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Cremation Jewelry

Love, Cherish, and Respect - These wonderful emotions for someone you loved should never leave your heart.

The person you have lost was your everything, larger than life, and will be missed by you every day forever. Holding onto these precious memories is important, and you can do so simply and very affordably with our urn jewelry.

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A hand-selected keepsake, such as our heart cremation jewelry, an urn necklace pendant or other unique urn jewelry we offer, will let you treasure your important memories of that person.

Cremation jewelry is unique. It connects a beautiful pendant, bracelet, ring, or heart jewelry to a memory, a place in time, and thus becomes a small personal part of the special one who has passed on. Cremation jewelry lets you keep your memory a secret or share it with everyone. It is your personal choice.

Our loved ones are unique and special and a one-of-a-kind experience in our lives. Cremation urn jewelry, such as our heart cremation jewelry or a unique urn necklace pendant can protect and keep those memories at a very personal level. They let you remember words and experiences, convey your deepest feelings, and keep holding the love you had very close.

Whether the one that is gone is a member of your family, a friend, or even a special pet who is no longer with you, our heart cremation jewelry and our urn necklace pendants let you choose the absolutely right tribute and keep it close to you. This tribute can be a few strands of hair, a pinch of cremated remains, or even a bit of soil from the burial site. You can tuck the tribute away safely inside your cremation charm. Sharing what your keepsake holds with others is solely up to you. The design of this unique urn jewelry is beautiful and gives nothing away about its purpose or personal meaning.

Cremation jewelry offers variety of tributes in memory of your loved one, so you are not limited to using just cremated ashes for that precious honor. You can choose a few strands of hair, dried and crushed flowers from a favorite arrangement, or even some ashes from a favorite photo to enclose in your funeral jewelry. Sacred ground from the site of the burial is another wonderful option and allows those who did not have their loved one cremated an alternative for remembering their loved one. There is no right or wrong choice for you to use to insert in your cremation pendant or locket. What's important is that the tribute you choose has special meaning for you.

Options are important when you choose cremation urn memorial jewelry. Whether you want a necklace, a pendant, a ring, a bracelet, or some other design, such as a heart cremation locket, the possibilities are endless. Designs include both round styles and cylinders. Even pet-related keepsakes are available. We will help you fine-tune the end result, so you will have the most personal expression of your devotion to that one who is no longer with you.

Here are a few tips to help you create a wonderful piece of unique urn jewelry as a personal memorial:

  • Decide on wearability - are you looking for daily wear or just a memorial for a special occasion? Do you want it for dressing up or dressing down? Maybe a keepsake like a keychain or a ring or a bracelet is best if you're on the go a lot. Or perhaps you want a piece of heart cremation jewelry or a urn necklace pendant.
  • Pictures add to the personal nature of our jewelry. Many cremation urn pendants have the option of adding a picture or having a picture lasered onto the memorial piece.
  • Add an engraving. A name, a small favorite saying, and even initials can add to the individual and personal nature of your unique cremation jewelry selection and let you keep your special memories in meaningful words or symbols.

Depending on your individual choice, your unique cremation jewelry will include:

  • A funnel, filling sticks, adhesive, and instructions, all packaged into a easy-to-use kit for personal convenience.
  • A matching chain or black satin cording (if applicable) with different chain upgrades always available.
  • A beautiful presentation inside a jeweler's gift box to give you further options..