Stainless Steel Forever Bracelet Keepsake Jewelry
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Stainless Steel Forever Bracelet Keepsake Jewelry

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Our Price: $69.95

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Jewelry Specifications

This bracelet is 8" long.
This keepsake is made of stainless steel.
Internal Volume:
This keepsake will hold a "pinch" of cremated remains. A "pinch" is equal to approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon.
Personalization Options:
This keepsake can NOT be engraved.

Jewelry Description

  • Black braided leather band and stainless steel
  • This bracelet does hold cremated ashes
  • You cannot engrave the bracelet
  • Instructions and kit included for easy operation of urn
  • Beautiful bracelet box
  • Usually shipping within 24 hours

The Stainless Steel Forever Bracelet Keepsake Jewelry provides a unique way for to keep a part of them with you always. This gorgeous bracelet accommodates both a man and a woman's sense of style with a thick braided black leather band. The accents are stainless steel and provide great depth and contrast to the black leather. The end of the bar has a screw that opens to reveal the inner cavity.  The bracelet will hold a remembrance that you choose in honor of your loved one and we are able to ship within 24 hours of receiving and processing your Stainless Steel Forever Bracelet. Size: Bracelet is 8" long