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Remembrance Jewelry Pendants

Remembrance jewelry is a unique pendant much like you would find at any jewelry store. The secret to remembrance jewelry is that each pendant contains a small inside hollow space that will hold an honor to your loved one. Typical inserts for the pendants vary and the honor should be a direct reflection of your loved one. Jewelry Keepsakes has a large array of remembrance jewelry for you to select from in several different groupings. Urn pendants are a wonderful reminder of the love you shared with the family member, friend or pet that has passed on and the keepsakes have many different uses.

Jewelry that holds ashes is a fabulous and innovative way to have a loved one with you all the time. This rare type of jewelry has an inner compartment that will hold a petite remembrance of someone or of a pet that is no longer with you.
Each compartment will hold approximately a pinch of ashes or sacred ground from where your loved one or pet was buried. A lock of hair, ashes from a burned photo or even some crushed and dried flowers would make loving inserts for your pendant. The option of what to place in your remembrance jewelry lies with the individual. Jewelry Keepsakes has a wonderful staff of customer service agents that would be happy to assist you with narrowing down your choices and steer you in the direction youíre looking for.

Remembrance jewelry comes in many different shapes and forms and that actually can make your choice easier. Having a large variety to select from allows you to really think about what reminds you the most of your loved one as well as what reflects something that you would be proud to display. Online companies like Jewelry Keepsakes that have a large inventory and competitive prices has been leaders in the keepsake pendant industry and have been instrumental in changing peopleís lives. Their inventory includes many diverse and unusual pieces that will beautifully recognize the impact your loved one had on your life.

Nature cremation jewelry is a simple and honorable way to remember a loved one that loved hiking and other outdoor activities. These pendants reflect some aspect of nature such as flowers, trees and other foliage as well as creatures of the forest. Jewelry Keepsakes has a comprehensive and gorgeous collection of nature keepsakes that include a free matching sterling silver or gold filled chain or a free black satin cording. A nature urn pendant would also be a terrific gift for the person who loves the outdoors and is looking to honor a special dog that was their constant companion.

Menís cremation pendants are an interesting and rugged approach to honoring someone who has passed. These keepsakes are typically very simple and understated and will blend with a t-shirt or under a suit and tie. Many of Jewelry Keepsakes menís keepsake pendants can be selected in either sterling silver or 14 karat gold over sterling silver and can typically be engraved on the back. Anywhere from one to three lines of engraving can be added to your menís jewelry urn with up to ten characters per line in some cases. These pendants make an honored gift for a son or nephew that has lost a father or uncle or for a husband or father that has lost a good friend.

There are those keepsakes that donít fit into any specific category as they donít necessarily follow a theme or they arenít your run of the mill urn pendant. These unique keepsakes are the perfect solution for the person who just canít put their finger on what is the right keepsake to honor their loved one. A large inventory of unique and distinctive funeral pendants is something that Jewelry Keepsakes prides themselves on and their mixture of sterling silver and 14 karat gold plated unique pendants is one of the largest available on the internet. As a courtesy to their customers, Jewelry Keepsakes includes with each purchase a small funnel as well as instructions. Cremation jewelry can be self-explanatory but in the event that you are having difficulty filling your pendant, you can use the instructions to help you along.
Every cremation jewelry purchase includes:
  • a small funnel
  • instructions
  • filling sticks
The look of glass has been a favorite for many in the jewelry making industry and the cremation jewelry industry is no different. Glass lockets and keepsakes actually have clear glass that changes in color when the ashes are added to the inside of the keepsake pendant. Jewelry Keepsakes has a medley of different glass lockets that are different shapes. Hexagon, heart and octagon shaped glass lockets are but a few of the gorgeous glass keepsakes from Jewelry Keepsakes. Most of their glass lockets ship out within twenty four hours of receipt of your order and will arrive in three to five business days. If time is of the essence, Jewelry Keepsakes does have shipping upgrades available and their remembrance jewelry can be sent out two day air or overnight service.

Remembrance jewelry is a loving and beautiful reminder of a loved one that is no longer with you. You can select some crushed and dried flowers, cremated ashes or other personal remembrance of your loved one for the inside of your keepsake. Many companies such as Jewelry Keepsakes actually include instructions as well as a small funnel to assist you with filling your pendant and their customer service is standing by to assist in any way. Funeral jewelry has many wonderful uses and serves many purposes. These special remembrance pendants are a terrific way to start a family heirloom that can be passed down for generations to come. You can also give a member of your family or a close friend an urn pendant to mark the anniversary of their loved oneís passing. These unique keepsakes make treasured and affectionate gifts to those you love or to yourself and will aptly and warmly remember those that can no longer be with you in person but whose spirit continues to shine brightly.