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I have to order jewelry for ashes for 10 people. How do I go about choosing and can I get a discount?

When choosing jewelry for ashes for a large group of people, the overall cost can skyrocket very quickly. Weíve got some tips and hints on how to help not only keep the cost down but also help each person get a keepsake they love in memory of the deceased.

Choose the same pendant for each person.

The easiest way is to keep it simple and choose the exact same pendant for each person you are purchasing for. Initial keepsakes, a symbol of their passion or hobby they enjoyed such as golf clubs or a motorcycle, a simple cylinder or heart are great options and allow for all to share in remembering a loved one. It also keeps the ordering process simple and trouble free, alleviating stress during an emotional time.

Adding engraved text to the pendants is an option to consider as well. When buying all the same keepsakes, allowing for each recipient to choose their own engraved text for their keepsake makes it more personal and individualized to that person.

Budget the same amount for each person.

Another option is to allow each person a dollar amount. Whetherís itís $50 or $100 or somewhere in between, this gives each person the opportunity to remember their loved one their way. This is a good idea for larger families that are ordering for a variety of ages as what appeals to a teen may not appeal to an adult in their 30ís. Additionally, it lets everyone honor the unique relationship that they shared with the deceased.

Some things to remember when budgeting per person:

  • Engraving. Adding personalized text to a keepsake does cost extra and if engraved text is a must, they need to be aware of the additional cost.
  • Premium chains. Many customers elect to upgrade to a premium chain. The chains cost anywhere from $18.95 to $30.95 and will impact the overall cost of the individual keepsake.
  • Shipping. How quickly is the cremation jewelry needed? Are you shipping overseas or to Canada? Are you shipping to multiple destinations? Being aware of all the costs associated with shipping your jewelry for ashes at the beginning of the process helps you to have a budget that is realistic.

Ways to save when ordering several pendants.

Ship all the pendants to the same place. Not only will this save you significantly on the shipping costs but we also provide tracking information for every order.

For orders of 5 or more keepsakes, enter SAVE10 at checkout and receive a 10% savings. For 8 or more keepsakes, enter SAVE15 at checkout for a 15% savings.

For orders of 10 or more keepsakes, give our customer service a call at 1-877-723-7229 or send us an email at Not only can we help expedite the ordering process but also we may be able to help you save a little extra.