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Cremation Pendants

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Beautiful Cremation Pendants & Cremation Urn Pendants

Jewelry Keepsakes offers a beautiful selection of memorial cremation pendants and lockets to let you remember and honor those loved ones who have passed away. We have several different types of cremation urn pendants, many with unique and special options to make your purchase very personal. A number of different tributes are available to fit inside your cremation pendant keepsake.

You can also use the small funnel included with every purchase to fill your ash locket. All our memorial jewelry comes with a black satin cording or matching chain and we ship most cremation pendant keepsakes within 24 to 48 hours. We also offer expedited shipping. Just contact Customer Service to learn more.

Our remembrance jewelry comes in different shapes, sizes and artistic renderings with a large selection of cremation pendants and cremation lockets to help our customers find the perfect keepsake locket to suit their personal style and honor the life and love of the family member, friend, or pet who has passed away.

We carry a wonderful array of heart ash lockets. These stunning hearts often are accented by precious crystals. We also have a number of pet cremation pendants that will help you remember a dog, cat, or even a horse that had special meaning for you and your family. These exquisite jewelry pieces are cremation pendants that come in a variety of metals with a matching chain or cord.

Our selection of cremation ash pendants includes:

  • Heart memorial lockets
  • Pet cremation jewelry
  • Cross keepsake pendants

And more....

Once you have selected the right cremation urn pendant, just choose the customization you desire to keep the memories of your beloved close to your heart. We offer several personalizations, depending on the heart memorial locket you choose.

Engraving is one of the more popular choices. Most of our cremation urn pendants will hold from one to three lines of engraved text in either block font or script font. This engraving allows you to place the loved one’s name, date of birth or death or even a special nickname on your keepsake heart memorial cremation locket. This personalization is offered at a nominal fee. A variety of chain and cord selections are available to match your memorial jewelry selection. You can also upgrade your cording or chain to a snake chain or box chain for a small charge. Contact our Customer Service Department to learn more.

Cremation jewelry offers variety of tributes in memory of your loved one, so you are not limited to using just cremated ashes for that precious honor. You can choose a few strands of hair, dried and crushed flowers from a favorite arrangement, or even some ashes from a favorite photo to enclose in your funeral jewelry. Sacred ground from the site of the burial is another wonderful option and allows those who did not have their loved one cremated an alternative for remembering their loved one. There is no right or wrong choice for you to use to insert in your cremation pendant or locket. What's important is that the tribute you choose has special meaning for you.

Memorial jewelry can serve many purposes, and we encourage our visitors to read our testimonials to see how our cremation urn pendants do touch and change lives. Funeral jewelry, such as cremation and ash pendants and cremation urn pendants, can create a lasting and personal memory of your loved one that you can keep with you always.

Our line of ash pendants and ash lockets is very diverse. The wide variety of cremation pendants will let you pinpoint which keepsake locket best reminds you of your deceased loved one. A cremation urn pendant is a beautiful way to remember your loved one with either some cremated or burial remains or a lock of hair. You can create a tremendous loving honor to your loved one and display this honor as a beautiful ash or cremation pendant and keep their memory always close to your heart. Cremation jewelry like our cremation ash pendants and cremation urn jewelry can help with the grieving process by giving you a tangible reminder of your loved one that you can carry with you.


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