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Cremation Photos For Family

Happiness, surprise, love - the photos of our life speak a thousand words to our heart and make it simple for us to recapture a moment in time and hold it close. Lockets that hold pictures or cremation photos help loved ones feel close to those they've lost and is a secret that's yours to keep.

A snapshot of your love

Peace comes in many different forms and finding what works is an essential part of moving forward. No one wants to be trapped in the cycle of grief. Sometimes it's as simple as letting time heal the wounds, sometimes it may require something more to move forward. Cremation jewelry that holds cremation photos or laser engraved images is personal and customized to reflect the face, a memory that keeps a loved one close. A special holiday, a family vacation, an afternoon at the park - the cremation photo you choose only need mean something to you, bring some comfort to your heart. The image of your choice can be placed inside picture cremation jewelry or the image transferred onto a laser engraved cremation keepsake.

Pendants, rings and more - your memories personalized

Maybe you're looking for something different, a unique way to capture a part of someone that has passed from your life. Cremation jewelry is ideal! The interior of these unique pendants, rings and bracelets is just large enough to hold approximately a pinch of cremated ashes or even an alternative - a few strands of hair, some dried flowers from a saved bouquet, ashes from a burned photo. The inside memorial is completely up to you as is sharing what's inside with anyone else as the design of the jewelry keeps your secret. Attractively priced and with new styles daily, cremation keepsakes let you remember a loved one your way and keep them with you every day or when you need it most.