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Remembering them with Cremation Jewelry

Love, Cherish, and Respect - These wonderful emotions for someone you loved should never leave your heart.
Holding onto these previous memories is important, and you can do that with Cremation Jewelry.

Cremation Jewelry allows family and friends to have a remembrance of a loved one they've lost and hold that memory close to their heart with beauty, sophistication and privacy. Our Cremation jewelry has a small interior hidden compartment where cremated ashes, a few strands of hair or virtually any personal rememberance of the deceased can be added and sealed inside.

We also don't charge for extras. Your cremation jewelry purchase includes not only the pendant but also a matching chain. Additionally, a filling and sealing kit and instructions come with every memorial pendant so that you can begin wearing your keepsake upon receipt. Most of our orders ship within 24 hours of processing and is packaded in a jeweler's velvet gift box.

Some things to keep in mind when choosing your Cremation Jewelry
1. Activity

Do you lead an active lifestyle? If so then think about what you currently wear when exercising or whe you are on the go. If the feel of a necklace is not something that your are accustomed to on a daily basis, cremation rings or keychains might be a better option.

2. Material

Some people have a preference to gold, some to silver, some have allergies to a particular metal or other materials. We have keepsakes in a wide assortment of materials so you can fine tune exactly what appeals to your sense of style and personal taste. Leather bracelets, wood keepsakes, stainless steel and more - we carry them all.

3. Hobbies or Interests

Often times what gives us a connection with those we've lost is a particular hobby, color, or idea that keeps them closer to our heart. Hearts, crosses, nature, family-inspired, sports - take your time browsing our unique styles of cremation jewelry to find the keepsake that speaks to your heart, reminds you of your loved one. We can help you find the keepsake that will help you remember and honor your loved one.

Saving Money With Your Purchase We offer a few ways to save money on your cremation jewelry purchase.
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