Psychic Mediums - Get Guidance In These Uncertain Times

How They Can Bring Unexpected Comfort To Family When Grieving A Loss

Death is a painful experience that impacts all people who care for the deceased. Sudden deaths are twice as painful, especially if there were no opportunities to say goodbye. The same holds true for deaths surrounded by misunderstanding and those in difficult relationships. Although it is part of life’s cycle, you can never be fully prepared to face death. There is no perfect handbook on how to deal with the inevitable.

Loved ones who are left behind are usually at a loss on what will happen next. They become too lost in their grief and are filled with wishful thinking. They are so focused on their loss that they exhaust all possibilities to say goodbye to their departed family members. They will grasp at any straw — signs, dreams, and even a session with a psychic intermediate.

What Is A Psychic Medium?

Bereaved families seek the assistance of a psychic mediator when they do not have any closure. They are eager to communicate for a final time with their deceased loved ones. Mediumship is the alleged act of interceding between the spirits of the departed and living people. People who practice this are referred to as spirit mediums or mediums.

The medium, usually referred to as the psychic, is said to be more attuned to their sixth sense. Thus, they can act as the intermediary between the two worlds of the living and the spirits.

These psychic mediums can hear and relay messages from the departed. Sometimes, mediums allow their bodies to be controlled by the spirit, so they can communicate directly to whoever wants to connect with them.

Some spirits use drawing or writing, while others use tangible things like the infamous Ouija boards to send a message.

When a spirit world communicator is going through transitioning and journeying to the spirit world, they usually go into a trance. It can range from a deep one to a light daze as they connect with their specific spirit.

Most people are a little skeptical of the concept of seeking the guidance of psychic mediums. It is not the norm after all. Others are not happy with the idea of interfering with the spirit world. However, mediums remain a popular option for those who are open to the prospect of reaching out to the spirits.

Why Would You Want To Visit A Psychic Medium?

If you are considering contacting a medium for assistance. You are not alone. Psychics and mediums are sought after for several reasons:


For some, a séance or reading is the only chance to connect with loved ones who have passed on. It can be that the living family member is at a loss, and feels that the deceased loved one died with unsettled issues. Many people believe that someone cannot fully rest in peace if there are still things that need resolution or closure in the land of the living. 

Whatever the reason for a family member to connect with a medium in contacting a lost loved one, most hope to attain the following:


Individuals who experience closure have moved on from emotional trauma and accepted the loss of someone who died. This healing process goes through varying stages, including denial and anger.

When a family can communicate with their loved one through a paranormal experience with the help of a medium, they have what they need to close this chapter of their life wholeheartedly.

It gives them a sense of freedom and relief. Finally, they can start looking forward to what tomorrow may bring.

Peace Of Mind

Getting a guarantee that your loved one is OK on the other side? That is priceless. You always want your family and loved ones to be safe and happy - even in the afterlife.

This is especially true if the death was tragic, sudden, or involved extreme pain. This can be associated with the quest for justice and answers. As a family, you just want to have that definite sign that your departed loved one is doing well on the other side.

It is a consolation to hear that your loved one is in a more pleasant place - somewhere with no pain and negativity.

This knowledge can ease the grief you are carrying. Having a visual indicator that your loved one is at rest can heal emotional wounds and allow you to live your life again. This provides immeasurable solace to the living.

Psychic mediums can help you achieve this. They can help you with things you are struggling with including accepting the reality that your loved one will never come back. 

When it comes to death, the main struggle is coming to terms with the loss. Denial is frequent, as well as trying to be indifferent to the situation. With the help of psychic mediums, you may find it easier to come to terms with your new reality.

Messages conveyed between the spirit world and the living can be relayed to you, which can be the trigger you’ve been waiting for. It can signal the end of your guilt, confusion, or anger over your loved one’s departure.


Most clairvoyant mediums are skilled in tarot card readings. They can interpret the cards into possible answers from the spirits.

Some may react to tarot cards with raised eyebrows, thanks to how horror movies have always associated these cards with death and tragedy. But more and more people are becoming open to the idea.

With lots of questions left in the open, some family members find it difficult to get their lives into perspective. They need answers, and any guidance is appreciated.

Card readings are based on 78 cards that complete a deck. Each illustrated card corresponds to a story of you or your departed loved one's life. This is merely for spiritual guidance, a way to forge a path to a finer life. Keep in mind that these cards will not tell you the future.

Unlike the ones you might see in pop culture, a card reader can’t tell you precise details. Instead, they provide puzzle pieces that you need to piece together. Don't expect that after a tarot reading, everything will suddenly be clear.

Usually, you might get confused and have more questions, but you will figure out the answers soon. Again, the readings based on the tarot cards are not your actual future.


Energy healing is not only deemed as an alternative solution to physical pains but also to the overall wellness of a person. When you are dealing and struggling with loss, your whole being can be filled with too much negativity.

The objective of an energy healer is to create a passage for those bad energies to exit your being and be replaced with good ones.

The most popular form of energy healing is the Japanese Reiki. Like all forms of energy healing, this practice focuses on your body's innate fields.

Based on practitioners, your energy can deteriorate inside your body, possibly due to actual physical pain. But the energy disruption can also be caused by emotional distress. Your body’s energy is said to be affected by the hurt of being left behind, the doubts of being alive, and even anger towards death.

All that emotional pain is believed to block your body's energy, which can manifest into illnesses. Energy medicine done by psychic mediums can remove the blocks from your body and allow energy to flow again. This will promote greater relaxation and an improved mindset in dealing with the pain of loss.

During an energy healing session, your medium will foremost locate the energy blocks inside your body. Your healer will then strategically place their hands on these areas. Some report a tingling and warm sensation when the transfer of the energy comes into play.

What Do I Need To Do Before Scheduling A Session With A Psychic Medium?

Hoping that you can still find answers and guidance is a powerful motivation to cope with your emotions. Before contacting a psychic medium, it is best to be prepared.

Here are some practical tips to help you get ready for your initial session with a medium.


You have to assess at what stage you are in your grief. Are you still in denial or still nursing an angry heart? Are you still in that wishful thinking slash negotiating stage where you would want to trade or do anything just to get your loved one back alive?

You have to be honest with your current state because you might be in for another emotional challenge during and after getting the psychic medium’s help. You have to identify if a psychic medium is the best option for now or if getting counseling is the top priority.

Connecting with a seer to get in contact with your departed loved one doesn’t have to be as soon as possible. Time does not hold much weight here and there is no guarantee that your deceased loved one will come through in the session.

But you need to be in a proper frame of mind and having enough time to get over the initial shock does impact the whole outcome of the reading.


Psychic mediums have different methodologies, and readings can be done in various ways. Some may fit you, while others may not work. You just have to “shop around” for what’s best for you.

Try some free online readings or join group sessions that do not require you to make a commitment. At this time, you may find the whole experience comforting. This exploration stage shows that you are not alone in your journey of connecting with a departed loved one.


Before your session, take time to talk to your deceased loved one in your head. Channel your plans to them that you will get help from a medium. Request your departed to come through. While it is natural to feel doubt or hesitation, you need to keep an open mind to get results.

At the very least, you have to trust your psychic medium to do what’s best for you and the spirit you wish to contact. Note that your psychic medium needs you to communicate with them honestly. This allows the medium to be more confident in tapping the spirit world on your behalf.


Understand that psychic mediums and readings are not always successful. Consider it this way: you and your psychic medium are calling your departed family member, but that spirit ignores your call. If that occurs, what else can you do? When it comes to these sessions, your psychic medium can keep on calling your departed.

But if they don't come through, then it is best to wait and try again after several months. If the contact is successful, do not always expect specific answers of “Yes” or “No.” Some answers can seem bewildering or cryptic. In some circumstances, the spirit can respond in the form of questions that you need to figure out on your own.


After a reading with a psychic medium, what's next? You can't live your life waiting for the next psychic reading because that's not living at all.

Doing that does not allow you to move on and be stronger than your grief. This also hinders your departed loved one from being at peace. Dead or alive, our loved ones would want us to enjoy life and make the best of it.

So you have to set your mind on what you plan to do after the reading. You might not get all your answers, and you might not get the full closure you want, but exploring this possibility should motivate you to have another go at life and what it has to offer.

Speak to your loved one as if they are still around because they still are. You can memorialize a loved one in a variety of ways to express how much they are loved and missed.

How Do You Find A Reliable & Qualified Psychic Medium?

Many believe that psychic mediums are the new spiritual coaches. This is possibly true. However, society still does not approve of “psychic clinics” or hubs dedicated to contacting a lost loved one in the beyond. Again, many will frown upon this unchartered territory.

You will usually hear people telling you to leave the dead in peace, and that moving on is part of living. Yes, that is true, but if the loss impacts your way of life severely, and you believe that connecting with a lost loved one can improve things, there's no stopping you from exploring all your options.

If you are determined to pursue the opportunities being presented by psychic mediums, it is best to set parameters ahead of time. Here is a self-assessment checklist that you can refer to:


Ask yourself: “What am I hoping to get out of the meeting with a psychic medium?”  If you want direct answers or want clear directions to your future, then a psychic medium is not what you need. Before even putting a psychic medium into your list of options, you have to understand what they can and cannot do for you.

Are you hoping that you can say what you want to your loved ones that passed on? Do you wish to receive a message in return? Is there a specific issue that you need to resolve with your departed loved one?

You also have to factor in the aftermath of your contact with the spirit world. How would you deal with any negative emotions that come up? Are you ready with concrete action steps?

Note that even psychic mediums have zero control over the outcome of their readings. Brace yourself, as it might diverge completely from your expectations.


Ask yourself: "Can my personal network give a referral for a psychic medium?"  The thought of talking to your departed loved ones is equally exciting and scary. Keep in mind that you are still extremely vulnerable at this time. That’s why your choice of the psychic medium should be someone in whom you can trust completely.

When looking for that trusted psychic medium, get honest feedback from your family and friends. Discuss your plans with them and explain why you want to go through this route. Your friend, or the friend of a friend, can recommend a medium to you.

Recommendation and support from families and friends, especially those who have experienced a reading before, can make a difference. Positive word-of-mouth can be the boost of confidence you need to take on this new experience.


Ask yourself: “How can I be certain that I made the proper choice?” If your personal circle cannot provide recommendations, then it is up to you to take action and create a list of potential mediums. Research is key.

Fortunately, the internet can be your new best friend. Once you have a list of psychic mediums near your location, go online sleuthing and learn everything you can about them.

The best ways to be familiar with a psychic medium is to look them up online:

  • Check their website and social media accounts — Make the time to visit their About page. This page can give you a good impression of how long they have been helping people like you. It helps to sense their goal in providing this service as well as their background.
  • Go through their reviews and ratings — Each psychic reading and session is unique. The good thing is that you can read real reviews from past clients, both the good and the bad. Authentic feedback can help you decide if this particular medium is the best one for your needs. The testimonies of other people can help influence your choice. Also, find out how the medium responds to complaints.
  • Follow their page or request to be part of their community — This can give you a feel of how a particular psychic works. A medium’s social media page will show how they support their online community and potential clients. Since this is a newer option to coping with grief, see if followers shared helpful information on the page. These include expectations about getting into contact with the spirit world, methodologies, and questions to consider


Ask yourself: “How can I broaden my psychic medium options?”  Social media can be an influential platform. Try to post and ask for psychic medium recommendations near you on your wall.

Pretty soon, you will be flooded with comments and suggestions. Some comments will leave the actual page or personal pages of these psychic mediums, making it easier to contact them. One advantage of asking on social media is that your options broaden.

Given the range, you can quickly identify those whose recommendations are the same. Start with the names tagged or mentioned several times because they won't be recommended unless they are good at what they do.


Ask yourself: “How confident am I that this person is the best psychic medium I need?” Psychic mediums should be willing and open to answering your questions. After all, it is quite common for them to have potential clients who are still hesitant about the process. You can ask for their credentials, and if you want, you can even meet personally before committing.

This is a standard procedure for people like you who wish to explore the possibilities of communicating when you are missing a loved one that has passed. Sometimes, they would even proactively offer previous clients as additional references. Feel free to contact them, or send them a message if you think it can help you select your psychic medium.


Ask yourself: “How can I tell this psychic medium that I don’t feel any connection at all?”  When you go to a psychic medium and don't feel any connection or empathy, you are free to look for another one. This is the primary reason why you create a list of options of your possible psychic mediums.

It is crucial to research every one of them and as much as possible, meet with them ahead of time. Like with any other service, you must have complete trust in the person who will help you.

Psychic mediums would also require honest communication with you, so you have to be willing to express your rawest emotions. If you are uncomfortable doing so, it will be best to look for someone else.

A psychic medium will understand that your trust and comfort are necessary to have a successful process.


Ask yourself: “Is this psychic medium legit?”  Psychic mediums are not taken earnestly and are not shown respect for their skills. They can be imposters, frauds, or scammers. You can’t really control the opinion of others. The bottom line is, do you 100% believe that a medium has what it takes to help you connect with your departed loved one?

During your search for a “legitimate” psychic medium, you want the best of the best. Keep in mind that imposters tend to be part of social communities; that’s where they look for their next victims. 

How Do You Avoid Being Duped?

Here are some red flags that what a medium is offering you is not a legitimate reading:


They guarantee you 100% accuracy of their reading. Nobody, not even the most experienced psychic mediums, can completely guarantee the results of the reading. Outside factors should be weighed in when tapping into the spirit world. Plus, you have to factor in time. You might need a second or a third session to achieve what you want.


In the Western world, only a small percentage of people think that curses are real. Granted, the population in parts of Africa and Asia still have a widespread belief in curses and evil spirits, so rituals are practiced to ward them off. But don’t be swayed by the promise of removing a curse. Death is not a curse. Death is the end of life, which is inevitable.


Some psychic mediums make this claim on top of reaching out to the spirit world. Remember, the probability of this coming true is about 1% or even less. Mediums cannot control the heart or make people attracted to each other. They might provide you with a certain sense of clarity, so you realize what to do next if you are in pursuit of love. However, directing you to your true love, soul mate, or the perfect match is totally unacceptable. You can blame those sappy romantic movies for this idea of finding your true love through mediums.


The reason you want to consult with a psychic medium is to get clearer directions. But what if instead of you asking the questions, they are the ones firing inquiries that are not all related to the goal at hand? If they do give you answers, they are extremely general and confusing. That can be a sign that this medium is not for you.


Always trust your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about how things are unfolding, no matter how subtle, stop the session instantly. Most of the time, if you sense something is wrong with the people doing the session or how you feel about them directly, there’s a potential risk for you. This is why you have to empower yourself with knowledge on how this is supposed to work - before you even start calling potential mediums.


Beware if you find yourself being offered additional items that are “necessary” so you can communicate with your departed loved one. This is especially true if these add-ons were not mentioned in your initial meetings. Otherwise, you will end up losing money on products and services that you do not need.

What Types Of Visits Are Offered?

Several methodologies are followed for a psychic reading. Traditionally, you need to meet with a medium in person. However, they have adjusted their processes, especially now with social distancing. Also, interested individuals may not have the time to sit down with a psychic medium for several sessions. Here are some trends that you may want to consider:


There is a lot of debate about having psychic readings over the phone. This stems from the belief that this process should be done face to face in order to be effective.

Phone readings are more advantageous to both the client and the psychic medium. The reason behind this is you will call from the familiarity of your home. You can take the call while lying in bed, in your garden, or anywhere in your comfort zone.

This gives you a sense of safety. You become more open and confident about telling your truth and emotions in a secure setting. With a phone reading, you can almost feel that you are talking to an anonymous person, one who will not judge or mock you. Negative feelings coming from you cannot influence the results of your reading.

Aside from the complete anonymity, there is also the privacy that your home offers. You don't need to keep a lookout and explain why you are in a psychic medium’s office if a friend sees you.


A psychic medium may offer video call readings using communication tools like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or FB Messenger. This method is almost identical to phone readings except that you can see each other because of your smartphone's camera.

One key advantage is that you can see each other’s facial reactions and gestures. You just have to be prepared for some possible unlikely interruptions like the internet being slow or intermittent during the session, creating a not so seamless psychic reading experience.

You may also suffer from Zoom fatigue or find it difficult to decipher nonverbal cues.


This is the conventional setup where you will head to the psychic’s office and have the reading there. Thanks to movies and carnivals, you will have images of séances in dimly lit rooms with ominous-looking decor, thick curtains, a crystal ball, and tarot cards. This is far from today's reality.

Today, most face-to-face readings are held in business offices. Sometimes, the psychic medium can go to your home and conduct the reading there. One advantage of in-person reading is the possibility of bringing an object associated with your departed loved one.

Some would bring with them cremation urns or even just a photo of the urn. Others opt to bring cremation keepsakes or thumbprint jewelry, hoping that the communication channels with their departed will be clearer and more focused.

There is no general step-by-step process for in-person readings because every psychic medium would have a different approach. They have unique ways to prepare themselves as they tap into the spirit world. You cannot compare one psychic medium to another and make one mimic a previous experience.


You can schedule a reading party or a mini get-together at either your home, your psychic medium’s office, or in a place that will be convenient for all attendees.

Group readings are typically composed of 6 to 8 people who all want some sense of direction in their life. They don't necessarily have to be all dealing with grief to make the group session work.

The participants are in no way required to have met each other in-depth before being part of the group. But it does help if everyone is respectful and can promise confidentiality. 

Note that the entire group will hear what you will share during the sessions. They will also witness whatever response comes from the spirit via the psychic medium. If you prefer privacy, it would be best to have a one-on-one session instead.

Psychic Medium Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions surrounding seeing a psychic medium to connect with a loved one that has passed. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Can I bring a friend or family member to a reading if I don’t feel comfortable going alone?

Yes, you can, but depending on your psychic medium of choice, there might be additional fees for having other people during the session. The loved ones who want to connect with your support, though, can join you and sit through the session.

Can I bring a pet or another animal during the session?

It depends. Psychics may allow pets or support animals, while others consider them distracting. Note that some mediums may offer to connect you with pets that have passed on. It is best to ask about this and other limitations before your scheduled session.

Can I record the session I have with a psychic medium?

You can record your session with a psychic medium if you want. Use digital recorders or your phone to document your session. It may also help to take down notes. But out of courtesy, ensure that you inform your psychic medium ahead of time.

Can I ask questions during a reading?

Questions are welcome during the reading session. Be mindful to adhere to the guidelines set by your psychic medium. Some allow questions while the reading is happening. Others are strict about accepting questions only during the allotted time.

How much does a reading from a psychic medium typically cost?

The cost for every psychic reading varies. A private one-on-one session can cost you $150 and up, while a joint session with two people starts at $175. Group sessions come at a $425 price tag and up for 5-8 people. Psychic reading sessions usually last 45 minutes for individuals, possibly more for groups.

Can I request to speak or get connected to a specific person?

Understand that psychic reading and connecting to the departed is a best-effort attempt. A lot can happen during reunions, and the deceased are in greater control of the proceedings. Psychic mediums follow the terms of the spirit world.

After the rudimentary session, when can I come back if I want more answers?

Most psychic mediums would recommend giving it up to 8 months after the initial contact with the spirit world before having another go at it. Usually, one session is enough for you to find closure and be at peace with the loss and your future.

Psychic Mediums Can Help Ease Grief & Bring Comfort

Society is still slow to accept that visiting a psychic medium is a valid approach to dealing with loss and grief. Some therapists and counselors think that it helps, but this opinion is not widespread.

Still, it is completely natural for you to want answers and to try to settle unfinished businesses in any way you can. There is comfort in having more options to help deal with grief and loss.

It’s not a matter of letting go – you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go” we should probably say “Let it be”.  –Jon Kabat-Zinn

Thanks to psychic mediums, you have the opportunity to get what your heart feels is needed to help you cope with your loss. The first year after loss is tremendously difficult. The following years may get more tolerable, but the pain of losing a loved one will never be completely gone. But with psychic readings, you may have a greater chance of healing from your grief.

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