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Millenium Pendants that include one of our beautiful charms.
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Millenium Charms to add to your pendant

Millenium Cremation Jewelry Modern Memorial

A cutting edge way to remember your loved one, Millenium cremation jewelry takes memorializing to new heights.  The innovative pendants have a specially designed  body that will hold a tribute such as cremated ashes inside the small interior.  As an added bonus, the Millenium pendant will display bead charms from most major manufacturers or one of our own bead charms, allowing you to mix and match your beads.  A variety of finishes and extensions that can be added or removed to hold anywhere from one to four beads makes Millenium cremation jewelry a must-have memorial accessory!

Accessorizing the Love of a Lifetime

We all have those in our life that touch our hearts – family, close friends, a treasured pet – the relationships are what adds the most to our life. Millenium cremation jewelry allows those left behind the opportunity to have an expression of devotion that is discreet yet personal and ever-changing. Trendy and modern without being overdone, this creative display comes just as a pendant, with one of our bead charms or you can choose just one of our exciting charms that fit on most major bead manufacturer bracelets.  The Millenium holds a pendant as well as a tribute to those that are no longer with you.

The trend of bead charms has given loved ones a great way to give a small token, a gift, a personal expression of love that can be displayed in a variety of ways. With Millenium cremation jewelry, not only can a variety of beads be displayed and interchanged on a whim, the interior will hold a tribute in honor of the deceased. The design of the keepsake gives nothing away and the flexability of the jewelry means that you call the shots and choose the charm beads that fit your mood, set the tone for the day, the evening or the occasion ahead of you.

Versatility is key when it comes to accessorizing and the same can be true when it comes to memorializing those that we love. Millenium cremation jewelry has a flat top and an elongated body that will fit most major charm manufacturer’s beads. Extensions can be added or removed and you can choose up to four beads for your keepsake to hold. Additionally, you have the added option of accessorizing your Millenium with one of our specially designed charms and/or one of your own!  Maybe choose a charm that he gave you on Mother’s Day, a bead that your daughter picked out for your birthday or display an initial bead that symbolizes their name. You can also choose one of our bead charms to accompany a bead charm bracelet that you already have as a way to honor and remember a loved one.  The options are endless and all at your discretion.

Included with your Millenium cremation jewelry:

  • One extension
  • A matching rhodium plated chain
  • A filling and sealing kit for your convenience

Losing those that touch our hearts, bring us joy, are part of our lives is a challenge. Millenium cremation jewelry will not only discreetly hold onto a selected tribute in their memory but will also display one or more bead charms of personal choosing to make for a personal and versatile memorial.

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