A Start To Finish Guide For Creating The Perfect Photo Engraved Jewelry Or Keepsake

Keepsakes are meant for keeping the ones we love close to us at all times. When we experience the loss of a loved one or simply want to keep a reminder of our loved ones near us, photo engraved jewelry is a special gift. Photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes are customizable, sentimental gifts for those experiencing loss, separation, or want a way to keep their loved ones close to them always.  

Below is a start to finish guide for creating the perfect photo engraved jewelry or keepsake for yourself or someone else.  

What Makes Photo Engraved Jewelry So Special?

The invention of photography changed the course of history. With its invention, we could capture a single moment in time and have it live on into eternity. Photographs essentially stop time. We can look back on photos of our ancestors and better keep their likeness alive in our memory.

Engraved photo jewelry combines the magic of photography with elegant jewelry for a keepsake that will hold its value for eternity. Photo engraved jewelry allows you to capture special moments in time and wear them on your person.


Personalized photo engraved jewelry makes a unique keepsake for remembering a loved one. Whether that is a loved one that’s passed, a loved one that lives far away, or even a pet we hold dear to us. What makes photo engraved jewelry so special is that it’s a personalized gift with your favorite photo of your loved one.

Photo engraved jewelry in the form of a necklace, pendant, or a keepsake item such as a photo engraved keychain lets you carry your loved one’s photo with you wherever you go.

Quality made photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes will last for years to come. They are not easily lost or damaged and stay in style no matter the latest trends.


Engraved photo jewelry and keepsakes are made of quality materials that will last for generations. They make a beautiful, personalized heirloom to pass on to family members through future generations.

A photo engraved necklace makes a more sentimental gift to pass on to beloved daughters, granddaughters, or great-granddaughters. Family heirlooms hold greater value than any other gift and will be treasured for generation after generation.

Photographs (particularly older photographs) will become faded, damaged, or easily lost. Engraving your favorite older photograph of your loved one on a jewelry pendant ensures the picture (and the memory) stays alive forever. Picture engraved jewelry and keepsakes memorialize our loved ones in an object we can hold close to our hearts always.


Whether a loved one is a military, police, or first responder, photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes can help you honor their sacrifice. A photo of your beloved hero can be engraved on one side of a jewelry pendant or keepsake.

On the other side you can engrave a special quote or message pertaining to their sacrifice. A beautiful keepsake with photo engraved or writing engraving honors your loved one in a unique way whether they are living or deceased.

You can gift the photo engraved jewelry or keepsake to your hero or wear it yourself to recognize their sacrifice and accomplishments. A picture engraved keepsake is a unique way to show your appreciation for your beloved hero.


Personalized photo engraved jewelry can be engraved with more than one photo. If you wish to honor or memorialize more than one person or pet, you can place one photo on the front and one on the back. Or have the two pictures merged to create one photo.

A personalized photo engraved keepsake with both of your children’s photos on front and back makes a wonderful gift for grandparents. Additionally, photos of both grandparents on photo engraved tributes make sentimental keepsakes for grandchildren and family members when both grandparents are no longer living.

One picture engraved keepsake can be a tribute to multiple loved ones or pets.

Who Can You Give A Photo Engraved Keepsake To?

Photo engraved keepsakes can be given to anyone of any age or be made for yourself. You can make a picture engraved jewelry or keepsake for family members, friends, or co-workers who have recently lost a loved one. If you knew the deceased well and have a favorite photograph of them, you can use that photo for the engraved photo keepsake.


Photo engraved tributes make sentimental keepsakes for funeral guests of your deceased loved one. You can have multiple photo engraved keepsakes or picture engraved jewelry made for select funeral guests closest to your deceased loved one.

It can serve as a heartfelt tribute to the deceased and a loving reminder for their close friends and family left behind to mourn them. Those closest to your deceased loved one will cherish being able to keep a reminder of the deceased with them wherever they go.


A picture engraved jewelry pendant or keepsake can be made as a gift for yourself. It may help you during your mourning process after losing someone dear to you.

Or it may be a way to honor your loved one’s death anniversary. Personalized photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes allow you the chance to hold the memory of your loved ones close to you forever.


Photographs are about capturing special moments in time you want to remember. Photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes can be gifted for special occasions, like graduation. A high school or college graduate may appreciate a token of their accomplishments.

A graduation photo of themselves engraved in a personalized jewelry pendant or keepsake is something they can cherish forever. They can frame the keepsake (which can be engraved with their name, year of graduation, and school or academy) alongside their diploma or certification of completion.


Give newlyweds the gift of photo jewelry or keepsakes on their wedding day. You can have a special photo of the newly married couple engraved on matching jewelry pendants or keepsakes. Engrave the couples’ names along with the date of their wedding.

They can keep their photo engraved jewelry of keepsakes with other memorabilia from their wedding. Or they may choose to wear their jewelry year-round to celebrate their love. Photo engraved jewelry makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for new married couples excited about their marriage.


Engraved photo jewelry for pets can be a kind gesture for a friend, family member, or coworker who recently lost a beloved pet. At Jewelry Keepsakes, we can engrave your pet’s photo onto any pendant of your choosing. We have specific pendant shapes that can be used for pets such as our bone shaped pendant and dog tag pendant.

These photo engraved jewelry pendants can help a mourning pet owner overcome their grief. They will love the chance to carry a photo of their beloved furry friend with them wherever they go.


Jewelry Keepsakes offers photo engraved jewelry for children as well. You may consider gifting a child a photo engraved keepsake after the passing of a loved one, as a special birthday gift, or for a special event or holiday.

Photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes make fun and unique gifts for children. It will be a gift they can hold onto for years and look back on with fond memories. Plus, our jewelry is difficult to damage. Children don’t always treat their belongings with the most care. But a sturdy metal jewelry pendant will last under most any circumstances.

What Options Are There For Photo Engraved Jewelry 2022?


If you are considering purchasing photo engraved jewelry to honor a deceased loved one, you may consider cremation photo engraved jewelry. Cremation jewelry allows you to hold a small amount of your deceased loved one’s ashes. The photo engraved pendants have small compartments that can be self-filled to hold your deceased loved one’s ashes.

Cremation photo engraved jewelry is the most personable way to memorialize your loved one. In keeping their ashes around your neck on a necklace, you can literally carry a part of them with you wherever you go.

Things To Consider With Cremation Photo Engraved Jewelry

Before purchasing cremation photo engraved jewelry, consider where the jewelry piece is going. Are you giving it as a gift to a friend or loved one of the deceased? Consider whether they will be comfortable wearing the deceased ashes around their neck. Not everyone will be comfortable with it, so be sure to find out beforehand.

And if you are not a direct family member of the deceased, you need to ask permission to obtain a small amount of ash to fill the pendant. Be sure this is okay with the immediate family before making the decision to purchase cremation photo engraved jewellery.  

Make sure you are comfortable with filling the cremation jewelry yourself. At Jewelry Keepsakes, we do not fill the jewelry pendant or keepsake.

However, we do include a step-by-step instruction guide for doing the task on your own. If this is something you’re not comfortable with, consider another option.  


Photo Engraved Jewelry and Keepsakes can be engraved in either black and white or color. Black and white is timeless and gives the jewelry or keepsake a more natural look. However, color photos give a more realistic look and may be easier to see. Color engraved photo jewelry may be better for elderly persons who have poor eyesight.  

Our color engraved photo jewelry pendants come with a white, textured background. The white background makes the colors in the photograph pop more. And the texture in the background gives the piece a more unique look and feel.

Choosing between color or black and white engraved photo jewelry or keepsakes is entirely up to you. Both make excellent choices for memorial gifts and are equally as special.  


Jewelry Keepsakes offers a wide variety of photo engraved jewelry pendants. Choose from heart shaped, oval, round, diamond, rectangular, puzzle piece, key shaped, halved heart, or dog tag style jewelry pendants in stainless steel, gold, or silver. Other jewelry styles we offer are photo engraved jewelry pendants with gemstones and birthstones for an added touch of personalization and style. Below are three of our most popular picture engraved jewelry pendants:

The Gold-Plated Photo Engraved Heart Pendant with Gemstones is made from stainless steel and gold plating. The heart shaped pendant can be engraved with your photo of choice and personal engraved message.

It’s an ideal choice for remembering a loved one or spouse, celebrating or commemorating a wedding anniversary, or as a special Valentine's Day gift to remember a deceased spouse.

A Stainless-Steel Dog Tag pendant can be engraved with both picture and writing on either side. The dog tag style photo engraved jewelry pendant is perfect for memorializing a fallen military or police veteran. It’s silver plated, meaning it is resistant to tarnishing and will last for years to come.

The Circle Gold Plated jewelry pendant can be photo engraved with your chosen black and white photo. The timeless shape with gemstone detail makes it fitting for any occasion or style trend. Photo engraving can be applied to either the front or back of pendant.

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All our jewelry pendants are made from hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is a sturdy metal that will not easily tarnish or break. We also offer stainless steel pendants plated in gold or silver. Silver jewelry is classic and looks best on people with lighter or cooler skin tones.

Gold jewelry looks best on people with warmer skin tones. However, the choice of metal finish depends on which you prefer. If you are buying a photo engraved jewelry pendant for another person, keep in mind what would work best for them.

What Are the Best Types of Photos To Use for a Piece of Photo Engraved Jewelry or a Photo Engraved Keepsake?

The best photos to use for photo engraved jewelry or a keepsake with picture engraved are clear, high-quality photographs. Photos that are blurry or have too much shadow or sunlight will not transfer well onto an engraved photo pendant. You should be sure that the photo you choose is clear and shows enough detail in the face to etch well into your jewelry pendant. Do not choose a photo that contains blemishes or tears. It should be as clear and clean as possible to engrave as clearly and in as much detail as possible.

Be sure the photo you choose does not have a copyright or copyright stamp on it. Examples of copyright stamps include sports logos, school logos, professional photography or studio stamps, or the name of an institution. The photo you choose should be a personal photo that you have the permission to use.


The photo you choose for your photo engraved jewellery or keepsake should be a picture close to your (or the recipient of the jewelry) heart. Choose your favorite picture of your loved one that you want to look at again and again.

Remember that it will be immortalized forever, so choose a photo that shows them in an attractive light. Maybe the photo you choose will be a cropped image of a group photo from a memorable vacation you took.  

Or maybe its the photo of both of you on your wedding day. Maybe it’s a photograph where the subject looked extra good that day. Take your time deciding on the photograph you want to use. Narrow it down to a few choices and place the photos side by side. The one that continues to catch your eye or make you feel emotion is the photo you should choose.  


Jewelry Keepsakes take a quality image photo and recreate the picture in detail on a jewelry pendant or keepsake (such as a keychain, wallet card, or dog tag). We can professionally remove the background in the photo for an added fee so that only the subject of the photo is in view.  

Also, make sure the photo you choose does not crop sharply off at the person’s head or body area. We will crop the picture for you, but it is easier to work with a photo that is not previously cropped.


If the subject of your engraved photo jewelry is a deceased parent, consider choosing a photo that ties parent and child together. The first snapshot of you with your father or mother holding you is the most special picture of all.

It was the moment you both met for the first time and a moment your parents will never forget. A sweet, sentimental way of honoring your deceased parent is to keep that first memory with you near your heart.

A photo engraved jewelry pendant with you and your parents together for the first time is a way to pay respect to the circle of life. We will all pass on someday, but a picture keeps us alive in the memories of our loved ones forever.  

Tips for Choosing the Best Pendant Shape or Keepsake To Have the Photo Engraved On


When choosing the best photo engraved jewellery pendant for you, consider where the bail sets. If you plan on having the photo engraved on the entire surface area of your chosen pendant, there’s a possibility part of the picture could be cut off. Some photo engraved jewelry pendants have the bail attached above the engraved area while some attach to the pendant itself.  

If the bail is attached to the pendant itself, it may cut off part of your photo at the top. If you have a photo of your loved one wearing a hat, for example, the bail hole may cut into the hat. That’s a problem if you want the hat to be shown entirely. In this case, choose a pendant with a bail hole set apart from the pendant itself.  


How many people or subjects in your photo will determine which is the best photo engraved jewelry pendant for you. A smaller sized pendant will be more difficult to fit more than one photo engraving. The photo will need to be zoomed out to fit all subjects. Meaning, the details in the engraving will be smaller and more difficult to see.

For photos that contain more than one subject, the best photo engraved jewellery pendant will be one that has more engravable space. Our stainless steel dog tags and gold plated stainless steel rectangle pendants are best suited for photo engravings that feature more than one subject.  


If you’re purchasing personalized photo engraved jewelry for someone else, think about their personal style. What shape, color, style, or jewelry metal do they prefer? For example, some people prefer wearing gold jewelry over silver jewelry, or vice versa. Some people are allergic to certain metals, so be sure to find out before purchasing metal photo engraved jewelry for them.  

The style of the jewelry pendant matters most. If someone does not like the style of the jewelry, they will be less likely to wear it. A person who prefers minimalist accessories and jewelry, for example, will likely prefer a simpler jewelry design. A jewelry pendant encrusted with gemstones, or a fancy design might not be the best choice for them. Similarly, most men have different tastes in jewelry than women. They are more likely to wear a rectangle or dog tag style jewelry pendant over heart shaped or circle.  


All of Jewelry Keepsake’s photo engraved jewelry include a complimentary metal chain to go with your chosen photo engraved necklace. The chain can be customizable depending on your preferences. You can choose the length as well as the style of chain (snake, curb, rope, and more) for your pendant. When choosing the right chain for you or the intended receiver, consider what works best yours/their needs.  

Do you or the person you’re gifting the picture engraved jewelry to like their necklaces worn higher on the neckline, at the collarbone, or closer to the breastbone? Or if they don’t like wearing metal chains, maybe they’d prefer a beaded style necklace instead of a regular metal one. Jewelry Keepsakes offers a full array of beaded necklace chains for your personalized photo engraved jewelry pendant.  


Personalizing your photo engraved keepsake for yourself or someone else may include choosing a birthstone addition. A birthstone gem can be added to any photo engraved jewelery pendant or keepsake. Birthstone gems add just a touch of color and personableness to your jewelry piece or keepsake. They are great for birthday gifts for both adults and children.  

Other personalization to consider are the text and picture engravings. Do you want your jewelry pendant to feature only the photo of your loved one? Or would you prefer to have text engraving on the back? And if you want, you could choose to have two different photos placed on either side of the pendant. This would be a good choice if you have two loved ones you want to memorialize in your jewelry.  


Some of our photo engraved pendant shapes symbolize different meanings. What shape of pendant you choose could depend on your relationship to the photo subject of the jewelry piece or keepsake.  

For example:

  • Half Heart: A half heart indicates a loving relationship. The half heart jewelry pendant is two necklaces. One half of the heart is meant for you while the other half is meant for your partner or spouse. Half heart jewelry pendants indicate that you and your partner are not complete until you are together. The half heart pendant necklaces can also symbolize familial love such as, between mother and daughter or grandmother and granddaughter.  
  • Puzzle Piece: The puzzle piece pendant is meant to show the photo subject as the missing piece to your puzzle. A puzzle piece pendant can be interpreted for romantic, familial, or even platonic love. The missing piece of your puzzle is someone who is very important to you who you do not want to forget.  
  • Heart Shape: Heart shaped photo engraved pendants symbolize romantic or familial love. You would most likely choose a heart shaped pendant for memorializing a spouse or close family member.  
  • Key Shape: A key shaped pendant is a statement that the photo subject is the key to your heart. While the statement is typically associated with romantic love, it could also be used to symbolize familial or platonic love.  


Jewelry Keepsakes offers affordable photo engraved jewelry. But certain features or metals cost more. If you are on a budget or are planning on purchasing multiple jewelry keepsakes, understand that extra features will cost you more. For example, including engraving on both sides of your pendant or keepsake will cost you extra. As will opting for gold- or silver-plated pendants, pendants with extra gemstones, or pendants that hold cremains.

Your photo engraved jewelry or keepsake will be beautiful no matter how you decide to customize it. Just keep your expectations in check with how much money you are willing to spend.

Tips For Choosing Text Engraving On Your Jewelry Or Keepsake

Text engraving on your photo engraved jewelry pendant can add a more meaningful and personalized touch. Text can be anything from the deceased’s name and birthdate to their favorite quote, saying, or poem. Think about what text you would like to include on your photo engraved jewelry pendant. Then be sure your photo engraved jewelry pendant supports the length of the message you want to engrave.  

Each pendant allows for a different number of lines and lettering engravings. Smaller pendants with less engravable space will not be able to support long messages. You will need to condense your message or choose a larger pendant that can support the letter number of your message. Remember that spaces and punctuation count as a character.  


For word engravings you have the choice between classic print or handwritten style print. Handwritten style print gives a more casual, personal feel to your pendant. However, handwritten style print could be more difficult to read.

Classic print is easier to decipher for people with weak eyes, like older individuals and with 8 different fonts to choose from, it offers a wide assortment of options. It also gives the piece a more formal appearance.


Your text engraving can include anything you want to if it fits within the text length allowance. Many people choose to include the name of the subject in the photo along with their birthdate, death date, or both. You may consider condensing longer names down to their initials if you are on a budget and need more affordable photo engraved jewelry. Other examples of picture engraved jewelry text could be the person’s favorite quote, a personal message, a famous saying, or a simple memorial phrase such as “in loving memory of…” or “Rest in peace...”

We also can engrave shapes and symbols as well. Adding a heart shape or another symbol that holds special meaning is another great way to make the keepsake that much more personal.

What if You or the Person You Want To Give It to Does Not Wear Jewelry?

If you or the person you are purchasing for does not wear jewelry, Jewelry Keepsakes has plenty of other photo engraved keepsakes to choose from. We have a variety of small keepsakes that can be personalized with your own picture and text engraving. Below are some of our options for customizable photo engraved keepsakes 2022:

We have several keychain styles to choose from that can be customized with a black and white photo engraving and text engraving on the opposite side. Additionally, we also offer customizable thumbprint and cremation keychains. A thumbprint keychain engraves the thumbprint of your loved one onto the keychain surface. The back of the keychain can be engraved with a special written message. Cremation keychains allow you to carry a small portion of your deceased loved one’s ashes.

For photo engraved keychains, choose from stainless steel or gold- and silver-plated stainless steel metal. Our keychain shape options include heart, circle, rectangle, square, and oval. Keychains make a useful memorial gift for anyone. They are easy to gift and go with any style of keys or accessories.  

If you or the person you’re purchasing for does not wear necklaces, a photo engraved bracelet is another option. Our photo engraved bracelets are made to fit any wrist size. They are available in silver stainless steel and include your choice of pendant. Engrave your bracelet pendant with a loved one’s photo, text, or both.  


Our photo engraved rearview mirror pendants serve as the perfect reminder of your loved one. An engraving of your loved one smiling back at you while you drive in your car throughout the day or night will continually keep them in your thoughts.

Our rearview mirror pendants hang from a clear filament and are meant to be displayed in any vehicle. Have the pendant engraved with your favorite photo of your loved one along with a special text engraving.

A beautiful gold plated or silver-plated stainless-steel wallet card is the perfect gift for anyone. Our wallet cards are a special keepsake with photo engraved of your loved one designed to fit in your wallet. Wallet cards can be engraved with both photo and text.

The wider engravable area is ideal for engraving a group photo or for combining multiple pictures. Wallet cards are ideal for someone who carries pictures in their wallet already. However, our stainless-steel metal wallet cards won’t fade or tear like a real photograph can.  

Photo engraved money clips are an excellent keepsake for those who always carry cash on them. Every time they pull out their money to pay, they will see a beautiful photo engraving of their loved one.

Our money clips can be custom engraved with your favorite photograph of your loved one with room for multiple photo subjects. Choose from several different color combinations of silver, gold, and black.  

Choosing Photo Engraved Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make photo engraved jewelry?

Photo engraved jewelry is a quick process. At Jewelry Keepsakes, most jewelry is shipped within 1-2 business days after placing the order. In some cases, your order may be shipped the same day. We offer standard shipping for US residents along with a 2-day shipping option for an extra charge and overnight shipping. We also offer overnight shipping. Standard shipping time frames are within 3-5 business days, meaning you will likely receive your order within a week. For more info on shipping, check out our Photo Engraved Jewelry FAQs.  

What if I have specific instructions about how I want the photo to look?

Our photo editing services are a great way to enhance the finished product. Some of the photo editing services we offer include photo cropping, enlargement, color, background removal, and merging photographs together to make one image. If you have specific questions or changes you would like made to your photo, please contact us at sales@jewelrykeepsakes.com. We can answer any questions or concerns you may have for uploading your picture.

Can a child wear photo engraved jewelry?

A child can absolutely wear photo engraved jewelry. Our photo engraved jewelry pendant necklaces are available in different styles and chain lengths. The shortest chain length we offer is 16 inches which hangs at the collarbone on most adults. On a small child, a 16-inch necklace will fall a little below that. The ideal necklace length for babies and infants is 14 inches which we do not offer.  

How long does photo engraved jewelry last?

Most of our photo engraved jewelry and keepsakes are made from stainless steel and other quality metal materials. Your jewelry can last for years if properly cared for and stored. We suggest using a dry cloth or towel to gently clean and buff your photo engraved jewelry. Avoid getting it wet when you can and store in a cool, dry place. Metal jewelry is very difficult to break or crack and will withstand most wear and tear.  

How can I display my photo engraved jewelry if I don’t want to wear it?

If you’ve received a photo engraved necklace but don’t like to wear jewelry, you can still display it for you and others to see. Instead of wearing the necklace around your neck, you can turn it into a keychain or bracelet. Or you could hang it from the side of a picture or mirror frame to look at every day. You could also put it in a display case along with other memorabilia related to the subject of the photo engraving. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your photo engraved jewelry or keepsake.  

Photo Engraved Jewelry Is The Ideal Gift For Any Person Any Time

A photo engraved jewelry piece or keepsake is a timeless treasure. Whether you are gifting photo engraved jewelry keepsakes to yourself or others, it will be a gift not soon forgotten. You can upload your photo and zoom in, zoom out, move the photo in a variety of directions and get a visual proof right on the product page. Add your text and try out the different fonts to see what appeals to you most.

A picture says a thousand words and lasts a lifetime. Use our guide for photo jewelry to create a memorable jewelry keepsake to memorialize the ones you love.

November 21, 2022 by Jeri K. Augustus