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Jewelry Keepsakes Warranty

At Jewelry Keepsakes Inc., We assure you of the quality of our products and provide a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind. Here's what you need to know about the warranty on your jewelry.

Our Warranty

We assure you that our products are crafted with precision and will be free from manufacturing defects. If you encounter any such defects within one year of your purchase, we are committed to either replacing the item at no cost or providing a refund, excluding shipping fees.

Who Stands Behind this Warranty?

Jewelry Keepsakes was founded in 2005. We have served over 80,000 customers, specifically providing memorial jewelry to celebrate their loved ones. We consider it an honor to be involved in preserving the memory of your family, friends, and pets. We manufacture many of our own designs of jewelry. We have the capability to create just about any special remembrance that our customers have in mind.

19 years and tens of thousands of customers later, we can assure you that our level of service, quality of products, and taking care of customer issues, and basically "doing the right thing" in general has been paramount to our success. We are a family of designers and artists, all who have experienced loss and understand the process that our customers are going through.

Jewelry Keepsakes responsibly sources our raw materails from distributors located in the USA. We adhere to a strict quality control process on manufacturing and shipping our products. All items are checked at several points of the manufacturing process for quality purposes.

We invite you to take a look at our Google, Facebook and Better Business Bureau reviews below, or visit our reviews page to see for yourself. We stand behind our warranty and our products.

Replacement Assurance

If your specific item is no longer available, we are pleased to offer you a replacement of equal value or a refund equivalent to the original purchase price. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we have you covered.

Limitations to Coverage

Refunds or replacements are exclusively provided for manufacturing defects. However, it's important to note that the warranty does not cover faults resulting from:

  • Improper care, cleaning, or interaction with chemicals leads to surface discolouration.
  • Bent bands or prongs caused by excessive force or wear, especially applicable to rings.
  • Loss of stones or damage due to a lack of maintenance or extended wear over time.
  • Scratched surfaces of photo-engraved jewelry resulting from improper care or wearing with other pendants.
  • Rings or other jewelry that have been resized by a 3rd party. 
  • Not storing the jewelry properly.

Shipping Warranty Items

Jewelry Keepsakes will provide Free Shipping to our customer for returning an item for warranty work, or for a replacement item due to a warranty claim. Shipping a warranty item to Jewelry Keepsakes from the customer will be the responsibilty of the customer.

Jewelry Care Guide

To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, please take the time to read our comprehensive Jewelry Care Guide, providing valuable insights into proper maintenance. Often times we see jewelry that has blackened or tarnished and a customer may think there is a problem with it. Generally this is jewelry that simply has not been cleaned or maintained properly. Several of our items are made from fine silver or gold. Just like fine flatware from decades ago, our jewelry requires regular cleaning and proper storage. It is normal for fine jewelry to oxidize and tarnish. This is an indication that the materials used are actually real silver and/or gold.

Your Satisfaction Matters

We genuinely want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions regarding our warranty, our jewelry, or the service we provide, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always here to help and ensure your satisfaction. Thank you for choosing Jewelry Keepsakes. Your trust is our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service.

How To Contact

If you need to contact us about a warranty claim, please call us at 1-877-723-7229 or email us at .

You may also write to us at

Jewelry Keepsakes

1420 Market Place Dr

Suite 3

Great Falls MT 59404

Please reference your order number and provide a detailed description of your claim. Our warranty department may request photos to help understand the situation more clearly.

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