Unforgettable Valentine's Day: The Most Meaningful Valentine's Gifts For Her And Him

Valentine’s Day is a time when people can show their love to the important people in their lives. While the holiday is most commonly associated with couples showcasing their affection for one another, modern traditions also utilize the day to show love for family members and friends in addition to romantic partners. 

What Is Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day has now been celebrated since the time of the Roman Empire. Initially celebrated as a three-day feast to promote fertility and purity, our modern-day version of the holiday has come a long way. In the centuries after its creation, Valentine’s Day became more romanticized thanks to the work of individuals such as William Shakespeare.

His works along with many others promoted the feelings of love and compassion between romantic partners. The idea of true love and the genuine romance began to gain widespread popularity. Following the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of a new era, Valentine’s Day became commercialized with the promotion of cards, gifts, and flowers until it transitioned into the Valentine’s Day that we all recognize today.

Valentine’s Day is now one of the largest consumer holidays of the year and it can be easy to lose sight of the true meaning behind the holiday. Finding gifts that are both heartfelt and meaningful can seem challenging at times, but this article will serve as a helpful guide to navigating the somewhat tricky gift-buying process.

Modern-day Valentine’s Day is a day that commemorates the love that people have for others. This day is often associated with doing nice deeds for a romantic partner, but it may also involve showing acts of love to family or friends. Oftentimes the combination of thoughtful actions and meaningful gifts can help to make this Valentine’s Day both heartfelt and memorable. Taking the time to select a thoughtful gift can truly show your love to someone special in your life. 

Who Can You Give A Gift To On Valentine's Day?

When we imagine giving someone a gift on Valentine’s Day, most people will immediately think of giving a gift to their significant other or romantic partner. While romantic partners have a special place in the tradition of Valentine’s Day, there are no rules as to who can receive a gift on this day of love.

In addition to romantic partners, gifts can also be given to close family and friends that hold a special place in your heart. This holiday is a wonderful time to express your love to all of the meaningful people in your life whether that be a romantic partner or some of your closest family and friends. With that in mind, let’s consider some options for people that deserve gifts on Valentine’s Day.


Giving a gift to that special someone on Valentine’s Day can be a romantic way to remind them of your love. When you are in a committed relationship with someone, it is important to show them how much you care and value them. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell your partner how much you appreciate them. Selecting the perfect gift will be different for each couple as the most meaningful gifts will take specific interests and preferences into account.

Select gifts based on your partner’s favorite activities or items in order to create a meaningful gift that expresses your love and care. When you are in a long-term relationship, it is easy to forget to prioritize your relationship when other responsibilities take up your time and energy. Allow Valentine’s Day to act as a reminder to prioritize your relationship.

If you feel as though your relationship has not been a priority recently, consider spending extra time focusing on your partner in order to revitalize that bond. Connecting through quality time and the exchanging of meaningful gifts can help to reprioritize those romantic relationships. Try writing a heartfelt note and planning a special date night in order to show your love and appreciation for your partner. 


Though gifts like flowers and wine are commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, chocolate and other candies are also abundantly found during this day of love. Your children would surely love a little surprise gift to make their Valentine’s Day special.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your little ones how much you appreciate and love them. With a variety of gifts available, candy and stuffed animals can help brighten your children’s day. Consider writing them little notes and leaving a small gift at the breakfast table in the morning in order to surprise your children on Valentine’s Day.

These meaningful actions are sure to make their day wonderful. This loving and gifting spirit will serve as a lasting memory for your children. The busy hustle and bustle of everyday life can make these small actions and gifts stand out even more in the eyes of your children. 


Demonstrating love and gratitude for your parents will always make them feel loved, so what better day to remind them of what they mean to you than Valentine’s Day? Parents also need to be shown love and appreciation. It is easy to forget the number of sacrifices parents make daily in order to properly care for and support their children. These actions oftentimes go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for children to show their love and appreciation for their parents. Kids can help show this love for their parents by helping out around the house or writing heartfelt notes to their parents. Simple actions and heartfelt words can help a parent feel appreciated and loved. 

For older children, consider buying your parents a gift card to their favorite restaurant or treat them to a thoughtful outing or trip. These actions can show parents that their work does not go unseen and that their children love and appreciate them. 


Many of us have grandparents who have been together for an impressively long amount of time. Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind your grandparents of how special their love is. Grandparents spend lots of their time caring for and supporting members of their families.

Grandparents are known to help shuttle grandkids to different activities and events or watch the kids while the parents are out of town. They are often the secret superstars of the family unit. Many grandparents can also teach us about proper love and long-lasting romance.

In order to show our true appreciation and gratitude for the roles they play in our lives, consider gifting your grandparents something thoughtful this Valentine’s Day. 


While getting gifts for family members on Valentine’s Day can be very touching, getting a gift for a friend can be even more meaningful. Having a gift swap with friends around Valentine’s Day is a great way to make everyone feel loved and welcomed during this day of care.

Friends are often referred to as our chosen family and this close bond is important to appreciate and acknowledge. Showing your friends your love and gratitude for their continued support and advice is extremely important in nourishing these valuable relationships.

Consider gifting your friends something meaningful this Valentine’s Day in order to show how much you care about them. 

Say 'I Love You' With Personalized Photo Jewelry Gifts

No matter whom you’re buying a Valentine’s Day gift for, you will want that gift to be meaningful for the person who is receiving it. Considering Valentine’s Day gifts, what could be more meaningful than personalized photo jewelry? Choosing a special photo and prominently displaying it in a piece of jewelry would certainly enhance Valentine’s Day for anyone. Just as there are plenty of people that you can consider gifting photo jewelry, there are plenty of different jewelry styles in options.

These photo engraved Jewelry Keepsakes can be customized with either black/white images or full-color images to meet the personal stylistic choices of each customer. These items can be engraved with a picture of you and your significant other or images of a lost loved one. Some photo engraved pieces of jewelry offered by Jewelry Keepsakes even can hold ash which can help memorialize those that have passed away. This can help loved ones left behind feel connected with those that have passed.

Let’s take a look at some choices offered by Jewelry Keepsakes:


Bracelets offer a personalized jewelry gift option that is subtle and readily customizable. Choose a photo of you and the person receiving the gift and a small version of the image can easily be attached to the bracelet. You may wish to select a photo of a loved one who has recently passed away and incorporate that image into the bracelet.

In doing so, the person who receives the gift can keep the memory of their loved one close to them no matter where they travel. There’s no question-these are perhaps the best Valentine’s Day gift.

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For the necklace lovers in your life, Jewelry Keepsakes offers a wide variety of beaded necklaces that are very customizable. Choose the bead colors that speak to the person that will receive this Valentine’s Day gift, and to make it touching, you can choose a photo to be housed in the pendant of this necklace. You can even choose solid 14k gold photo engraved jewelry when customizing your necklace.

The photo of your choice will be held close to the heart of whoever wears this jewelry, creating one of the best-personalized gifts for her or anyone that seeks photo engraved jewelry for Valentine’s Day.

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A photo engraved dog tag can be a terrific Valentine’s Day gift for those who would not be so inclined to wear jewelry like bracelets or necklaces. Making terrific, personalized gifts for him, dog tags are popular gifts among men and women alike. This jewelry can be customized to create a special experience for the owner of this gift. Otherwise, for those wanting to provide an Internet gift for a special someone, they can choose a photo of themselves out of this item.


Jewelry Keepsakes also offers photo engraved pendants with optional birthstones attached to the pendant chain. This wonderfully customizable piece can help bring an additional sense of personalization to an already meaningful gift. After selecting a special photo to be engraved on the pendant, you can select the birthstone of the special person in your life in order to show your love and appreciation for them. 

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Jewelry Keepsakes also offers photo engraved rearview mirror pendants that can easily hang in your car. This gift is a wonderful option for people that might not wear jewelry frequently. These pendants can help remind them of your love and appreciation during every car ride. These pendants can come in multiple different styles that will match the personal style of anyone in your life. If you are unfamiliar with photo-engraved jewelry pieces, this helpful article can answer any of your questions. 

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Jewelry Keepsakes also crafts gorgeous photo engraved wallet cards and photo engraved money clips. These gifts are perfect for the people in your life that do not wear jewelry. These gifts are both practical and meaningful. These can be wonderful gift ideas for the men in your life that may be challenging to purchase gifts for. You can personalize these wallet cards or money clips with meaningful photos that can remind them of your love. This gift can be used every day and serve as a reminder of your appreciation and affection. 

Touch Their Heart With Thumbprint Jewelry Gifts

Some people may not be interested in receiving a gift with a photo incorporated into it. However, you may still want to give that person a personal gift of some sort. In situations such as these, providing someone with a thumbprint jewelry necklace, ring or other thumbprint items can be very special for the person receiving the gift.


Whoever wears the necklace will have the thumbprint kept close to their heart, allowing them to constantly be reminded of the person whose thumbprint is featured on their necklace. For romantic partners, getting your significant other’s thumbprint engraved on a necklace can help you maintain a close connection with them at all times.

If you know someone that has lost a loved one recently and might struggle around Valentine’s Day, a thumbprint necklace with the fingerprint of their lost loved one may help them cope with their grief and recent loss. These necklaces do a wonderful job at serving as a remembrance piece of jewelry as they can help keep the thought of your loved ones close at hand. 


If you’re hoping to get someone a subtle Valentine’s Day gift, gifting them thumbprint rings could be a terrific selection. These rings can be customized to have a thumbprint texture around both the inside and outside of the ring, or the thumbprint pattern can strictly be on either the inside or outside.

They can even feature solid 14k gold thumbprint jewelry. A lovely option for a significant other, family member, or friend, the tangible nature of a thumbprint gift will be enjoyed by whoever where is it.  

These rings can often offer some tactile comfort to those that may struggle with anxiety or stress. Running your finger over the thumbprint of a loved one can help to ground you throughout your day. These jewelry pieces are also great at adding a subtle yet fashionable touch to any outfit. These pieces can pair well with any sense of style and help to show your love and appreciation for those special people in your life that seek thumbprint jewelry for Valentine’s Day.


Looking for customized gifts for Valentine’s Day? A thumbprint money clip may be an exceptional gift for an individual that does not wear jewelry. For those that won’t wear a necklace or ring, this is an item that can be kept at all times without it being visible to everyone else. Therefore, someone who is interested in having a meaningful gift that can be discreetly kept may love a thumbprint money clip.

This piece can be carried at all times allowing the owner to feel a close connection with the one who gifted it. However, its subtle and low-profile nature can allow the owner to feel comfortable and confident without forcing them to wear a more noticeable piece of jewelry. 


Do you know of a fervent coin collector that would appreciate a gift on Valentine’s Day, if so, Jewelry Keepsakes has you covered! Offering silver coins that can be customized with a thumbprint of a loved one, even the most serious of coin collectors will be in awe of the detail and quality of the coin. This is another wonderful gift idea for someone that is not interested in wearing jewelry items like the previously mentioned necklaces or bracelets.

These coins add a unique flair to personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day and can help make any coin collection more meaningful and special. These coins can be carried along throughout your day or can be showcased in a special location in order to serve as a reminder of your love and appreciation. This handy guide can help you select the perfect piece of thumbprint jewelry for your loved one. 


A thumbprint bookmark is among the unique gifts for Valentine’s Day options present for an avid reader in your life. Such an item is ideal for a friend or family member during this season of love and care. A bookmark from Jewelry Keepsakes can be customized to include the thumbprint of someone that the person receiving the gift holds near and dear.

No matter who receives this gift, they will certainly feel special every time they open up a book that they’re reading. This is another gift that is perfect for those that do not enjoy wearing jewelry regularly. This gift is both practical and meaningful and can help express your love for someone special in your life. The customization options help to make this gift the perfect present to show your love to that special someone in your life. 


For the more practical people in your life, consider gifting them a personalized knife, flask, or lighter. All of these items can be utilized in daily life and the personalized message or image placed on any of these gifts can help the receiver feel loved and appreciated. These gifts are wonderful for the people in your life that might not wear or like jewelry, as they are among the most creative Valentine’s Day gift.

These items can also be used to perform important tasks and their practicality can make them staple objects for many people. Consider gifting one of these pieces to the practical people in your life. The thoughtful action of gifting one of these items can help show your love and appreciation for those in your life. 

Valentine's Day Gifts To Honor A Loved One That Has Passed

Though Valentine’s Day is most commonly associated with a day of love and happiness, it can also be a day of remembrance for some. For instance, those who recently lost a partner may not regard Valentine’s Day as a joyful day, but they may also consider it to be a day of honoring their deceased loved one.

For those that find themselves in this situation, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day to endure. If you know anyone that struggles to find happiness on Valentine’s Day, it can mean the world to them to know that someone else is thinking of them on Valentine’s Day.

To show your support for someone that has recently lost a loved one, you can do a whole range of things such as write them a letter or send them flowers. However, for those who wish to go above and beyond, Jewelry Keepsakes has a few items that are sure to impress. Let’s take a look:


A cremation jewelry ring made by Jewelry Keepsakes can hold a small amount of ashes of a loved one within a tiny receptacle. This provides a subtle way for whoever is wearing the ring to keep the memory of a loved one with them at all times. Cremation rings for ashes are very special pieces of jewelry, and most people would never realize that they contain ashes if they did not know otherwise. Cremation rings are ideal pieces of jewelry for a parent or grandparent who has lost a partner, but they are also thoughtful gifts for a friend that has lost someone they hold near and dear.

These jewelry pieces come in multiple metal finishes and can often be customized with special names or dates in order to memorialize someone that has passed. Gifting this meaningful piece of jewelry to someone that has recently lost their partner or loved one can help them navigate the Valentine’s Day holiday.

This gift can also show them that they are loved and supported throughout this difficult time. The small action of gifting a heartfelt piece of memorial jewelry can help make the grieving process easier. If you would like more information on cremation jewelry, Jewelry Keepsakes has a variety of articles that can offer more detailed descriptions of these pieces.


Highly customizable, a cremation necklace and pendant may be the optimal gift for someone who may feel alone on Valentine’s Day. This piece of jewelry encapsulates the remains of a loved one and a pendant that can be affixed to a necklace. The stylish pendant can be modified to accommodate the preferences of whoever will be receiving the gift.

A perfect idea for anyone that wants to keep the remains of a loved one close to their hearts, jewelry made from ashes is always a thoughtful gift idea, as they are among the best customized gifts for Valentine’s Day. 


If you know someone that has recently lost a loved one or partner, consider gifting them a cremation bracelet in order to memorialize their loved one. This piece of jewelry is offered in a variety of styles and metal finishes that are sure to suit any specific style choice.

In search of solid 14k jewelry made from ashes? These bracelets can also feature special pendants or birthstone gems in order to add additional design elements to the bracelet. These jewelry pieces can help to memorialize a loved one that has been lost while also helping those left behind navigate the Valentine’s Day holiday. If you’re after remembrance keepsakes for Valentine’s Day, this is a superb choice.

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If you know someone that has recently lost a loved one or partner, consider gifting them a cremation bracelet in order to memorialize their loved one. This piece of jewelry is offered in a variety of styles and metal finishes that are sure to suit any specific style choice.

In search of solid 14k jewelry made from ashes? These bracelets can also feature special pendants or birthstone gems in order to add additional design elements to the bracelet. These jewelry pieces can help to memorialize a loved one that has been lost while also helping those left behind navigate the Valentine’s Day holiday. If you’re after remembrance keepsakes for Valentine’s Day, this is a superb choice. 

Other Valentine's Day Gifts That Are Not Jewelry Items


A wonderfully unique Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other is a stunning custom-made couples portrait. Among the most trendy gifts for Valentine’s Day, a quick internet search will link you with a variety of artists that can create beautiful hand-painted portraits of your partner and yourself. These pieces can become the focal point of your house and will continue to remind you of your love for years to come. These pieces of art can be customized to mimic some of your favorite photos and the specific style of painting can be finalized with each particular artist. This gift will serve as the perfect surprise for your partner on Valentine’s Day and help showcase your love and appreciation.  


Another meaningful gift for a loved one on Valentine’s Day is to create a meaningful framed heart collage of your favorite photos. It is easy for photos to be forgotten in the depths of your phone, but they can serve as a wonderfully thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other. Try printing off some of your most memorable photos that depict fond memories or your favorite moments together as a couple. After you have printed off these images, you can paste them together in the shape of a heart before adding them into a heart-shaped frame. Consider writing a personalized note expressing your love and admiration for your significant other and they are sure to be touched by your heartfelt expression of love. 


For those that prefer more practical gifts, consider gifting them a personalized shaving kit for Valentine’s Day this year. Personalized shaving kits are becoming more popular and are a wonderful way to show your appreciation and love for your significant other. These gifts are extremely practical and serve as a thoughtful gift for those that prioritize self-care and their personal hygiene routine. Many of these kits can be customized based on color preference, style of shaving, and skin type. Consider gifting this to your loved one in order to show them your love and affection this Valentine’s Day. 


For those that love to relax in the bath, consider gifting them some heart-shaped bath bombs. Bath bombs are often a wonderful gift for any holiday as they can be easily customized. There are a variety of Valentine’s Day themed bath bombs available on the market and these are sure to make your romantic partner smile. These bath bombs are often fragranced with wonderful scents such as vanilla or rose and can be added to any bath in order to elevate the experience and make it more relaxing. Consider gifting your partner heart-shaped bath bombs this Valentine’s Day in order to express your love and gratitude for them. 


Another unique gift to offer your partner on Valentine’s Day is a personalized jigsaw puzzle. These creative gifts can be easily ordered online with the use of one of your own personal photos. The puzzle companies will then create a jigsaw puzzle with that image and ship it right to your door. You and your partner can enjoy quality time together whilst solving a puzzle that details one of your favorite memories together. These puzzles can then be glued together and framed if you would like to add them to your more permanent house décor. This gift is wonderful for any puzzle lover and can serve as a thoughtful reminder of your love for your significant other. This gift can also help you bond with your partner as you can spend time building it together. 


It is hard to go wrong with gifting a silk robe or fluffy slippers to your loved one. These cozy gifts are sure to be appreciated by your partner as they can be worn every night and serve as a thoughtful reminder of your love and consideration. These gifts can be easily personalized in order to suit any specific style choice or preference. These items can help keep your partner warm and comforted and remind them of your appreciation. 

Tips For Getting A Thoughtful Valentine's Day Present

Receiving a gift is always a touching experience, and no matter what the gift, the thought and the fact that someone took the time to provide you with a gift should be the only things that matter. However, from a gift buyer’s perspective, seeing genuine joy and excitement on the face of a person who receives their gift makes the whole experience worthwhile. So, to ensure the person who receives your gift is thrilled with the experience, let’s go over some tips for giving a top-notch gift.

When you’re thinking about giving someone a gift, you need to first assess their preferences and interests. If you know a person well enough, then you should know what they like and what they might not like as much. If you’re unsure about how someone may feel, you can always ask someone close to them or assess yourself based on what they were or how they acted.

You would hate to spend a considerable amount of money on jewelry just to realize that the person that you’re giving the gift to doesn’t like wearing jewelry. Assessing someone’s interest before you purchase a gift for them can help you feel sure that they will enjoy your present.

Valentine's Day Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

This will depend on each specific couple. There is never one single gift that will be the perfect item. Pay attention to your partner’s likes and dislikes in order to select the best gift for Valentine’s Day. 

How do I choose the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift?

Again, it is important to pay attention to your partner’s particular preferences when it comes to selecting the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift. The most meaningful gifts are often created using previous memories or special photos in order to remind the receiver of special moments spent with their partner. 

Does it make a Valentine’s Day gift more meaningful if I have it personalized?

Taking the time to get a gift personalized usually makes it more meaningful for most people. The customization of an added name or special date just shows the receiver that you were thinking especially of them when selecting that particular gift.

How much money should I spend on a Valentine’s Gift?

The amount of money you should spend on a Valentine’s Gift depends on your own personal budget and the standard you set with your partner. Each couple will be different and have different expectations for this topic. Some couples will want to spend more while other might want to spend less. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. We recommend having a straightforward conversation with your partner in order to determine your budget. 

Can I buy a Valentine’s Day gift for someone other than a romantic partner?

Yes! Valentine’s Day can also be a day to show your appreciation and love for family members and close friends. You can also purchase meaningful gifts for Valentine’s Day for those individuals in your life in order to show your appreciation and love for them. 

Show Them The Love This Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your partner or other loved ones your appreciation and care. While the significance and meaning of this day have changed throughout history the common idea of showing others your love and support have persisted. While this will look different for every couple, make sure to prioritize the gifting of meaningful items rather than over commercialized gifts.

Taking the time to select thoughtful items that will deepen your relationship can help to truly show your love and appreciation for the important people in your life. It is also important to remember that Valentine’s Day is not always about the romantic love in your life. It is also a wonderful time to show other loved ones your care and support. Consider giving a thoughtful gift to your parents, grandparents, children, or friends this year as well. 

Taking the time to show these additional individuals your love and support is extremely important. Some people might also be grieving at this time as it might be their first Valentine’s Day spent without their partner or other loved ones. To help these people cope with this holiday, consider gifting them a special memorial item in order to help them process their emotions and maintain a close connection with their lost loved ones. If you are struggling to find the perfect place to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts, prioritize shopping locally. 

A lot of big corporations try to take advantage of the special holiday but supporting smaller businesses or businesses that are local to your community can help to support more independent vendors. Other online shops can also help you find more meaningful and unique gifts that are perfect options for Valentine’s Day. 

January 20, 2023 by Jeri K. Augustus

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