About Us

The Jewelry Keepsakes Story

Jewelry Keepsakes came to be over a desire to give back, to create something that was of value to others, a cause that would help people. The most important ‘value’ that we cherish is family so what better way that to help those that are grieving the loss of something that we understand, something that we value – family.

Memorial jewelry was a new concept at the time and it gave us the chance to combine creativity with emotions and actually help those that are in need. We chose to focus all of efforts in the area of memorial jewelry and those efforts have made us the authority. The reward is the reviews from our customers, the phone calls and emails, the heartfelt thanks and appreciation for bringing comfort and compassion is what gets us out of the bed in the morning.

We consider it an honor and a privilege to be able to impact the lives of families across the world with memorial jewelry and continue in our efforts to provide the best quality keepsakes and the most compassionate and caring customer service.

We Have Experienced Grief Ourselves

We could give you the commercial version of who we are: We are the internet’s leading provider of cremation jewelry, photo engraved pendants and other keepsakes that remember family, friends and pets. Great things but what does that tell you about us? We want you to have the real story behind who we are. Quite simply, we are you.

We are members of families that have lost a parent, a child, a grandchild and we still grieve for that loss. We have searched for comfort in a personal way, to feel closer, to hold on to the memories we treasure.

We are friends that miss a best friend, a childhood friend, someone taken too soon from our lives. We have sifted through old photos to find that one favorite picture that brings back a flood of memories, helps our heart yet hurts it at the same time.

We have been angry, cried at the ‘unfairness’ of fate, seen the ravages of illness, felt helpless in our efforts to make things better for those that have lost.

We are pet owners and have said good-bye to our pets, laid to rest our dogs of countless breeds and child chosen names, guinea pigs name Jefferson, animals that we loved with all of our heart. And they took a part of our heart with them.

We have comforted one another, listened, held hands, hugged, dried tears. We have celebrated life, shared memories and mourned loss. And tried desperately to find a way to begin again.

At Jewelry Keepsakes, we are more than just a website. We are real people that know what you’re going through. We know there is no magic ‘feel better’ formula. Our hope is that families, friends, owners of pets - might be able to hold close a memory, a moment, a glimpse of a life that was loved and cherished. And find some comfort. That moment, that gift of comfort, that truly is who we are.

Our team

Our staff is a true extension of our family. Each of them embraces the values and ethics that, as a company, we feel is the foundation from which we’ve risen. We’ve grown, we’ve learned, we’ve shared a lot of laughs and we continue to work together to offer the very best we can to our customers. Through their efforts and their diligence, we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and thousands of happy and repeat customers.


  • Quality - We strive to provide the highest quality products for our customers.
  • Compassion - We care about your loss and will always put our customers and their needs first.
  • Integrity - We stand behind our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We provide top quality Jewelry Keepsakes for our customers to cherish their loved ones. We strive to make this process as comfortable and healing as possible.

We know what loss feels like and our staff will go the extra mile to answer questions, offer comfort and assist our customers any way that we can.

Our History

As with every company, every family, there is history...a story that tells how you came to be. It highlights the milestones, the special moments and occasions, the failures and successes that shaped you from the ground up. And Jewelry Keepsakes is no different. Our story started back in 2005 and as we push ahead and continue to add ‘chapters’ to our company story, we are mindful of the foundation from which we started, grateful for the journey and excited about what lies ahead.

  • 2019
    Added Ash Jewelry

    Added Ash Jewelry


    We created a unique line of ash jewelry that takes memorializing our loved ones a step further. Our ash jewelry combines a small amount of cremated remains with a gemstone like resin and the end result is a personal and treasured remembrance of the deceased. We offer a variety of different color selections and can even custom create ash jewelry in any design a customer selects.

    Added Thumbprint Jewelry

    Added Thumbprint Jewelry


    In 2019, we added a beautiful selection of thumbprint jewelry. Crafted out of .925 sterling silver and available with gold plating, the thumbprint jewelry exceeds the industry standards in thickness and is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Also, because all thumbprint jewelry is designed, manufactured and shipped from one location, we were able to offer a quick turnaround time of 5-7 business days.

  • 2018
    Added Birthstone Jewelry

    Added Birthstone Jewelry


    We timeline our lives by particular months - marriages, anniversaries, birthdays and more. In 2018, we gave our customers the option to celebrate those special months by adding a complete collection of birthstone jewelry. Birthstones can be added directly to the jewelry and set into the keepsakes or by adding a birthstone rider heart to wear on a necklace in addition to the selected keepsake.

    Added Color Photo Engraved Jewelry

    Added Color Photo Engraved Jewelry


    We live our lives in color and in 2018, we added a line of color photo engraved jewelry. Our color photo engraved jewelry has a white textured background and we engrave the image directly onto the white face in full color. The white texture carries through onto the full color photo engraved image, allowing the customer to touch and feel the ridges and edges of the image.

  • 2017
    Added Solid Rose Gold Jewelry

    Added Solid Rose Gold Jewelry


    After constant inquires and obvious demand, we add a line of solid 14K Rose Gold jewelry. Created one at a time by a skilled jeweler, these solid Rose Gold pieces are available as pendants and rings. If you are looking for a unique heirloom quality piece to remember your loved one, these are defiantly worth taking a look at.


    Completely New Website


    Sometimes you need to go out with the old and bring in the new and in 2017 we did just that! We launched a completely new website and added some redesigns to streamline the browsing and ordering process. Updated product pictures, a modern design and easy to digest information allowed us to give our customers exactly what they had been asking for.

  • 2016

    Over 40,000 Customers


    What seems like an average day for many was not so for us. March 23, 2016 we were blessed with customer number 40,000. 40,000 customers have chosen Jewelry Keepsakes to be a part of their families to help celebrate, remember, cherish the life of someone they love. Without question, it is an honor, a privilege, a blessing. We love what we do!

  • 2015
    10 Year Anniversary

    10 Anniversary


    What started as a dream we had turned into a reality and have nurtured with time, love and commitment to giving back. Our desire to make a difference, to bring some comfort to those that are hurting is even stronger now that it was in 2005. Happy 10th Anniversary, Jewelry Keepsakes!

  • 2013
    Office Expands

    Office Expanded


    Our office expands and so do our hearts as we embark on a new journey with new members of the Jewelry Keepsakes family. We almost doubled our staff, expanded our work habitat to include additional office space, inventory storage and work area for additional engravers. The additional space and the additional hands were a welcome addition to the Jewelry Keepsakes family!

  • 2012
    Filling Cremation Jewelry Video

    Filling Cremation Jewelry Video


    Filling a keepsake is not an ordinary task for our customers. In 2012, we created and launched a video that takes you through the process step by step of adding ashes or another memorial to cremation jewelry. The video was placed on each individual product page and continues to serve as a tool to assist our customers with the process of creating their memorial to their loved one.

  • 2011
    New and Improved Chains

    New and Improved Chains


    A major upgrade to our chains takes place. We replaced all of our chains and cordings with stronger, more beautiful snake chains. The chains are available in four different finishes - rhodium plated, black rhodium plated, 14k gold plated and rose gold plated. Not only does every pendant include a matching 20” plated chain but customers got the option of upgrading their selection to a premium sterling silver chain with their choice of plating and we offered a graphic that displays how the chain and pendant will sit around the neck. We continue in our efforts to give our customers the highest quality, the most information and affordable options.


    10,000 Customers


    Not only did we expand our line of photo engraved pendants and introduce a new and exclusive line of keepsakes in designs our customers asked for, we had our 10,000th customer! Truly was a great way to measure our success in that we had touched the hearts, the homes, the lives of 10,000 families.

  • 2010
    Millefiori Italian Pendants

    Millefiori Italian Pendants


    We upped the ante on unique ways to remember loved ones and added some color. Our new product line of Millefiori Italian art glass keepsakes brought vibrant color, hundreds of different themes and styles and affordability. Beautifully hand crafted from stainless steel, the technique used to create the patterns and colors means that each keepsake is one of a kind - no two are alike!

  • 2009
    Major happenings in 2011

    Your pictures speak a thousand words…


    We introduce photo engraved pendants and hit the ground running with our soon to be most popular keepsakes. The pendants opened up the door to those that were looking for a way to celebrate those that were still living and became a treasured special occasion and birthday gift for parents, friends, pet owners, everyone. Who doesn’t have a favorite picture and what better way to have it with you always!

    Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

    Better Business Bureau A+ Rating!


    Always putting our customers first, listening to their concerns, answering their calls and emails, wanting them to be completely and unequivocally satisfied with their purchase and their experience of shopping with Jewelry Keepsakes put us at the top of the class! The Better Business Bureau rated Jewelry Keepsakes an A+ which is the highest possible rating of interaction with customers.

  • 2008
    Cremation Rings and Bracelets

    Cremation Rings and Bracelets


    Our continued efforts to provide our customers with the keepsakes they are asking means expanding our products to include cremation rings and cremation bracelets. We added several different styles of rings and bracelets that are available in both mens and ladies sizes. Ask and you shall receive!

  • 2005
    Business Starts

    Dream becomes reality


    Jewelry Keepsakes is born! Bring on the hard work, long hours and well…hard work and long hours. We kept at it and simply didn’t take no for an answer. Our recipe for success was one part trial and error with a hearty dose of desire to continue to learn and grow.