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14K Gold CMD Signet Ring - Hold Ashes

This 14K Gold Signet ring was a great project to work on. The client wanted their initials on the top of the ring and wanted the initials raised. We printed a resin model of the ring in black to make sure it was exactly what the customer wanted. This resin model also helped out with sizing the ring and making sure the fit was as the customer wanted.

The ashes were placed inside the ring and permanently sealed. There is no screw or visible opening that may detract from the overall look of the ring. This was important to the client as they wanted to wear the ring all the time and did not want anything that would have the 'look' of typical memorial jewelry. This client uses their hands for working on equipment so having the ring permanently sealed meant there would be no chance of having the cremains cavity exposed to daily elements.

This turned out to be a nice, big "chunky" ring. It is very substantial and has a nice weight to it. Budget price for a ring like this permanently sealed with printed models for proofing is around $1500 in solid 14K gold.

Damian Engraved Patterned Square Ash Pendant

We call this pendant the 'Damian' pendant based off of what our client was searching for. It was modeled after another piece of jewelry we have - the 'Gold Patterned Round' pendant which is one of our permanently sealed cremation pendants.

What is interesting about this piece is all the unique details that our client was looking for. First of all, they wanted solid 14k gold. They loved the patterened look on the front and that particular pattern commands a lot of attention to detail and diligence. Generally when polishing a pendant with a pattern such as this, it can be challenging to not polish away all the detail. We had to cast the pendant a particular way so as to not lose the detail of the pattern. We also used a special technique with a magnetic pin finisher when casting the pendant to make sure we didn't lose any of the detail.

The client also wanted the name 'Damian' cast - not engraved - into the side of the pendant. We were able to do that without any issue and the result was stunning.

One last touch is that the client did not want an exposed screw head or any way to tell that this was ash jewelry. The cremated ashes were placed inside the pendant and then we permanently sealed the opening. This gives the pendant a 'finished' appearance as well as makes the pendant completely waterproof. In our opinion, sealing the cremains inside the jewelry was the main way to go based off our client's needs.

We did print a resin model of the pendant which you can see in black. After a few changes and a few more prints, we had a proof that was EXACTLY what our client was hoping for.

Budget price for this pendant in solid 14k gold with this amount of detail and a highly detailed proofing process is in the $1500 to $1800 range.

Heart Signet Ring - Holds Ashes

This was one of our favorite pieces to make and, to be honest, probably one of our favorite clients! As much as you would think there is something out there like this, there really isn't. Signet rings are unique because the design of the ring naturally has an area that works well for holding ashes. The raised part of the ring is great for a design, intitials, engraving or just about anything. What is great about this ring is that the simple design really comes through and creates a very elegant ring which is what our client was wanting.

Our client was on the fence between solid 14k yellow gold and solid 14k white gold. They ended up choosing solid 14k yellow gold after discussing some options regarding the 2 metals. A few points on that - sterling silver is often mistaken for white gold as the color of the two metals are very similar. However, the color of yellow gold jewelry is generally 'assumed' to be solid yellow gold.

The other important factor for our client was that they had periodically experienced an allergic reaction to white gold in the form of a mild rash. We explained to them that are two types of white gold predominantly used in the jewelry industry. There is a nickel based alloy and a palladium based alloy. The nickel based is far more affordable and more on the same price point as yellow gold. That being said, it is typically the alloy that people can be allergic to. The palladium alloy is more expensive, and from our standpoint, 'can' be more challenging to work with than yellow gold. Having that information in mind and based off of prior experience with white gold, the customer decided to move forward with yellow gold for their ring.

We printed a model for the client. This made it easy to get the size right and for the client to get to know the ring a bit before giving us the green light. The casting came out great. This was another situation where again, the client did not want to see the opening for the cavity that holds the ashes and wanted a look that was seamless and indistinguishable from regular jewelry. We took delivery of the ashes, filled the ring and permanently sealed the ring so that the ashes are safe and secure.

Budget price for this ash ring in solid 14k yellow gold is around $1300 with it being permanently sealed and the resin model proofing process.

Star Fingerprint Necklace

Creating a custom fingerprint pendant is always a challenge we enjoy. Lining up the fingerprint in a way that it 'works' on the pendant can sometimes be a feat in itself.

This is a hearty pendant. We first printed a resin mold of the pendant (above in green). This was done so that the customer could touch, hold, feel and get to know the pendant before we made it. We can make these pendants by either casting them with molten silver or by cutting them with a laser. Our preferred method is using the laser, as it engraves the fingerprint very accurately. We did in fact use the laser to make this pendant, and we think the detail turned out fantastic.

Our client choose to go with Sterling Silver as the base metal. We then put a nice layer of black Cerakote over the Sterling Silver. Cerakote is firearm rated finish that is very tough and beautiful at the same time. We are Factory Certified Applicators of Cerakote, and we have had great success with their products on jewelry.

Budget price for this pendant was around $300 - proving that even a completely custom made piece of fingerprint jewelry is obtainable for under $500.00.


Solid Gold Fingerprint Coin

Every once in a while we have a client that wants a custom piece that really makes sense. We mean in makes sense in the way that we should make it, in fact maybe we should be offering that particular product in our line up already. That was the case with this Solid Gold Fingeprint Coin.

This is an extremely beautiful coin. It is very hearty and substanial. The pictures above are likely the nicest it will ever look, as our client wanted this coin to have in their pocket as a 'daily keepsake' and reminder of their loved one. We are sure that after just a few day of bumping into other coins, keys, etc., the coin is going to show some scratches and dings. We discussed that with the client and that was not of any concern to them. Their number one priority was making sure that the coin had very deep ridges that allowed them to rub their thumb over the print and feel the print. We assured them that was a possibility, and we think the final result is stunning.

This coin took some experimenting and developing some new techinques to get things just right. We developed a new technique with our 80 Watt laser that created a beautiful finish. Polishing was done by hand to a mirror finish.

This is a product we will likely add to our current line up. This coin could easily be made in Sterling Silver instead of 14k Gold, and that would help make the coin more affordable for everyone.

Budget price for this coin in solid gold is around $3200. Silver prices would be more in the $200 to $300 range.

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