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6 Tips For Selecting Cremation Jewelry

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Key Insights

  • Cremation jewelry is available in three different types: traditional, permanently sealed and ash resin.
  • Available in various forms like pendants, rings, bracelets, cremation jewelry can also be custom designed exactly as the customer chooses.
  • Permanently sealed cremation jewelry is 100% waterproof and has no unsightly screw.


Memories mean everything to us. Whether it’s a special date, a beautiful moment in time, or even the cherished remembrance of a deceased loved one, we want to keep those most important moments in our minds. Cremation jewelry serves as a tangible reminder of those moments and those people and is a private and discreet wearable memorial.

But why Jewelry Keepsakes?  Why trust us with such an important decision?

Experience & Expertise You Can Count On

Jewelry Keepsakes has almost 20 years of experience in the cremation jewelry industry and cremation jewelry is ALL we do. We have served over 80,000 customers and sold over 100,000 pieces of cremation jewelry in the past two decades.

Jewelry Keepsakes is fully transparent when it comes to customer satisfaction. We are BBB accredited and post all our customer reviews including Facebook, Etsy and Google so that visitors to our site can make an informed decision.

Our experience comes from time spent in the industry and time spent with our loved ones. We have lost fathers, husbands, grandparents, children, pets and best friends. We remain firm in our desire to help our customers find what is best suited for them with their individual situation.

Designing, Creating & Manufacturing

Located in our home state of Montana, we have a state of the art facility and warehouse. We design, create and manufacture most of our cremation jewelry and the entire process takes place in one location. Our employees are trained in the latest techniques and processes as well as experts in the field of customer service. We are a customer-centric company and the satisfaction of every customer is how we measure our success as a company.

I personally have worked for Jewelry Keepsakes since 2006. I have been instrumental in creating new designs and creative descriptions that bring the keepsake to life for the customer. Most importantly, I have played a key role in serving our customers and it truly continues to be an honor in helping to answer their questions, resolve any issues and helping them to find the keepsake that best suits their needs.

6 Tips On Choosing Cremation Jewelry

With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Below, we have outlined six basic tips to help narrow down your choices and select the cremation jewelry that suits you best.

Tip 1: Decide Between Traditional Cremation Jewelry, Permanently Sealed Cremation Jewelry Or Ash Resin Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is available in three distinct categories: traditional cremation jewelry, permanently sealed cremation jewelry and ash resin jewelry. Let's take a more in-depth look at each below.


Traditional cremation jewelry is a pendant, ring or bracelet that is crafted with a small interior compartment. The compartment is accessed through a small screw or threaded bail.

Traditional cremation jewelry is generally available to ship right away and can be filled easily at home or by the funeral home. You will find the widest assortment of colors, designs and price points when you select traditional cremation jewelry.


Permanently sealed creamtion jewelry has no visible screw as the ashes are professionally and permanently sealed inside by the manufacturer. The jewelry is not only 100% waterproof but also indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

Permanently sealed cremation jewelry ships in approximately 2-3 weeks due to the made to order nature. You can choose from different metals and any custom design is available.


Ash resin jewelry is created by combining a small amount of cremains with a gemstone like resin. Once the ash resin mixture hardens, the end result is stronger than stone. There is no unsightly screw as the ashes are mixed in with the actual make-up of the jewelry.

There are over 20 different resin colors available to choose from. The resin colors can be mixed and matched with different metals and finishes. Ash resin jewelry is professional made to order at the time the order is placed and custom designs are available.

Tip 2: Decide On Type Of Cremation Jewelry

Once you have narrowed down the category of cremation jewelry, it's time to choose the type of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry comes in five types: pendants, rings, bracelets, keyrings and rearview mirror jewelry.


Pendants are the most popular type of cremation jewelry. The styles appeal to men and women alike and are available with different personalization options and at different price points.


For a smaller, more subtle keepsake, you might want to consider a ring instead of a pendant. These cremation rings come with a small urn built into the ring base that is filled with cremains.

Key Insights

  • Sizing is very important when choosing a cremation ring. We send out a free ring sizer to assist with obtaining the appropriate size.
  • If you're unsure of your ring size even after using the ring sizer, consult with a local jewelry store to be professionally sized.
  • Cremation rings can be exchanged if the size is incorrect as long as the ring has not been personalized with engraving.


Cremation bracelets are another alternative to pendants. The bracelets have a small screw somewhere on the focal point of the bracelet that can be filled with a pinch of cremated remains.


Keychains are an option when choosing cremation jewelry and are ideal for those that don't wear jewelry or may feel uncomfortable with the concept of cremation jewelry. Keychains come in different shapes and designs and can attach to keys or to a backpack, belt loop or purse strap.


Rearview mirror cremation jewelry holds a small amount of ashes inside the pendant and attaches to your rearview mirror with a clear filament with magnetized ends. There are many different styles to choose from including glass, metal and more.

Tip 3: Decide On Budget

Budget plays a significant role in choosing cremation jewelry. With such a wide degree of price points as well as the opportunity to personalize, knowing a head of time what your budget is will help you to make an informed decision.

Under $100.  For those with a budget under $100, simple designs such as keychains, glass pendants and stainless steel cremation jewelry is a great option.

Under $250.  Budgets of $250 or under opens up quite a bit of options. There are hundreds of sterling silver pendants, rings and bracelets priced at $200 or less and this leaves open the option to choose a plated keepsake, add engraving, upgrade your chain or even add a birthstone rider. Ash resin jewelry is also an option at this budget as there are many keepsakes priced at under $250.

Under $500.  Ash resin jewelry is going to be a great option at this budget. Engraved text, upgraded chains, different plated finishes and more can all be taken advantage of and enable's you to add a few extras so that your cremation jewelry is EXACTLY as you'd like it to be.

Under $1000.  Sterling silver permanently sealed cremation jewelry in a variety of plated finishes is your go-to when you have a budget of under $1000. Even custom orders can be easily accommodated at this budget and you can afford to add engraved text, upgrade to a premium chain and more - all for under $1000.

No budget.  If money is no object, solid gold cremation jewelry is your best option. Available as traditional cremation jewelry, permanently sealed and ash resin jewelry, you are getting the best metals and the best value for your money in terms of a lasting heirloom quality keepsake. This is also a great option for creating custom cremation jewelry that is exactly what you want.

More On Custom Jewelry

We had a family that reached out and they had lost their wife/mom/sister. The family was devastated and wanted something custom that fit their lifestyle. After much brainstorming and back and forth, the family decided on 5 solid 14k gold round keychains. The keychains had the fingerprint engraved on the front, some ashes permanently sealed inside, engraved text on the back and a phone number on the outer rim of the keychain. We had sent a mock up of the design in solid sterling silver and the family liked it so much, they ordered four more keychains in silver as well. I am in touch with the family periodically and they are beyond thrilled with their custom order.

Tip 4: Select The Metal

Cremation jewelry is available in several different metals and each metal comes with pros and cons that can play a role in your choosing.

This is a metal alloy, primarily made from iron and small amounts of carbon and other metals. It is durable, very lightweight, and has a bright sheen to it. It is naturally resistant to corrosion and is one of the least expensive metals to purchase1.

Stainless steel does not appreciate in value over time and is prone to dents.


A great alternative to gold and just as classic, sterling silver is a durable, beautiful metal that offers a softer touch. It is an alloy, meaning that it is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and other metals like copper or nickel2. It also looks best against cool or neutral skin tones.

Sterling silver does tarnish and will requre care. Other metals such as stainless steel are more forgiving in this aspect.


14K Gold Sail Away Cremation Jewelry

While more expensive than other types of metal, yellow gold is a classic material for jewelry making. 24k gold is pure gold and is too soft for jewelry and everyday wear. The K comes from the amount of alloys that is added to pure gold in order to make it workable for jewelry3.

Gold jewelry can be scratched easily and the high cost can be a deterrence for those on a strict budget.


14K White Gold Cremation Keepsake

14K white gold does not tarnish, is resistant to scratches and dents4, and is a fantastic fit for those who enjoy the classic look of silver but want a hardier piece.

White gold is a softer metal and may need to be rhodium plated over time. And, much like with yellow gold, white gold has a very high price point.


14K White Gold Cremation Keepsake

14K rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper - typically 75% gold and 25% copper5. An ideal option for those looking for something extraordinary, 14k rose gold cremation jewelry is complimentary to most skin tones.

Rose gold is not hypoallergenic as it contains copper and is not as readily available.

Tip 5: Select The Personalization

Personalizing your cremation jewelry offers the opportunity to really fine tune your selection to be a reflection of you or of your loved one that you are honoring.


Engraving is a great option for personalizing your cremation jewelry. Most pieces will accommodate anywhere from three characters of text up to several lines of text. If your cremation jewelry does not offer engraving, please reach out to There are times when we can make it work.

Key Insight

Block font is much easier to read and is a better option for pieces that have limited engraving in a small area. Script engraving can be a little more challenging to read, especially for older adults that may have poor eyesight.


We offer a selection of several different premium chain styles. Each cremation pendant includes a matching 20" snake chain. We offer rope, box, cornea, men's rope and men's curb chains in a variety of different lengths and finishes. Choosing a different chain in a different length or finishes allows you to change the way the pendant falls on the body and to add some contrast.


Birthstone rider hearts pair beautifully with cremation pendants. The hearts are available in four different finishes and can be selected with any birthstone.

Tip 6: Decide Whom Will Fill The Cremation Jewelry

Filling the cremation jewelry can be very emotional for families. There a couple of different options that you should consider when it comes to filling the cremation jewelry you have decided on.

Customer Fills.  The customer has the option of filling the cremation jewelry themselves. We send a filling and sealing kit with all of our traditional cremation jewelry so that the customer has all that is needed to fill and seal their jewelry.

Funeral Home Fills.  Most funeral homes will fill the cremation jewelry as a courtesy to the family. We can aid the funeral home in doing so by sending the cremation jewelry directly to the funeral home.

Jewelry Keepsakes Professional Filling Service.  Jewelry Keepsakes does offer a professional filling service for $50. We will send out an ash collection kit to the customer and the kit includes a postage paid return label to send the ashes back to us. Any ashes not used in the jewelry are securely packaged and returned with your purchase.

Permanently Sealed & Ash Resin Jewelry

One of the best benefits of permanently sealed and ash resin jewelry is the customer does not have to worry about filling their cremation jewelry - we take care of that for you. We send out an ash collection kit and we send back any ashes not used with your purchase. Additionally, with permanently sealed jewelry and ash resin jewelry, the ashes are an integral part of the jewelry and this removes any fear of the seal breaking and losing cremated remains.

Tips On Selecting Cremation Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cremation jewelry is best to buy for a child?

While cremation jewelry can be a wonderful gift for a child, it is important to consider the child's age and personality. A child may not fare well with a long-chain pendant and may enjoy a ring or keychain instead. Keychains can be attached to a backpack and have a lower chance of getting lost or tangled. 

If you choose to get a cremation jewelry piece as a gift for a child, we have several pendants that will appeal to young kids, including animal cremation pendants, nature pendants, and glass pendants.

What if I want to design my own piece of cremation jewelry?

You can do that! Some many artisans and companies will make custom designs for you, including Jewelry Keepsakes. We would be happy to design a custom pendant or other memorial keepsake for you! If you are interested in having your design come to life, give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 or send an email to We'll be happy to help! 

How long does it take to make custom-made jewelry?

Jewelry Keepsakes prides ourselves on having a quick turnaround on all orders. Turnaround time depends on the complexity of your order and any customizations you have added to the individual piece.  Standard shipping for items is 2-3 business days. 

How do I choose a style of cremation pendant for my friend who lost her dad?

There are many things to consider when choosing a cremation pendant for another person. You will want to consider their relationship with the deceased, their style, and the best way to represent the person they have lost. If you are in doubt about your selection, you can always ask the recipient and get their opinion on it as well. 

How much does cremation jewelry cost?

The cost of any piece of jewelry depends on the item in question. Cremation jewelry is not inherently expensive, though the price point depends on many factors including the type of material(s) used in the design, the level of personalization, and any upgrades added to the piece. 

 A simple glass urn pendant can cost as little as $50 while sterling silver or gold-plated options may run closer to $100-150 depending on the size. If you'd like to invest in solid 14k gold urn necklace for ashes, you will need to budget more, including up to $1800 and higher. 

How much ashes do you need for a piece of cremation jewelry?

You only need a very small amount of ashes to fill a keepsake container. Referred to as a “pinch” of cremated remains on our website, this translated to approximately 1/8 of a teaspoon. 

With this small amount, it is possible to fill several containers very easily with only a small amount of ash. It also will not subtract significantly from the remains kept in a family urn or other container. 

Who fills the cremation pendant?

Jewelry Keepsake does provide easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions on filling your container. We also send you a filling and sealing kit to make the process even easier. 

We also offer a professional filling service and can send out an ash collection kit to assist with collecting and returning the ashes to us.

Is cremation jewelry waterproof?

While most traditional cremation jewelry is water-resistant, it may not be entirely waterproof. Much of that has to do with the type of adhesive used to seal the pendant. We advise that you do not take your cremation jewelry into the water for any length of time and avoid submerging it. Do not expose it to water where chemicals – or even soap – are present. 

Permanently sealed cremation jewelry is 100% waterproof as the ashes are permanently sealed inside the jewelry. Permanently sealed jewelry is completely indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

Can I put more than one person’s cremains in a piece of cremation jewelry?

Of course. You can easily put more the ashes of more than one loved one into any of the cremation pendants. Please bear in mind that you can only fit a small amount of cremains into the container, so consider mingling cremains carefully so that you do not have a large excess. 

Given the fact that the bail of the pendant is sealed with adhesive after the cremains are put inside, you will want to plan to put both persons' ashes into the pendant at the same time. Otherwise, you may have difficulty unsealing the container without damaging it or the cremains within. 

Can I purchase a cremation pendant for my pet's ashes?

Yes! It is not uncommon for pet owners to keep the ashes of a beloved pet and have their cremains turned into a keepsake. For many, losing a pet is just as significant as losing a beloved person in our lives. A cremation pendant just for them is a beautiful way to cherish your pet’s memory. 

Jewelry Keepsakes offers a wide selection of pet cremation jewelry for this purpose, including cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and many other animals. You can choose a cremation cylinder or pendant that reflects your furry best friend to keep with you always. 

Can I store other things in the cremation jewelry other than ashes?

Absolutely! While Jewelry Keepsake’s cremation pendants are designed to hold a “pinch” of ashes, you can put other objects into them as well. You will need to be mindful of the size of those objects, but there are many alternatives that our clients have used in the past. These include: 

  • Lock of Hair. This is a traditional keepsake that dates back centuries. Incorporating a loved one’s lock of hair into a piece of jewelry has been popular since the Victorian era. A small bit of hair will easily fit into one of our cremation pendants.
  • Dried Flowers. A unique alternative to cremains, dried flowers are a nice way to remember your loved one without tying your pendant to a physical piece of them. You can choose their favorite flower, a blossom meaningful to the both of you, or even from any of the funeral arrangements. If you’d like, you can select a symbolic blossom using the language of flowers.
  • Soil from the Burial Site. If you do not like the idea of putting cremation ash into your keepsake, you can substitute soil just as easily. Many people would rather place a bit of earth from the burial site into the container instead of the traditional cremains. It offers an alternative to ash when your loved one is being buried. Most cemeteries do not have a policy against taking grave dirt during or shortly before a funeral.
  • Small Bit of Clothing. Did your loved one have a favorite article of clothing? Perhaps a blanket? Or something that reminds you of them? You can take a tiny cutting (bear in mind the size of your pendant!) of the fabric and place it into the vial as an alternative to cremains. 


Choosing the perfect keepsake for yourself or a loved one doesn't have to be an arduous process. It should be a memorable, meaningful process that provides comfort and solace to all parties involved.

Updated April 15, 2024

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Jeri K. Augustus

Meet Jeri K. Augustus, an experienced customer service professional from Great Falls, Montana, with a heart full of compassion for helping others. Jeri has spent more than four decades in the industry and has gained a wealth of personal experience with loss and grief. She has dedicated herself to assisting families in finding meaningful ways to honor their loved ones who have passed on and celebrate those who are still with us.

Jeri's contribution to the cremation jewelry industry is remarkable. She played a key role in developing new lines of modern pendants, cremation rings, and bracelets. She launched a line of photo-engraved jewelry that now includes several hundred styles for families to choose from. She is actively involved in leadership and customer care at Jewelry Keepsakes Inc., where she helps people every day with their inquiries and concerns regarding these products.

Despite her many years in the industry, Jeri remains passionately committed to helping those who are grieving and supporting families as they find personal ways to cherish their loved ones. She still resides in Montana and enjoys spending her free time with her dogs, children, and grandchildren. If you're looking for someone who can guide you with compassion and expertise in selecting a beautiful keepsake to remember your loved ones, Jeri is the perfect person to help.