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A Guide To Selecting The Perfect Piece Of Thumbprint Jewelry

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Key Insights

  • Thumbprint jewelry offers a high-definition laser-engraved remembrance of loved ones' fingerprints.
  • Available in various forms like pendants, rings, bracelets, it can be completely customized into any design or theme.
  • Thumbprint jewelry can also be personalized in a variety of other ways to reflect memories you have of the deceased such as with a birthstone, text and additional fingerprints.

Our Background On Thumbprint Jewelry

Thumbprint jewelry was born out of desire to provide a unique way to remember, celebrate or commemorate a special relationship in your life. Our fingerprints are completely unique and one of a kind to each individual1 and thumbprint jewelry provides an ideal way to capture the individuality of those that we cherish. By capturing the thumbprint of a loved one, we can create a custom-designed keepsake that is truly unique to them and the connection you share with them.

In order to understand our passion behind our line of fingerprint jewelry, it's important that you understand who we are as a company first. Jewelry Keepsakes has been handling, engraving and/or manufacturing jewelry since 2005. We have a combined team experience of over 85 years working with memorial jewelry. We were one of the first websites to offer memorial products online for sale and Jewelry Keepsakes has served over 80,000 families and sold over 100,000 pieces of memorial jewelry since we started. And we stick to what we know best - we offer jewelry only, no urns or other memorial products.

We have handcrafted over 3000 pendants, rings and bracelets and, in fact, we wear what we make! This not only allows us to test what works and what needs to be improved out our jewelry but also, we have family and friends and pets that we have lost. And we know first-hand the comfort we individually receive by feeling the fingerprint of our loved ones.

Customer trust is paramount to us. You are trusting us with the most precious of reminders of your loved one and we take that trust very seriously. We have hundreds of customer reviews as well as reviews on Google, Facebook and Etsy that communicate our pasion for our products AND our passion for exemplary customer service. We have maintained an excellent standing and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Jewelry Keepsakes did an amazing job with my order! I am reminded every day of my Dad when I look at his finerprint on my necklace. They were very patient, understanding, and took the time to make sure every detail was perfect. Communication was easy and I couldn't be happier with my purchases from them!

And we are proud to be creating, designing and manufacturing here in the USA! We responsibly source our precious metals from US suppliers that have made a commitment to support ethical suppliers of metals2.

What Is Thumbprint Jewelry?

Thumbprint jewelry is a popular option among those who are looking to create a unique and comforting connection with someone who has either passed away or is very much alive and special to the individual. The jewelry is one-of-a-kind in that the pendant, keychain, ring, or necklace is hand-crafted and customized to fit the thumbprint, making the piece unlike any other in existence. This is incredibly powerful when you are using the thumbprint to symbolize a connection that lasts forever or commemorate and honor a loved one.

There are three main reasons why an individual would purchase a customized piece of thumbprint jewelry:


Often, individuals will use the thumbprint of a deceased loved one as a way to stay close with them as it acts as a physical reminder and token of their memory. This is especially profound with memorializing immediate family members. Even though every individual has a unique fingerprint, studies have found that fingerprint patterns can be inherited through genetics3. Thumbprint jewelry is not just a personal reminder of an individual but also a unique part of your individual history in this instance.

Common reasons for having thumbprint jewelry made for a loved one who has passed away is to either treasure their memory, commemorate a life well-lived, mark a special relationship. This is also a great idea for a young adult whom is experiencing loss for the first time. It gives them a tangible reminder of that person that has texture and 'feeling'.

For me personally, the loss of my dad hit me very hard. And that loss was magnified in that I lived so far away from the rest of my family that I didn't have that core group to grieve with - I felt very isolated with my grief. When I got my first new car, one of the gifts from my mom was a fingerprint keychain with my dad's fingerprint on it. It gave me comfort having that with me on my own travels - made me feel as if he was riding along with me and keeping me safe.


Thumbprint jewelry is a great way to express your love and connection with those that are still living. Fingerprint jewelry is appropriate for both men, women, and children which makes them perfect as gifts to give.

For instance, mothers and children can exchange thumbprint jewelry as a way to bond with one another, whereas, couples can give each other thumbprint jewelry as a way of staying together when they are miles apart. This is a great option as wedding bands, for those that are being deployed or even as a gift for a child that is moving away from home and on their own for the first time.

One of my most favorite examples of this was an engaged couple. The bride had placed an order for two white gold thumbprint dog tags. One was slightly smaller than the other which we custom designed for her. The front of the bride's dog tag had her groom's fingerprint engraved and vice versa for the groom. On the back of each dog tag was a laser engraved 'I love you' that each had handwritten. The groom's had the bride's 'I love you' in her handwriting and vice versa on the bride's pendant. The boxes were marked appropriately when they were sent to the couple and they opened them the morning of their wedding and wore them at the ceremony.


Believe it or not, thumbprint jewelry is a great idea as a way to commemorate a pet. We can laser engrave a nose print or a paw print right onto the surface of the pendant, keychain, etc. Many veterinarians can do this in their office or it's very simple to do at home4.

There are a couple of reasons outside of the loss of a pet where a family or pet parent may want to do this. For those that have college kids moving away, this is a great way for them to take a part of their pet with them to school and a thumbprint keychain would be the way to go. This is also ideal for those that are looking for a gift for a friend or family member that just brought their first pet home.

I have six dogs so this is something I am passionate about. I have personally hand-traced more pawprints and nose prints and given keychains as gifts to many friends that have lost their cherished animals. It warms my heart as much as it does theirs to be able to gift that to them.

How Does Thumbprint Jewelry Work?

There are three main steps when it comes to creating thumbprint jewelry: collecting the print, cutting the jewelry and engraving the print and, finally, tumbling, polishing and plating the jewelry. We also will showcase a gallery of our work and processes so you have a complete understanding from start to finish.


The most important part of thumbprint jewelry is the print collection. There are a couple of different ways to go about obtaining the fingerprint and getting the fingerprint image to us.

Using A Fingerprint Collection Kit

When your order is placed, we can immediately send out a fingerprint collection kit. The kit contains a piece of cardstock and everything you need to collect your fingerprint at home. It will consist of either an ink kit or ink strips and a way to record the fingerprint. The instructions are clearly stated on the left hand side of the card stock.

Once you have obtained the fingerprint, you simply upload a photo of it through our website. You can send the file to or upload on our upload page. You can also scan the QR code on the bottom right of the corner of the card stock.

From The Funeral Home

Often times, funeral homes will ask the family if they would like them to take the fingerprints of the deceased. And there are also many funeral homes will NOT take the fingerprints of the deceased unless the family specifically requests them to do so6. We always recommend that families request the fingerprint as this may be something down the road that you will wish that you had.

If you need assistance with obtaining a fingerprint on file with a funeral home, we are more than happy to assist. Although it may require written or verbal permission from the family, most funeral homes will readily comply and send us the fingerprint image.

Military, Government, Law Enforcement Records

If your loved one served in the armed forces, law enforcement, or some other sort of government entity, you may be able to get the fingerprints by contacting that agency directly. Some agencies, such as the FBI, will only release the fingerprints of a private citizen to that person or to a family member of that deceased private citizen5.

You can also check with your local law enforcement if the deceased lived in the same town and see if they have prints on file. Websites such as can prove to be very helpful in the search for a fingerprint of a loved one.

Collecting A Latent Or Patent Print Off An Object At Home

If you are unable to obtain a thumbprint from any of the above-mentioned places, you may be able to get one from an object from home. Fingerprints - as well as thumbprints - can be found on almost any hard surface and can sometimes be found on soft surfaces as well.

Generally, you are going to be looking for either patent (visible) or latent (invisible) fingerprints. Visible prints are often transferred from the thumb or finger due to blood, dirt, ink, or paint on them, whereas, latent prints are formed when the natural oils, sweat, and skin are deposited onto a surface. Latent fingerprints are not readily visible and require the use of an alternative light source, a chemical reagent, or a fingerprint powder.

Patent prints are collected using high-resolution photography and a forensic measurement scale. Often chemicals, dyes, or alternative light sources are used during photography to find these. Most intances of collecting prints at home will involve latent fingerprints - let's take a look at the process.

Latent Print Collection

Latent prints are collected by dusting a nonporous surface with fingerprint powder. If any show up, they are photographed, then lifted with clear adhesive tape.  Items you will need:

  • An object they touched
  • Black or white fingerprint powder
  • A small paintbrush or make-up brush with soft bristles
  • Clear tape

Here is how you would gather the latent thumbprint of a loved one.

Sprinkle a small amount of powder over the area of the print. Make sure to cover the entire area where you think the print is. You will need white fingerprint powder for dark-colored surfaces and black fingerprint powder for light-colored surfaces.

Gently brush the excess powder off the print with your soft-bristled brush. Be very gentle when doing this, as you want to keep the powder that is in the fingerprint, intact.

Place a piece of clear adhesive tape down over the powdered print and very carefully pull it back up.

Place the tape on a contrasting piece of paper.  Black for a white-powdered print and white for a black-powdered print.


After collecting the thumbprint we convert the print into a digital file. There are some great advantages to this, such as the print being naturally cataloged for use in the future if needed. Additionally, if there are any smudges or imperfections that need to be cleaned up, editing software allows us to clean up the print for a better looking end product.

Thumbprint jewelry can be made by either casting the jewelry or laser cutting the jewelry. We typically use laser cutting, as the accuracy of the laser can not be replicated by casting. The laser can engrave and cut down to fractions of a millimeter, allowing for an extremely accurate print on the jewelry.

Cutting and engraving a Thumbprint pendant on a laser

When cutting the jewelry, the laser must be focused perfectly. Any error in focusing will cause the thumbprint to be engraved inaccurately.

The laser cutting process generates an intense amount of heat. Aluminum cooling fins are used under the jewelry to help draw away the heat produced from the cutting process.


After the jewelry is cut, the polishing process begins. We polish all our jewelry with mass finishing techniques. This means that the jewelry is polished using jewelry mass finishing equipment and special polish called 'media'. The media rubs up against the jewelry in the equipment. Mass finishing allows several pieces of jewelry to polished at once. The result is a very uniform finish on the jewelry. Mass finishing works well for getting into tight crevices and irregular shaped areas that traditional polishing by hand would struggle at doing well.

There are several polishing phases that vary in time and types of media used. Generally, our equipment takes about 48 hours to completely polish a piece of jewelry. Polishing by hand is always the final phase of the process. This allows another time for a good visual quality check of the jewelry as well.

Below are some pictures that help to show various processes along the polishing phase of the jewelry.

The polishing process begins with the jewelry going through a wet media process for around 3 hours.

After the wet process, the jewelry is placed in a vibratory finishing machine for just over 40 hours, this leaves the jewelry evenly polished.

Next the jewelry is placed in a magnetic pin finisher to help clean up any of the dry media from the previous step, and put a nice shine on the jewelry.

A final inspection takes place for any areas that need to be ground or filed down for an even finish.

We finish with a hand polish, leaving the pendant with a shiny finish - or as in this case, with a beautiful satin brushed sheen.

Lastly, the pendant is steam cleaned to remove any residue from the polishing process.


Use the slide rule to examine the before (just after cutting) and the after (just after polishing) of this thumbprint pendant.

What Are The Different Types Of Thumbprint Jewelry?

Thumbprint jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles and keepsake options, and while you can get them done up in necklaces and rings, our collection includes pendants, keychains, and dog tags. And thumbprint jewelry doesn't stop there - they make ideal gifts! Let's take a little more in-depth look at what different types of fingerprint jewelry we have to offer.


Fingerprint pendants are perhaps our customer favorites and, due to the hundreds of different designs, shapes and themes to choose from, it is easy to see why. Our fingerprint pendants may show the entire fingeprint or a portion thereof and we even have thumbprint pendants that will show a portion of two different and distinct prints.

Fingerprint pendants are truly a great option for just about everyone. There are styles that lean more masculine and have a heavier weight and feel and there are also pendants that are family inspired such as the Sterling Silver Love You To The Moon and Back Thumbrint Pendant. The elongated bail of our fingerprint pendants really sets them apart as it allows them to hang in a way that beautifully displays them on the body.

One of my favorite customers was a young dad with three children. He wanted to choose something special for his wife that incorporated their children for Mother's Day. He chose a gold plated four leaf clover and then had the kids help with getting their prints. A portion of each of their prints went on one leaf of the clover and the center we filled with purple resin - her favorite color! And I know how much she treasures it because it is a part of her family all in one piece.


Our thumbprint rings come in band styles as well as cuff styles and are available in a variety of different metals. The rings are ideal for both men and women alike and provide a great reminder of a loved one that they can carry with them always.

One of my favorite aspects of thumbprint rings is that it offers you the option of getting to hold the hand of someone you cherish - at least that is how I approach it. I know that when I take my cuff ring off, I have the ridges and lines of my dad's fingerprint under there and it brings me a lot of comfort, knowing he is with me in some way day to day.

My daughter actually has a fingerprint band and it's a story worth sharing. Her and her boyfriend were getting ready to move south and move in together and it was coinciding shortly after her birthday. Under the guise of me needing additional fingerprints for our pieces online, they sent me in their fingerprints. Her boyfriend chose a silver band and a portion of her fingerprint was engraved on one half of the top and a portion of his on the other half. The interior of the band was engraved with 'I Love You.' We made sure to notate which fingerprint half was which and she wears it as a promise ring with his half closest to her heart. And of course she LOVES it!


Thumbprint bracelets are another option when it comes to fingerprint jewelry. The bracelets are available with two different styles of bands - one that is more bangle style and the other which is a little more decorative and faceted. The thumbprint charm is attached to the bracelet with a jump ring and slides freely on the bracelet.

If you're looking for something that has more of a delicate nature or you simply love the look of charm bracelets, this is a really terrific option. Any thumbprin pendant that we feature on our site can be made to be worn on a bracelet and we can even custom create a design of your own.

I will note that I personally think the bracelets are better for those with a larger wrist size. I have a very petite wrist and it is a little too loose fitting for my comfort. Never be afraid to send us an email to with your wrist size and we will be happy to send you some options that would work best!


Our thumbprint jewelry with fingerprint and photo is a really unique way to show your dedication towards a loved one in multiple ways. A portion of the pendant is laser engraved with a print that you choose and the other part of the pendant has a black and white replica of your chosen photo that is covered with a clear enamel to protect the image.

This is a great example of a family heirloom! These types of pendants can help celebrate and tell stories of our veterans that served, of parents that were gone too soon or siblings that we never got the chance to meet. Thumbprint jewelry with a fingerprint is easily prerved over time by using only top quality metals and provides an heirloom keepsake where you can visually and tangibly touch a part of your history.

This concept I believe is vital to children and adolescents. When children and young adults learn about their family history and are embedded in those stories, it gives them a sense of belonging7. Those stories that they hear allow them the history of how their life unfolded through past family members. Having an heirloom for them to further that connection can help them to further connect the dots.


We took thumprint jewelry a step further in 2023 and begin creating designs that would incorporate a print with a small amount of ash resin. A very small amount of cremated ashes is mixed with the ash resin and allowed to harden. The end result is stronger than stone.

What we found was that not only did it give customers a splash of color that complimented the metal of their thumbprint jewelry but it also gave them countless other ways to show their love and dedication. The addition of the ashes brought a highly personal part of the deceased and the resin color almost always played a part as well. Might have been the birthstone color of the deceased, perhaps the color of their eyes or even the wearers favorite color. It created a personal, wearable, full of love and expression piece of jewelry that you simply can't find anywhere else.

Another one of my favorite customers. Lisa reached out to me back in the fall and was looking for something different. She wanted to incorporate her mom's fingerprint and some of her mom's ashes but she wanted it done in solid gold AND in the form of a keychain - three of them to be exact. And she wanted a little bit of text engraving on the back and then their phone number on the exterior rim in case the keychain ever got lost.

So we got to work! We solidified the design after several back and forth emails until Lisa, her brother and her dad were all happy with it. Next, she asked if we could do one in silver so that her dad could have it for awile before we did the solid gold ones. We happily obliged. It was a home run! The dad loved the silver one so much that he ordered five more so that every set of the keys in the house would have one. It was so gratifying as a business to have come up with something that a family absolutely loves and treasures and is EXACTLY what they were wanting!


Thumbprint jewelry gifts are one of our more popular categories - who doesn't like to surprise someone with a highly personal and special gift? I do. We carry fingerprint kershaw knives, fingerprint keychains, cufflinks, tie tacs, lighters and so much more! The opportunities to be creative and choose a gift that is not only personalized with a part of a fingerprint and some words from a verse, a song, a book - that's what people love to receive

A couple Christmas's ago, my husband and his brothers were trying to come up with a gift for their dad. He has everything as tends to happen when we get older. He loves to hunt and fish so I suggested a kershaw knife. They each sent me their fingerprint and I edited them and got them ready for print.

We then engraved an outline of the state of Maine onto the knife where the fingerprint goes. Maine was then filled with a portion of each of their fingerprints from top to bottom, oldest to youngest. We then had a raised heart engraved on the state approximately where their cabin was. The engraving on the knife read:

Every boy has a hero

We call ours Dad

To say that it was something he will treasure for always, let's just say that's an understatement. Don't be afraid to think outside the box or send us your ideas! Custom work is our favorite type of creating and we love bringing your vision to life!

What materials are Thumbprint Jewelry made from?

One of the choices that many consumers need to make when choosing a piece of jewelry is what metal they would like it crafted from. All our pendants, keychains, and dog tags are made from either stainless steel, sterling silver, or copper and can be plated over in gold, rose gold, silver or black plating. Additionally, we offer solid 14k white gold and solid 14k yellow gold. You can learn more about each below.


With stainless steel jewelry, it is naturally hypoallergenic7 for those who have allergies to certain kinds of metal, and it does not break or bend under regular use. There are numerous types of stainless steel since it is composed of multiple metal alloys and is a durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional metals.

It is impervious to oxidation, meaning it will not discolor or blacken over time nor will it leave any markings on your skin. Beyond this, stainless steel does not get scratched very easily and it retains its luster even after daily wear.

Stainless steel can be adorned with an array of beautiful finishes to make it look like sterling silver or white gold and can be plated with rose gold or yellow gold.


With sterling silver jewelry, you will get a much higher polish and natural finish than most other metals and due to its softness, gemstones can be mounted on easily.

Sterling silver is also hypoallergenic and is a popular choice as it can be easily molded into necklaces, pendants, and rings with a wide variety of attractive colors and finishes.

Sterling silver will tarnish if not properly maintained8 and may be more prone to scratching. Sterling silver continues to be a mainstay in the industry due to the versatility and beauty the metal presents.


With copper jewelry, it must be mixed with other metals like tin and zinc to make it into an alloy as its pure form is too malleable and therefore not very strong.

However, in an alloy form, it is extremely durable and can hold up to everyday wear. Copper will oxidize and this is often where you hear that the jewelry turned skin green. It is called oxidation reaction9. The metal reacts to the oxygen in the air as well as the oils in your skin and leaves a greenish residue. We apply a thin clear coat to all of our copper jewelry in order to prevent oxidation reaction.  

Copper thumbprint jewelry is a fantastic choice if you are looking for a piece that has a high luster or is engraved in high definition. And the unique color of copper jewelry contrasts nicely with all skin tones.


Solid 14k gold and white gold jewelry is the best of the best when it comes to beauty, longevity and overall investment. Solid gold has great durability and whether you choose yellow gold or white gold, the color is appealing with every skin tone and ideal for both men and women.

It's important to keep budget in mind if you're choosing solid 14k yellow or white gold for thumbprint jewelry. The metal itself is more valuable so therefore there is going to be a higher price point. Also, all of our solid 14k gold thumbprint jewelry is made to order and one of a kind.

Solid gold thumbprint jewelry is the best option if you are looking for a family heirloom to pass down to future generations.

How Can I Personalize Thumbprint Jewelry?

There are a variety of ways in which you can personalize thumbprint jewelry. Adding personalization is a great option if you want to increase the emotional nature of the jewelry and provides additional ways to honor or celebrate a loved one.


Text engraving is offered on most all of our thumbprint jewelry - either on the back or the front or sometimes both - and is an option that many of our customers take advantage of. It's an ideal way to add your loved one's name, dates of birth or death or even a short phrase, bible verse or song lyric.

There are different font styles as well. This is another way in which you can choose a style of font that you find visually appealing or that reminds you of the deceased. The number of characters varies from design to design and, in those instances where you need a few more characters, give us a call at 1-877-723-7229. We usually can find a way to make it work.

And it's not just text that you can have engraved. Most of our thumbprint pendants can be engraved with a signature trace or an additional fingerprint. This is a touching and personal way to not only be able to touch the fingerprint of your loved one but to also run your fingertips over their handwriting and feel the words.


On our thumbprint and resin jewelry, you are not bound to choose the resin color in the photo. You can switch out the resin color for any resin color on our site and we can make that adjustment. The resin adds a pop of color and is a beautiful accent to the metal of your jewelry.

If you can't find the color of resin that you are looking for, send an email to We have access to hundreds of colors and can help you find the exact shade you're looking for. We recently just did a fingerprint pendant for a woman that wanted a turquoise color in honor of her son's birthday in December. After a few emails back and forth and some mixing on our end, we got the exact turquoise color she was hoping for.


The way a necklace hangs on the body is different for everyone. From the length of an individual's torso to neck size and simply what a person finds aesthetically appealing or comfortable. Thumbprint pendants can be personalized simply by choosing a chain in a different length or style.

We offer a number of different styles that come in a variety of lengths. Choose from 18", 20", 22", 24", 26" and 30" lengths. Our upgraded premium chains are made of .925 sterling silver and come in the following styles: rope, box, snake, box, coreana, men's rope and men's curb chains.

Quick Fact

We have designed our bails to be elongated. Most companies use a round jump ring which places the pendant close to the necklace it lies on. With our bail, the pendant lies slightly below the chain and allows for the pendant itself to be focal point of the necklace. Additionally, we can increase the depth of the bail at the customer's request to incorporate a thicker chain such as a men's rope chain.


Birthstone heart hangers are another option when it comes to personalizing thumbprint pendants. Our birthstone rider hearts are availble in silver, gold plated, black plated and rose gold plated and the small heart has a center birthstone. The heart hanger will rest beside the thumbprint pendant and provides an alternate way to accent the jewelry.

The birthstone hearts can symbolize the birthday of the deceased or your own birthday. Or any other month that holds particular meaning. Choose the month you got engaged or perhaps the 'gotcha' month for when you adopted your pet. The options are endless and the only requirement is that the birthstone means something special to you.

Our Top 5 Thumbprint Jewelry Picks

We all have our favorites and we thought we'd share our top five thumbprint jewelry picks with you. This can be helpful if you are overwhelmed with all the choices and need a starting point.


The sterling silver decoative cuff ring is one of our favorites and a customer favorite as well. The cuff style us designed to slide easily over the knuckle then sit securely at the base of the finger. The slight concave nature of the top of the ring gives it a modern touch and this ring is ideal as an accent ring.

Not only do I love this ring but I actually own this ring. It was gifted to me by mom and my brother for a birthday and the inside of the band has my dad's fingerprint. I love it because I am a minimalist when it comes to my jewelry and I never take the ring off. And I love it because I feel close to my dad - like he's holding my hand.

I'll be honest in that I had some trepidation when I received the ring. I thought that the bottom of the ring would pinch my finger. Not the case. The ring is very comfortable, fits securely without being tight. And this was a ring that we did a custom order on (check it out below) and I'm obsessed with the way the custom ring turned out.


This pendant is another top five favorite of ours and, truth be told, it's gorgeous in every finish. The oval shape is very unisex and this pendant has a broad appeal for men and women alike. The front face of the oval really showcases the beauty of the pendant and the size of the face allows for a generous portion of the fingerprint to be engraved.

I think my favorite part of the pendant is how versatile it is. This is one that you can put on and never take off. It transitions with ease from work attire to casual attire and there is nothing showy about the oval thumbprint pendant. It's got a nice weight to it and is just a really nice way to remember someone you cherished in a manner that is very discreet. I think this particular fingerprint pendant would be a great option for a young adult that has maybe experienced loss for the first time.


As a company that loves our country and supports our military personnel, this pendant is very special. Dog tags became official in the early 1900's and were used as a way for the military to identify those that were killed or severly injured10. The tag was worn under the clothing of the solider. In 1916, a second tag was added and one tag stayed with the body while the other tag was used for burial record keeping. Over time, the look and markings changed - at one point the Navy etched a sailor's print on the back - however, the concept of using the dog tag as a personal identifier remained the same.

This pendant is a wonderful gift idea for any spouse, child, parent or sibling of military personnel. Not only do you have a reminder of them with you always but it's a great way to have a visual reminder of them as well. The silver dog tag fingerprint pendant serves as an indentifier of your soldier, reminding them of you that you are keeping them close at heart while they are deployed.


Not everyone wears jewelry so having products that fit a wide range of lifestyles is important to us. The round my love stainless steel fingerprint keychain features an engraved fingerprint on the front with a small heart at the center. Additionally, you can fit a fair amount of engraved text on the back side of the round and the stainless steel makes it very durable.

I love this keychain because I think it's a great way to incorporate those that have left before us into our lives. Think about a grandson that never got to know his grandfather past some faded memories as a child. What a wonderful gift this is to give him on the day he gets his license, a way to remind him that his grandfather will always be with him in the passenger seat. I also think that any of our fingerprint keychains are ideal for those that drive truck for a living or that spend a lot of time on the road. They allow them to take a memory of home with them on their travels.


This is another one of our go-to fingerprint items and is our favorite - and our customers' favorite too! The kershaw style knife is made of stainless steel and is a basic duty knife. The back of the knife features a sturdy clip and the knife has a decent weight and a slim design.

There are so many wonderful orders surrounding this knife. We had a woman whom lost her husband and she gifted a knife to her husband's 8 best friends on the day of his celebration of life. We just recently engraved a knife with a badge of a local pd and put the retiree's badge number, title and the name of the township and it was gifted to him by a colleague as a retirment gift. The knife has been gifted countless times during the holidays and is just a really unique idea when you aren't sure what to get or how to show you care.

Quick Fact

We can do virtually any sort of custom design on our kershaw knives. Choose as a retirement gift, a 'thank you' gift or even as groomsmen gifts before your wedding. Not sure if we can do it? Give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 and we will be happy to brainstorm with you!

Can I have a piece of Thumbprint Jewelry custom made?

Custom designing and creating fingerprint jewelry is one of our most favorite things to do. Let's talk a little bit more about how our design process works.


Our first step in the custom design process is consulting with the customer. This is typically done via email as it provides the customer with the opportunity to send us examples of what they are wanting. Also, it's a great way to be able to look back over things in writing and provides a more permanent means of communication. This has proven helpful as the custom design process continues.


The second part of the process is proofs. We take the idea from the customer and start with a basic proof. The proofs are done via software and allows for the customer to have a visual of what the end result will look like. It also provides a base for easy changes and manipulations of the design. Once the customer is satisfied, we move on to creating the actual design.


Above is photo of a 3D printed fingerprint pendant. This allows the customer to touch, feel and confirm the size and design of the pendant before it is created. This is a great feature for custom orders.

During the creating phase, we do just that - create the custom design. We print a 3d model of the piece out of resin. This allows our customers to view the piece at the size it will actually be made at. If it is a ring, they can even try on the resin printed ring to see if it fits correctly. Having an actual printed model of the jewelry helps to make final decisions before the piece is cast or laser cut.

After the jewelry model is approved, we cast or laser cut the piece of jewelry. The jewelry then is polished, engraved and plated and presented to our customer.


One of the best services we have to offer our customers is the option for a custom design. Often times, you may find something that is kinda sorta what you're looking for however not quite. That's the ideal time to send us an email at and ask us to help!

Custom made solid gold fingerprint coin. This coin features stunning detail with a deep engraved fingerprint that you can feel. Being made of solid gold, this coin is extremely valuable with just the gold content alone. This piece was made as a keepsake that the customer wanted to carry in their pocket daily.

Custom back star fingerprint necklace. This star was made to resemble and pay tribute to the Armed Forces since the keepsake was to commemorate a veteran of our country. This is a simple design that looks gorgeous in black. The base metal is Sterling Silver.

Thumbprint Jewelry Faqs

We understand that you may have questions about thumbprint jewelry. Read some of our most frequently asked questions!

How long will it take to receive my order?

We are able to ship your personalized memorial thumbprint jewelry within 24-48 hours of processing your order and standard delivery times are 1-3 business days depending on where you live. For example, if you placed your order on Monday morning, your thumbprint jewelry would ship on Tuesday and you would receive between Wednesday and Friday.

How do I get my thumbprint to you?

There are a couple of options for you to get our thumbprint to us. You can upload the image directly on the product page or email us the image referencing your order number. Additionally, we can send out a free fingerprint kit on the day that your order is placed. The fingerprint kit takes you step-by-step through the process and then you simply email us the resulting image.

I want to order thumbprint jewelry for my entire family. Can you offer me a discount for a large order?

We love passing on savings to our customers and would be happy to work with you on a discount for a larger order. Check out our coupons and discounts page to see what kinds of offers are currently available. Also, we are always available via email at or by calling 1-877-723-7229.

Can you do an infant's thumbprint?

We absolutely can do an infant's thumbprint! You can upload the image of your baby's thumbprint or fingerprint directly on the product page or we can send out a fingerprint kit to you on the day the order is placed. Thumbprint jewelry with an infant's fingerprint makes a wonderful and special gift for mom and dad to celebrate the birth of their child!

Can you add engraved text to my thumbprint jewelry?

All of our thumbprint jewelry can be personalized with engraved text. Each piece varies with the amount of customized text and you can select your engraving directly on the product page. Adding engraved text to the back of thumbprint jewelry allows for families to increase the emotional value of the jewelry.

What are my options for customizing my thumbprint jewelry?

There are several different options when it comes to customizing your thumbprint jewelry. You can upgrade to one of our premium chains or choose a chain that is in a contrasting finish. All of our thumbprint jewelry can be personalized with engraved text. You can also add a birthstone heart or small initial accessory to pair with your thumbprint jewelry.

Do I have to clean my thumbprint jewelry?

We do suggest periodic cleaning of your thumbprint jewelry. Using a jeweler's cloth or a lint free cloth, gently wipe the jewelry on every side. This will remove any oil build-up or residue that can accumulate on the jewelry with wear. Never use jewelry cleaners or chemicals to clean your jewelry as this can damage the integrity of the metal or finish.

My loved one passed away.  How do I get their fingerprint?

Most funeral homes take the fingerprints of the deceased and keep them on file. You can call the funeral home to see if they did indeed take fingerprints and ask them to forward to Jewelry Keepsakes. Or we are happy to call them for you and assist in any way that we can.

Can you combine the thumbprints of my two children?

Yes, we can combine two fingerprints! Fingerprint jewelry such as the Two Thumbprint Heart can be engraved with two different fingerprints and is available in four different finishes. We can also custom design thumbprint jewelry that will hold multiple prints. Email us at or give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 and we will be happy to assist you!

I don't see exactly what I want on your site.  Can you custom design a piece of thumbprint jewelry for me?

We would love to custom design a piece of thumbprint jewelry for you! Collaboration is our specialty and we can create almost anything you're looking for. Send us your thoughts at or call us at 1-877-723-7229 to get the designing started!

Can you feel the grooves of the thumbprint on the jewelry?

You can feel the ridges of the fingerprint on the thumbprint jewelry! The ability to touch and feel the fingerprint of someone you cherish increases the emotional value of your thumbprint jewelry. Every thumbprint is unique and all of our thumbprint jewelry is one of a kind too!


When it comes to keeping a loved one close to you, there is nothing that quite matches running your fingers along the ridges of another’s fingerprint. With a custom-designed memorial thumbprint jewelry piece, you can celebrate and remember that special someone in a unique and beautiful way.

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