Make a Lasting Impression with Keepsake Jewelry: Tips for Finding the Perfect Piece

Memories mean everything to us. Whether it’s a special date, a beautiful moment in time, or even the cherished remembrance of a deceased loved one, we want to keep those most important moments in our minds. It’s one of the reasons we often choose physical reminders of these moments – and these people – to carry us through the difficult times. 

Keepsake jewelry, including photo-engraved jewelry, cremation jewelry, and thumbprint jewelry, is one fantastic way to do just that. These custom, highly personalized items are unique ways to capture a memory forever – in a way you can carry with you wherever you go. 

In this article, we hope to guide you along the process of choosing the perfect piece of keepsake jewelry for you, your loved ones, and the moment (or person) you are immortalizing in a beautiful, unique design.

What Is Keepsake Jewelry?

From the most basic pendant to the most elaborate engagement rings, jewelry has always held meaning in our lives. It can represent special moments, special people, or even be as simple as a reflection of our inner selves.

It also represents our style and, to some degree, our personalities. Keepsake jewelry is no exception to that. It represents something deeper – our connection to those we have loved and lost. 

Keepsake jewelry provides that link, not only to those who have passed but to the people who mean the most to us even now.

It can represent those big moments in our lives – births of children, birthdays, or historic moments that we want to remember forever – and allow us to keep them close.


It gives us a way to look back on those frozen moments in time and remember them as they were. What’s more, it also creates a physical object that when can pass down to our loved ones as well, once the time is right.

These mementos, whatever they may be, are important to us not only for whatever monetary value they might possess but, more importantly, for what they ultimately represent. 

Keepsake jewelry takes many forms. It can be as simple as a beloved wedding band or a birthstone pendant. It can be more elaborate – like a custom anniversary broach. It can even be a small urn pendant containing your loved one’s ashes. There’s no single item that holds our memory beyond the ones we choose to make most personal to us. 

A Brief History Of Memorial Keepsakes

Humans are built on memory. We cherish our loved ones and, after they are gone, we honor their memory in the way that would best reflect their lives. This has also been true for as long as we have a record of history. One way we’ve done this historically is through the creation of memorial jewelry.

This tradition dates back centuries, with evidence of jewelry items dating back to ancient Rome. Archeologists have found jewelry made of bone and teeth that might have been part of remembrance items designed to honor an ancestor or loved one after their death. 

Tutor Mourning Ring

Tutor mourning rings became popular in the 1500s and were designed as gifts – often inscribed with the name of the deceased, any crest they might have, and birth and death dates – to be given after the death of a notable individual.

Even William Shakespeare was known to have given several of them to family and colleagues after his death. Many other jewelry items dating to the Renaissance era do the same. Humans have always cherished keepsakes that remind us of our ties to the living and the dead. 

One of the most popular traditions of memorial keepsakes in history comes from the Victorian Era and the rise of “Memento Mori” jewelry. Victorian mourning jewelry gained popularity with Queen Victoria.

After the death of her husband Prince Albert, she was rarely seen without her mourning attire. That included an impressive amount of jewelry and commissioned many pieces designed to remember her late husband, many with cameos, locks of hair, or other items centered around his image. 

Queen Victoria

This kickstarted the Memento Mori movement, where life was treated as fleeting and the inevitability of death was something fashionable instead of something to avoid. These were pieces designed to emulate motifs related to death, often skulls, skeletons, coffins, and other symbols.

This kickstarted the Memento Mori movement, where life was treated as fleeting and the inevitability of death was something fashionable instead of something to avoid. These were pieces designed to emulate motifs related to death, often skulls, skeletons, coffins, and other symbols. 

In the 1800s, this trend appeared again during the Civil War. Young men would leave behind locks of hair when they went away to war, giving their sweethearts a piece of themselves to keep when (or if) they returned.

If they perished in the conflict, these mementos were incorporated into mourning jewelry like lockets for their families and loved ones to remember them by. 

Over the last decade, this type of jewelry is making a swift comeback! Today, however, it better reflects modern fashion and style trends. While there is still interest in death-related items, modern keepsake jewelry often reflects the life of a person instead of their death. It also takes many forms, including cremation jewelry, thumbprint jewelry, ash jewelry, and photo engraved items. 

Why Would You Want To Purchase Keepsake Jewelry?

Keepsakes come in many forms. Jewelry is only one way of immortalizing your loved ones. It is, however, one that can be utilized for many occasions. Here are only some of the appropriate moments to purchase -or gift – a jewelry keepsake. 


Memorial keepsakes are perhaps the most obvious of these occasions, especially given the history of memorial jewelry and the types of items most popular. Creating a unique, personalized memorial item to celebrate the life of a person after they are gone.

It offers a tangible connection to our memories of the person and how important they still are to us in life. Custom memorial jewelry – whether by using ashes, a thumbprint, or even a photo – furthers that special connection. 


Remembrance is not the only reason to consider keepsake jewelry. The moments we want to immortalize aren’t always sad or revolve around grief. They can also be times of joy and a celebration of life while it’s happening as much as a life remembered. Just some of those special occasions include: 


Jewelry is an incredibly popular item to gift someone on their birthday. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or cufflinks, everyone loves a thoughtful gift with a little bit of sparkle. The most common keepsake item for a birthday is, of course, a piece of jewelry bearing the recipient's birthstone in it. 

Birthstone jewelry has been popular for decades both in the Western and Eastern world. It’s practically traditional these days for birthstones to be given in part to mark the birth of a new child or a particularly important birthday like Sweet Sixteen or even the First Birthday.

One of the most popular occasions for a photo-engraved pendant is, of course, celebrating a new life – which can include Choosing Personalized Baby Jewelry for Mom & Dad. 


It’s traditional to celebrate holidays with gift exchanges. While many of these gifts are practical items, some are more personal and sentimental. Keepsake items of all kinds are given during holidays centered around love (platonic and romantic), family, and the celebration of life.

Much like birthdays, these are great moments to consider giving a gift that commemorates the occasion and the memories you have built around the people you love. Perfect holidays to consider personalized jewelry:

  • Mother's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Christmas


Who doesn’t love giving and receiving presents on important anniversaries? Romantic anniversaries are the obvious choice! Beautiful photo-engraved pendants with a family photo-etched into them make wonderful keepsakes, as do keychains, wallet cards, or money clips.

You could even purchase a keepsake for yourself to celebrate a big moment in your life – a job promotion, a big move, or even big family moments together! 


Pets are family. They are an integral part of our lives and lifelong companions. They are dependent upon us for their care and love, making it easy for many people to view them as akin to their children.

They are treasured, beloved members of the family. They are reassuring presences for many who might otherwise feel alone or rely upon their presence as service animals or emotional support pets. Because they are an important piece to our families, their death can be just as traumatic as losing any other family member.

For many, designing a memorial keepsake for their pet brings solace. Photo-engraved jewelry is an extremely popular option as there are multiple designs tailored for animal lovers.

If you have recently lost a beloved companion, we have an article dedicated to Strategies for Grieving the Loss of Your Pet. It can help guide you through your grief and also decide whether or not a memorial keepsake for your furry best friend is right for you. 


When someone you care about loses something important to them, it can be tricky to know how best to support them. One especially important thing you can do is simply focus on their needs and what can help them through this difficult time. 

If they are someone who finds solace in keepsakes, you want to consider the gift of personalized remembrance jewelry for them. Depending on your relationship, you might find it easier to design the keepsake with their input or, if you know them well enough, you can do it for them based upon their preferences. 

What Kinds Of Keepsake Jewelry Are Available?

While you may be familiar with some kinds of keepsake items (as we have mentioned several in our guide already), you might not be aware of exactly what kinds of jewelry items are available for you to select from!


When the jewelry is crafted and infused with your loved one's ashes, this is called cremation ash jewelry. The concept of remembrance is the same yet how the jewelry is created is entirely different.

The most common types you will see where the ashes are infused into the piece are glass, porcelain, or similar materials which are then transformed into items like crystals, diamonds, or beading. Where typical cremation jewelry holds the ashes inside a small compartment discreetly placed on the keepsake, cremation jewelry made from ashes integrates the ashes into the material of the jewelry.

Cremation jewelry comes in several different styles including pendants, rings, bracelets and keychains.

Pendants are the most prolific type of keepsake people choose as memorial jewelry. These small urn pendants are a perfect way to keep your memories safe and close, even when you can’t always find space for larger keepsakes.

For a smaller, more subtle keepsake, you might want to consider a ring instead of a pendant. These cremation rings for ashes come with a small urn built into the ring base that is filled with cremains. View Our Collection

Cremation bracelets are an elegant way to honor a lost friend, family member, or other loved one. Much like the other jewelry types, these bracelets have a small bail on the underside of the band that can be filled with a “pinch” of cremains.

Due to the discreet placement of the bail, they are easy to fill but don’t appear to look like a cremation keepsake from an outside perspective.

If you would like an alternative to wearing a memorial keepsake, cremation keychains offer it. This allows you to keep your loved one with you but does not require wearing a piece of jewelry to do it.

It’s a great, portable alternative that is also non-gendered. These also come in a variety of designs of styles. 

For more information about obtaining a deceased loved one's cremains, you may want to read this article.


An alternative to cremation urn jewelry, photo-engraved jewelry laser engraves an existing photograph onto metal. Often crafted from stainless steel, these jewelry keepsakes can be gold or silver plated.

The process used for the engraving can replicate the exact likeness of your photograph and provide a beautiful way to immortalize a moment in time – and a cherished memory – forever. Many of these styles function as small urns and can be used to hold cremains. However, many designs do not hold cremains, too!

Photo-engraved jewelry can be used for many occasions, not just memorial keepsakes. For more ideas, visit our article 10 Occasions for Photo Engraved Jewelry. 

For more information about obtaining a deceased loved one's cremains, you may want to read this article. 


Also known as fingerprint jewelry, this style engraves your loved one’s fingerprint onto a piece of jewelry instead of a photograph, though it uses the same process. This keepsake can be a pendant, ring, bracelet, cufflinks, or even charms that attach to chains or bracelets. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind way to have a keepsake of your loved one. 


One of the most unique offerings for memorial keepsakes is an ash pendant. These one-of-a-kind pendants are created by mixing ashes from the deceased with colorful resin of your choice to create a distinctly personal piece of wearable art. The process creates a gorgeous swirl effect that retains a glossy, gem-like appearance. It is both beautiful and also highly personal, as no two pendants are alike. 

These pendants come in multiple sizes, shapes, and even offer multi-color options for the resin. If you’d like a custom piece of memorial jewelry that houses your loved one’s cremains but does not resemble the traditional urn, ash jewelry is a stylish, understated opinion. 

Tips For Keepsake Jewelry Selection

Once you’ve considered creating a jewelry keepsake for yourself or a loved one, you might not know what steps to take next. It can be overwhelming to sift through options and styles without a basis for what you would like and what would best fit your style, situation, and budget. We’ve compiled this list of tips to help guide you through the process of personalizing your perfect piece of jewelry! 


Before you think about other aspects of jewelry selection, you should start by establishing who this piece of jewelry is for. Most importantly, you should consider their taste and interest in jewelry or other keepsakes. If you are choosing a keepsake for yourself, then you only have to consider your own needs. If it’s for someone else, that can be a bit trickier. 

Taste and style are both very subject things, and it might do to consider how likely they are to use certain items (perhaps a ring of pendant) as opposed to others (like a keychain or money clip). Sometimes even those who seem as if they would not be sentimental would surprise you. 

If you choose one of our pendants, you’ll want to consider how well the size suits the person. If you’re shopping for a child, for example, you might want a smaller pendant. You might also want something smaller for a pet. If you’re buying for a woman, you might want to consider whether she prefers dainty jewelry. 


Cremation jewelry is not for everyone. Some of us would love and cherish the opportunity to keep a physical piece of our loved ones close after they have passed. Cremation jewelry is a unique, sanitary, and overwhelmingly popular type of keepsake for the majority of people.

For others, it may seem unpleasant or even sacrilegious. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a cremation keepsake or not wanting one. The decision is highly personal but should be considered before making a purchase, especially as a gift. 

Fortunately, you can find many options for both on our website. Most of our classic styles include near- identical options for pendants and urns so you can find the best style to suit your needs.


As an alternative to cremation jewelry, thumbprint jewelry offers a less overt – but no less impactful - connection to your deceased loved one. As we have said repeatedly, fingerprints are wholly unique parts of ourselves. 

However, thumbprint jewelry isn’t regulated solely as memorial keepsakes. It is also a way to celebrate the living! If you are creating a piece based on a living person, you should have no issue accessing their thumbprint.

Fortunately, Jewelry Keepsakes provides a free fingerprint collection kit with the purchase of any of our fingerprint jewelry. It consists of an ink kit or ink strips and a document to record the fingerprint. Once you have the fingerprint, you can upload it onto the website. 

Please be aware that if you are documenting the thumbprint of a young child, fingerprints may change as they grow. After the age of twelve, fingerprints stabilize fully and it should be a complete record of their prints! Honestly, the idea of keeping a baby’s fingerprints immortalized in metal is a lovely, sentimental way to remember your little one when they were still young (because they’ll grow up before you know it)! 

If your loved one is a member of the armed force, you can ask the military office where they registered for their documentation. They should keep a record of those fingerprints or they can give you a method for obtaining them if they are in another location. 

If you would like to create a fingerprint keepsake of a deceased individual, there are options for that as well! In most cases, the funeral home will likely have a copy of thumbprints for all their clients.

It is always recommended that you check with the funeral home first as they are often, very willing to help you in creating a beautiful memento of your family member or friend. If you do choose to get the thumbprint from the funeral home, be prepared to bring documentation such as an identification that you are related/ to or close to the deceased individual. 


Once you’ve chosen one of our gorgeous photo engraved pendants, it is time to select the photo you would like to use for the engraving. There are a few things you should consider before making your final selection. 

Is the Photo in Focus? Your engraving will only be as clear as the photo it comes from. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell if a digital photo is blurry when we look at it on our smart devices (specifically our phones). You will want to choose a photo that is properly focused and the subject is large enough to be seen clearly. 

Check the Lighting. Make sure your photo is not taken in a dark room. You want to choose a photo with minimal shadows so that you won’t lose any detail in the engraving process. The darker the photo, the harder it will be to replicate the unique aspects of the subject – including their face and expression – in the final product.

The Closer the Better. Close-up shots will translate better in engraving than full-body or far-away pieces. Consider a photo taken from a “headshot” angle, specifically from the shoulders up, for the best results. 

How Large is Your Photo? To get the best quality engraving from your photo, we request that your image be no smaller than 400 pixels. Anything less than that and the quality diminishes greatly. You can send in a larger image, however! It’s always better to go too big than too small! 

How Many People Are In the Photo? Choosing a photo with multiple subjects is not a problem! You can include family portraits or several people on a single pendant if you would like! You will want to bear in mind that as you increase the number of people (or pets) in the image, it will make each of them smaller on the engraving. If you are choosing a relatively small pendant, you may want to limit the number of subjects in the engraving. 

What About the Background? Would you like the background in your photo or would you prefer to have it removed? We can remove the background from photos. However, we ask that you include those instructions, as well as any cropping instructions when you place your order!

Remember – the higher the image quality, the better your finished product will look!
For more information about the engraving process (and what you may be able to do with your photo), 
please visit our Photo Engraved Jewelry FAQ! 


You only need a small amount of cremains to create a pendant for your loved one. If you choose ash jewelry, we will send you an ash collection kit at no additional cost. This kit includes instructions on collecting a small sample of cremation ash and sending it to us for the creation process. 


As you might have discovered, there are far more options for jewelry pieces than you might have considered!

Stainless Steel

This is a metal alloy, primarily made from iron and small amounts of carbon and other metals. It is durable, very lightweight, and has a bright sheen to it. It is naturally resistant to corrosion and is one of the least expensive metals to purchase. 

Sterling Silver

A great alternative to gold and just as classic, sterling silver is a durable, beautiful metal that offers a softer touch. It is an alloy, meaning that it is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and other metals like copper or nickel. It also looks best against cool or neutral skin tones. 


Glassmaking is an art. It takes patience, practice, and great skill to create unique, beautiful glassworks that are stylish and functional. Many also act as cremation urns in memorial jewelry. Glass is also frequently used when making cremation-infused ash jewelry. They also complement any skin tone. 


Wooden jewelry has gained popularity recently, primarily due to its uniqueness as a material for pendants or rings. Wooden keepsakes are unusual and will set your piece apart from many of the standard options available for cremation pendants. While they are affordable, much of the price depends on the type of wood used. More exotic wood comes at a higher price point. There are plenty of options for customization in color, cut, and wood grain. 

Solid 14K Yellow Gold

While more expensive than other types of metal, yellow gold is a classic material for jewelry making. It is traditional and timeless, making it a nice choice if you prefer luxury jewelry. Gold looks fantastic against warm skin tones. 

Honor your loved one with a truly unique and everlasting keepsake: a custom made solid 14k gold necklace for ashes, crafted just for you.

Eternal Remembrance: Unveiling our Exquisite Collection of Engravable 14K Gold Urn Pendants For Ashes of Loved Ones - Explore Today!

Solid 14K White Gold

Another excellent – and expensive – choice! 14K white gold does not tarnish, is resistant to scratches and dents, and is a fantastic fit for those who enjoy the classic look of silver but want a hardier piece.

Find your unique way to cherish the memory of a loved one with an exclusive 14k white gold urn necklace.


Any good consumer will always read reviews before they make a purchase, especially one that is expensive or cannot be returned. Once you’ve decided on the keepsake you’d like, take a look at the reviews for both the product and the business.

These reviews are important as they provide independent feedback on the quality of the product, shipping times, and customer service. You will want to make sure you are getting what you paid for! 

You can read all Jewelry Keepsake customer testimonials on our website here. Additionally, we have our customer reviews visible on each product page, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and the BBB.


What if wearing jewelry isn’t necessarily your style? While the most obvious purpose of any piece of jewelry is to be worn, that doesn’t mean it's the only option. There are plenty of alternatives for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a keepsake.

If you have a China cabinet or other display case in your home, you may have an area dedicated to family photos or keepsakes. You can easily add a pendant or keychain to a display of figurines, photographs, or other items. It can be part of a memorial to a loved one who has passed or just a tasteful way of displaying favorite gifts. 

Shadowboxes are great DIY items for crafty people who love creating their own keepsakes. Photo-engraved pieces or cremation pendants can make a nice addition to any memorial shadowbox. 

If you travel frequently, you may want to attach a jewelry keepsake to your rearview mirror. You can easily attach it using a clear fishing wire, a chain, or even a colorful ribbon. Slide it through the bail, and you can place it anywhere you would like!

Holidays are centered around memories – both making them as well as cherishing the ones we've shared with our loved ones. A creative way to display a jewelry keepsake is to incorporate it into a holiday ornament. 

Tips On Choosing Keepsake Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a fingerprint of a loved one if I don’t have one?

Most funeral homes take fingerprints of the deceased individuals they serve. Usually, these prints are kept on file within their records. You can call the funeral home for information regarding your loved one. If they do have them on file, you can ask them for the fingerprints or have them mail those prints directly to the jewelry craftsman. 

What size photo should I use for a photo-engraved pendant?

If you are sending a photo file through email, we recommend sending a jpeg file if possible. Please be sure that it is at a minimum of 400 pixels. Images can be larger than this, however. Any smaller images than 400 pixels will result in poor-quality image engraving. 

If you'd like to mail us the photo directly, we can take images as small as a standard polaroid for engraving! We will promptly return the photo after scanning it. When you upload or mail your photo, please make sure to provide cropping information so we can design the best image possible for your pendant. 

What type of cremation jewelry is best to buy for a child?

While cremation jewelry can be a wonderful gift for a child, it is important to consider the child's age and personality. A rambunctious child may not fare well with a long-chain pendant and may enjoy a ring or keychain instead. Keychains can be attached to a backpack and have a lower chance of getting lost or tangled. 

If you choose to get a cremation jewelry piece as a gift for a child, we have several pendants that will appeal to young kids, including animal cremation pendants, nature pendants, and glass pendants.

What if I want to design my own piece of cremation jewelry?

You can do that! Some many artisans and companies will make custom designs for you, including Jewelry Keepsakes. We would be happy to design a custom pendant or other memorial keepsake for you! If you are interested in having your design come to life, give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 or send an email to We'll be happy to help! 

How long does it take to make custom-made jewelry?

Jewelry Keepsakes prides ourselves on having a quick turnaround on all orders. Most photo engraved jewelry will ship within 1-2 business days after processing your order. Some pieces may even ship the same day! Turnaround time depends on the complexity of your order and any customizations you have added to the individual piece.  Standard delivery for items is 2-3 business days. 

How do I choose a style of cremation pendant for my friend who lost her dad?

There are many things to consider when choosing a cremation pendant for another person. You will want to consider their relationship with the deceased, their style, and the best way to represent the person they have lost. If you are in doubt about your selection, you can always ask the recipient and get their opinion on it as well. 

We recommend reading through our guide in the article above to help you make a final selection. 

How much does cremation jewelry cost?

The cost of any piece of jewelry depends on the item in question. Cremation jewelry is not inherently expensive, though the price point depends on many factors including the type of material(s) used in the design, the level of personalization, and any upgrades added to the piece. 

 A simple glass urn pendant can cost as little as $50 while sterling silver or gold-plated options may run closer to $100-150 depending on the size. If you'd like to invest in solid 14k gold urn necklace for ashes, you will need to budget more, including up to $1000. 

How much ashes do you need for a piece of cremation jewelry?

You only need a very small amount of ashes to fill a keepsake container. Referred to as a “pinch” of cremated remains on our website, this translated to approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon. 

With this small amount, it is possible to fill several containers very easily with only a small amount of ash. It also will not subtract significantly from the remains kept in a family urn or other container. 

Who fills the cremation pendant?

At this time, we cannot fill your cremation container for you. However, Jewelry Keepsake does provide easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions on filling your container. We also send you a filling and sealing kit to make the process even easier. 

If you do not feel comfortable filling the cremation pendant yourself, you can contact your local funeral home to see if they can provide that service for you. Many funeral homes offer this as a complimentary service. 

Is cremation jewelry waterproof?

While most cremation jewelry is water-resistant, it may not be entirely waterproof. Much of that has to do with the type of adhesive used to seal the pendant. We advise that you do not take your cremation jewelry into the water for any length of time and avoid submerging it. Do not expose it to water where chemicals – or even soap – are present. 

Can I put more than one person’s cremains in a piece of cremation jewelry?

Of course. You can easily put more the ashes of more than one loved one into any of the cremation pendants. Please bear in mind that you can only fit a small amount of cremains into the container, so consider mingling cremains carefully so that you do not have a large excess. 

Given the fact that the bail of the pendant is sealed with adhesive after the cremains are put inside, you will want to plan to put both persons' ashes into the pendant at the same time. Otherwise, you may have difficulty unsealing the container without damaging it or the cremains within. 

Can I purchase a cremation pendant for my pet's ashes?

Yes! It is not uncommon for pet owners to keep the ashes of a beloved pet and have their cremains turned into a keepsake. For many, losing a pet is just as significant as losing a beloved person in our lives. A cremation pendant just for them is a beautiful way to cherish your pet’s memory. 

Jewelry Keepsakes offers a wide selection of pet cremation jewelry for this purpose, including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and many other animals. You can choose a cremation cylinder or pendant that reflects your furry best friend to keep with you always. 

Can I store other things in the cremation jewelry other than ashes?

Absolutely! While Jewelry Keepsake’s cremation pendants are designed to hold a “pinch” of ashes, you can put other objects into them as well. You will need to be mindful of the size of those objects, but there are many alternatives that our clients have used in the past. These include: 

  • Lock of Hair. This is a traditional keepsake that dates back centuries. Incorporating a loved one’s lock of hair into a piece of jewelry has been popular since the Victorian era. A small bit of hair will easily fit into one of our cremation pendants.
  • Dried Flowers. A unique alternative to cremains, dried flowers are a nice way to remember your loved one without tying your pendant to a physical piece of them. You can choose their favorite flower, a blossom meaningful to the both of you, or even from any of the funeral arrangements. If you’d like, you can select a symbolic blossom using the language of flowers.
  • Soil from the Burial Site. If you do not like the idea of putting cremation ash into your keepsake, you can substitute soil just as easily. Many people would rather place a bit of earth from the burial site into the container instead of the traditional cremains. It offers an alternative to ash when your loved one is being buried. Most cemeteries do not have a policy against taking grave dirt during or shortly before a funeral.
  • Small Bit of Clothing. Did your loved one have a favorite article of clothing? Perhaps a blanket? Or something that reminds you of them? You can take a tiny cutting (bear in mind the size of your pendant!) of the fabric and place it into the vial as an alternative to cremains. 

Choosing The Keepsake That Suits You (Or Them) Best!

Choosing the perfect keepsake for yourself or a loved one doesn't have to be an arduous process. It should be a memorable, meaningful process that provides comfort and solace to all parties involved. While there are many options for keepsake jewelry, once you've gotten started, the process becomes easy!

Not to mention, we're available to help you any step of the way. Contact us for any assistance you might need! It may take some time, but we're confident that you'll make a perfect choice. After all, you know what matters most to those you love – and to yourself – better than anyone!

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