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Jewelry For Ashes Pendants

Cherishing the memories - something we all do, a way that we find comfort during the ups and downs of life, a method of remembering those that have touched our life. Jewelry for ashes gives families and friends a way to cherish those that have passed and keep a part of them close to their heart.
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Ashes Jewelry: The keeper of your secret

Loss is a part of life but that doesn't mean that it doesn't cause heartache. The ties that bind us to our friends and family hurt when they're broken and jewelry for ashes is a tangible way to keep a memory with you. Cremation jewelry consists of a pendant, ring, bracelet or other type of jewelry that will hold a remembrance of someone in your life that has passed away. The tribute can be cremated ashes, some dried and crushed flowers or virtually any small reminder that can be inserted inside the small inner cavity. The inner compartment is guarded by the bail or a slotted screw and each memorial keepsake comes with a filling kit to assist you with filling and sealing your jewelry for ashes.

Jewelry For Ashes personal to a loved one

Just as your loved one was unique so is memorial jewelry. In addition to your standard hearts and crosses, cremation pendants come in cylinders, mens keepsakes and even nature cremation charms. The idea is to find the one that either reminds you the most of those you've lost or the keepsake that appeals to your own sense of style.

Jewelry for ashes can be worn in a variety of ways such as:

  • A pendant or charm
  • Rings and bracelets
  • Keychains and auto mirror pendants
Jewelry for ashes is meant to be worn as an everyday accessory and includes a black satin cording or matching chain where applicable. Packaged in a jeweler's gift box and ideal as a treasured gift for a grieving friend, jewelry for ashes holds the secret of what you've loved and lost and leaves the decision of sharing up to you.
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titanium rivet cylinder cremation jewelry pendant Ashes Pendant Rivet Titanium Cylinder

The loss of a loved one can be honored and treasured by purchasing a titanium rivet cylinder cremation pendant from Jewelry Keepsakes.  Our wide selection of unique and interesting memorial keepsakes makes shopping with us simple and affordable and we will assist you with your selection and purchase should you ask us to do so.

List Price: $449.95
Our Price: $284.95