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Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry

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Keepsake Ships 2 to 3 Days After Receiving The Ashes
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  • Better Business Bureau

  • 100,000+ Pieces

  • 80,000+ Families Served

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Features a completely sealed urn which means no visible screw
  • No stress of filling the pendant - we take care of that for you!
  • Heirloom quality and indistinguishable from regular jewelry
  • Can be personalized with engraved text
  • Includes 20" matching chain
  • Presented in a lovely gift box
  • Usually shipping within 24-48 business hours after receiving the ashes

Select this marvelous Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry as a great way to honor a loved one and carry a memory of them with you wherever you go.  Created out of .925 sterling silver, the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry features a completely sealed urn and is 100% waterproof.  Made in the USA, the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry is heirloom quality and indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

The benefits are many when it comes to choosing the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry.  The internal urn will hold the ashes of your loved one and the ashes are completely sealed inside the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry.  This means that the pendant is completely waterproof.  Made to order and designed for the ashes of your loved one, the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry is one of a kind and heirloom quality.

When your order is placed for the Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry, we will immediately send out an ash collection kit and instructions. Casting for your jewelry also starts at this time. Once we receive the ashes from the customer, we place a very small amount inside the pendant and complete the creating process. The Sterling Silver Best Pal Bone Permanently Sealed Jewelry is then polished by hand and paired with a matching 20" chain. Any remaining ashes are returned to the customer along with their purchase. Size: 1/4" w x 5/8" h

Permanently Sealed Jewelry FAQs

Do I fill this jewelry or do you?

We fill the jewelry for you right here in our facility.  The jewelry is filled with ashes and then Permanently Sealed with a welded plug. 

How much of the ashes do you need?

We require less than _ teaspoon of cremated remains.  Any ashes not used in the filling of the jewelry will be securely packaged and returned with your purchase.

How is this different from regular cremation jewelry?

Permanently Sealed jewelry has some benefits that you don’t find with traditional cremation jewelry. 

  • The ashes of your loved one are Permanently Sealed inside the jewelry.  This means there is no threaded screw and there is no way to access the ashes. 
  • Permanently Sealed jewelry is 100% waterproof and is indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

How do I get the collection kit?

We will send out an ash collection kit immediately after your order is processed.  The kit contains an ash receptacle as well as instructions and everything you will need to fill the receptacle with a small amount of ashes.  We also include a postage paid label that corresponds with your order number so that you can send the ashes back to us.

Can only ashes be placed inside the jewelry?

Permanently Sealed jewelry can be filled with any remembrance you choose.  You can place a few strands of hair, some ground from the site of burial or even a small piece of a favorite article of clothing.  We can work with almost anything.

Is this jewelry only for people, or can I use it for my pet?

Permanently Sealed jewelry is for remembering humans and pets!  We can place a small amount of pet hair/fur or pet ashes inside the jewelry and Permanently Seal it inside.

Is there a screw on this jewelry?

Permanently Sealed jewelry does not have a screw.  The ashes or other remembrance are Permanently Sealed inside the jewelry, making the jewelry 100% waterproof.

Is this waterproof?

Yes, all Permanently Sealed jewelry is completely waterproof.

What all does my jewelry come with?

Every piece of Permanently Sealed jewelry comes a gift box, a matching chain where applicable and a Certificate of Authenticity.  The Certificate of Authenticity assures you that the ashes inside the Permanently Sealed jewelry are your loved one’s ashes.

I like a design I see, but I want to fill it myself. 

That is not a problem. All Permanently Sealed jewelry can be made like traditional cremation jewelry with a screw. Simply indicate that you would like to fill it yourself in the order comments section of the checkout, and we will create a piece for you with a screw opening. 

Can you create a design for me?

We absolutely can create a custom design for you!  Simply send us an idea of what you are looking for and we will collaborate with you to design exactly what you are looking for.

If I want to order multiple pieces is there a discount?

We would be more than happy to offer a discount for multiple pieces.  Please contact our customer service at or call us at 1-877-723-7229 to learn more.

Where is my jewelry made?

Your Permanently Sealed jewelry is handcrafted by our artisans in Montana, USA!  We are proud to offer American made products!

Why should I trust you with my loved ones ashes?

We have almost two decades of experience in the memorial jewelry industry and have served over 80,000 customers in that time frame.  We are BBB Accredited and invite you to read what our customers have to save on our reviews page, Google, Facebook and Etsy pages.

Shipping FAQs 

How much does shipping cost?

All standard shipping in the continental United States is absolutely free!  Shipping the ash collection kit to you is FREE. Shipping the ash collection kit back to us is FREE. Shipping your jewelry and any remaining ashes back to you is FREE. We do offer two day and overnight shipping for the standard rates.  Additionally, we ship all over the world and international shipping rates do apply.

How long does it take to receive the collection kit?

Your collection kit is mailed on the first business day after your order is processed.  For those residing in the continental United States, your collection kit should arrive in 2-3 business days from when you placed your order.

Can you overnight my jewelry?

We can overnight your jewelry once the process is complete. Simply select Overnight as your shipping option when checking out. Please note, overnight shipping is for sending the jewelry overnight only. We do not overnight the ash collection kit. 




This keepsake measures 1/4" wide x 5/8" high. The keepsake is measured from the bottom of the pendant to the bottom of the bail.
This keepsake is made of .925 sterling silver.
Internal Volume:
This keepsake will hold a "pinch" of cremated remains. A "pinch" is equal to approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon.
Personalization Options:
This keepsake cannot be engraved.