Customer Testimonials And Feedback

Customer Testimonials And Feedback

We care about our customers. Your opinion, your thoughts - it matters to us.

Our customers play the biggest role in our success. Posting our customer testimonials is a great way for visitors to our site to see what our customers think of their purchase.

Family, friends and pets play a major role in many of our lives. Read our customer reviews to see how cremation jewelry has helped them heal. .

  •  Very impressed!!

    Reviewer: Kevin G. from Fremont, CA

    I was very impressed by your artwork and your customer service. Jeanette and I talked at least three times. She allowed me to send multiple pictures until we found the best pictures for the jewelry. My wife was very pleased with her mother's day gift. Thanks so much!

  •  Exactly as I'd hoped - thanks!!

    Reviewer: Tami C. from Whitehall, OR

    My order came in on time and was as beautiful as I expected, I will definitely use you again in the future.

  •  She loved the keepsake!

    Reviewer: Joy G. from Tiverton, RI

    The product was very nice. For looks and quality, I would rate it 5 stars. I gave it as a gift so I did not have a chance to see her put the ashes in the pendant so I cannot rate how easy it was or how secure the screw was. The leather chain was OK - probably 3-4 stars. Overall she liked the pendant a lot. The engraving was very nicely done.

  •  My keepsake is precious!!

    Reviewer: Crystal D. from Wood River Jct, RI

    I ordered a pet urn necklace online and it was fabulous (5 stars)! My husband loved it, we had our dog for 15 years, the same age as our son, and he was the best. It was a great way to keep him with us forever. Thank you for your product, which was exactly as I ordered and right on time!

  •  My grandma loves it!

    Reviewer: Shannon S. from Norton, OH

    The necklace I bought was for my grandma. My uncle (her son) passed away about 2 years ago in a car accident and I wanted her to have something special for his ashes. She loved the necklace. It was very pretty. The only concern I had was when I received the package it was smashed up being just in a Fed-Ex Envelope and in a soft paper box. The box was smashed so I could not use it. Had to find another box to put her necklace in. I would just suggest shipping in a better container so it's unable to be ruined. Thankfully the necklace itself wasn't hurt. I would say 4 would be my rating just because of the shipping otherwise a 5!

  •  Overall very pleased with my keepsake!

    Reviewer: Kathleen B. from Macungie, PA

    I was expecting my order to be a little bigger but they are very nice and I am glad I ordered them.

  •  The whole process was great!

    Reviewer: Pam J. from Moline, IL

    We received all the products. I give my order a 5 star. Had no problems with my order. With the death of loved ones its great to know there is such a site to order from. Thank you so much for your prompt delivery

  •  Exceptional - I love it so much!

    Reviewer: Linda T. from Fountain, CO

    I would rate your service and product at 5 stars! Very pleased with my purchase.

  •  Great service and product!!

    Reviewer: Eleanor P. from Commack, NY

    5 Stars, loved the items, I have told friends about the website, Will purchase from you again.

  •  The keepsake is beautiful!

    Reviewer: Jenny H. from Lake Havasu, AZ

    5 Star I brought to give to my friend who lost her husband and she wear its everyday and everyone is asking her wear she got it and they think its the greatest thing.

  •  Love it - thanks!

    Reviewer: Christine B. from Nutley, NJ

    My ten-year-old daughter was devastated when she recently lost her childhood dog and best friend. This was her first experience with loss and it was very difficult. I purchased the Pet Ash Jewelry Stainless Steel Little Black Paws Round and now she carries a part of him with her always. This beautiful pendant helped her through the grieving process. Five Stars!!! Thank you!

  •  It's great - thanks so much!!

    Reviewer: Melissa R. from Stevensville, Ontario

    I thought the Jewelry Keepsake was beautiful. Excellent product, 5 star.

  •  My baby is with me!

    Reviewer: Thomas H. from Seattle, WA

    My keepsake necklace was everything I expected. The only problem I had was filling it with ashes. The funnel was too small and the ashes would get stuck. Also the necklace-filling portion was not all the way open. Instead of a full circle it was half covered causing filling more difficult. Those were the only problems I had. The necklace is great though. I wear it all the time and I'm glad to have my baby boy next to my heart.

  •  Very pleased!!

    Reviewer: Andrea B. from Frederick, CO

    I was very pleased with my order and give a 5 star rating.

  •  My grandparents are with me!

    Reviewer: Waihu Z. from Telopea, NSW

    The item is for my grandparents' ash, so I may keep them with me when I am so far away. I have asked my mum to bring me back some of the ash from china and I keep them in an urn in my room. My over all experience with Jewelry keepsakes are 4 stars, the item is beautifully crafted, and I have got it with in 12 working days, the online services is very helpful. Thank you again for now I always am in their blessing.

  •  Beautifully done!!

    Reviewer: Karen H. from Woodbridge, VA

    I would rate your company as a 5. However, the engraving does not show up as well as I thought it might. Have to look at through a magnifying glass.

  •  Perfect and I love it!

    Reviewer: Jennifer W. from Midwest City, OK

    I love my necklace...glad I found you guys. I would rate you a 5. Thanks!

  •  I have my son with me!!

    Reviewer: Rena G. from Portage, IN

    Your website is so great. I purchased a heart pendant with baby feet on the front for my son's ashes. It is the most beautiful thing ever. And you engraved it for free, which we added his name and birth date on. I am so grateful that your site provides these beautiful items that help in our mourning. I would rate your site a 5 and of course would recommend your site to anyone and everyone.

  •  My best friend will wear it in her wedding!

    Reviewer: Kerry M. from Monaca, PA

    I bought a silver cross necklace for my best friend to wear at her wedding. She is being married in May and her mother passed away unexpectedly in February. I was looking for a way to have her mother with her at the wedding and this was the perfect gift. She had the remains put in the cross and she is wearing it already and it is beautiful. I would definitely rate the company and the customer service as a 5. The necklace arrived in only a few days and I was quite surprised by that. The necklace means a lot to my best friend and I was happy to be able to give her a small piece of comfort for her wedding day.

  •  Exquisite - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Carol W. from Long Beach, CA

    I would very much like to thank you for the necklace/urn that I purchased. It is as beautiful as in the pictures and I hold it very dear to my heart as it contains ashes from my son whom I lost 2 yrs back. I would definitely rate it a 5 and will recommend your site to anyone I know.

  •  Excellent product!

    Reviewer: Rose R. from Springfield, MO

    I received my necklace very quickly, and it was beautiful. I have received many compliments on it, and recommend this website to anyone looking for something nice, sweet, and not too expensive. 5 stars.

  •  Donna was great - thanks so much!!

    Reviewer: Lynda K. from Spokane, WA

    I am very pleased with my purchase of the 14k gold heart urn/locket, Hallie. The office manager, Donna I believe, is the one who talked with me and answered my questions and was extremely kind and helpful. She gets a five. My locket arrived on exactly the day I was told it would and was packaged beautifully. If I could make just one change, it would be that a larger variety of pieces would be ready made and able to be shipped within 24 hours. For those of us who are planning to place our loved one's ashes in a columbarium and want the funeral home to put the ashes into the locket for us time is of the essence. I love my locket, but it was not my first choice. I could not wait for the one I really wanted to be made up. Thank you so much for making these pieces available in solid gold. All of the funeral homes in my city stock only plated pieces, which I would never even consider for a lifelong/multi-generational keepsake. I am spreading the word about your company.

  •  Great product and we love it!

    Reviewer: Paul B. from Pleasant Mount, PA

    I am very happy with my purchase. Very easy to order super fast shipping and a very nice product. I rate it 5 stars definitely.

  •  Pleased

    Reviewer: Misty M. from Redwood Falls, MN

    Thank you I was very pleased with my necklace it was what I hoped for so I would have to give it a five star.

  •  Exceptional - thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Reviewer: Sandy W. from Harlan, IA

    I'm very satisfied with the rose gold affection pendant. It was shipped immediately and truly met all my expectations. I just love it. Thank you so much!

  •  The keepsake is beautiful!

    Reviewer: Nicole P. from Parma, OH

    I love the necklace I purchased from Jewelry Keepsakes! The process was very easy and the email updates were greats! I received my necklace the same day I was told I would. I wear my necklace everyday and have people tell me all the time how beautiful it is! 5 Stars!!!!!!

  •  Beautifully crafted!

    Reviewer: Jessica S. from Dighton, MA

    I give my order 4 starts. Great product! Delivery was speedy which was what I paid for. The only reason I give it a 4 and not a 5 would be the engraving. It was very hard to see. Maybe a suggested font so that you can see it more clearly would have been nice. I would definitely order from you again!

  •  My daughter and son-in-law loved them!

    Reviewer: Patricia O. from Alpharetta, GA

    I recently ordered two monogrammed charms for my Daughter and son-in-law who lost their dog. The charms were perfect and they love them! Thank you for making the ordering so easy and the delivery time so fast! We have already recommended you to friends.

  •  Everything was perfect!

    Reviewer: Karen T. from Pittsburg, CA

    It was very easy to order from the website. I love the products that I purchased, especially for the money. And overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes --- 5 starts (*****)

  •  My brother is with me - thank you!!

    Reviewer: Charlene S. from Ogden, UT

    I love my heart pendant. I received it very quickly and now it hangs in my car with the ashes of my beloved brother inside. It is a lovely keepsake and I will cherish it forever. I would give it and my overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes 5 ratings!

  •  I love it - thank you for your products!

    Reviewer: Renee H. from Elgin, IL

    With regards to the order I placed for a wearable urn, I was very impressed with the quality of the product. The only suggestion I would make is to make the funnel stem a bit larger/wider. I found it very difficult to get the ashes into the urn, as you know it is difficult to just pull ashes (dust like) pieces out of a larger urn, even using the toothpick which wouldn't fit into or through the funnel stem to push the pieces through, I was very uncomfortable having to crush tiny pieces into dust particles in order to fill the urn. I purchased this piece of jewelry for my nephew to wear when he is deployed later this year, the ashes are of his father, he has not seen this urn as of yet, but I believe he will wear it with much pride.

  •  One word - LOVELY!

    Reviewer: Nancy W. from Green Bay, WI

    I am very pleased with the crystal pendant that I ordered. It's a lovely piece and exactly what I was looking for. I give the quality, service and overall experience a 5 star rating.

  •  The BEST customer service!!

    Reviewer: Elizabeth P. from Knoxville, TN

    Good morning. I was very pleased with my order. Customer service was excellent. I certainly will order again for myself, and give an above 5 stars.

  •  Extremely happy - thanks!

    Reviewer: Amelia L. from Zionsville, IN

    I was very pleased. 4.5 stars.

  •  My Mom is with me - thank you!

    Reviewer: Eric G. from St. Eustache, QC

    Just want a say thanks, lost my mom 2 months ago I feel quite alone in this world and having a tiny bit of her ashes around my neck help. 5 *

  •  Your customer service is far and away the best!

    Reviewer: Daniel R. from Angola, NY

    Your service and product are wonderful. Also Donna was a great help and should be recognized for her outstanding support. I would give you 5 stars and will tell others about how well you company is. Keep up the great work.

  •  The keepsakes were perfect - thank you again!!

    Reviewer: Cheryl L. from Huntington Beach, CA

    We give a 5 star rating to the products and quick service.

  •  We are so happy with our cremation jewelry!

    Reviewer: Genevieve B. from Carson City, NV

    I am very happy with the purchase and transaction. I purchased it as a gift and the recipient wanted something a little different than what I chose. I emailed and got an immediate answer as to how to proceed with new order and returning the first one. The new one arrived quickly and safely. It's just beautiful. He returned one was credited to my account in a short amount of time. I can't be more pleased with your company and product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

  •  Perfect, perfect, perfect!!

    Reviewer: Doris S. from Cincinnati, OH

    Yes, it was nice it had my sons name it was 5 stars.

  •  You exceeded my expectations!

    Reviewer: Dorothy M. from Price, UT

    The jewelry I ordered was very beautiful. It shipped fast and was well received. Thank you. 5 stars all the way.

  •  Really beautiful!!

    Reviewer: Judy W. from Jacksonville, FL

    I give my piece 5 stars. It is very pretty and of high quality. It is well deserving of my dog's ashes.

  •  We are so happy with our cremation jewelry!

    Reviewer: Genevieve B. from Carson City, NV

    I am very happy with the purchase and transaction. I purchased it as a gift and the recipient wanted something a little different than what I chose. I emailed and got an immediate answer as to how to proceed with new order and returning the first one. The new one arrived quickly and safely. It's just beautiful. He returned one was credited to my account in a short amount of time. I can't be more pleased with your company and product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

  •  Perfect, perfect, perfect!!

    Reviewer: Doris S. from Cincinnati, OH

    Yes, it was nice it had my sons name it was 5 stars.

  •  You exceeded my expectations!

    Reviewer: Dorothy M. from Price, UT

    The jewelry I ordered was very beautiful. It shipped fast and was well received. Thank you. 5 stars all the way.

  •  Really beautiful!!

    Reviewer: Judy W. from Jacksonville, FL

    I give my piece 5 stars. It is very pretty and of high quality. It is well deserving of my dog's ashes.

  •  My grandson will always be close to our hearts!

    Reviewer: Sandra H. from Dolores, CO

    I truly want to say Thank You. We lost our 1st born grandson in December and ordered the heart locket and the key chains for family members. I personally love my locket and wear it all the time now. The embossed key chains arrived Saturday. They were awesome! Service was fantastic and believe you me that I tell everyone where I got my locket from.

  •  I love it - thank you!

    Reviewer: Sandy I. from Largo, FL

    Hello... I would rate your product and customer service as number 5. I bought a Morning Leaves Keepsake pendent for my daughter for my Mothers ashes. She absolutely loves it and it was here in a matter of days. I am going to order something for myself when I have the funds. Really nice keepsakes for our loved ones.

  •  A 5!!

    Reviewer: Joanne A. from Salem, MA

    5 *

  •  Great - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Michele G. from Pocatello, ID

    Everything was wonderful. I would give you 5 stars.

  •  A five and then some!

    Reviewer: Daniel S. from Lutz, FL

    5 stars.

  •  This company is awesome!

    Reviewer: Karen G. from Brunswick, GA

    I just wanted to say this is a great company to do business with my nieces lost their dad on Dec 9, 2010 and their mother wanted a cross urn and they found it on Jewelry Keepsakes web site and ask me to order it for them we were promised to have it by Christmas and we did. Well we had trouble with the Urn not working for my sister and we contacted Jewelry Keepsakes about the problem they work with us and we sent it back to them their policy is Satisfaction Guarantee or money back only on items that have not been engraved on, well ours had been and they still worked out our problem they will go as far as they can to make sure you are satisfied. This is a great Company to do Business with I will do business with them again. Thanks Jewelry Keepsakes and Donna for all your kind help! ! I give them a five star.

  •  The jewelry was fantastic - thank you!

    Reviewer: Michael H. from Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire

    I purchased two items a bullet & heart pendant both were beautifully made and presented we also received an unexpected free gift of a key ring. I would just like to say the quality and service was superb. I found nothing similar in the UK so have found it a pleasure dealing with you so I happily give full 5 Stars.

  •  I miss my son - thank you for giving me comfort!

    Reviewer: Christina A. from Blaine, WA

    I just received my jewelry today. I am very happy after I seen it. You made me cry and happy at the same times. My son passed 5 months and 7 days, I am happy to wear a piece of his ashes with me. I am sad because he is gone forever on earth. The main reason I want to email you tonight are your company really go out of your way to make me happy by adding a word LOVE as I am request without hesitating. I do not know her name but I would like to say THANK YOU to that wonderful lady. I owed her a big favor for the rest of my life. I am going to write my customer ID#, so you can track her down and send her a THANK YOU note from me. I am planning to buy more from you after I figure how many more I need. I am so glad I found you online after I look through so many others company. But I picked you. Keep up the good work everyone. Once again, THANK YOU from bottom of my heart.

  •  Nice quality - happy with my keepsakes!

    Reviewer: Rebecca R. from Foresthill, CA

    Thank you. I was pleased overall with your service and products. 4 star each.

  •  They are perfect!

    Reviewer: Mindy Y. from Tigard, OR

    I was very pleased. I received them promptly and I was pleased the quality for the price. I rate 5 stars

  •  You've given me and my daughters some peace!

    Reviewer: Susan L. from Frostburg, MD

    My husband died Oct 1,2010 very unexpectedly. Our daughters age 25 and 22 are really struggling with his loss. The small urn/jewelry keepsakes that each of us selected arrived and were just what we had wanted. The product was nicer than we could have expected and we have had several compliments on how attractive the piece is. No one knows that it has his ashes present unless we tell them. We get to have a little of him with us at all times. Thank you for making a very painful difficult time a little easier. I would give your company 5 stars.

  •  Love our keepsakes - thank you!

    Reviewer: Yolanda F. from Maitland, FL

    I was very pleased with the quality of glass heart urns. They are beautiful. I wish the chains were offered in a longer length and of better quality. Thank you, I was overall very happy with your service. I would rate it a 4.

  •  Beautiful in every way!

    Reviewer: Erica S. from Levittown, PA

    I would give 5 stars! My mother got me a cross necklace from your site for my father's ashes, I wear it everyday and love it! I just would like to know how to clean it cause its getting dirty shaded area marks? I got a necklace for my Grand mom to put her son's ashes in, she also wears it everyday and loves it! My last purchase was the cross necklace for my boss who just lost her husband and she loves it, she cried with happiness when I gave it to her!

  •  Everything was great!

    Reviewer: Linda F. from Blackfoot, ID

    5 stars. I only wish the engraving was more visible. It's hard to read but we are happy with the service and the jewelry.

  •  It's perfect for my Mom!!

    Reviewer: Doreen R. from Ocracoke, NC

    I was very happy with the pendant I ordered for my mom, and impressed with the speedy shipping.

  •  So very happy - thank you very much!

    Reviewer: Dana B. from Peoria, IL

    I would rate my order and my overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes as 5 stars. I am completely happy with everything that I ordered.

  •  The quality is superb!!

    Reviewer: Melissa S. from Jamestown, CA

    I would definitely give the product and service both a 5 star rating. The order was processed and shipped very quickly, and I was quite pleased with the quality of the pendant I had bought. I am spreading the word about to my friends and family.

  •  I truly adore my keepsake!

    Reviewer: Theresa B. from Moscow, PA

    I was extremely pleased with my purchase of the Memorial Pendant Silver Passion Heart. As a matter of fact, I saw a similar one on other websites that allowed for more letters on the engraving yet it was smaller in size. Since I was struggling with finding a phrase that fit your parameters, I contacted Customer Service and explained my dilemma. The Customer Service associate contacted the engraver and ascertained that this piece would accommodate many more letters than stated on the website. I received a call back and was informed that the website would be updated immediately and I would have the ability to order this piece of jewelry with the corrected engraving parameters. I was astounded at how quickly my concern was addressed and corrected!! I would rate my overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes a "5" on a scale of "1" to "5".

  •  I appreciate you getting my pendant here in time!

    Reviewer: Janice B. from Blandford, MA

    Thank you very much for sending me the correct necklace just in time for Christmas. Awesome.

  •  My Mom loves it!!

    Reviewer: Carrie P. from Knoxville, TN

    I was very pleased with the turtle necklace I purchased for my mother for Christmas. She was thrilled as my father loved turtles and the pendant will now hold some of his ashes. Customer service was great. They gave me the shipping number so I could track my package. I would give 5 stars, very pleased.

  •  The family loved the keepsake!!

    Reviewer: Heidi T. from Jackson, WY

    The necklace I purchased was a huge hit and all the members in the family now want one. Thanks for making an awful thing better!

  •  The gifts were great!

    Reviewer: Linda S. from Glendale, AZ

    On line ordering was easy. Pleased gifts were received in a timely manner. I hope the need never occurs again; but would not hesitate to place a subsequent order with you. I am VERY PLEASED with the jewelry I received. 5 Stars from me!

  •  We are surprised by the beauty!!

    Reviewer: Diane R. from Springfield, MA

    Done. Your customer service is the best, hands down. Thank you for responding to my concerns quickly and efficiently.

  •  The pendant came by Christmas - thanks!

    Reviewer: Karen M. from Elliot Lake, ON

    I ordered a necklace and received it just in time on Christmas eve to give to my sister..Thank you so much! 5 STARS!!!

  •  Everything we wanted and more!

    Reviewer: Priscilla J. from San Leandro, CA

    We all loved our pendants; they are everything we expected them to be. The customer service lady was great and very helpful. I will rate you overall a 5 star rating.

  •  My friend loved it!

    Reviewer: Joanne F. from Freehold, NJ

    Very nice...5 stars… Very special product for a special person.

  •  Exceptional all the way around!

    Reviewer: Julie M. from Hyde, Chesire

    I recently purchased a memorial necklace for my Daughter to keep her late Husband near to her heart, I ordered it very close to Christmas and even with the inclement weather you managed to get it to me by Christmas eve, she was absolutely delighted with it and I know she will treasure it. 5* service.

  •  We are very pleased - thank you for your products!

    Reviewer: Beverly R. from Milwaukee, WI

    I am very pleased with my order of five cross necklaces for my grandchildren and they are very happy to have them. I had excellent customer service with my phone order and the questions that I had regarding the product. I would rate the product and service a 5.

  •  Great - you made our holiday!

    Reviewer: Justin L. from Bayonne, NJ

    First of all, I am quite surprised I was emailed about writing a review. To me that shows that you guys really care about your customers and their satisfaction. Overall I would rate my experience a 5. I received the correct order in a more than timely fashion and the piece I ordered was exactly as it appeared in the online store. There is nothing bad I could say about this experience and would have to recommend this website to anyone else looking for some kind of keepsake. Happy New Year!

  •  We love the keepsake! Thank you very much!

    Reviewer: Dawn T. from Barryville, VA

    I would rate the cremation charms as 5 stars. My sisters loved them. The order was received promptly even during the holiday season. I would definitely recommend your products to others. The price was very reasonable. Thanks for a great shopping experience.

  •  The bracelet is ideal!!

    Reviewer: Brigitte L. from Bremen, Germany

    I'm very pleased with the product, a silver keepsake bracelet. I gave it to a friend of mine whose girlfriend has died of cancer at the age of 44. Normally it is not a custom in Germany to keep some of the ash, but I think it is quite a good idea to do so in a case like this! So we are very content with the quality of the product and shipping. So you must get 5 stars!

  •  Beautiful in every way!

    Reviewer: Kerry B. from Belle Isle, FL

    I am so grateful for the beautiful silver "Keepsake Pendant Starburst" I received from you. My beloved dog's remains are now always close to my heart. I got this pendant based on another person's review, and I hope to pay it forward so that others can also wear this lovely necklace. I ordered it quickly, had it sent "rush delivery" and it came to me before my dog's ashes were ready to be picked up. Thank you for your beautiful products, loving work and memories made easier and less painful.

  •  Exceptional and beautiful!

    Reviewer: Denise B. from Bradley Beach, NJ

    Everyone was awesome, including the product. 5 stars.

  •  I love it - thank you!

    Reviewer: Barbara K. from North Tonawanda, NY

    Excellent prompt service was very pleased with the pendant, excellent company 5 stars.

  •  Exceptional service and product - thanks so much!!

    Reviewer: Tammy M. from Tallahassee, FL

    5++ stars definitely. From the time of first contact with Donna (who was wonderful) everything went flawlessly. I even got the longer engraving I needed. The whole experience was wonderful AND I appreciated being able to order from a person, as I do not like on-line ordering at all. People are what sales and your company is all about. Everyone at work heard how wonderful it was and all saw the product and loved it. The neck chain is of nice quality with the lobster claw, which was needed for the weight of the pendant. It is fairly heavy. Five dolphins was what I wanted but four is what I found elsewhere. When I called to confirm that I was seeing FIVE dolphins and that were confirmed, it was a match made in heaven. Perhaps literally. I could not be happier and would be glad to help you let other people know that I was extremely satisfied! I never had a need before but when I do again, I will be back. My doggies are my children so I will want to always have them close to me when that time comes...

  •  Exceptional, beautiful, love it!

    Reviewer: Eve Y. from Allentown, PA

    Love It!! I am extremely pleased with the cross pendant w/puppy paw print I ordered. The shipping was super fast and I couldn't be happier with the quality of the jewelry. I would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in keepsake-type jewelry. I would absolutely give you 5 stars! Thank you for bringing such a thoughtful product to the market; I find such peace knowing that a little part "Sammy" is with me wherever I go.

  •  My pendant is just what I wanted - thanks!!

    Reviewer: Melanie R. from Kettering Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire

    Just a note to say I would give 5 stars and I’m very pleased with my moon necklace I have not yet filled my necklace with my special pets ashes as yet but my granddaughter loved it and will also be placing an order at a later date love the chain that came with it also thank you.

  •  Exceptional service and product!

    Reviewer: Teri G. from Phoenix, AZ

    I recently purchased a necklace through Jewelry Keepsakes & was Very Satisfied with the product & the instruction on how to fill & put the ashes into the pendant. I have told many friends & family about this product & highly recommend Jewelry keepsakes. I would give it a 5 (*****) star rating.

  •  Love all the keepsakes - thanks so much!!

    Reviewer: Suzanne A. from Westfield, MA

    I purchased three cremation pendants including two of the new Italian Millefiori glass. They are beautiful pieces of jewelry. I am giving them as gifts, honoring my brother. They came safely packaged in just a few days. I rate your company five stars.

  •  Five stars for our family!

    Reviewer: Karin P. from Big Bear City, CA

    We were pleased with our order. We give you a 5.

  •  Very beautiful, thank you!

    Reviewer: David C. from Gateshead, Australia

    I received my order around 12 days ago and everything was fine from the quality of the product to the fast delivery service. Keep up the good work. *****

  •  Thank you for our gorgeous keepsakes!

    Reviewer: Emily F. from Oregon City, OR

    I rate the product a 5 and the customer service a 5 as well. I contacted the business several times by email and they always responded immediately, even if they had to do some research to get an answer they would still make sure to email me back and let me know they were working on it for me.

  •  Excellent - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Devin S. from Collinsville, MS

    Well def 5 Stars for sure, yall were fast & secure a very smooth transaction. As far as the item itself my wife loves her cross. Very simple but very beautiful. It is in memory of her grandmother and we all agree that she would have really liked it.

  •  Our customers are so happy!

    Reviewer: Albert M. from Sidney, MT

    We absolutely loved them. We have recommended your site to several families.

  •  My friend loved it - thanks!

    Reviewer: Marjorie B. from Puyallup, WA

    I am completely satisfied with my recent purchase. Customer service was fine. I ordered the keepsake for a gift. The recipient was thrilled! I would rate my overall experience as 5 stars.

  •  A perfect remembrance!!

    Reviewer: Deborah P. from Crestwood, KY

    Very satisfactory experience and I love my Keepsake necklace. I got a Cat ball of yarn necklace, not for a cat but for my grandmother, who loved to knit. I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the customer service as well. I am a mortician and have shown my necklace to several people, bragging on it! 5 stars!

  •  I love the seashell - thanks!

    Reviewer: Barbara M. from Hummelstown, PA

    I love the seashell I ordered from Jewelry Keepsakes it was just what I was looking for. I would give you an overall rating of 5. Thank you.

  •  Even though it's stainless steel, I still love it!

    Reviewer: Patricia W. from Burton, MI

    Fast service... I wasn't as impressed with this one as the other two that I ordered but it was stainless steel. I tried to save a couple of bucks. I will certainly stay with the sterling silver from now on but I love your products and will continue ordering from you. I give your company 5 stars.

  •  Exactly what I wanted!

    Reviewer: Jessica E. from New Hope, MN

    Awesome customer service, beautiful product, shipped quickly as expected. 5 STARS!!!

  •  A five - thanks!

    Reviewer: Anne M. from O'Neals, CA

    I rate it a 5 thank you

  •  Exceptional product and service!

    Reviewer: Rachel B. from Milwaukee, WI

    We were very satisfied with service and product 5 stars Thank you.

  •  Love, love, love it!!

    Reviewer: Renee Jo E. from Schneider, IN

    I had an enjoyable experience with Jewelry Keepsakes. The order taker was very courteous and my order was shipped the next day. I was very pleased with the quality of the jewelry when I opened the box. This is a Christmas gift for my granddaughter who has lost several pets over the last few months. It was very important to her to have this necklace as a memoir of those that she loved. I was grateful to find this quality at a reasonable price. Season's greetings to you at Jewelry Keepsakes.

  •  It was perfect for my daughter!

    Reviewer: Wanda B. from Converse, TX

    We are very happy with the ring that my daughter got. The order went very well too. I would give 5 stars.

  •  Super - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Mary S. from Dearborn, MI

    I was very pleased that we received the item overnight. I forget to order it when I was supposed to and needed it right away because the ashes it was for was leaving that weekend that I needed it.

  •  Very nice - thanks!

    Reviewer: Christi S. from Pittsburgh, PA

    4 on the product - just wish the heart was a little bit bigger, but it is beautiful.

  •  Beautiful and so happy with my pendant!!

    Reviewer: Kathleen O. from Rockton, IL

    5 stars ... excellent piece of jewelry ... placed my order and received it quickly.

  •  Very satisfied!

    Reviewer: Rachel B. from Minneapolis, MN

    I am very satisfied. The engraving was transcribes correctly and the order was processed and shipping very quickly. It was a little unnerving to add the glue because of the time constraint and there really isn't any room for error if you start threading it incorrectly, but I just did several dry runs threading the top on and off and I encountered no problems. The directions were very easy to follow and there were also directions on how to care for the necklace itself, which was helpful. Overall I would place 5 stars on my experience with your company.

  •  A five all the way!

    Reviewer: Angela N. from Portland, OR

    I give you a big #5.

  •  Love the pendants - a five most definitely!!

    Reviewer: Jackie K. from Citrus Heights, CA

    5 stars :) The jewelry looks great and shipping was fast, got exactly what I wanted. I'm very happy, thank you!

  •  Easy process, quick transaction!

    Reviewer: Linda C. from Rio Rancho, NM

    I loved my keepsake necklace that I purchased. It means so much to me. The whole purchase was easy and fast. I received a quality product in a quick period of time. I rate the transaction 5 stars.

  •  Simply wonderful!

    Reviewer: Janice V. from Sacramento, CA

    My experience was wonderful. I would give you all five stars. Thank you so much for the prompt service and the follow up on my order.

  •  Love the pendant, chain is okay!

    Reviewer: Kim D. from Royal Palm Beach, FL

    I really like the jewelry that I ordered but was not impressed with the cord that was sent with it. I guess I expected it to have a clasp on it.

  •  Exceptional!

    Reviewer: Robert H. from Meriden, CT

    FIVE stars really enjoyed the necklace.

  •  We love the pendants!

    Reviewer: Kristen J. from Lowell, MA

    I would give Jewelry Keepsakes a 5! I was very pleased and would recommend it to everyone!

  •  Simply beautiful!

    Reviewer: Claire B. from Burnley, Lancashire

    I received the pendant last week, safe and sound and I'm well pleased with it. There was nothing available like that in the UK and was a bit dubious about ordering from abroad. But I'm so glad I did. I've now got the pendant filled and I've got great comfort in knowing that my late partner is with me at all times. He doesn't have much choice! I'm hoping not to need anything more off you in the near future but would recommend and use your site again. 5 out of 5 for everything.

  •  My Mommy is with me!

    Reviewer: Tamara B. from Amarillo, TX

    5 stars!! I now have my mommy close to my heart again, thanks to JewelryKeepsakes! I had made a mistake on my shipping address and a kind woman called to clarify it and to confirm I would receive my precious necklace. They kept in contact with me as the order was processed and shipped, which eased my anticipation of the arrival of my purchase. I'd recommend JewelryKeepsakes to any of my loved ones and friends.

  •  Five stars from me!

    Reviewer: Tracy D. from Phoenix, AZ

    I loved the charm and how quickly I received it. I don't order off the Internet often, so the fact that it looked exactly like the picture was great. If I were to make one suggestion, it would be to provide a longer/sturdier courtesy chain. I give a rating of 5 stars for quick delivery; ease of ordering and the fact that it looked exactly like the picture.

  •  Love it!

    Reviewer: Joann B. from Renton, WA

    *****! Thanks!

  •  I get so many compliments!

    Reviewer: Andrea M. from Winter Park, FL

    I love my doggie necklace and get lots of compliments. A bit pricey but it's lovely. Thank you for your quick shipping, also. I'd say 4 and 1/2 stars.

  •  Arrived quickly!

    Reviewer: Lynn W. from Weyba Downs, Queensland

    The pendant was perfect and arrived well within the time frame only disappointment was the snake chain was kinked. But overall would give you a 5.

  •  A few minor issues but great overall!

    Reviewer: Tamara D. from Hudson, MA

    I purchased 4 necklaces from you on two separate occasions. I was very pleased with the quality; however, the fleur de lies that I bought for myself (the others were for my sisters three children) was difficult to close even before the glue. I wasn't sure I should try, but really wanted it for the services that were to be held the following day. I have now turned my charm into a keying, as I cannot wear it as the top is backwards. I am happy with it all the same. I would definitely recommend your company to people - if the topic comes up I give you 4 and 1/2 stars

  •  Don't love the cording but love the pendant!

    Reviewer: Melissa T. from Keller, TX

    I love my lucky horseshoe necklace with one exception. I requested the black cord and it is already frayed and tattered after wearing 3 times. I may have received a lower quality cord. Other than that, the necklace is perfect and it arrived quickly. It is a great keepsake of my father.

  •  Very lovely - thanks!

    Reviewer: Paula O. from Raymond, WA

    The order (6 items ordered) came fast but different deliveries. That was ok; the chain that went with the praying hands makes my neck itch/break out? Wonder what was in that metal chain? When the units were filled the gold screw almost dissolved into the back of the praying hands, had to call & order a new one. Over all, I am pleased with my item. I'm including all those who ordered an item so they can reply for themselves. I would rank this purchase a 4.

  •  Fantastic!

    Reviewer: Rose O. from Dayton, OH

    I purchased a bracelet, with a little heart, to put my late husbands ashes in. It's awesome, so lovely. Have had a numerous number of compliments on it. Will treasure it forever, am about to travel to my home country New Zealand, so it will come along with me, also to Austria next year. Great service, thanks so much.

  •  Beautiful - thank you!

    Reviewer: Desiree B. from Pasadena, TX

    I was extremely satisfied with my purchase. I ordered a keepsake ring and was very surprised at the quality of the product. It is hard to really know what you are getting as far as jewelry goes if you can't see the product in hand. But after receiving my ring I was blown away. It is a solid piece of sterling silver! The customer service was great also with quick response when I have a question and pricing is right on point. I definitely give Jewelry Keepsakes 5 stars for their superior quality and service.

  •  I love my horseshoe!

    Reviewer: Ashley T. from Park Forest, IL

    I ordered the horseshoe necklace. My horse passed away and I want to keep her near me. I love my new pendant. I wear it every's the perfect size! It's modern yet classic at the same time. I'm wearing it right now! 5 Stars.

  •  The bracelet is perfect!

    Reviewer: Marloes B. from Tiel, Gederland

    Thank you so much for the bracelet. He is very beautiful and I am very happy. So I always have a piece of our adorable dog with me. Thank you for the service, I give 4 stars.

  •  Great service all the way around.

    Reviewer: Patricia T. from Lincoln City, OR

    I have had an excellent experience with this order. I give you 5 stars.

  •  The keepsake is exactly what I wanted.

    Reviewer: Gretchen B. from Chesterfield, MO

    I am thrilled with the Sterling Silver Eternity Pendant. I love it. It is exactly what I wanted. The size is perfect and it has a nice weight to it. Looks and feels like a good quality piece of jewelry. Filling it was not difficult, but I did have to tap it a little bit to get the material to go inside. I would rate the quality of the pendant itself 5 stars and the customer service and ease of use of the website 5 stars.

  •  I love the cremation ring - perfect!

    Reviewer: Linda H. from Iowa City, IA

    Very satisfied. 5 STARS.

  •  Loved doing business with Jewelry Keepsakes!

    Reviewer: Albert M. from Sidney, MT

    We loved your stuff and with the time it took to get here.

  •  Super service!

    Reviewer: Melissa J. from Oak Hills, CA

    I love my keepsake pendant; I wear it everyday and get many compliments on it. I am very pleased with the easy service and it got here quick. I rate a 5 star. Excellent service.

  •  Couldn't be happier!!

    Reviewer: Kathleen P. from Kagel Canyon, CA

    Rated 5 stars Beautiful craftsmanship and appeal Worn with pride and love over the heart. Thank you to the staff for making this purchase a pleasurable experience.

  •  Your customer service is by far the best!

    Reviewer: Delynne T. from Yelm, WA

    This was my second order with Jewelry Keepsakes. I was thoroughly delighted with the first order and when friends and family saw the lockets I had purchased, they wanted one also. I placed an order on behalf of family who wanted lockets for themselves. I had a couple of questions regarding my order and called the toll-free number. The person who answered was amazingly helpful and courteous. My questions were answered immediately and the order was placed. Shortly after placing my order online, I received a telephone call from my sister who had ordered a particular locket and subsequently changed her mind about which one she wanted. I called back and explained the problem and that I needed to change my order. Once again, I was given amazing assistance! The kindness and efficiency of staff made this a truly impressionable experience in these days of "no-live-person" dealings and "put-on-hold-forever-after-you've-had-to-enter-every-conceivable-number-on-the-phone-pad" telephone transactions. I was so pleased to be answered promptly by someone who was so knowledgeable and helpful! It made the entire transaction a sincere pleasure. Doing business with Jewelry Keepsakes rates a 5+ star rating! If I could give them a 10 I would!

  •  Happy with my selection!

    Reviewer: Barbara P. from Mechanicsburg, PA

    I order one piece and then ordered two more of the same product It wasn't clear to me with the first order that I could request a silver chain instead of the rope. I found out how for the second order, which were the last two hearts and chains. Otherwise everything was great I would rate everything a 4.

  •  I feel so close to my Mom!!

    Reviewer: Kimberly G. from Dallas, TX

    Great product! The gold plates mother/child was perfect to help keep a little of my mother close to my heart. She was a big part of my life and someone I will miss every day for the rest of my days. Thank you for your quick mailing. I would of course rate you as 5*.

  •  I can pass the keepsake to my son!!

    Reviewer: Danielle W. from Brookhaven, PA

    Hello... I did get my bracelet, but I thought I ordered a heart and instead I got a baseball. I'm going to keep it any way since I will be putting my dad's ashes in it. He loved sports & one day I will pass it on to my son.

  •  A definite 5 star!

    Reviewer: Patricia W. from Burton, MI

    I have ordered two pendants from your site and they are beautiful......... Great quality and fast service.... I would give you a 5 star rating.. Our daughter loved the pendant that we ordered for her.

  •  A very happy customer!

    Reviewer: Jose D. from Attleboro, MA


  •  We are very satisfied!

    Reviewer: Jeannine N. from Staten Island, NY

    I was very pleased with my purchase and give it 5 stars. The individual I bought it for cried when she saw it. Thank you very much and I will make purchases in the future.

  •  The ring is perfect for my husband

    Reviewer: Kimberly D. from Chatham, ON

    I was very please with the cremation ring I ordered for my husband. Excellent fast shipping and a good quality price. The only complaint I have about the ring was the screw to seal the remains inside was difficult to get screwed in once you put the glue on/around it. I found the glue dried too quickly and i spent an hour and a half getting the screw to go in properly and tightly. Overall very pleased. Thank you for helping my husband remember his father in such a meaningful way. I rate 4.5 out of 5

  •  I adore my keepsakes - thank you!!

    Reviewer: Joyce C. from West Jordan, UT

    I was very please with all the items I ordered. I did not expect to receive them so quickly. The quality was good and everyone I gave them too was pleased with them.

  •  Keepsake is very meaningful!

    Reviewer: William F. from Wharton, NJ

    Received product promptly and was well pleased with the quality. The only problem was trying to fill the teardrop with ashes using the supplied funnel. The ashes wouldn't go through the funnel, I had to use a spoon and put a tiny bit of the ashes in at a time, also the threads on the screw seemed somewhat not cut well enough to make sure I would have gotten it on with the time allowed after using the epoxy. All in all, I was very pleased with the product and am looking forward to wearing it for a long time. Overall I would rate the quality of the product a 5 but would give it a 4 for ease of use.

  •  My beloved Jasper is with me!

    Reviewer: Lindsey W. from Versailles, OH

    I couldn't be more happy with the necklace. I give you guys a five.

  •  Just fabulous!

    Reviewer: Susan D. from Las Vegas, NV

    5 stars We love our keepsake necklaces. The chain is very pretty and perfect with the pendants. This is the perfect way to always keep my mother with us as well as in our hearts. Thank you for making such great jewelry for this type of occasion. We will treasure ours forever.

  •  Love it, Love it!!

    Reviewer: Leanne C. from Fresno, CA


  •  I have my Dad with me!

    Reviewer: Debbie W. from Lindenhurst, IL

    No, Thank YOU for your fast delivery and quality necklace. My dad died on D-Day (June 6), 2010. He was the second wave, fighting on Iwo Jima from there he went to China. He was a good man and I have put some of his hair in my urn necklace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your product and I have told others where I purchased my necklace.

  •  I love my seashell necklace urn!

    Reviewer: Robert M. from Reeds Spring, MO

    Many choices; quality products; shipped promptly: great job!

  •  The necklaces are gorgeous!

    Reviewer: Katelyn M. from Vermilion, OH

    I am thoroughly pleased with my purchases through Jewelry Keepsakes. The necklaces came out beautiful and they were shipped in a timely manner. The prices were wonderful compared to what they were going to try to charge us at the funeral home. I could not of bought them from a better company. I have been telling my sisters to order from Jewelry Keepsakes for their necklaces too because the company is worth advertising! Thank you so much again.

  •  You couldn't have pleased me more!

    Reviewer: Joyce V. from Allenton, WI

    I absolutely love the necklace I purchased and am certain the person I am gifting it to will as well. Customer service I give a A++ and the promptness of the order was outstanding. I would recommend this site to all. I give 4 stars for the whole experience and that's only because there is always room for improvement I just can't find it.

  •  I love the birthstone heart!

    Reviewer: Bernadette A. from Houston, TX

    I ordered the August birthstone heart pendant urn for my beloved dog Thumper's ashes. I absolutely love the pendant and have worn it everyday since receiving it. The birthstone is beautiful, and I am actually now looking for earrings to match. The only problem that I had with it was that after I inserted the ashes and applied the glue, I was not able to screw the top on the pendant all the way down. I read the instructions thoroughly prior to inserting the ashes, and I feel that I followed them as written, but somehow it didn't work as well as it should have. After applying the glue (as stated in the instructions), I immediately screwed the top into the pendant, but it just would not go in all the way. We even tried to use small pliers to screw it in, but this only resulted in bending the loophole of the pendant slightly. It's not a huge deal. The pendant is still beautiful and appears to be secure enough, and you can't tell that there's a problem unless you look at it closely. However, I wish that I had been able to complete the installation better, as this pendant is precious to me and always will be. Thank you for your excellent customer service. When the need arises (i.e. I currently have a 17 year-old dog who is not in the best health), I will definitely use your company again.

  •  Simple, lovely, exquisite!

    Reviewer: Yvonne P. from Livermoore, CA

    I am wonderfully pleased with your product, it is absolutely beautiful! Losing a pet is never easy, but being able to have a keepsake like this is wonderful. I would definitely give you five stars!

  •  You get a five from me!

    Reviewer: Karla H. from Albuquerque, NM

    I am so pleased with my pendant and people are commenting me on it all the time. Thank you so much. Definitely a 5.

  •  Great product!

    Reviewer: Stevie F. from Fargo, ND

    The eternity band that I ordered is great. If you want to see me wearing it- I think it'll be airing on the Food Network Challenge, on 18 July, edible Landscapes. (if you watch the food network)

  •  Excellent pendant - thank you!

    Reviewer: Shawna H. from Norfolk, VA

    We received the necklace and it was a challenge to get the ashes in but we did it and we truly love it. Thank you so much for making a very hard time a little less stressful.

  •  The keepsakes are exceptional!

    Reviewer: Donna H. from Grapevine, TX

    Ofcourse this represents a very sad situation for my sister and myself however, the fact that the merchandise was just as represented and of good quality is a great comfort. It is hard to order over the internet and one always wonders if things will be the same as they seem. But in this case they were and we are very satisfied with the product and the engraving. 5 star quality for sure.

  •  Five stars all the way!!

    Reviewer: Charles G. from Gretna, LA

    I would give your company a 5 star rating. The item I purchased is perfect. Now I will always have my love one with me.

  •  Excellent product!

    Reviewer: Lorraine C. from Mitcham, Surrey

    Brought the memorial teardrop pendant and am very pleased with it Customer Service was excellent and I rate this 5 stars.

  •  We are so pleased!

    Reviewer: Marsha G. from Hernando, FL

    I was very pleased with what I ordered from Jewelry Keepsakes. The service was wonderful at this time of need. I would give you 5 stars and will recommend you to others.

  •  Really terrific - thank you!

    Reviewer: Jason E. from Moreno Valley, CA

    I would give a 4 since no one is perfect!! But I was pleased with the size of the charms, thought they were going to be much smaller! Thanks again for the quality product and the fast shipping so I could make my deadline.

  •  My friend feels so close to her husband!

    Reviewer: Mary W. from Placerville, CA

    Mary lost her husband to Alzheimer Disease in April 2010. They were married 50 years. A friend told her about the keepsake jewelry. She decided to order the yellow gold heart pendant so that she could continue to feel a much-needed closeness to her husband. She is very proud to wear it everyday. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry as expected and was shipped to her immediately.

  •  Quality is superb!

    Reviewer: Leslie V. from Christoval, TX

    I would give ya'll a 4. The quality is good just wish they were a little bigger.

  •  Our pet is with us!

    Reviewer: John T. from Sedona, AZ

    We are absolutely pleased with our pendants and have been wearing it every day since the day we received them! A perfect 5 star!!! A pendant jewelry keepsake that I will always treasure and knowing our beloved dog is close to my heart every day I wear it! Thank you for your great customer service and speedy delivery :)

  •  We just love our keepsake!

    Reviewer: Sherri R. from Evans City, PA

    We are very pleased with the jewelry. The chain was of better quality that expected and the locket was perfect. We will be ordering again for Sherri's dad and sister. Thank you Stars 4 only because priced a little high for size but same as competitors.

  •  Overall very happy!

    Reviewer: Brian W. from Hope Mills, NC

    The website was easy to navigate, prices were very reasonable and my mother absolutely loved the locket I got for her. At first I ordered the locket to be shipped to my home in NC but actually needed it to go to CA. All it took was a phone call and it was taken care of. The locket shipped a little later than I thought it would but over all my experience with your company was good. 4 out of 5.

  •  Pleased with my order!

    Reviewer: Richard B. from Philadelphia, PA

    I was very pleased with the item I ordered. Customer service was good. 4 stars.

  •  Excellent, excellent!

    Reviewer: Judith D. from Interlachen, FL

    We were very pleased with the lockets we bought from you & for the timelly receiving of these items. We give you 5 stars.

  •  Outstanding!

    Reviewer: Susan O. from Warminster, PA

    very pleased with the order rate a 5

  •  Just fabulous!

    Reviewer: Gillian A. from Simcoe, ON

    I would be very happy to give you 5 stars. I love the piece I bought. I also love your website, you have so many wonderful products to view, it was a difficult decision for me as to which one I was going to buy. I am very happy with my choice. I am very happy with your quick delivery. All round you have a very happy customer here in Ontario, Canada. And, when necessary I will be back to shop again on your website. "Jewelry Keepsakes" will be a site I will definitely recommend to all my family and friends who are looking for that very special piece.

  •  I love the bracelet - thank you!

    Reviewer: Judith H. from Lake Worth, FL

    I was very pleased with my cremation bracelet, it was better than I had hoped. My only disappointment was the engraving. I had ordered script and it arrived in block. Other than that I was satisfied. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

  •  We love our jewelry urns!!

    Reviewer: Jeanine O. from Louisville, KY

    We had a great experience with Jewelry Keepsakes. You definitely get a 5! You contacted us both by e-mail and phone when our order was not available, and found out what we wanted to do. We decided to wait for a new shipment, and the product was sent very quickly. I will certainly purchase from you all again.

  •  Buying another I loved it so much!

    Reviewer: Barbara F. from Lacey, WA

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase. In fact, soon, I will be ordering the same necklace again but this time in gold instead of silver. As far as rating goes, Jewelry Keepsakes gets the max...55555. Keep up the good work.

  •  Great - thank you very much!

    Reviewer: Richard N. from Banning, CA

    We were very pleased with our order, and your service 5 stars

  •  My son loves it!

    Reviewer: Kathy S. from Watkinsville, GA

    I am so very pleased with the bullet necklace for my son. His best friend passed away a year ago May 31st. It is perfect and exactly what he wanted. I would give ya'll 5 stars..We got it promptly and in great packaging as well...

  •  My Sara is with me!!

    Reviewer: Julie D. from Tumwater, GA

    I am very happy with my piece. It was easy to work with and is beautiful! I would rate your business a 5! I will do business with you again... when I have to. Thank you for allowing me to keep my Sara with me forever.

  •  Quality is great!!

    Reviewer: Vanessa M. from Berwyn, IL

    The quality is great and I loved it! To get the ashes inside there was a little difficult but it worked. Thanks so much and I will be back again! 5 Stars

  •  5 Stars!!

    Reviewer: Cyndi B. from Stafford, VA

    5 stars *****

  •  Perfect for my wedding day!

    Reviewer: Paula A. from Mertztown, PA

    I am very pleased with the necklace - it is beautiful and elegant. I wore it for my wedding, in memory of my horse who would have been at the ceremony but passed away unexpectantly a few months before the wedding. Many guests commented on my necklace. It shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. I give my experience 5 out of 5 stars.

  •  Exceeded my expectations!!

    Reviewer: Dru S. from Watertown, SD

    The "Sail Away" pendant was even more beautiful than the photo on your website. I would suggest that you offer an 18" chain instead of the 20". Besides the fact that the pendant holds ashes of my beloved parents, this keepsake is a lovely piece of jewelry all on its own. I was also very impressed that I received my order in a matter of just a few days. I would rate my overall experience at 5 stars. Thank you!

  •  It meant so much to my family!

    Reviewer: Lisa C. from Taunton, MA

    I lost one of my twin sons suddenly in a motorcycle accident this past July he was only 20 years old. I ordered jewelry to put in his ashes for family members to always have him with them. Not only did my jewelry meet my expectations it exceeded it as well did the customer service I received when a few articles did not get shipped. They were extremely helpful and shipped out my missing items right away and I was able to give all the gifts to my family at the memorial. Thank you for making a painful experience easier.

  •  Customer Service was very helpful!

    Reviewer: Barbara N. from Cary, NC

    I just want to say "thank you" and I would give this five stars. I ordered a necklace last July and thought the service was a little slow. I ordered a second necklace in April and tried to do so on the computer and was not successful so I called and received my order in three days. Thank you for the quick turn around.

  •  Very nice!

    Reviewer: Judy L. from Traverse City, MI

    thank you... very nice.

  •  Your customer service is outstanding!

    Reviewer: Crystal C. from Houston, TX

    I was very pleased with the product. I would give it 5 stars as the engraver worked with me on the location and the customer service I received when I called initially with inquiries was stellar. I would recommend your product to others. On a side note: I will say that when it came down to actually putting the ashes in the locket I decided against it for personal reasons; however I filled the locket with a lock of hair from my beloved pet. It is just as special knowing she is near my heart. Thanks again.

  •  Beyond pleased - thank you!!

    Reviewer: Tammy P. from Kingston, NY

    the necklace and charm are great, very beautiful..... we would definately use your company again, and /or refer it to others. 5 stars with out a doubt!!!! thanks again

  •  Perfect - thank you!

    Reviewer: Jon M. from Dana Point, CA

    It is very nice. I grade the product and service a 5

  •  They meant so much to my daughters!

    Reviewer: Patrick M. from Spring Creek, NV

    I placed 2 seperate orders with keepsake, both came in a short time. neatly packaged, well presented. when i gave them to my daughters and their spouses, tears came to their eyes and mine as well. My wife was from GreatFalls and 2 of my daughters were born there. on a rate of 1 to 5 i can only say a BIG 10!!!!!!! thank you again for the great service that your company does. KEEP UP THE GREAT SERVICE TO THOSE THAT NEED

  •  It means so much to me - thanks!!

    Reviewer: Tracy C. from Medina, OH

    I purchased a heart shaped urn with paw prints on it to keep my beloved dogs ashes close to me. I had his name and the years he was alive engraved on the back. The item was reasonably priced and shipped out quickly. I was extremely happy with it when it arrived. It is much nicer in person. I did however brake it once I placed the ashes in the urn. I called the customer service line and dealt with two very nice ladies who assisted me with my issue and having another urn sent out. I would rate my experience with Jewelry Keepsakes a 5. Although, I don't look forward to losing any other pets, I do look forward to doing business with you again and referring others to your site.

  •  Larger then I expected but glad now!

    Reviewer: James D. from Sierra Vista, AZ

    I purchased a gold plated teardrop, of which I thought would be a little larger. The measurements as advertised were 3/4 in H, X 1/2 in W. At first I was a little disappointed that the height included the chain loop. But while filling the teardrop with ashes I realized the overall size was just right for my wife. I received the mail order sooner than I expected and was very pleased. So overall I give you a 5 star.

  •  So happy with my purchase!

    Reviewer: Ryan C. from Greenfield, MA

    I had a very good experience. the product was exactly what i expected and the person i gave it to loved it. delivery was on time and could not be happier. *****

  •  Donna is fantastic!!

    Reviewer: Michele W. from Snohomish, WA

    I give 5stars all the way!!! I got to tell you Donna was wonderful to work with! her customer service skills are amazing.. and words cant say how pretty the peaces i bought where~ i had a lil issue with the mail.. but as soon as i asked donna about it.. she emailed me right back! & followed up to make sure we got them! i look forward to ordering from u agian in the future!! and will let all my friends now..what a wonderful web site yours is!... AGAIN... 5 GOLD STARS!!!!!! THANKS BUNCHES FOR EVERYTHING

  •  Fabulous in every way!

    Reviewer: Laura W. from Airdrie, Lanarkshire

    It is a pleasure to review jewelrykeepsakes. The item I ordered is absolutely beautiful. Exactly as I hoped it would look. The engraving is perfect aswell, very discreet. The staff I have encountered, both by email and by telephone, were extremely professional yet friendly. I rate the item I purchased : 5 Stars, and also the customer service I received : 5 Stars I was so impressed with the quality and the service that I will actually be placing a further order for three more items as gifts to my Mother, Sister and Brother to save as a keepsake of my late Father. I really appreciate how personal the service from jewelrykeepsakes feels, thank you very much.

  •  Very special for me - thank you!

    Reviewer: June B. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    5 Stars , very nice product it will carry a special time for me always

  •  Exquisite and gorgeous!

    Reviewer: Katharine M. from Andover, ME

    I love my new necklace. Its very much a comfort item. The only thing i would change is give more options to chain sizes. 5 stars!

  •  Perfect in every way - thanks!

    Reviewer: Julia P. from Las Vegas, NV

    To have to purchase a product such as yours is very unfortunate. I purchased 2 jewerly necklaces for my 2 sons to carry their older brother with them always. It helps them with the healing of the heart. Your customer service was very helpful and sensitive to my needs, and I want to thank you for that.

  •  Fantastic - appreciated so much!

    Reviewer: Amanda F. from Franklin, OH

    I am very pleased with my jewelry. The piece arrived quickly and is very high-quality, especially given the relatively low price. There was a slight mistake on the engraving (a double line on one of the letters) but nothing that I would worry about getting fixed. I would rate my overall experience at a 4.5 and I will definitely consider ordering from you in the future.

  •  I adore it!

    Reviewer: Cheri F. from Sundre, AB

    I just received my order yesterday, it was everything that I expected it to be... perfect. Initially it was the product that caught my eye about your company, but after dealing with your customer service, it was those nice people that went out of their way to help me. I would definitely rate my overall experience with Jewlery Keepsakes at a definite 5.

  •  Beautiful and I thank you!

    Reviewer: Linda M. from Chatfield, MN

    I love the jewelry piece; it was very easy to order. Thanks *****

  •  We will order one a month!

    Reviewer: Rudy R. from Montclair, CA

    I ordered a blue glass necklace for my granddaughter's birthday this past month in march. It was beautiful and your service was really great. My eldest granddaughter passed away the day after christmas. I wanted to get myself one first, but my other granddaughter wanted to order her one so she could carry the ashes of her cousin, they were very close, as we all were with her. Well, I placed my first order with you for her in March and she was so thrilled with it. I told them we will each get one once a month, can't afford to buy them all at once. still need 4 more, to order each month. Thank you very much. I rate my order and overall experience with Jewelry Keepsakes a 5 star. I will be placing another order with you in a few days.

  •  I love it a lot!

    Reviewer: Brittney N. from Dowelltown, TN

    I love my necklace and have had no problems with receiving it, or wearing it. I would give you 5 stars to rate my order and experience.

  •  You are THE BEST!!

    Reviewer: Sandra W. from Port Charlotte, FL

    I give you guys 5 stars for "THE BEST". I'm very pleased with my purchases. So much so that I placed a second order for more family members. Thank you ever so much!

  •  You helped us during a difficult time!

    Reviewer: Angela C. from Perris, CA

    A 5+ beautiful and such a comfort to know I have my DAD in my heart with Angel wings around him. Not only is the jewelry a 5+ the customer service that and so much more. I had placed my ordered took it home to show my husband and in all the things going on the order was accidently thrown away. When I called to reorder everyone was great, worried that I would not get the replacements in time I was reassured that I would and I did. I thought the reorder would be next day but it was two day concerned that it would not get here in time I called and all day was given an update on the arrival of the packaged and got here in time. Thank you for the wonderful keepsake.

  •  Very beautiful - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Sharon F. from Jamul, CA

    I was very pleased with everything about my order.I ordered three key chains for my family. They are cherished

  •  The keepsake is perfect!

    Reviewer: Paula H. from Berwyn, IL

    I was very pleased with my purchase. I would rate your service as a 5

  •  Even the funeral director was impressed!

    Reviewer: Sara W. from Delton, MI

    I purchased two necklaces and one bracelet. I am very happy with the quality of all three items. I received them quickly also. When I took them to the funeral home to have them filled, the funeral home director even asked me where I had purchased them because he thought they were nice pieces. I would give Jewelry Keepsakes five stars.

  •  I love my valentine!

    Reviewer: Bob D. from Azilda, ON

    We are very pleased with the merchandise and service, rate you a 4.

  •  Beautiful product!!

    Reviewer: Michelle E. from Manchester, Lancashire

    Many thanks for the lovely necklace. The order arrived much quicker than i thought. The only problem I had was getting the cremains into the back of the necklace but I managed it in the end. I would rate it overall with 4 stars.

  •  It couldn't be more beautiful!

    Reviewer: Desiree H. from Enumclaw, WA

    ***** I give you 5 stars. I love my Keepsake cross. I get many compliments on it. It brings me great comfort wearing it everyday. I lost my 2 young stepsons in a drunk driving accident. Having the the boys with me brings me some comfort. We will soon be looking for one for their father

  •  My children love their keepsakes!

    Reviewer: Jacqui O. from Workingham, Berkshire

    I was very impressed by the quality of the items I bought from you, I had been looking every where in the uk but could find nothing that impressed me, the service and quality of the goods I would certainly give 5 ***** stars to you. Thankyou very much for helping me find the right thing for my beloved Husband, the kids were also very pleased to have a keepsake of their dad. I would recommend you very highly.

  •  Thank you for all of your help!

    Reviewer: Phyllis D. from Missoula, MT

    I absolutely love my chain and pendant. I give you 5 stars for customer service, quality and communications. Thank you!

  •  I feel so close to my Dad!

    Reviewer: Lindsey S. from Tucson, AZ

    Taking into consideration that losing my father at such a young age was devastating, I was completely ecstatic when I found your site. I am now able to keep my dad physically close to my heart every day. The total order was processed, engraved & ship with amazing speed. I was very impressed with the free gift (a heart key chain) & it's size! The oval cross necklace is beautiful. The triangle piece my brother ordered (the whole order was placed in his name) was perfect! The cross we ordered for our step mom was a little big, but held only a speck of ashes.... not what we thought it would be, but the free gift made up for that disappointment.

    Overall we were very pleased! I would rate our experience with you a 4.5 out of 5. I hope I don't have to, but I'd definitely do business again with you. Thank you for helping me honor my father.

  •  A little mix up but you corrected it right away!

    Reviewer: Margaret P. from Roanoke, VA

    Well, there was a mix up with my order to begin with; but everything was made right when I brought it to your attention. All my jewelry came to me as promised. I am very pleased with the way it was handled.I'm giving you 4 stars.

  •  Very happy with our order

    Reviewer: Larry A. from Beloit, WI

    5 star . had a problem getting part of shipment, but customer service took care of it.

  •  Our daughters have their grandfather with them!

    Reviewer: Robert S. from Lakeland, FL

    The products were exactly as described. Our daughters now have some of their Grandpa's ashes around their necks everyday!

  •  Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Reviewer: Kayla H. from Canton, IL

    You guys are an awesome company. I give you 5 stars!

  •  You were a tremendous help!

    Reviewer: Stephany R. from Commercial Point, OH

    we just loved the necklaces its the perfect way to remember our mother customer service was just fine thank you

  •  We have referred you to friends!

    Reviewer: Martha H. from Mariposa, CA

    Not only did we enjoy the beautiful pieces we received, I have already refered you to a couple of people who has lost a loved one. We received 6 pieces and received 2 heart key chains. They are being cherished at this very moment. Thank you so much for your kindness and for making our experience easy and enjoyable. We all would give you and your service a well deserved 10.

  •  So beautiful!

    Reviewer: Amanda S. from Preston, Lancashire

    I was a little concerned initially when placing my order with you from the UK, as I thought it was a long way to send my purchase back if I wasn't satisfied with it. However, I felt confident in placing my order with you, as I had a thorough look at your website before placing my order. My purchase arrived a good couple of days before I expected it to arrive, much to my surprise, which was a bonus. I am thrilled with my cremation locket, which I bought as a surprise gift for my partner, who loved our st.bernard Hamlet as much as me. Overall, I would rate your product and service with 5 stars.

  •  My wife is thrilled!

    Reviewer: Gary M. from Delran, NJ

    5 stars~it's very pretty and means a lot to my wife~thanks

  •  Super!

    Reviewer: Libby W. from Monroe, GA

    The item that I purchased was beautiful and I was very pleased with it! Thank you so much!

  •  I wish I could give you a 10!!

    Reviewer: Judy R. from San Rafael, CA

    My overall experience was a 5 (I'd say a 10 if I could). The ring was absolutely beautiful and classy (5), the delivery time was (5), it was here in 3 days. My nephew was overwhelmed and cried when I gave it to him. The fact that he could have his daughter's ashes with him always is extremely comforting. Your customer service was excellent, returned my call immediately (5). I can't say enough good things about the service you provide. Consider yourselves wonderful. I've told all of my friends and relatives and none of them had ever even heard of cremation jewelry. Many thanks.

  •  Super in every way!

    Reviewer: Alicia S. from Manchester, Lancashire

    I rate the keepsake that I bought as a "5". I am very pleased with the pendant. I live in the UK and delivery was in the designated time scale. I will recommend Jewelery Keepsakes.

  •  Buying another I loved it so much!

    Reviewer: Barbara F. from Lacey, WA

    I am extremely pleased with my purchase. In fact, soon, I will be ordering the same necklace again but this time in gold instead of silver. As far as rating goes, Jewelry Keepsakes gets the max...55555. Keep up the good work.

  •  Love the ring!!

    Reviewer: Suzanne L. from Luxemburg, WI

    I love my ring. I showed everyone. Alot of people never heard of a cremation ring. It was easy to fill and I like that it came with the instructions and accesories to fill the ring. I have family that will be ordering yet.

  •  Really terrific - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Jacqueline C. from Concord, NH

    We are very happy with the jewlery we purchased, very nice quality. Only problem we had was the free keychain was not with our original order. Once we contact you, it was immediatly sent out. I would rate 4/5 stars.

  •  Very happy!

    Reviewer: Patricia F. from Franklin, WI

    I was quite satisfied with the item, chain, instructions, tools and delivery timing. I would rate a 4. I hope the quality is there for the long-lasting gift I gave it as. Thank you.

  •  My little girl is with me!

    Reviewer: Mary Beth F. from Syracuse, NY

    Thank you so much for the beautiful pendant- I wear daily the necklace that carries the ashes of my littl girl Abby. It gives me a sense of peace to know that she is always with me. You were there when I felt so incredibly lost, Thank You.

  •  Excellent - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Pamela A. from Rockville Centre, NY

    The items I purchased are beautiful. I have not filled them as of yet but anticipate wearing mine with my dad close to my heart.

  •  I love my cremation ring!!

    Reviewer: Chris L. from Redding, CA

    Me and my wife lost one of our closest friends about a year and a half ago, I came across your site and ordered the Sterling Silver Forever Love Ring for my wife for Christmas. She loves it, now she has the piece of mind that he is still always with us. I would give your site and customer service 6 out of 5 stars... Very prompt getting the order to me before Christmas. and Customer service was very helpful. I would recommend your site to others and plan on purchasing again from you.

  •  The pendants are beautiful!

    Reviewer: Daniel N. from Wake Forest, NC

    I have to say that I am very pleased with my order. My husband and I actually ordered 2 photo pendants from you and they both turned out beautiful!! The only thing that I could find wrong was that the most recent order that I received had a chain for the pendant instead of the satin ribbon that I ordered with it, but it is not that big of a deal to me so I didn't call or anything. The first pendant was for my mother-in-law, she lost her daughter 7 years ago; and the second pendant was for me, I lost my pug dog last year. Again, they both turned out beautiful, and I would recommend your site and I would order from you again. The customer service was also very nice. I did my orders online so I really didn't have to speak with anyone, but the orders were taken and completed in a timely manner and I was emailed updates when the order was received and when it shipped. I would rate the orders and overall experience with 4.5 stars!!

  •  The rings are gorgeous!

    Reviewer: Charmin S. from Jupiter, FL

    The Cremation rings were beautiful. They were here in two days and more beautiful than I was expecting. The fit was so smooth - I was thinking they would be bulky or thick on my finger - but just the opposite. The fit was perfect. The best part was I ordered two of the rings for my sister- in-law and niece as a keepsake for my brothers remains. Due to the economy, I couldn't afford to purchase one for myself. My husband got word that I did not get myself one- and he ran all over town to try and find the rings. He ended up at a funeral home, to where the lady there was nice enough to look them up, and ordered the same ring for overnight delivery. It was here the next morning, to where my husband surprised me Christmas Eve with the ring at the same time I gave my sister-in-law and niece theirs. A magical moment indeed. Long story short - the customer service was excellent 5 stars - and the efficiency was fantastic. The ordering was simple and all the details for the filling of the rings quite simple as well. I will, and have been recommending you to all I know who have suffered a loss and can benefit from your cremation jewelry. Thank you.

  •  Stunning!

    Reviewer: Cindy O. from Alto, NM

    Loved it!! I bought a heart locket for my mother for Christmas. We lost my dad last year in January and although she has his ashes I wanted a special way she could keep him with her all the time. The necklace was beautiful and very well made. Needless to say it was her favorite gift at Christmas. The ordering was easy and the shipment came very fast. Thank you!

  •  Very happy!

    Reviewer: Kerry P. from Clairton, PA

    I would definately rate my experience as 5 starts. I am very pleased with my necklace and it arrived very quickly.

  •  Just awesome - thank you!

    Reviewer: Sylvia H. from Southhampton, Hampshire

    I would rate everything 5* very happy with quick delivery to UK, item as decribed

  •  Beautiful bone!

    Reviewer: Susan P. from New Castle, PA

    I think your product was first rate. Perhaps you could offer some type of box for presentation of the entire set. I was satisfied, and thank you.

  •  My daughter loves her teardrop!!

    Reviewer: Ann H. from Wolverhampton, West Midlands

    The pendant i bought from Jewelry Keepsakes was a Christmas gift for my daughter in which i placed a lock of my late mother's hair, Jade was very close to her grandmother. I did not actually expect to receive the pendant before Christmas because i placed the order quite late but it arrived in plenty of time. The pendant is stunning and the service amazing, thank you so much, i will certainly recommend the business.

  •  I feel my father in my heart!!

    Reviewer: Carolyn E. from Worcester, MA


  •  My mother in law found some peace!

    Reviewer: Kerry H. from Newton Aycliffe, CO

    I would just like to say a very big Thank You for the speed of delivery and quality of product. It was an excellent choice and was very much appreciated by my mother in law, it made a very difficult Christmas a lot better. I would give your service 5 stars in all areas.

  •  Excellent service and product!

    Reviewer: Wendy H. from Urbana, IL

    I was very pleased with merchandise and turn around time. Very pleasant customer service as well. 5 stars

  •  My boys feel close to their Mom!

    Reviewer: Brian A. from Kelso, WA

    My boys mother died on November 24, 2009. I had them both search your site individually, and choose a necklace that best represented their mother to them. Because of the clarity of your site, and the ease at which they searched, this process was made simple and comforting. I chose the 3 day express mail, and the packages both showed up exactly 3 days from the day I ordered. When they opened their boxes their smiles eased the burden of my heart.

  •  The pendants mean so much!

    Reviewer: Leanne M. from Whitby, ON

    I received my jewellery about ten days after I placed the order. I had initially made a mistake with my order and called to see if I still had time to correct the order. The lady on the phone (sorry I didn't get her name) was very helpful and assured me the order would be corrected. I was apprehensive since the change was made over the phone. I received the jewellery which included the change. I was very impressed with the two pendants I received. I lost my brother in March of last year and I had ordered one pendant for myself and the other for my daughter for Christmas. You cannot imagine how touched my daughter was to receive this gift. The only problem was with the funnel you provided. I could not get the cremains to pass through the opening even though I used the finest sand. I ended up just placing a small amount at a time over the pendant itself. It worked out fine but I would have preferred using the funnel as I did spill alittle of the cremains which made me uncomfortable. That being said, I absolutely love my pendant and I haven't taken it off since I got it. My pendant came with engraving which was a very nice touch. Thank you for such a wonderful product and service.

  •  A little hard to fill but we love them!

    Reviewer: Lisa T. from Holland, PA

    I ordered 2 of the heart shaped cremation remains pendants. I (and the girls I bought them for) we very happy with them. The only issue I had was filling them. The funnel provided did not fit into the top of the pendant, it was too big. We ended up using the toothpick to scrape them off the wide end of the funnel into the pendant, which was, alittle messy. I would rate everything at a 4.

  •  We feel close to my son!

    Reviewer: Pauline S. from New Romney, Kent

    Thank you for the quick and safe delivery of the Keepsake jewellery that l ordered..They were for the Ashes of my son Scott, and his two children,two brother and myself would like to thank you as they are exactly what we needed to feel close to Scott..I would give your products and your staff Five Stars as l think the service to customers is outstanding,,many thanks and Merry Christmas and a very Safe and Peaceful New Year

  •  Appreciate your help!!

    Reviewer: Ramona T. from Galesburg, IL

    (****) That is four stars. I was very pleased with my order. I have my Aunt's ashes and gave my mom the necklace for her Christmas present. She absolutely loved the gift. My order was fast and was very satisfied with my order. I will order again if I need anything and will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks.

  •  Great product!

    Reviewer: Amanda E. from Burien, WA

    I received my necklace quickly, and was very pleased with it. 5stars. thank you

  •  The ring is perfect for my husband!!

    eviewer: Jennifer W. from Indianola, IN

    I ordered a ring for my husband for Christmas. I have been looking for the past three years for something appropriate for him to carry some of our son's ashes in. This ring is perfect! He is very pleased. The ring is very durable and was easily sized. I recieved excellent customer service! I rate this ring five stars. Thank you for making great products that offer some comfort to families like ours.

  •  Superb all the way around!!

    Reviewer: Charolette B. from Edmonton, Alberta

    I was very happy my experience with your company. Your selection was excellent and your prices competitive. I ordered on-line and it was very simple. I received my order in the mailbox within the promised time. The items were exactly what I was expecting based on the internet picture and description. The were good quality and came well presented in a box for gift giving. The only suggestion that I can make is that the funnel used to transfer the ashes into the keepsake was too big to fit inside the keepsake. Therefore I was unable to use the funnel and had to use a small utensil to put the ashes inside the keepsake. Overall, it was a great purchase, and I will order from you again!

  •  A definite 5!

    Reviewer: Olen W. from Kimbolton, OH

    5 stars excellent delivery and timing thank you

  •  Exceptional value!

    Reviewer: Candace P. from Pace, FL

    Rating - 5 * - I was very pleased with my purchase.

  •  Love the keepsake!

    Reviewer: Ann L. from Lombard, IL

    I would give it 4 stars. Just because I thought the cord could have been nicer.

  •  My daughters feel close to their Dad!!

    Reviewer: Teresa T. from Greene, NY

    I ordered two beautiful necklaces for my two college age daughters who lost their father to pancreatic cancer. They felt they needed a part of him close to them and this was a perfect solution for them. The jewelry can be worn without the common knowledge of what the necklace means, unless they choose to share the meaning. I feel that this will help them move on in life and keep their father close. Thank you for offering affordable and beautiful jewelry. We rate everything 5 STARS!!!

  •  Super in every way!

    Reviewer: Courtney B. from Greenfield, IN

    The customer service, products, and the price of Jewelry Keepsakes are fantastic. There was shipping error on the shippers part and Jewelry Keepsakes sent me a replacement overnight at their expense to make sure I have the jewelry urns on time for our service. I just simply returned the extra piece when it arrived. Very friendly people, very fast service, very nice jewelry, and excellent prices. I purchased two Circle of Eternity urns and one vile urn (can't remember the name of it right now). I loved every piece! Thank you Jewelry Keepsakes for making a sad day in my life bright.

  •  Adore my daisy keepsake!

    Reviewer: Francis T. from Amityville, NY

    Your welciome..a "4". A suggestion..I like to know when orders are received and being processed. It took awhile to get an email confirmation that the order was being acted on. Also, the funnel is too thin. Thank you for the quality product.

  •  Great transaction - thanks!

    Great transaction - thanks!

    Based on my transaction with jewelrykeepsakes, i would give them a 5 star rating. i received my merchandise as promised and within short order. i wouldn't hesitiate to purchase from them again.

  •  I miss my Dad!

    Reviewer: Rebecca, M. from Oxford, CT

    My Jewelry Keepsake Pendant was beautiful. The only complaint that I have is that there was not another line that could have had a date. The only thing I could have inscribed was DAD. Other wise it was just perfect.

  •  Fabulous - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Tamsin S. from Ash, Kent UK

    I would rate your product and customer service as 5*. The product is lovely, I have worn it everyday since I received it in the post.

  •  Absolutely perfect!

    Reviewer: Carol S. from Hatfield, PA

    I would give this product 4 stars. Ordering was very easy and the order arrived earlier than promised. It was a gift for a friend who just put their cat to sleep. The only thing I could say that was a bit dissapointing was that the paw print on the wood was a little hard to make out. It was a nice gift and my friend was very touched.

  •  Wonderful pendant

    Reviewer: Kristy H. from East Hampton, CT

    5 Stars. The transaction was prompt. The product was better than I expected. I am very happy with both the product and my experience. Thank you.

  •  Everything was great - thanks so much!

    Reviewer: Kristie B. from Mather, ID

    I ordered a beautiful necklace from Jewelry Keepsakes. I received the wrong necklace initially, however, upon calling your customer service, within a quick few minutes I was informed that the correct necklace would be sent out overnight. The customer service was amazing and much appreciated during such a difficult time. I would rate Jewelry Keepsakes at a "5".

  •  You helped me heal!

    Reviewer: Haven K. from Williamstown, MI


  •  5 stars all the way!

    Reviewer: Shannon G. from Yukon, OK

    I give you 5 stars. To be able to have a piece of my father with me at all times is wonderful. Thank you for creating a wonderful piece of jewelry.

  •  Great - thank you!

    Reviewer: Trish A. from Mesa, AZ

    4 Stars!

  •  The gold heart is exceptional

    Reviewer: Diane G. from Green Bay, WI

    I was very pleased with my order for Jewelry Keepsakes. I would rate you ***** (5 star). The shipping was free and quick, and the product looked exactly as it did online. (We got the gold heart.)

  •  The heart pendant is terrific

    Reviewer: Lee H. from Ancaster, ON

    I am very happy with my heart urn I received. It is more beautiful than I could have imagined. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very helpful and nice.

  •  I love my butterfly pendant

    Reviewer: Sarah J. from Champaign, IL

    My experience with Jewelry Keepsakes was overall very positive. I would rate it a 4.

  •  Great product, great price!

    Reviewer: Allison A. from Queen Creek, AZ

    I was very pleased with my purchase

  •  We love the lockets

    Reviewer: Tara R. from New York, NY

    The lockets were lovely and arrived promptly as requested. The website was a bit overwhelming given the large number of choices, but easier to navigate than some.

  •  I feel my brother with me

    Reviewer: Melissa W. from Pembroke Pines, FL

    Thanks so much for following up... I loved the Cremation Urn Necklace Eternity... I gave it to by brother's girl friend before we released the rest of his ashes.

  •  I love my ring

    Reviewer: Stacey L. from Collegeville, PA

    I have purchased two items from you in the past 6 weeks or so. Customer service was excellent, shipping was very expeditious, website is very user friendly plus the amount of items/choices you offer is great!

  •  You provide a wonderful service

    Reviewer: Leonard M. from Keeseville, NY

    I am so glad to finally have a way to express my thanks for the outstanding job you did on my precious pendant of MY DAD. To have him with me visually, as well as in my heart is a feeling of love, joy and pride... I will continue to recommend your KEEPSAKES to all.

  •  Love my paws on cylinder pendant

    Reviewer: Beverly C. from Oakville, ON

    Regarding the cylinder paw print pendant we purchased, we found it is unfortunate it only had 3 paw prints as we have/had 4 cats (but thats not your problem) & the reason we are using it is to store their micro chips (we lost one cat & we wanted somewhere to store these chips & keep it close to us) This is going on my husband chain which is thicker than the one that came with the pendant so we took it to a jewellers to make the connecting ring bigger, they loved it & wanted you web site (which i gave it to them) we have had lots of compliments on it too. I would give it 5 stars for the overall experience & product.

  •  The keepsake locket is lovely!

    Reviewer: Thomas P. from West Islip, NY


  •  Love my bracelet

    Reviewer: Roberta C. from Oxford, ME

    The presentation was beautiful.

  •  My mother in law found some peace!

    Reviewer: Kerry H. from Newton Aycliffe, CO

    I would just like to say a very big Thank You for the speed of delivery and quality of product. It was an excellent choice and was very much appreciated by my mother in law, it made a very difficult Christmas a lot better. I would give your service 5 stars in all areas.

  •  Customer service was fantastic

    Reviewer: Cheryl K. from Purdys, NY

    Overall, I was very pleased with the items and the service.... I would rate the experience 4 1/2 Stars and I will certainly purchase from you in the future.

  •  Superb product and service

    Reviewer: Rebecca A. from Bath, PA

    I was very pleased with the choices offered by your company, the service was fast and comprehensive, and the pieces I ordered were even more attractive than pictured. I rate the entire experience 5-star. Thank you.

  •  My Molly Pop is with me

    Reviewer: Marcia E. from Orlando, FL

    I was extremely pleased with the workmanship and would recommend your website.

  •  Your keepsake jewelry is beautiful

    Reviewer: Shirley N. from Waipahu, HI

    I love the Keepsake Charms that I received that I give it a five(5) star.The quality of the charm was beautiful. The care of the way the charm was shipped made it special...The attention to the matter made the customer service a five (5) star rating. I would share my experience with friends when that special "Keepsake Jewelry" is needed in their life.

  •  Keepsakes are magnificent - thank you!

    Reviewer: Danny B. from Oshawa, ON

    They are very pleased and happy with there Jewelry. We would give a five star. If we had to order again we would.

    Thank you very much for your time and patient with our order.

  •  We miss our husband and dad

    Reviewer: Kim W. from Buffalo, NY

    We love our necklaces my Father passed away 7/28/09 my mother wanted to have him close to her and I found the necklces on line and we have had them for a few days and we have gotten so many compliments how classy they look and some have said that when there loved one may pass they would like to get one as well!! We are very happy, even though we miss our husdanb/dad we have him with us!!

  •  Love my necklace

    Reviewer: Alicia S. from Springfield, MA

    I love my necklace. I give it a 5 on a scale from 1to 5. It arrived as stated and was even prettier than online.

  •  5's all the way

    Reviewer: Jeannie J. from Camp Verde, AZ

    I would say a 5 across the board.

  •  Beautiful products - thank you.

    Reviewer: Lisa K. from Manhattan, IL

    Such a difficult order to make...was so sad. Products were great. You accidently sent a wrong item and corrected immediately. Was very appreciated by this family. I give you 5 stars for products and customer service.

  •  My gothic cross is gorgeous

    Reviewer: Elizabeth K. from Spokane, WA

    am very pleased with my purchase of the gothic cross with a heart in the center. It is as beautiful is the picture on your website and the engraving turned out very nice. I work for a funeral home and will recommend you to our clients and customers, who ask when they see mine, which I wear everyday. You score a "five".

  •  My brother is close to my heart

    Reviewer: Trina W. from Madison, WI

    It was so nice to come across your website and find exactly what I wanted. My silver flower pendant is beautiful and often commented on by others. It is perfect for me to keep my baby brother close to my heart, knowing I can disclose it's significance when I wish. Your website is incredibly easy to work with, and customer service was great (I received a call back the same day with a request). Thank you! 5 STARS

  •  The pendant is just what I wanted

    Reviewer: Patricia W. from Burton, MI

    I did write a little letter on how pleased I was with my order....My keepsake was excellent quality .. Service was very fast.. I will do business with you again with no problem....... On a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate you 5 stars... Top quality merchandise..!!!!!

  •  I truly love my pendant.

    Reviewer: Diane F. from Rutledge, TN

    I was very happy with the service and the timing of receiving my order. Everything went great.

  •  I was pleased with the pendants and the service

    Reviewer: Stacey B. from Franklin, TN

    All three of the cremation pendants were more than satisfactory. The glass pendant did look different from the online picture, but was still fine. The two smaller pendants were very tricky to fill, but we managed. Overall, the pendants, shipping, and customer service were 4 stars.

  •  We loved our purchase!

    Reviewer: Susan B. from Estill Springs, TN

    I would rate my order as a 5. I was very pleased with the quality and the expediency that I received my jewelry.

  •  What a fantastic experience!

    Reviewer: Ralph E. from Little Elm, TX

    I recently purchased eleven pieces from Jewelry Keepsakes and have been very impressed with the entire experience from the quality to the service. I had spoken with your sales team and customer service on a few occasions and every question was answered quickly and professionally. Thank you for making a difficult time much easier on me. 5 stars.

  •  I love the keepsakes!

    Reviewer: Deanna S. from Quarryville, PA

    I'm very pleased with my order. They are beautiful.

  •  Happy with everything!

    Reviewer: Cindy S. from Burnsville, MN

    I am very happy with my purchase, 5 stars! Very fast shipping and the necklaces that I ordered were very good quality!

  •  The jewelry is lovely

    Reviewer: Jan H. from Coon Rapids, MN

    5 stars. My only issue is that the screw on the back side is so small, it was very difficult to screw back in once ashes were placed inside. It would help if there were some type of small tool included. Otherwise, the necklace is beautiful and I love it!

  •  Love everything!

    Reviewer: Suzan H. from Clarence Center, NY

    I was very pleased how user friendly your website was for me to order two pieces of your Urn Jewelry.

  •  My wife now hangs out with her son

    Reviewer: Bruce M. from Mesa, AZ

    First, I'll give the jewelry 5 stars and another five stars for my overall experience with your company. My son died on May 29, 2008, at age 21 and this past Mother's Day was our first without him, and I knew it ... along with the many other firsts ... would be exceptionally hard on my wife. You're jewelry made the day as perfect as it could be under the circumstances. Together, and with our 20 year old son, we filled the necklace with our son's ashes and she proudly wears it every day. As she puts it, he gets to "hang out" with her all the time, just like before he died. It was the perfect gift ... and one she'll have forever.

  •  My pup is with me

    Reviewer: Jenn M. from Calgary, AB

    I had a great experience with you. I found the website very user friendly as I couldnt find a jewerly keepsake for my dogs ashes in a jewelry store. experience was 5 stars

  •  Better than expected

    Reviewer: Philip K. from Chandler, AZ

    Very much please. Nicer than what I thought. They also came in a timely fashion. You get 5 stars from me.

  •  The ring is perfect

    Reviewer: Lisa M. from Swampscott, MA

    I was pleased with the ring that I ordered.

  •  I feel so close to my loved one

    Reviewer: Jill W. from Stacy, MN

    I would definitely give your company a 5 star rating. The service was great, the shipping was fast, and the double heart necklace is just beautiful. Thank you very much!

  •  Perfect product and service - thank you

    Reviewer: Janice H. from Lakeland, FL

    My experience with Jewelry Keepsakes was wonderful. I ordered 4 necklaces; 1 for each of our children & 1 for myself. They were shipped from 2 different locations. I received them in a very timely fashion & they were all in perfect condition. I believe that keeping a loved ones ashes close to your heart helps with the healing process. I have recommended these necklaces to anyone that would listen to me. In my book you get a 5 star rating.

  •  Locket is beautiful

    Reviewer: Andrea K. from Lakewood, CO

    5 stars. Beautiful locket, fast delivery

  •  My Chance is with me

    Reviewer: Linda T. from Cornelius, NC

    The heart pendant I ordered in honor of my precious maltese Chance is absolutely beautiful just like Chance. I am very pleased and would give 5 stars to Jewelry Keepsakes. What a beautiful way to remember a loved one and keep them close to your heart forever.

  •  My Mom loves it!

    Reviewer: Jill P. from Gilbert, AZ

    I was very pleased with my purchase and the customer service. I had a few questions that were responded to promptly. Since I was buying this as a gift for my mom, I was happy to hear that if my mother preferred another design, it was no trouble to return it. She was greatly pleased and loved the more contemporary tear drop design, so didn't need to return it. It was a very nice piece and the instructions & tools you provide was an extra bonus. I rate your business 5 stars!

  •  You've brought my niece some comfort

    Reviewer: Tamera B. from Oakham, MA

    My niece had a still born baby so I bought her the necklace for the ashes. She loved it.

  •  Thank you for the peace you've given me

    Reviewer: Phyllis B. from Wilmington, DE

    I will rate the glass ashes vial (heart shaped) a 5. I am quite pleased with it. However it would be nice to be able to combine with gold. It matches only with silver jewelry. Perhaps you could create a piece that has both gold and silver? I like the glass heart very, very much. I wear it daily with my dog's ashes. It somehow helps to know that in some way he is with me. All the way to the end he always wanted to go out every time I was leaving. This way he still does go with in some strange way. Thank you for helping me through the grief.

  •  My friend loves it!

    Reviewer: Doris C. from Waterford, MI

    I ordered a Jewelry Keepsake for a friend who lost a baby at 28 weeks . She picked out the baby bootie. When it arrived it was a true quality piece of jewelry which I was proud to offer as a gift. The service timeframe was excellent, and the website extremely user friendly. Thank you for making her loss a little easier to bear. I would recommend this over flowers or memorials to anyone looking to give something memorable.

  •  Our little boy is with us

    Reviewer: Rebecca T. from Todmorden, Lancs

    This was a present to my partner to wear in memory of our little boy. I was very pleased with the product, especially the lovely engraving. Because we are in the UK the postage was very expensive but the price was very reasonable. I hope to purchase something for myself when we can afford to. I would give this order a 5 star rating.

  •  Thanks so much for your help!

    Reviewer: Rebecca A. from San Jose, CA

    5 family loves the necklaces.

  •  I'm so happy with my purchase

    Reviewer: Melinda G. from Cotulla, TX

    you did a great job, and i apprieciate the effort you put into the gift of love.

  •  The ordering process was easy

    Reviewer: Bridget L. from Kenmore, WA

    We are very pleased with our order with Jewelry Keepsakes. The order was easy to place and shipped within the time requested. We would rate our order 5 stars. Thank you for following up with us - great customer service.

  •  My assistant loves the pendant

    Reviewer: John W. from Scott Depot, WV

    My experience with Jewelry Keepsakes was very positive! My assistant lost her baby last year. I had purchased a crystal locket for the cremains, and she was ecstatic. However, a couple of months ago she misplaced the locket, and she was devastated. I purchased the second locket for her over the Internet....

  •  We love the rings we bought!

    Reviewer: James W. from Monroeville, NJ

    My daughter and I are pleased with the rings. I found customer service to be attentive and accessible. We had a problem with the screws on our rings and Jewelry Keepsakes promptly mailed us replacements. I found the overall experience to be positive, but I suggest you use heavier duty screws that are attached a little firmer. 4 stars.

  •  Everything is great!

    Reviewer: Mary R. from LaVergne, TN

    I am very pleased with my jewelry. I give this a 5 star

  •  We appreciate your thoughtfulness

    Reviewer: Sarah V. from Ormond Beach, FL

    I was impressed with the quality of the pendant I ordered. It was better than the picture indicated. Delivery was speedy as well. But I was most impressed that you included the glue and paper disposable funnel for the cremains. That was something I could not have anticipated that we needed. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and for your excellent array of choices. It was a gift and the recipient was overwhelmed with how perfect it was.

  •  My locket brings me so much peace

    Reviewer: Susan C. from Kingston, NY

    I am very happy with my locket. Everyone I show it to thinks it is beautiful and never knew about such a thing. It has even put thoughts about their own loved ones. I have been trying to find an id bracelet to match it and found one but it doesn't come in a big enough size. I would rate my experience at 5. Thank you

  •  My pendant means so much

    Reviewer: Jacquelyn K. from Memdon, MI

    I am very happy with the service and the product - 5 stars.

  •  We love the rings we bought!

    Reviewer: James W. from Monroeville, NJ

    My daughter and I are pleased with the rings. I found customer service to be attentive and accessible. We had a problem with the screws on our rings and Jewelry Keepsakes promptly mailed us replacements. I found the overall experience to be positive, but I suggest you use heavier duty screws that are attached a little firmer. 4 stars.

  •  I love my ring

    Reviewer: Melissa B. from Baltimore, MD

    I'm very pleased with my sterling heart ring. When it arrived, I noticed that the screw was very rough. I called because I wanted to have the screw replaced with one that was perfect. The person with whom I spoke sent another ring and prepaid packaging for me to return the first ring. She was afraid that a new screw might not work. For her effort, I give the experience a five.

  •  The keepsakes are beautiful

    Reviewer: Loretta G. from Rochester, NY

    I would rate this as 5 stars. My mother and I are extremely pleased. Having these keepsakes has been very comforting to both of us! I have recommended Jewelry Keepsakes to other family members.

  •  My Mom loves her necklace

    Reviewer: Mary N. from Sarasota, FL

    The product I bought was the best. I had a problem with the first piece and you took care of it fast. Then I ordered another piece and you were very helpful with that. I gave the piece to my mother it was the swarorski crystal leaf keepsake in gold....

  •  The keepsake is gorgeous

    Reviewer: Nancy L. from Tallahassee, FL

    My Keepsake is beautiful. I am as pleased as a grieving person can be! Your service was excellent, and I appreciate your replacement of my broken chain with a stronger one (I don't want to lose it!) 5 stars

  •  Thanks for the great service

    Reviewer: Trina A. from Titusville, FL

    Everything was great -- delivery was asap thank you so much

  •  My family is very happy with the necklaces

    Reviewer: Jacqueline R. from Bolton, Ontario

    I ordered from jewelry keepsakes after my mother died. I ordered four necklaces for myself and three of my siblings. We are all very happy with our purchases. The quality is excellent and the individual styles suit us very well. I would rate the product with five stars (*****).

  •  You were great!

    Reviewer: Laura M. from Cheboygan, MI

    I am extremely pleased with all of my purchases. I have gotten many compliments on the Leaf necklaces - in fact, will be ordering a couple more. My daughter likes the heart necklace so well, I now have to order her one. Everything came quickly, is very nice quality, and beautifully detailed. I am sorry I don't know whom I spoke with. However, I ordered the Leaf necklaces with my husband's name on them. About an hour later my daughter was disappointed, as she anted "Daddy" on hers instead of his name. I phoned your toll free number, and the service person I spoke with was very friendly, gracious and efficient. The necklace came with the others with no delay or charge for changing it. I am sure my family will all remember your service and company if/when the need arises again.

  •  Thank you for your service

    Reviewer: Sean R. from Sussex, NJ

    I am very happy with your service ! The gifts I chose were what I had hoped they would be.They were described over the phone and fit the description,I can't say that about much anymore! My sweetheart wears her locket everyday,she doesn't wear anything everyday normally so I know she loves it. Thank you again for getting my order to me so quickly,you were great from start to finish.I am happy to have done business with you.

  •  Everything exceeded our expectations!

    Reviewer: Karl B. from Walled Lake, MI

    The order we received from Jewelry Keepsakes was beautifully presented and exactly what we expected. Thank you! 5 Stars

  •  I'm very happy with the purchase

    Reviewer: Danny H. from Broadway, VA

    The keepsakes arived quicker then expected and the workmanship is at a higher quality then I expected thank you very much

  •  Thank you

    Reviewer: Marah R. from Indian Harbor Beach, FL


  •  Pendant is great - thanks!

    Reviewer: Robert M. from Eastport, NY

    I'm very happy with my purchase, I'd give it a "4" chain could be stronger, only complaint

  •  I love my urn pendant!

    Reviewer: John K. from Cuddebackville, NY

    i give you five stars the necklace was beautiful and your help was wonderful

  •  I feel so honored to have a part of my Dad.

    Reviewer: Diana M. from Dixon, IL

    I bought a milatary star necklace after my father passed away so I would have something to remember him bye. The quality of the star and the engraving was just wonderful. I want to thank you for such speedy service. I would give you five stars.

  •  Fabulous

    Reviewer: Aaron S. from Durham, NC

    I like the product very much. I wasn't sure what the engraving would look like, but I went ahead and ordered it and was pleased to find that it is unobtrusive yet looks great. I also appreciate the personal service on the telephone after a problem with the web order. That was very nice. Two suggestions for your website: 1) It would be nice on your website if you had an example of the engravings possible, both the way the styles actually look and an idea of the size of the engraving. 2) The problem with ordering that I had was that I had entered what I wanted engraved, but had not selected the engraving option on the pull down menu. I would suggest that you change the ordering page so that customers do not have an option to enter what they want engraved UNTIL they have selected that they want the engraving option. I would have found the website easier to use if that was the case and it would have saved both you and I some time. But overall I was pleased with our interaction. Thank you for a good experience and an excellent product.

  •  Everything was great

    Reviewer: Monique M. from Riverside, CA

    Lets see, quality seems great*****, product arrived quite quickly*****, customer service - ordered online so I don't know****. the funnel didn't fit, but the ashes were not fine so it was difficult to fill. (I know there is a big difference

    between a health young man's ashes and a pet or elderly person.) Not sure what other info you would like and there is no link for a survey. would be nice if there were an option to have the engraving "blackened".

  •  The shell is beautiful

    Reviewer: Scott P. from Terence Bay, NS

    5 stars for the "shall" keepsake.

  •  My heart pendant is lovely

    Reviewer: Sandra O. from Chincoteague, VA

    I received my heart urn pendant and really loved it. It is beautiful and has brought me much comfort. I would rate my order and overall experience as 5 stars as it could not have been any better and would recommend your company to anyone who found themselves in my situation. Thank you very much.

  •  My baby is with me

    Reviewer: Randi R. from New York, NY

    I recently bought the sterling silver heart with paw jewelry keepsake. After almost 17 years with my beloved yorkshire terrier, I couldn't think of a sweeter way to have her close to my own heart than this necklace. Not only is it exactly as pictured, the engraving on the back is beautiful and I received the necklace quickly. The chain is nicer than any other chain I've seen for a sterling silver necklace - it's more like a rope chain and I was surprised that it came free with the pendant. I am very pleased with my purchase and would not only rate the item itself a 5, but customer service deserves a 5 as well. I was notified when my order was placed, when it shipped and I received it quicker than expected. Thank you so much for allowing me to have a piece of my baby with me and close to my heart every day. I wear the necklace all the time.

  •  The memories are twinkling in my heart

    Reviewer: Kathleen V. from Shrewsbury, MA

    My cremation ash necklace is beautiful. I purchased for myself and one for a relative. We both love them. They look exquisite. The silver finish did make marks on a sweater when it was worn over it but we still love them. I'd rate them 4 stars.

  •  The keepsake is gorgeous

    Reviewer: Merilyn P. from New London, WI

    I would rate your company 4 Star. I was especially happy when the lady who took our order called us back immediately to ask us if we understood how the necklaces would have to be filled with the cremation ash . The only reason for not a 5 Star rating is becuz the glue that was sent with our order was hard and we were unable to use it. We had to get some of our own. Other than that the service was extremely FAST and I feel your prices were competitive. We would definitly recommend you to anyone. Thank-you again for an easy transaction.

  •  The heart is beautiful

    Reviewer: Tina R. from Mineola, NY

    All I can say is - Thank You. I have to tell you that I have never seen or heard of such a thing as this, but all of your items were very pretty and you had a comfortable price range. I was very pleased with the timelyness of the delivery as well. Thank you for making a difficult process easy.

  •  I love my keepsake

    Reviewer: Paul K. from Leesburg, IN

    I have to give you 5 stars for the exceptional service I received. The order process through your website was painlessly simple. I received my order sooner than expected and in good condition. Thank you for your excellent service.

  •  The ring is exceptional

    Reviewer: Jill G. from Orting, WA

    The ring is beautiful. It looks so great on, I hope it holds up over time. I plan on ordering my youngest daughter one next month. I give it 5 stars. Thanks so much in helping in a time that is difficult for our family.

  •  They loved the pendants

    Reviewer: Monte B. from Austin, TX

    Overall I was pleased with my order. The dove I purchased for my mother in law was defective. The threads were cross threaded and of course when I applied glue to the threads and tried to screw it back to the body it would not go and the glue dried making it useless. I need to order another one but would like to know what I can do with this one. Please advise ASAP as she is waiting. Everyone else enjoyed thiers tremendously. 4 stars.

  •  The quality is superb

    Reviewer: Jacalyn D. from Mountain Top, PA

    I purchased two jewelry items for the ashes of my mother. The heart ring is very nice, however, the sizes run big. I purchased it to wear on my middle finger in a size 8, normally I wear a 7 1/2 on my middle finger and had to have it sized down to 7 1/4 but other than that it is a beautiful piece of jewelry and excellent quality. I would rate it 4 1/2 stars of 5. The other item I purchased is a silver cross and I wear it every day. The size is excellent and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love, love, love wearing a cross and now I have one with my mother's ashes near my heart everyday. Definitely would rate this 5 stars. The quality is superb. Thank you for providing such unique pieces to remember loved ones. Peace and every Blessing!!

  •  Great customer service

    Reviewer: Darlene C. from Franklin, OH

    My order isn't complete as of this writing. I returned the original piece as it was not what I was expecting. And was delayed in shipping because it was engraved incorrectly. Donna was most helpful in correcting the order. I had great difficulty communicating with you by phone and not much better by email. I finally reordered and that was handled quickly and efficiently. Donna to the rescue again when a finally got in touch by phone to return the unwanted piece. As soon as I get a refund for the first order I will be satisfied. So in stars I give you 1 star for communication. 4 stars for product and service and 5 stars for Donna. I have a peace of spirit by wearing this small part of my love everywhere with me.

  •  I'd give your service a four

    Reviewer: Carol C. from San Jose, CA

    Experience was fine. Would probably rate it a 4 on scale of 1 to 5 (but then I'm aneducator and rarely gave the top grade). No complaints, responses to questions were answered quickly and product arrived in a reasonable amount of time.

  •  Has brought some comfort

    Reviewer: Lisa L. from Anaconda, MT

    I was very pleased with the services and the product I received from you. It arrived sooner than expected which was GREAT! I would give your company a 5 star rating based on my experience.Thank You

  •  5 stars from the beginning

    Reviewer: Vera M. from Brooklyn Park, MN


  •  Just great!

    Reviewer: Amber C. from Fresno, CA

    Product was just what I ordered. 5 stars.

  •  I absolutely love it

    Reviewer: Linda K. from Tonbridge, United Kingdom

    I ordered a necklace from jewelry keepsakes, from England, it is a lovely idea, and i am so pleased with the necklace and the service i had no trouble at all in ordering it or receiving it. I would rate jewelry keepsake 5 stars out of 5, thank you so much.

  •  My Mom loves it

    Reviewer: Jeannette D. from Hampstead, NC

    The item was a gift that I had shipped to my mom, I did not see it . But your helpfulness and customer service was great definatlely a 5. Was shipped and received very quickly. Thanks

  •  The quality is superb

    Reviewer: Jacalyn D. from Mountain Top, PA

    I purchased two jewelry items for the ashes of my mother. The heart ring is very nice, however, the sizes run big. I purchased it to wear on my middle finger in a size 8, normally I wear a 7 1/2 on my middle finger and had to have it sized down to 7 1/4 but other than that it is a beautiful piece of jewelry and excellent quality. I would rate it 4 1/2 stars of 5. The other item I purchased is a silver cross and I wear it every day. The size is excellent and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love, love, love wearing a cross and now I have one with my mother's ashes near my heart everyday. Definitely would rate this 5 stars. The quality is superb. Thank you for providing such unique pieces to remember loved ones. Peace and every Blessing!!

  •  Great service

    Reviewer: Guillermo S. from Santa Monica, CA

    Thank you. The service was very good. Fast and timely. Five stars.

  •  Loved it!

    Reviewer: Lynne M. from Conway, NH

    Very happy with purchase.timely and very nice product.***** Hope to use your services in future.

  •  Your shipping was a little slow but product great!

    Reviewer: Roberta H. from Glasgow, United Kingdom

    HI just got your email i was very happy with the product that i bought from yous it means a lot to me i would give you a 4 as i was getting worried about delivery.but i would recommend you other people amd maybe in the futre buy other items

  •  You touched someone's life

    Reviewer: Kaleiah Y. from Hesperia, CA

    My boss' dog of 15 years passed away two years ago. A few months ago he expressed to me that he had some strands of her hair that were taken before she passed away and that he had been searching for a locket to hang around his neck, a clear locket. In two years he had no luck in finding such a thing after visiting jewelry makers and hobby shops. I was told about this website from an engraving store and was amazed to find exactly what my boss had been looking for. I ordered an octagon clear glass locket and gave it to him as a christmas gift and it was enough to make him cry! On a scale of 1 to 5 stars I give the item I ordered as well as the website and the process a 5 star rating hands down! Thank you for being a big part in something so special.

  •  You made our holiday!

    Reviewer: Justine R. from Bolton, United Kingdom

    I'm just writing to say thank you very much. The Crystal Heart pendants I ordered have arrived here in the UK (within 8 days!) and they are beautiful. I had never seen or heard about jewellery like this before both the pendents I purchased are presents and I know that they will be loved. I hope I don't need your jewellery in the near future but when I do - I will be ordering from you. I had cause to ring your company and the lady on the phone was very helpful. Thank you very much Wishing you all a Great Christmas and All the Best for the New Year

  •  Superior!

    Reviewer: Tammy E. from Papillion, NE

    Excellent experience. Rate: 5

  •  My mother in law loves it

    Reviewer: Sally D. from Rockville Center, NY

    I purchased this necklace for my mother in law after the recent death of her husband of 62 years. I wasn't sure how she was going to react to this gift but , she absolutely loves it. She gets tremendous comfort in knowing that her husband will always be with her. Not only is it a comfort to her but it looks great too. I was very pleased with the look and quality, I give this product a 5.

  •  Thank you for everything

    Reviewer: Tess N. from Bluffdayle, UT

    I will try this and get back to you. My mom is very sick and it may be a week before I have time to sit down and try this. But I will let you know either way whether it works or not. Thanks again 5 star customer service!

  •  My daughter has her Dad with her

    Reviewer: Cheryl R. from Westland, MI

    I bought a beautiful necklace for my 18 year old daughter.It was the Swarovski Crystal filled sterling leaf keepsake. I did extensive research and comparisons between companies before choosing JeweleryKeepsakes. I was totally impressed and delighted with the item. My daughter can wear this piece containing her father's ashes all the time yet no one knows what it is. The design is so modern and pretty The only drawback is I think the chain might be a little too thin,but that is an easy fix .I give this website 5 stars!!.

  •  My pendant brings so much peace

    Reviewer: Kari U. from Prior Lake, MN

    The product I bought was beautiful. I put my moms ashes in it and gave it to my sister for Christmas and she loved it. The only thing was that 2 days later the chain broke. She is going to get it fixed. I would rate my order a 4 and will be buying more keepsakes from you again! Thanks so much.

  •  Thank you for your wonderful keepsakes

    Reviewer: LeeAnn B. from Mt. Holly, NJ

    Everthing was wonderful. My daughters loved the lockets and the memories of their Dad will now be with them forever. I would definitly give your company 5 stars and have already recomended your company to friends. Thank you for making our family's Christmas special.

  •  My pet is with me

    Reviewer: Stephanie F. from Odessa, TX

    Hello! I would rate your company with a 5 star rating. During this difficult time I found that my keepsake eased my mind and heart! I am extremely pleased with my necklace and I always wear it with exception of the shower. I will be a returning customer when my other pets pass. Thank you all so very much. Now I can take my beloved pet with me everywhere I go and he stays close to my heart.

  •  A little small but great!

    Reviewer: Kara M. from Odessa, TX

    On a scale of 1-5, I rate the item I ordered at 4. It's smaller than I anticipated, but I should have considered the actual measurements stated. Overall, I am satisfied. I would order again.

  •  Excellent

    Reviewer: Jannice R. from Phoenix, AZ

    Everything was aok. Thank-you for your service.

  •  I'll order from you again

    Reviewer: Sharon L. from Sandusky, OH

    I have had 2 orders with your company in the past month and I have been very pleased with the product received, the service and quick turn around time of both deliveries. I am getting ready to give your name to a friend, who lost her husband this summer to cancer and would like to have a keepsake necklace with his ashes.

  •  Five stars all the way

    Reviewer: Sharon P. from Hudson, FL

    I was very pleased with your product and your service. I would give you a rating of 5 stars.

  •  I love my pendants!

    Reviewer: Victoria D. from Wayne, PA

    I was more than pleased with the jewelry I ordered from your website. I had never seen Cremains Jewelry before & when we lost our much beloved dog, after 12 1/2 years, no one was ready to let go! When I came across your site I could tell the jewelry was worth purchasing. The men's jewelry, especially with the longer chain, is much loved by my brother! The quality of the jewelry deserves 5 out of 5 stars however, what it means to us cannot be measured. Thank You!

  •  My keepsake means so much

    Reviewer: Nikki W. from Jasper, AB

    I had great customer service, and timely delivery. I had some trouble with the screw on the piece (can't get it flush), but on the whole it looks good. 4 out of 5 stars for me.

  •  My pendant brings so much peace

    Reviewer: Kari U. from Prior Lake, MN

    The product I bought was beautiful. I put my moms ashes in it and gave it to my sister for Christmas and she loved it. The only thing was that 2 days later the chain broke. She is going to get it fixed. I would rate my order a 4 and will be buying more keepsakes from you again! Thanks so much.

  •  The heart was okay

    Reviewer: Fiona G. from Aberdeen, UK

    I was pleased with my purchase although I thought it was expensive for the size and weight of it. Also, the funnel was not received which was not a great problem but it made filling the heart obviously more difficult. I would rate the product and service 3.

  •  Thank you for my beautiful pendant

    Reviewer: Christopher P. from Columbus, OH

    It is a horrible thing to lose a beloved family member, but having her ashes around my neck has been a great comfort. I will never take my necklace off and I know that its quality will stand the test of time. Your company is a wonderful one and very easy to work with in a time of grief when everything else seems to be in a whole-wind. God bless you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone with a lose of a loved one who wants to keep them close to their heart at every moment. 5 Stars, no question about it!

  •  Five Stars!

    Reviewer: Denise J. from Largo, FL

    I rate the company 5 stars for service & quality

  •  Perfect all the way around

    Reviewer: Denise C. from New Windsor, MN

    5 stars...I ordered necklaces for myself my father and my brother. We are all completely satisfied. The pictures of the jewelry are great compared to the other websites. You've definitely got the other sites beat. Customer service was great and the shipping was fast. We are very pleased overall.

  •  The urn is perfect for my style

    Reviewer: Amber C. from Fresno, CA

    I recently bought the infinity urn keepsake with the crystals and mother of pearl. I love it. I would rate it at a 5. I like it the best because it goes with my unique style. Thanks

  •  You helped us during a difficult time

    Reviewer: Devon H. from Sun City, AZ

    We had a nice experience with your company at such a difficult time. There is nothing that I can think of that would need improvement. Great service, no complaints. Five stars.

  •  Great product and service

    Reviewer: Renee E. from North York, Ontario

    My experience with your company has been excellent. I would rate it as a five star. During a difficult time, it was nice to be able to order our cremation necklaces easily without any complications.

  •  Love it so much

    Reviewer: Sharon F. from Manassas, FL

    FIVE, and thank you!

  •  Exceeded my expectations

    Reviewer: Colette C. from Babylon, NY

    I would rate my overall experience a 25 if i could. Your products are beautiful and your staff exceptional. In a very difficult time you helped my family find a way to keep our dog close to our hearts. I had an issue with my payment choice and your staff was so helpful and efficient they helped me correct the mistake so my order was not delayed. The product itself (silver paw with onyx detail) was absolutely beautiful. We are extremely happy with your products and staff. God bless you all.

  •  I love it

    Reviewer: Nancy M. from Plano, TX

    I was thrilled with my cylinder necklace! It is just the right size and a beautiful piece of jewelry. Your service was excellent and the purchase arrived on time. Also, the price is reasonable for the quality of the jewelry. Thanks!

  •  My silver bone urn pendant is lovely

    Reviewer: Terry J. from Arlington, VA

    I absolutely love my silver bone necklace. It's perfect and I've been wearing it every day since I got it. I did get a new chain for it that is shorter and a bit thicker (I was worried that I might break the chain and lose the charm because the chain it came with was somewhat thin). I thought that your customer service was great and the shipping was fast. I was very happy with the purchase and I would definitely buy from Jewelry Keepsakes again.

  •  My Dad is with me for every moment

    Reviewer: Tracy W. from Lakewood, CO

    I love my necklace because I can feel like I have my dad with me always. I would recommend the engraving a little bigger and more visible but other than that I would recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one.

  •  The cremation pendants were beautifully packaged

    Reviewer: Heather T. from Redlands, CA

    5 star the products were beautiful and I was able to arrange expedited shipping. Only small problem was you shipped the order twice so we had to arrange for postal service to pick up the 2nd package.

  •  This is a wonderful memorial for a dear friend

    Reviewer: Lindsey C. from Rio Rancho, NM

    I ordered cremation jewelry for my boyfriend who lost a dear friend recently and I got my order in a timely manner only the pendant for the cremains, the design was not completely stamped out uniformly around the pendant but other than that, It made a beautiful gift and I rate the site and the product with 4 stars.

  •  I can't get over how fast my pendant was shipped

    Reviewer: Kathleen P. from Whitewright, TX

    I am very pleased with the necklace I purchased from your store. Excellent quality. My dad saw the necklace and was so impressed that he bought five more. I would give you 5 stars! Your service was excellent also.

  •  I love having a special reminder of my beloved

    Reviewer: Lois A. from Ashland, VA

    I would rate it a 5. I really like the product and I got it right away.

  •  My keepsake means so much to me

    Reviewer: Jessica P. from Denver, CO

    Thank you for my keepsake. I wear it everyday and it keeps the great love of my life next to my heart. It was even kind of funny filling it up.

  •  My urn pendant is just what I wanted

    Reviewer: Richard B. from Juneau, AK

    We were very pleased with our purchase, though we haven't put the ashes in yet. The items were as described, and we would rate you 5 star.

  •  Your shipping was exactly as I expected

    Reviewer: Fred B. from Esparto, CA

    I got my order in good time. Ordering on line was very easy.My only concern was that I thought the pendant that I ordered came with a silver chain, instead I got a string rope.

  •  My keepsake urn pendant is spectacular

    Reviewer: Valerie G. from Astoria, MY

    5 the product....

  •  My four leaf clover brings me good luck

    Reviewer: Mary M. from Philadelphia, PA

    I love the piece of jewelry that I purchased from Jewelry Keepsakes. It was exactly what I had hoped. I would give it 5 stars.

  •  I carry a part of my son with me

    Reviewer: Kimberly J. from Holly Springs, MS

    I lost my son in may 2007 and although he wasn't cremated I had locks of his hair,his favorite cologne,and other special stuff i held dear and i used this to keep a part of him and his special things with me all the time. I have gotten so many comments on how beautiful my necklace is and nobody but ,who you want will ever know the special contents of your beautiful necklace and to make it even more special I had his initials engraved on the back. I'm so pleased with the quality and service i give it all a 5 star rating!

  •  My treasured pet is with me always

    Reviewer: Lisa M. from Eugene, OR

    Five Stars! I am very happy with my Keepsake pendant. I wear it every day to remind me of my best friend Flye (dog). I had engraved on the back "Live -- Time Flyes" because Flye lived a very full life, and she helped me to live a fuller life too. It is very comforting to know that I will always have a part of her with me. Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of jewelry to remind me of my friend.

  •  Thank you for letting me give a treasured gift

    Reviewer: Judith B. from Cleves, OH

    I gave this as a gift to my girlfriend who lost her son to a diving accident. On his birthday the following year I gave it to her. She absolutely loved it. She did have trouble sealing the top and getting it to close properly. As you can well imagine that was stressful for her. Her husband took it to the jeweler who was able to fix the problem. I know that she loved it because soon after that her other son went into the marines and she gave one to him.

  •  You are definitely a five star company

    Reviewer: Dawn H. from Haymarket, VA

    I would give you 5 stars! I had the order shipped over night and didnt have to pay out the nose for overnight delivery like with other companies. It was a graduation gift for my niece. She completely adored it. We lost my mother in January this year and it was to carry her ashes. She would get to walk the stage with Gramma after all! Nothing could have been better!

  •  Your customer service can't be beat

    Reviewer: Brandy B. from Denver, CO

    I have purchased 3 different items from Jewelry Keepsakes and have loved each one! The customer service has been fantastic as they always respond quickly to questions. The items arrived beautifully packaged and were above my expectations. All in all, a wonderful place to shop. You will not find a better item for a better price. ***** Five stars out of Five! I will definitely be shopping there in the future!

  •  Your customer service is top of the line

    Reviewer: Ayani G. from Chicago, IL

    I would rate your services with 5 stars.

  •  You helped us during a difficult time

    Reviewer: Devon H. from Sun City, AZ

    We had a nice experience with your company at such a difficult time. There is nothing that I can think of that would need improvement. Great service, no complaints. Five stars.

  •  I love my pendant and am grateful for your service

    Reviewer: Patrica E. from McHenry, IL

    5 Stars ~ I am delighted with my necklace and wear it everyday. My husband passed away in February and I wanted a necklace to keep some of his ashes in. Now he is always close to my heart. You have a a wonderful selection and I had a hard time deciding which one to purchase. I will be ordering another necklace soon for my mother-in-law and have recommended your website to friends.

  •  My eternity circle is gorgeous

    Reviewer: Melanie H. from Portland, Victoria

    I ordered an eternity circle pendant, which took about 2 weeks to arrive as it was an international order. i think my pendant is absolutely beaustiful. however, after i'd filled it, i dropped the screw and lost it. i emailed the company requesting a

    replacement screw, and even though it was internationally posted, i received it within a few days which was brilliant! the only real problem i had was that there was no screwdiriver included, and i had to use a knife. i would rate my order at 4.5 (becasue of the screwdriver) and overall experience as 5. i was very pleased with this company.

  •  Perfect in every way

    Reviewer: Brian B. from Zellwood, FL


  •  Jewelry Keepsakes made my selection easy

    Reviewer: Melissa F. from Richardson, TX

    I purchased a teardrop urn pendant that I had engraved with my father's initials and I was very pleased with the product and the ease of shopping on your website. I looked on many different sites before I decided to buy from you and I was very pleased with your site. I was also extremely pleased with the fast delivery and the helpful directions that came with the pendant. I would recommend your products to my family and friends. Overall, I would rate my experience with your company as 5 stars!

  •  The necklace is beautiful and just what I wanted

    Reviewer: John Q. from Palm Springs, FL

    The necklace is beautiful it is all we had hoped for. Thank you very much. I give this necklace and the service provided 5 stars. Once again Thank you.

  •  I love my Jewelry Keepsakes purchase

    Reviewer: Sarah K. from Easton, MD

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I have yet to fill my pendant, but am very pleased with my overall experience.

  •  My cremation ring is very elegant

    Reviewer: Darlene S. from Richfield, MN

    I ordered the cremation heart ring and I was very impressed when I received it. I love it. It is very elegant and beautiful and will hold the ashes of my cat Francois (who I have had for over 10 years) with grace and dignity. I didn't expect it to be as gorgeous as it was. The ring gets 5 stars as well as? the entire transaction. Everything went quickly and smoothly, no problems and I received the product very quickly. I couldn't be a more pleased customer. I will definitely be a return customer should the need arise in the future.

  •  Everything was fabulous - Thank you!

    Reviewer: Richard N. from Loch Sheldrake, NY

    The item I ordered was better than pictured. Service was G-R-E-A-T

  •  The service, the product, the company-SPECTACULAR!

    Reviewer: Karen C. from Great Falls, MT

    We were very pleased with our order, very timely, easy to order, and its great having a Great Falls contact! I could ask any questions, and got them answered. The product was beautiful, and the families were very happy.

  •  My brother loved his keepsake pendant

    Reviewer: Thomas M. from Bonney Lake, WA.

    I want to thank you for this product. My brother whom I gave this to, was very happy to have a part of our mother's ashes to wear on his finger forever. I will be ordering one for myself soon.

  •  The heart is simply precious

    Reviewer: Dora M. from San Juan Capistrano, CA

    Thank yous so much for the beautiful heart necklace. I give it a 5 star rating.

With a little love and care, you keepsake jewelry will always remain in great condition. If you have any questions about the care of your jewelry, then please contact us. We are always here to help.