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Pet Ashes Pendant For Pet Cremains

Your constant companion, best friend, treasured pal...suffering the loss of a pet can be as devastating as losing a member of the family. A pet ashes pendant can help you by not only being a symbol of the pet that loved you unconditionally but by allowing you to have a part of them with you.

A treasured pal

The healing power of pets has been revered for decades and stories of the elderly, the young or the family that has been brought together or healed by the loving companionship of a pet are stories we have all heard or witnessed ourselves. Pet ashes pendants provide a way for families, pet owners and even children to remember their pet and find some comfort. They were by your side every day - honor them by keeping them with you in spirit and with a personally selected pet memorial keepsake in their memory. Much different than a pet urn, pet cremation jewelry consists of a small jewelry pendant that will hold some cremated ashes, a small piece of fur or even a part of a favorite blanket, toy or other tribute to your pet. Durable and trendy, pet ashes pendants are a touching way to give some comfort to your own heart or to help the heart of a friend or child that is grieving the loss of a pet.

Pets of all types should be honored!

Pet ashes pendants are not solely for those that are dog or cat owners! Amphibian lovers, owners of birds and even horses have all found the ideal pet memorial keepsake to assist with honoring their companion. You are not bound to choosing a pet keepsake that holds a memorial either. You can elect to choose a stunning picture engraved keepsake memorial that can be laser engraved with a picture of your choosing in memory of your pet. We love our pets and have no doubt that you do too - honor their life with a pet jewelry urn!