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A lot of memories, not a lot of money - Selecting a locket for ashes on a budget

Finding the right locket for ashes to remember your loved one can be a challenge with so many different styles available and at a number of different price points. We’ve helped take the guess work out and have some suggestions for you that are budget based and that will help point you in the right direction to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Under $40

We carry a great selection of keepsakes that are available for less than $40. Photo engraved keepsakes are a customer favorite and can engraved with any photo of personal choosing. The resulting image is black and white grayscale and is an exact replica of the photo. The pendants not only honor those that have passed but are a great way to celebrate those that are still living.

Glass pendants are another option for those that have a smaller budget but still want a beautiful way to remember a loved one. The pendants are available in a wide selection of beautiful jewel tones and soft pastels and the themes vary from hearts to crosses to cylinders and more. The glass lockets offer great versatility in that they can be worn on the included 20” chain, displayed from the rearview mirror of your vehicle or even hung on a window in your home.

Under $75

There are several great options for those looking to spend a little extra. Stainless steel pendants are not only a bold statement of devotion and dedication to a loved one but also a durable resting place for a pinch of cremated ashes. The pendants come in different shapes that are appealing to men and women alike and the bail at the top unscrews to make for easy loading of the memorial.

You can add a little color to your memories with one of our Millefiori Italian art glass keepsakes. The pendants are crafted of brass and have a rhodium plating that adds shine and durability to the keepsake. The pendants have been accented with Millefiori Italian art glass and the unique technique in creating the glass means that no two are alike. These one of kind pendants are a great gift idea for young adults or as a grieving gift for a friend or family member.

Under $100

Choose from a number of different styles for those looking to spend around $100. We’ve got heart keepsakes in sterling silver with or without precious gemstones that are an affordable way to keep the memories of a loved one close. Letter keepsakes in silver rhodium plated or black rhodium plated are priced at just under $100. Cylinders, crosses or even sports themed pendants are great ideas for men and give them an understated or private way to memorialize a loved one.

Under $200

For those that have a budget of $200, think 14k gold plated or rose gold. From bejeweled flowers to designer pendants and ornate crosses, there is much to choose from and the options are endless. Cremation rings and bracelets in sizes for men and women are a great alternative for those looking for something a little different and the rings and bracelets are available in different materials and finishes. And, with a higher budget, you can allow for extras such as chain upgrades and personalized engraved text.

Over $200

The sky is the limit when your budget is over $200. You can select from a range of 14k gold and 14k white gold pendants and rings that will hold a memorial to a loved one and the pieces are individually made. We also offer custom pendants and rings in 14k gold and our jeweler can create a unique keepsake with your exact specifications. The process of custom cremation jewelry takes approximately 3-4 weeks from start to finish.