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Lighthouse Cremation Pendant

The sea, the ocean, the many summer vacations come tumbling to your mind when suffering the loss of a loved one. The beacon of light and safe harbor they gave you during the stormy ups and downs of life can be recognized and revered with a beautiful lighthouse cremation pendant and keep their love close.

Let their love light the way

Few are prepared for the myriad of emotions that overtake you when suffering the loss of someone you loved. You can keep those memories close to your heart and find some comfort by choosing a cremation keepsake in their memory. A lighthouse symbolizes light in the face of darkness and feelings of hope - that you aren't alone. What better way to commemorate the life of someone you've lost! Filling a lighthouse memorial keepsake with a small amount of cremains or even some sacred ground from where they were laid to rest can bring some desperately needed comfort.

The symbols of devotion

In addition to lighthouse cremation jewelry there are other pendants and keepsakes that are wonderful symbols of devotion and love during the dark times in your life. Family urn lockets are a personal way to display your devotion and dedication to a family member that has passed away and there are no greater ties that bind you together. Cremation rings may symbolize the never ending love and faith you had for a spouse or friend that is no longer with you. Glass keepsakes remind us that love is fragile but with careful attention and care, the foundation of your relationship continues to shine. Whatever the symbol, it is important that it have special meaning to your heart.
Time will heal your grief and finding your way through the darkness can be achieved with a lighthouse ashes pendant or any of our beautiful cremation keepsakes that allow you to keep your loved one close to your heart.