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A lot of memories, not a lot of money - Selecting a locket for ashes on a budget

Finding the right locket for the ashes of your loved one can be a challenge with so many options available. Weíve got some suggestions for you that are budget based and can help lead you in the direction to finding exactly what youíre looking for and in your price range.

Under $40

We carry a great selection of keepsakes that are available at under $40. Photo engraved pendants can be engraved with any photo you choose and the resulting image is black and white grayscale. The pendants not only will honor those that have passed but can be used to celebrate those that are still living. A gift idea for grandparents or godparents, you can choose from silver or gold plated and the pendants come in a large assortment of different shapes and styles.

Glass pendants are another option for those that donít have a lot to spend but still want a personal way to remember someone that has passed. The pendants come in brilliant bolds and soft pastels and from hearts to crosses to rounds to moons - we carry them all. The glass lockets can be worn on the included 20Ē chain, hung from a window or you can take your memories in your car and suspend them from your rear view mirror.

Under $50

For those looking to keep their purchase right around $50, keychains are a great option. There are bullet keepsakes with crosses and tribal symbols that can be filled with some cremated ashes and attach easily to a key ring, belt loop or purse strap. Cylinder keychains and wooden keychains can be filled with a remembrance of your pet and taken with you on all your travels. Photo engraved keychains are an option for those that want a way to pay tribute to a loved one yet arenít comfortable carrying around a remembrance.

If youíre looking for a splash of color, than art glass keepsakes are the way to go. The pendants are crafted of stainless steel and Millefiori Italian art glass. Youíll find hearts, animals, crosses and more and the unique technique used to create the art glass means that no two are exactly alike. Many of the Millefiori pendants can be further personalized with engraved text but itís important to note that the engraving will increase the overall cost of the keepsake.

Under $100

There are a lot of options for those looking to spend around $100. Weíve got heart keepsakes in sterling silver with or without precious gemstones that are an affordable way to keep the memories of a loved one close. Letter keepsakes in silver rhodium plated or black rhodium plated are priced at under $100 and you can choose the letter of their first name or yours. Cylinders and crosses are great ideas for men and give them an understated and private way to memorialize a loved one.

No budget

For those that donít have a budget go for the gold! We have both 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold lockets for ashes that provide a stunning way to honor someone that has passed from your life. Our 14k gold keepsakes are made to order and take 2-4 weeks for delivery. See a keepsake you like but it isnít offered in 14k gold? Give our customer service a call at 1-877-723-7229 and they can assist you.