - an image of a moment, an instance, a smile with you always.

The pictures that capture the magic moments in our life give families and friends a time to remember together, laugh together, simply share a common bond from a moment in time that they shared, some joy, some love.

Picture cremation jewelry takes those memories a step further by combining beautiful pendants, a favorite snapshot and a precious remembrance and rolling it all into one stunning and personal accessory to last a lifetime.

Picture Engraved Jewelry Locket Picture Cremation Jewelry
Have your favorite photo engraved on a beautiful piece of jewelry. Available in both Cremation and Non-Cremation styles. We have several styles of Picture Lockets that will hold a photo of your loved one along with a small portion of cremated remains.

A Picture of Peace

Times that we shared with friends and family weave in and out of our memories. Sometimes we forget the finite details and it's these seemingly insignificant moments that are captured that draw us back to the love and laughter, the instant in time. With picture pendants and accessories, those moments can be a touch away and with us always.

Drawing from those memories, those captured moments can be done with elegance and style with picture cremation jewelry and are a personal way to remember those that have passed. A special holiday, a family vacation, a beautiful sunrise shared together can bring some comfort during such an emotionally challenging time.

With or without tiny built in compartments to hold a remembrance, picture cremation jewelry is one of the most personal expressions of devotion and many offer the option of adding engraved text - giving you the option of further customizing your selection to capture a part of your loved one.

Picture Cremation Jewelry Includes

  • A matching chain or black satin cording
  • If applicable, a filling kit with instructions, funnel and adhesive to seal
  • A jeweler's gift box

Cherish the memories and the life of those that have passed and capture them together with picture cremation jewelry from Jewelry Keepsakes.