Buying an Engraved Picture Necklace

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to buying an engraved picture necklace and let’s face it, there really is no how to guide on choosing what works best for you…until now!

We’ve answered all your questions from how do you know where to buy from to what exactly is an engraved photo necklace? What should you look for and what’s going to give me the best value, the best quality, the best engraved picture locket for my money?

A guide created to help you make the best informed decision. We’ve done the research for you and have the answers to your questions!


Photo Engraved Jewelry - What Is it?

We all have those favorite pictures that we love, those photos that tell a story about a moment in our life. An engraved photo necklace combines that picture that you love with a high quality stainless steel pendant and gives you a wearable option to display that picture.

Your photo is cropped to your specifications. With our picture engraved necklaces, we remove the distracting background in the photo and engrave your image on a very light background. This allows the picture and the subjects to be showcased, not the pendant.

Engraved Photo Jewelry - What Styles Are Available

We understand that no people are alike as are no two pictures. Therefore, we offer a great assortment of different shapes, finishes and options with our engraved photo jewelry so that you can get exactly what you’re looking for!

Everyone likes something a little different, personal and unique to them. The assortment of styles enables you to choose what not only appeals to your personal sense of style but also what will best accommodate your lifestyle.

Styles of engraved photo jewelry include:


Engraved Photo Pendants - Hundreds to Choose From

Our selection of photo engraved pendants is complete and meant to be ideal for everyone. Not only do we carry a broad selection of different types of pendants and from the man in your life to gift giving made easy for a child, we’ve got you covered!

And we don’t stop there! Most of our engraved picture jewelry pendants are available in different finishes and with a variety of different options. Not only is it a highly personal gift for you or someone you love, but it is completely customizable too!

Our different types of photo pendants include:

Choose from three distinct finishes (from left to right):

Silver on Stainless Steel, Gold on Stainless Steel and Rose Gold on Stainless Steel


Engraved photo pendant options include:

Add engraved text! Most of our photo engraved pendants offer the option of adding anywhere from one to five lines of engraved text on the back of the pendant.
Add another picture! Add another picture you love on the back side of the pendant and gift yourself the option of reversing the pendant for two different engraved picture necklaces.
Add a birthstone heart! Up the personal nature of your picture engraved pendant jewelry by adding a small birthstone rider heart to wear with your selection.

Engraved Picture Bracelets - A Great Alternative

Engraved photo bracelets are a terrific option for those that don’t want to wear a necklace. Three different styles means that you can choose which works best for you! Each bracelet includes an engraved photo pendant made from stainless steel.

Photo bracelet jewelry styles include:

Engraved Picture Keychain - Pictures On The Go

A superior way to gift yourself or anyone in your life a reminder of their favorite photo, engraved picture keychains offer great versatility and are available in several styles. Made from stainless steel, engraved photo keychains are an affordable option for those that want something to take with them on the go but not wear as jewelry.

Benefits to engraved photo keychains:

  • Several shapes to choose from. Select squares, rectangles, hearts, rounds and more!
  • Different finishes available. Silver on stainless steel as well as gold plated over stainless steel keychains can be personalized with your photo of choice.
  • Add engraved text on the back. All of our engraved picture keychains can be customized with your choice of text on the back of the keychain.
  • A lovely memorial gift idea. Photo engraved keychains that hold cremains create a memorial that is two fold by not only presenting a picture but also by discreetly carrying a reminder of the loved one inside the body of the keychain.

Wallet Cards - Designed To Showcase Your Pride and Joy

Ideal for those that are looking to have a way to show off their favorite pictures of their children, a spouse or even their pet, wallet cards are made of stainless steel and have a slim design and lightweight design.

What you need to know about our one-of-a-kind wallet cards:

  • A classy and appealing design that comfortably fits in your pocket! Wallet cards are approximately the same size and thickness of a standard credit card which means they will fit easily in most wallets.
  • Choose up to four pictures to personalize! Our wallet cards can be customized with anywhere from one to four pictures depending on the style you choose.
  • Add personal text! The large amount of space on the back means that you can further the personal nature of the wallet card by adding text that holds special meaning.
  • Several finishes and decorative accents! From gold plated over stainless steel to beautiful scrollwork framing your photo, there are many different ways to accent your wallet card and make it your own.

Rearview Mirror Engraved Photo Jewelry - Memories in Your Car

Having those faces you love, that favorite photo within reach of your eyesight is the concept behind rearview mirror engraved picture pendants. Ideal for any vehicle, rearview mirror picture engraved pendants are perfect for those that want to take them memory with them on their travels.

Crafted of stainless steel, rearview mirror picture engraved jewelry offers these benefits:

  • Includes a clear filament with magnetized ends to suspend from the rearview mirror of your car.
  • High quality engraving means the image is sharp and crisp, easily seen from any seat in the vehicle.
  • The pendant sits just below the bottom of the mirror which allows for perfect viewing without obstructing your view.
  • Different finishes as well as the option to engrave means endless ways to personalize it your way!
  • Priced under $50 makes rearview mirror picture engraved jewelry affordable and a great gift idea for a graduate, to celebrate a teen getting their license and other special occasions.

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Money Clips - Picture Engraved Accessorizing For Him

Ideal for the man who likes something a little different and modern, photo engraved money clips are the way to go. Personal, durable, a superior gift option!

Why choose photo engraved money clips:

  • Stainless steel construction means that photo engraved money clips are durable and strong, ideal for every man no matter his lifestyle.
  • Can be personalized with a picture of his children, his significant other or any memory that holds special meaning.
  • Several different color combinations allows you to fine tune your selection to get exactly what you want.
  • Sleek design means that the picture engraved money clips fits inside the pocket of jeans or pants comfortably.

Take a closer look at our latest collection of photo engraved money clips - click here to view all products.

Pet Picture Engraved Jewelry - Because They Are Members of the Family Too

Pets play a major role in many families and who doesn’t love to have a picture of their pet with them! Superior construction combined with your favorite photo of your pet means you have a great way to show them off and bring them with you everywhere.

What to know about pet photo engraved necklaces:

  • We’ve got the shapes you’re looking for! From dog bone shapes to hearts to puzzle pieces and more, our pet photo engraved jewelry will beautifully display that pet you love so much!
  • Beautiful finishes and decorative accents for every sense of style! Made from stainless steel and from silver to gold to rose gold finishes as well as styles with gemstone accents, choose the pet photo engraved jewelry that appeals to you most.
  • Some styles have an internal urn. We offer pet picture engraved jewelry urn pendants that have a discreet internal urn that allows for a small amount of cremains or other remembrance to be added.
  • Personalize with engraved text! All of our pet photo engraved pendants can be further personalized on the back with several lines of text.
  • A great gift idea for those that have lost a cherished pet. Pet photo engraved necklaces and keychains are a terrific gift idea to give to a child, a close friend, a neighbor or loved one that has lost a pet they treasured.

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Engraved Photo Necklace - What’s Included?

Knowing what to expect when you open your engraved photo necklace package is important. We believe you should know exactly what is included with your selection.

Engraved photo jewelry includes:

  • The photo engraved pendant displayed on a velvet platform inside a jeweler’s gift box.
  • The velvet gift box is placed inside a white presentation box.
  • A 20” high quality snake chain tucked underneath the platform.
  • A filling and sealing kit where applicable to assist with adding any remembrance.


Engraved Picture Lockets - Why buy?

Read our Top 4 Reasons Why Buy engraved photo jewelry.

1.  Never be without a photo that has special meaning when you choose picture engraved jewelry necklaces, bracelets or keychains!

2.  A great personal and wearable display for the photo that makes you smile!

3.  Engraved photo necklaces make for great gifts for family and friends.  Whether it's a birthday, a holiday, a special occasion such as a graduation or anniversary, engraved portrait necklaces show them how much you truly care.

4.  Engraved picture locket necklaces are a wonderful gift idea in lieu of flowers or other typical grieving gifts for those that have experienced a loss.  Choose a picture of their loved one or their pet and give them a cherished gift of remembrance with an engraved picture necklace.

Our Engraved Photo Jewelry - How Are We Different?

We believe we are the best of the best when it comes to engraved picture lockets. Let us tell you why!

  • Materials. Many companies use a base metal such as copper and electroplate a coating onto the surface of the base metal. Over time, this finish can wear off, leaving you with an engraved picture necklace that is not what you expected. We use stainless steel which does not tarnish and provides a beautiful backdrop for your picture.
  • Engraving. Many companies use a dot by dot engraving method which gives the resulting image a grainy quality. Our engraved portrait necklaces are etched into the stainless steel, resulting in an image that is very sharp and exceptionally detailed. Watch here how our engraved picture lockets are created.
  • Background. Often times photos are engraved onto the surface with a background and you actually lose the picture in the background, making the pendant the star of the show and not the photo. With our picture engraved necklaces, we remove the background in the photo and engrave your image on a very light background, making the image the center of attention!
  • Bail. The bail is the top of the pendant that attaches in some way to the necklace. Many companies place a jump ring at the top of their engraved portrait necklace. We use an elongated bail and this not only allows for the pendant to slide with ease on the included chain but also places your engraved picture necklace in the best possible position for display.
  • Chain. There may or may not be a chain included with your engraved portrait necklace and often times you will find that the included chain is a ball chain or link chain. Our pendants include a 20” high quality snake chain and we offer several chain upgrades in a variety of finishes.
  • Packaging. Standard packaging includes a cardboard ring box with a cotton platform for cushioning with many retailers. Your engraved picture locket necklace is placed on a velvet platform inside a jeweler’s velvet gift box which allows for great ‘wow’ factor when you open the jeweler’s gift box and displays the pendant beautifully.
  • Reviews. Knowing what other customers think and what their experience was like is a key factor when buying online and several companies don’t offer many, if any, customer reviews. We take great pride in the customer reviews that we have and display those reviews right on the product page.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB has a very strict rating system and getting the stamp of approval from the BBB can go a long way to assuring you that the company you’re using to buy your engraved picture necklace from is a quality company. We are proud of our A+ rating from the BBB!
  • Shipping. If your shipment is coming from overseas, delivery can take anywhere from several days to weeks. All of our engraved picture lockets ship from the USA and we can ship same day, overnight, two day and standard shipping - several shipping options available. Most engraved picture necklace are delivered within 5-7 business days after your order is placed. - often times sooner!
  • Phone Number. Often times when you’re looking to contact an online retailer about your engraved picture locket necklace, the phone number is difficult to find or one doesn’t exist.
  • Contact is by email only. Our phone number is prominently displayed at the top and the bottom of every page. We want you to call us with your questions, your orders, whatever assistance you need!

Engraved Picture Necklace Guarantee, Warranty and Returns

We believe strongly in the quality of our products and want to pass that confidence on to our customers with our warranty. Our products are made locally with superior materials and ship within 24 - 48 hours in most cases.

  • We guarantee that your photo engraved necklace will be 100% free from manufacturing defects. If there are manufacturing defects that occur at any time up to one year after your purchase, we will replace the item at no cost to you or refund the price of the item minus the shipping cost.
  • Engraved jewelry cannot be returned. However, if you are not satisfied with your photo engraved necklace we are happy to have you return the item to us in exchange for another photo engraved item of equal pricing.

Picture Engraved Jewelry Cleaning - What Do I Do?

These easy to follow steps will hep to ensure that you engraved photo locket looks great for years to come.

  • Stainless steel is a highly durable metal, making it a great option for every day wear.
  • Once every couple of weeks, wipe your picture engraved jewelry with a damp cloth and a drop of mild detergent.
  • Wipe the pendant from top to bottom, following the grain of the steel to avoid scratching.
  • Rinse with water and then dry thoroughly to remove all moisture from the surface of the jewelry.
  • A polishing cloth can be used to remove any excess build-up and to produce a beautiful shine.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the jewelry.

Engraved Portrait Necklace Testimonials - What Do Our Customers Think?

Real people, real reviews - check out what our customers have to say about their engraved picture locket selection!

Marni B. - Beautifully Done!

The necklace I ordered came out beautiful and was shipped the very next day! My mom loved it - thank you so much!


See review

Julie O. - Perfection

Great customer service and beautiful quality work! If could give them 10 stars I would.


See review

Cynthia G. - Perfect

The pendant was absolutely gorgeous! My mother’s best friend recently passed away. So I decided for Christmas I would get her a photo engraved pendant with their favorite picture on it. The pendant was beyond beautiful, shopping was fast and tracking was easy. It was here 3 days before Christmas just as the website said. Will definitely order from Jewelry Keepsakes again.


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Engraved Picture Necklace FAQ’s

How do I send you the picture I want engraved?

You can send us your photo by following the upload instructions on the product page or by emailing us at and reference your order number in the subject line.

How much does it cost for engraving?

The cost of engraving your photo onto the pendant is included in the price. For additional engraving such as personalized text or another photo on the back side, the added cost is $19.99.

Are you able to merge multiple photos into one image?

Absolutely! Include the photos you would like combined as well as cropping instructions in the box provided on the product page.

Can I get photos on both sides of the pendant?

Yes! We can add a photo on both sides of the pendant.

Does my picture engraved jewelry include a necklace?

All photo engraved pendants include a high quality 20” snake chain. We also have a great selection of chain upgrades available and the chains range from 18” in length up to 30” in length.

What is the pendant made of?

All of our picture engraved jewelry is made of high grade stainless steel.

I need this tomorrow. Is that possible?

If your order is placed before 12 noon MST, we can ship overnight in the continental United States with next business day delivery.

Will my picture be in color?

The image on our picture engraved pendants is black and white grayscale regardless of the initial color of the image submitted. We do offer a selection of full color photo engraved pendants and you can find those here.

Can I get a keychain instead of a necklace?

Absolutely! Check out our selection of photo engraved keychains.

Will my purchase come gift wrapped?

All of our photo engraved jewelry comes packaged in a jeweler’s gift box and white presentation box. We do offer free gift wrapping - just request in the order comments when checking out.

Is there a way to see a proof before you engrave it?

Sure! Simply send us an email requesting a proof before engraving or include your request in the order comments. Once the image is ready to be engraved we will send you an email of the proof for you to approve.

Can I get text on both sides rather than a picture?

You bet! Simply add your text in the comments section on the product page when ordering or send us an email with your text at or give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 and we can take your order over the phone.

Will I be able to see my photo on the pendant? I’m worried it will be too small.

We enhance your submitted image to maximize the clarity and remove any background. This allows the faces or the main part of the picture to take up the majority of the face of the pendant.

I’m not sure what shape pendant will work best for my picture. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Send us an email at and include your image and any cropping requests. Our master engravers will email you back with a selection of pendants that will be best suited for your image.

Can you add emoji’s or symbols?

There are some symbols we can add for engraved text. Emails us at with your symbol questions and we will let you know if those can be engraved or not.

Do I need to crop the photo or do you do that?

We crop the image for you. Simply add any cropping instructions in the comment box on the product page when ordering and we will take care of the rest! Have more questions? Call us at 1-877-723-7229 or email us at

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