Motivating The Motivator
Posted by H. Schumaker on Jan 30, 2019

Motivating The Motivator

Hard to believe these are the last few days of January. I feel like 2019 is steaming ahead like the Polar Express and I’m hanging on for dear life with my ticket in one hand and my other hand - well, holding on! A busy month for sure in my house and I am ready to keep forging ahead and seeing what this year has in store for me.

I wrote previously about inspiration and how we find it, open up our eyes to it, welcome it with open arms. There really is nothing better than being inspired. But what about motivation? It’s great to be inspired to do more, be more, want more, achieve more - but where is the action that turns that inspiration into reality? What gets you off the chair, off the couch, out the door, what MOTIVATES you to put some oomph, some backing behind what it is you want?

With this being the end of the month, that means 2019 is 1/12 of the way gone. Yep. Bye-bye. If you’ve set goals, written down goals, had thoughts of what it is you wanted to achieve out of the next 365 days now is the time to look at those goals and give yourself a quick check up. Are you laying the foundation? Taking steps in the right direction? Motivating yourself to get the most out of your days? Some of you have knocked it out of the park no doubt.

And some of you, like me, have not so much.

I consider myself a motivator. I am a cheerleader of sorts, wanting so much for others to achieve individual success, group accomplishments, shoot for the moon, get some! I’m your go-to girl. And this motivator - she needs a little motivating. And maybe by motivating myself, I’ll motivate a few of you to put down the remote, readjust your focus and light a match to get that inner fire burning bright. For all of you that need a kick in the pants, a reminder that yes you can, a little motivation to get you back on track - this one is for you!

7 Steps To Find Your Motivation

I just picked 7 because I think 10 is too many and 3 is not enough. Some of these will work for many of you and there is for sure something here for every person. It’s not that hard to get yourself motivated but you need to face some truths to get yourself there.

1. Redefine Your Goals

When we set goals for ourselves we have a tendency to think big. And that’s crucial because setting goals should be about achieving something that is great. But sometimes those goals may be a little too big, a bit unrealistic. Now is the time to take a look at the goals that you’ve set for yourself and take an honest look at how attainable they are. I’m not saying take a hatchet to them and make them so easily attainable that you’ve accomplished it tomorrow but if they are so out of reach, so daunting that it is holding you back from taking steps to get there - maybe redefine them to a goal that is more realistic and not so larger than life.

Redefining My World

The end of the year was so crazy for me that although I have a general direction I’d like to go in this year, I really don’t have any definitive goals. I didn’t do a vision board for the first time in three years, I didn’t write down and give life to some tangible things I wanted to accomplish. So what that tells me is that not only do I need to redefine my goals, I need to figure out what they are. 30 days have gone by and that’s 30 days where I was kind of wishy-washy about personal growth. So that’s on the list for the weekend.

2. Write Out a Plan

It’s great to have goals and have an idea of what it is you want to accomplish. When push comes to shove however; if we don’t have some sort of plan as to how we are going to get there then we end up just treading water. When you’re redefining your goals, take the time to write down a plan for how you’re going to get to the end result. Looking to gain more muscle mass and drop fat? FAB-U-LOUS! Me too! How are you going to do it? What’s your nutrition plan? How are you going to move your body? How many days a week are you going to move your body? And the questions can go on and on. Brainstorm it out, write it down and have some sort of plan.

Planning My World

What’s funny about this is that although I haven’t taken the time to think about or write down clear cut goals for 2019, I have written down my thoughts on how to get to those goals that aren’t yet there. I know - makes no sense to me either. I know that one of my goals or more than one most likely will revolve around the gym and getting myself back into what I consider ‘competitive shape’. Health and life impacted me tremendously in the past six months and I am just now climbing out of that hole, desperate to reclaim that athlete inside me. So I have written down a plan as to what classes I will take, how often I’ll go to the gym, etc. Having it there in front of me helps take all the guesswork out.

3. Give Yourself A Carrot

Bugs Bunny would have done just about anything for a carrot. And we really are not a whole lot different than Bugs. Set yourself up for success and choose a carrot. Weight loss your goal? What’s your carrot for when you reach your halfway point? A nice dinner out? A new pair of shoes? A facial? A round of golf and beers? I don’t care what it is, we work a little harder when there is some sort of just reward for our hard work. Yeah, the end result is great but a few carrots along the way can help keep us motivated to wake up and give it a go another day.

Carrots My World

Sometimes we have to choose our carrots and sometimes our carrots choose us. A work party combined with my oldest male troll graduating combined with a wedding means that I have all kinds of carrots dangling away, tantalizing me to pick up the bar and move the weight. A second mortgage that is coming to an end, a private school tuition that is months from being paid off means that after six years of sacrifice and doing without, paying off debt and saving more is going to be not only feasible but DOABLE without pain and suffering. And let me tell you how incredibly grateful I am for those carrots in my future.

4. Grab An Accountability Partner

Having someone that keeps us accountable to our goals, motivating us to stick to the plan can go a long way to keeping us on track. Find someone that you know is going to be there, that’s going to be your matchstick to light that inferno when you have no motivation is priceless. And be willing to be that same motivation for them. When we are accountable to someone other than ourselves we are less likely to let them down.

Accountability My World

I am beyond blessed in that I have several people in my life that keep me highly accountable. I make plans to meet either my Rob or one of my girls at the gym on a fairly consistent basis. And if I happen to late cancel it doesn’t take long before I get that little ping on my phone asking me where I’m at and am I okay. I’ve got family that I am highly accountable to, people that depend on me to keep my act together because they need my best to help them get through their days, achieve their goals at work and get to the next level of success. Although at times the accountability police is annoying because some days I just don’t feel like doing what I need/have/should do, I am lucky to have that force backing me.

5. Get Out Of Your Own Way

Peepers, we have got to get out of our own way. We are so much the problem at times - overthinking, overanalyzing, excuses, reasons, blah blah blah. Get out of your own way. Make the commitment, don’t think - just do. Push past the insecurities and take that step. Once you start, once you commit, one you break down that barrier - momentum will take over. And once that momentum hits, the obstacles start to fall away.

Out Of My Way My World

I have had to just show up. It’s as easy as that. I’ve had to stop thinking of why I can’t and simply just do it. I like to get in my own way a lot and what that’s doing is holding me back. It means working out at times by myself, holding myself accountable to the workout regardless of whether or not I have a partner. It means sitting down to get the work done regardless of the laundry, the dust, life that is in need of some attention but has to take a backseat. For me, making that commitment to just get it done and block everything else out is so confidence building and a reminder that this is my life, these are my goals and at the end of the day, the person that’s going to get me there is ME.

6. Free Yourself From Failure

Failure is a part of the process and I think that people forget that. When we are trying to achieve a goal, very rarely is that goal achieved seamlessly. Without failing. Think about it like this…when you achieve something great, a goal that you have strived for, worked really hard for - isn’t it the times that you failed that aid in making that success so sweet? Because even though you failed, you picked yourself up and chose to try again? Dared to be great? Free yourself from the fear of failing. Failure is a part of the journey, a very necessary cog in the wheel.

Free Failing My World

I’m at a point right now where I am failing. I’m not where I want to be. And it’s hard to accept that fact. I also realize that the only way I’m going to achieve the goal is by failing and choosing to try again. I have to work very hard at not beating myself up. I can either let the failure dictate my next steps or I can let the failure be the kindling on the fire inside. I choose to let it be the kindling and keep building on that fire within.

7. Consistency Is Key

The glue that keeps all of this together is consistency. I don’t care what your goals are, what the end result that you’re looking for is, consistency is the key to motivation. Working out on the days when you’d rather not. Saving when the paycheck is smaller than you expected. Doing what you don’t want to do on the days that it needs to be done. Any step in the right direction is just that - a step. Some days maybe you’ll take 10,000 steps in that direction and some days maybe it will just be a couple hundred. That’s totes okay - just keep moving forward.

Consistency My World

We got snow last night. We have a deep freeze on the way. The older I get the less I like being cold. So the thought of getting in the car and driving the 25 minutes to the gym when I could be at home curled up on the couch with a cold glass and a few furry bodies has very little appeal. But I will go. And I will get the job done. Because routine is necessary. And consistency breeds success.

Motivation from the Motivator

Listen…we are already one month gone for 2019. Kid you not. If you’ve lost your gung-ho from January 1, put on your boots, pull on a hat and get yourself on the move to find it. Redefine those goals and be honest with yourself about what is attainable and what is not. Finalize a plan that you can stick to and rope in someone to keep you accountable. Figure out your just reward and a few little rewards along the way to sweeten the pot. Be consistent in your efforts, realizing that failure is going to happen and is a necessary part of the process. And do yourself a favor and move over for your bad self - stop thinking and start doing.

There are 335 days left in 2019, 8040 hours left to make great things happen. Those are your days, your hours and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are getting the most out of each day that you possibly can. Days well lived, memories you’ve made, happiness that you’ve earned, success you’ve achieved. Don’t just be the inspiration, be the motivation to make those hours, those days count. Time waits for no man and the time is now, peepers. Go get some!