What are the different styles of cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is available in a wide selection of unique styles, allowing the wearer to choose the keepsake that not only allows them to remember their loved one but also choose the keepsake that appeals to their personal style. From pendants to rings to keychains and more, we offer a unique assortment of cremation jewelry for every member of the family.

Cremation Jewelry Pendants

One of our most popular choices, cremation jewelry pendants will hold a remembrance of the deceased inside a small hidden compartment. The interior compartment is accessed by removing a threaded screw or by twisting the bail and your selected remembrance is discreetly hidden inside the jewelry. We carry heart pendants, crosses, modern styles and many others in a variety of themes and shapes, making it easy to choose exactly what you’re searching for.

Cremation Rings

Cremation rings are available in both men’s and ladies styles and have a small interior compartment that holds a remembrance of a loved one. The rings and bands come in sterling silver and 14k gold and can be used as a replacement wedding band, a promise ring or simply as a unique reminder of someone that has passed. Cremation rings are offered from size 5 up to size 13 and can typically be engraved with a personal message on the inside of the band.

Cremation Bracelets

Our cremation bracelets are also available in both ladies and men’s styles and the styles of bracelets range from refined and elegant to modern and trendy. Leather bands, stainless steel and cuff style cremation bracelets offer a discreet yet memorable way to honor those no longer with you and the bracelets can be adjusted to fit most wrists. Add engraved text, customize with a charm that you love, the options are endless when it comes to making your cremation bracelet personal to your memories and personal to your sense of style.

Photo Engraved Jewelry

Our selection of photo engraved pendants make for a unique way to honor those that have passed and celebrate those that are still with you. The pendants are available with or without an internal urn and are laser engraved with any image of personal choosing. The resulting image is black and white grayscale regardless of the color of the submitted photo and is an exact replica of your picture. And virtually any picture can be engraved. We have done not only family photos, pet pictures and landscapes but also ultrasound pictures, handprints and footprints to name a few.

Millennium Charm Pendants

Our Millenium Charms provides an opportunity to not only remember a loved one but also display your favorite bead charms. The design has a hollowed out cylinder that is topped with a flat round pendant. The cylinder can be filled with a pinch of cremated ashes or any other tribute in remembrance of the deceased. Add or remove extensions to shorten or lengthen your pendant and display anywhere from one to four bead charms from most major manufacturers. The Millenium pendant is available in six different finishes and one extension and a matching chain is included with your purchase.

Pet Cremation Jewelry

Our selection of pet cremation jewelry will help you honor and recognize the love and loyalty you shared with your pet. Paw prints, cylinders with poems and animal shapes will hold cremated ashes, a few strands of your pet’s hair or fur or even a small piece of their favorite toy or bedding and come in a wide selection of finishes. From pet photo engraved to dog bones to Wild Horse pendants, our pet cremation jewelry will help you to keep your pet close to your heart and with you always.