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Remembrance Jewelry - From Child to Senior

    No matter your gender or age, cremation jewelry is ideal for all. Cremation pendants will hold your choice of personal tribute and come in different themes such as shapes, hearts, crosses for the faith oriented and cylinders and rounds and depending on whom you are purchasing for, careful thought should go into your selection. What is appealing to an adult may not bring the same comfort or connection to a child or teen. Additionally, other factors such as the relationship to the deceased and physical limitations of the wearer should also weigh heavily in your decision of keepsake.


Cremation jewelry for elderly:

Think outside the box. At the later stages in life, many elderly are looking to downsize and pass on jewelry and valuables to members of the family. Maybe choose a glass keepsake that can hang from a window in their bedroom or kitchen that will serve as a loving reminder of the deceased without being something else they need to find a space for.

Physical factors. Whether it’s arthritis, failing eyesight or general forgetfulness that comes with the passing of the years, small clasps may be difficult for elderly fingers. Consider a longer chain that can pass easily over their head to make putting on or taking off their keepsake trouble free.

Seniors on the go. Keychains are a terrific option for those seniors that are still mobile and on the go. They are available with and without internal urns and you can even have a photo of their loved one engraved onto the face of the keepsake. The keychain attaches easily to a key ring or purse strap and allows them a memory of their loved one that is with them on their travels.




Cremation jewelry for adults

The loss of a spouse. Cremation rings may be a good option for those that have lost a spouse. The ring can serve as a replacement to a wedding band or promise ring and is a beautiful representation of the union between two partners.

The loss of a parent. Many of us have something that connects us with our parent. Maybe you both loved the same sport, shared the same green eyes, had the same middle name. An initial pendant, sports keepsake or other pendant that keeps that connection alive can help an adult child through the grieving process of losing a parent.

The loss of a child. From baby feet to hand prints to pink and blue, the bond we share with our children is unlike any other. Family keepsakes emphasize the never-ending love between a parent and child and allow a parent to choose a remembrance of their little one to have with them always.



Cremation jewelry for children and teens:

Think animals. Many children have a particular fondness for an animal and find an emotional connection or comfort from that animal. Adding the loved one’s name to the back side of the keepsake allows children to not just gain comfort from the symbol of the pendant but also from a name or the role in their life that the person played, such as ‘Mommy’ or ‘Papa’.

Choose Faith. Older children may find comfort in their faith and cross keepsakes are a great option in this instance. It allows the young adult a private way to grieve and have a symbol of their beliefs that can bring them some peace during the difficult days ahead.

A favorite photo. Photo engraved cremation jewelry gives children and teens a favorite picture of their loved one to carry with them wherever they go. They can wear as a necklace, attach to a backpack or hang from their car mirror as a reminder of those they are without. Picture engraved cremation jewelry is available with or without an urn and are very affordable - ideal for those that are middle school or elementary school age.