Thumbprint Jewelry

Made in the USA

We proudly offer thumbprint pendants, rings, bracelets and more made with USA quality and craftsmenship. 

Thumbprint Pendants

There is nothing that compares to the feel of a loved one’s hand in yours.  Our thumbprint pendants help capture that special feeling of their hand in yours.  Your loved one’s touch, engraved for all eternity.

Mens Thumbprint

The men in our lives go by many different names…Dad, Grandpa, Husband, Brother…. And those men leave a lasting and loving imprint on our lives.  Honor them with thumbprint jewelry designed with them in mind.

Popular Thumbprint Jewelry Categories

The Perfect Gift, engraved personally for you.

From Keychains to Money Clips to Coins, we have the perfect gift to remember your loved one. 

Thumbprint Keychains

Keepsakes that are ready for a road trip.

Thumbprint Money Clips

The perfect way to protect your valuables.

Thumbprint Gifts

Browse our selection of coins, knives wallets and more. 

Meaningful Connections: 

We offer thumbprint jewelry that takes a more personal approach to honoring the signifcance of your loved ones life. Thumbprint jewelry with a photo captures a color or black and white photo set with their accompanying fingerprint. Thumbprint that holds cremains provides an intimate space to hold your loved ones cremains. Thumbprint with ash is a work of art, blending ashes into a gem like resin, along with a fingerprint.