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Jewelry Keepsakes New Zealand Customers FAQs

Do you ship cremation jewelry to New Zealand?

We do ship cremation jewelry to New Zealand! Jewelry Keepsakes is committed to providing the best quality cremation jewelry to our customers no matter where you live. For those customers that live in New Zealand, we’ve got all the information you need on what to expect for shipping costs and delivery estimates when ordering a keepsake from Jewelry Keepsakes.

How much does it cost to ship cremation jewelry to New Zealand?

The shipping costs for your package will depend on a couple of factors: how quickly do you need your purchase and tax and duty charges. We offer both USPS (United States Postal Service) and FedEx (Federal Express) and depending on when you need your order dictates the base cost of the shipping. The shipping costs and estimated delivery dates are as follows:

You mentioned tax and duty charges. What are those and how much will those charges be?

There may be associated costs on good being shipped into New Zealand that are imposed by the New Zealand Customs Service. You can find out more about what to anticipate when receiving goods in New Zealand by visiting here. You can also use the what’s my duty calculator found here to calculate any duty charges that New Zealand Customs Service may impose.

I still have questions. Who do I call?

For questions regarding duty tax and charges, receiving goods in New Zealand, contact the New Zealand Customs Service by finding your closest Customs office Click Here. For questions regarding Jewelry Keepsakes and any of our cremation jewelry products, please call 1-877-723-7229.