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Cremation Bracelet Jewelry

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Exclusive Styles of Personalized Bracelets

These remembrance bracelets come in a wide range of different materials, including stainless steel, sterling silver plated, gold plated, and braided leather, with a number of simple and stylish designs for you to choose from.

The collection includes link-style bracelets, cuff links, braided, and contemporary bracelet designs, each of which offers a beautiful way evoke fond emotions of those no longer with you.

Quite a number of the remembrance bracelets can also be customized with your choice of individual charm, including white dragon, silver dolphin, white or black butterfly, and silver night cross.

Exquisite Remembrance Bracelets Personalized For You

Every bracelet in this collection includes a small urn or cavity, which allows you to remember your loved ones. You can fill the cavity with a personal remembrance, such as a sprinkle of ashes. Each bracelet comes complete with a specially constructed kit and our tried and true instructions.

Most cremation bracelets have options to engrave, a great choice to further personalize your remembrance jewelry with a unique message, or with the initials of your close friend or relative.

Cremation bracelets make an excellent alternative to our pendant keepsakes. You are sure to find the perfect design for you in this collection.

Features of Remembrance Bracelets

  • Collection of bracelets made from a number of quality materials
  • Simple and elegant unisex designs
  • Customize bracelets with individual charms
  • Choose adding engraved text on many bracelets
  • Discreet cavity for subtle recognition
  • An instruction sheet as well as tools you will need when filling
  • A classy boxed presentation

Look over cremation bracelet jewelry at your convenience to find the one that catches your eye and reminds you of someone special.