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Religious Ash Jewelry

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sterling silver small urn angel, angel has open face, small heart on chest, wings open to side, bottom cress has small line of gems, ring and loop bale at top, screw, comes with silver snake chain Sterling Silver Heavenly Attendant Cremation Urn Pendant
Our Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $94.95

sterling silver angel urn pendant, loop design in the shape of an angel, pointed bottom, screw on back, ring on back of angel that silver snake chain slides through Sterling Silver Messenger of Love Cremation Urn Pendant
Our Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $94.95

silver angel cremation pendant, head is smooth, plain, no face, small wings open to sides, tiny gem in center of wings, body of angel is large purple gemstone, has screw, comes with silver snake chain Silver Plated Angelic Symphony Cremation Urn Pendant
Our Price: $114.95
Sale Price: $84.95

Powerful Symbols Of Faith

A lovely gathering of religious urn pendants contains powerful symbols of faith, both simple designs and modern interpretations. You can find crosses, seraphs, praying hands, buddha pendants, and universal symbols for love and peace, so that people of all faiths can find a meaningful way to remember loved ones.

The keepsake pendants can be selected in exceptional finishes and materials and price ranges, from silver and gold-plated, to glass and Millefiori glass designs.

Religious Pendants For Remembrance

Each faith has its own way to think about life, death, and the afterlife, and every individual has a way of dealing with the loss of someone they care for. This varied collection of religious pendants features built-in urns for private remembering, and individuals or families can hide away cremation remains or some other memory that is significant.

The pendants are a complete gift set, complete with a plated chain that matches the religious jewelry, as well as an easy to use filing kit and instructions. Optional engraving is also available on many of the pendants, so you can add your personal touch.

Features of Religious Keepsake Pendants

  • Collection of pendants which feature powerful symbols of religion and faith
  • Top notch quality and a wide variety of superb materials
  • Find a religious pendant that has engraving as an option!
  • Hidden urn inside to add your ashes
  • Use the handy instructions and included tools for quick filling of your pendant
  • High quality chains to go with your selection
  • Gift boxed in a classy representation of love

No matter what your faith, religious jewelry urns are ideal in honoring faith and devotion. Don't delay - browse through our online aisles, and combine the symbols of your faith with the memories of your dearest.