Burning Heart Gold Ash Jewelry

Usually Ships in 24-48 Hours After Receiving The Ashes

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Jewelry Specifications

Ash Colors:
Metal Finishes:
Ash Appearance:

Jewelry Description

  • .925 Sterling Silver with Gold Plating
  • Ashes are combined with gemstone-like resin
  • Can be personalized with engraved message
  • Includes 20" matching chain
  • Ash collection kit sent out immediately
  • Presented in a lovely gift box
  • Usually ships in 24-48 hours after receiving your ashes
The Burning Heart Gold Ash Jewelry pendant is a stunning gold plated over .925 sterling silver heart shaped pendant that is an extraordinary way to have a remembrance of your loved one.  Our artists have combined the beauty of gold with a heart shaped pendant to create a masterpiece that sentimental and unique.  The burnt red center heart is actually a gemstone-like resin that is combined with a small amount of cremated remains and the mixture then hardens.  The finished product is stronger than stone and is a beautiful and touching way to visually have that special remembrance of the deceased.

We send out an ash collection kit as soon as your order has been placed.  When you receive the kit, place a small amount of cremated ashes in the ash receptacle and then mail the receptacle back to us in the postage paid envelope that comes with the kit.  Our artist mixes a little bit of the ashes with the gemstone-like resin and when the resin hardens, we send the pendant right away.  The Burning Heart Gold ash pendant will ship 24-48 hours after we receive the ashes back from you so the sooner we receive them the sooner the pendant will ship.

There are additional ways to personalize your Burning Heart Gold Ash Jewelry.  The pendant can be engraved on the back side with a few lines of text and this is an opportune way to up the personal nature of the jewelry.  You can choose a chain in a different finish or in a different length and this changes the way in which the pendant is displayed and can give you a two tone look.  If you'd like a different color for the front of the heart, reach out to our customer service at 1-877-723-7229 or by email at sales@jewelrykeepsakes.com. Size: 3/4" w x 7/8" h