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Keepsake Locket Cremation Jewelry

A special tribute, a remembrance that comes from the heart, a piece of your loved one that you treasure. Keepsake locket jewelry is a unique expression of the love and devotion you have for those that have passed on. Crafted from a wide assortment of beautiful materials, keepsake locket pendants are an ideal commemoration.

The will be missed and cherished always

They meant the world to you, a friend, a comrade, your partner in crime. You did everything together and now that they're gone, how do you begin to move forward? Experiencing the loss of someone close to you can be a challenge and finding an apt way to keep them close to your heart and in your memories can be difficult. By selecting a keepsake locket, not only are you choosing a beautiful jewelry pendant in remembrance but also selecting a way to hold a chosen memory such as cremated ashes, a lock of hair or some sacred ground from the site of burial. The keepsake locket has a threaded screw or bail that can be sealed with the included adhesive and creates a safe resting place for your selected remembrance.

A unique style that will appeal to everyone

Cremation jewelry comes in a number of different themes and ideas. Cylinder urn pendants are ideal for men or women and the elongated shape is trendy and versatile. Modern memorial jewelry can be selected for those that are fashion forward and love the newest ideas on the runways. Pet cremation keepsake lockets make for a special and beautiful remembrance in memory of a pet that has passed away and you can typically add engraved text to the back of the pendant. Each keepsake locket includes a black satin cording or matching chain as well as a filling kit that has everything you need to fill, seal and create a spectacular memory of those that you've lost.