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Splendid Black Ash Jewelry

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Usually Ships in 24-48 Hours After Receiving The Ashes
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  • 100,000+ Pieces

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  • .925 Sterling Silver with Black Finish
  • Ashes are combined with gemstone-like resin
  • Can be personalized with engraved message
  • Includes 20" matching chain
  • Ash collection kit sent out immediately
  • Presented in a lovely gift box
  • Usually ships in 24-48 hours after receiving your ashes
The Splendid Black Ash Jewelry offers you a way to honor your parents, a spouse and a child or even a sibling and a pet in a way that is private, discreet and beautiful. This square shaped pendant is crafted by hand of sterling silver and is then finished with a durable black coating. The front face of the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry is divided into two triangular shapes and each triangle is filled with a gemstone like resin that is mixed with a small amount of cremated ashes. When the ash mixture hardens it is stronger than stone. We polish every Splendid Black Ash Jewelry by hand and match it with a 20" chain.

Once the order for the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry is processed, an ash collection kit is sent out. The kit for the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry contains everything from instructions to a receptacle to a postage paid return envelope. When we receive the ashes we will add them to the resin for the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry and any ashes we don't use will be securely packaged and returned to you along with your purchase.

We offer other ways in which the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry can be personalized. If you would like different resin colors, call us at 1-877-723-7229 or send an email to to discuss your options. We offer engraved text on the back of the Splendid Black Ash Jewelry as well as a number of different chain lengths and finishes. Size: 5/8" w x 3/4" h
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