Cremation Ring For Ashes Choosing Guide

Remembering the lives of our family, friends and pets is a part of the grieving process and cremation rings provide the perfect opportunity to memorialize our loved ones. Cremation jewelry rings for ashes of loved ones give families and loved ones a cherished way to remember someone in a manner that is both discreet and personal.

What Are Cremation Rings For Human Ashes?

Cremation rings for human ashes have a discreet interior compartment designed to hold cremated ashes or other tribute in memory of a loved one or pet.  The tribute is protected by a sealed, threaded screw and the cremation ring can be worn as a daily reminder of your family member, friend or pet.

Personalized cremation rings for ashes are versatile and offer a great option for anyone looking for a unique way to honor a person or pet.  Available in an assortment of different metals, cremation rings can be filled with your choice of tribute such as ashes, hair, dried flowers, or a piece of a favorite t-shirt. The tribute can be further personalized with engraved text.

Cremation Ring Metals - What Are My Options?

Everyone prefers something a little different and cremation rings for ashes are available in an assortment of beautiful metals that allow you to choose what appeals to your tastes and preferences.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver cremation rings are an affordable option for those looking for a cost effective way to remember a family member, friend or pet.  The rings are available in both men’s and women’s styles and sizes, priced under $150.

14K Yellow Gold

14K yellow gold cremation rings for ashes are a great option for those that are looking for the best of the best. 14K yellow gold cremation rings are made to order with delivery in two to three weeks and are priced around $1000.

14K White Gold

14K white gold cremation rings for men and women have beautiful tones and elegance. Standard delivery of made to order 14K white gold cremation rings is 2-3 weeks and the white gold ash rings are priced around $950.

14K Rose Gold

14K rose gold cremation rings are ideal for those looking for something extraordinary.  Cremation rings for ashes in 14k rose gold are available for men and women, and are priced at approximately $1,000.

What Can I Put In My Cremation Ring?

The tribute for the interior of your cremation ring for humans is a personal choice and will vary depending on your circumstances and your comfort level.  What’s important is that you choose a tribute that brings you a measure of peace and solace.

Ideas for tributes for cremation rings

Cremated ashes

A pinch of cremated ashes can be added to the interior of your ring for ashes of loved one and provides a highly personal way to remember a loved one or pet.

A few strands of hair

Add a few strands of hair into the interior of your men’s cremation ring or your women’s cremation ring as a way to keep the memory of your loved one close to you.

Small piece of a t-shirt

A small piece of a t-shirt they always wore or of another article of clothing can be added to the inside of your cremation ring in their memory.

Pet's fur

A small amount of your pet’s fur can be added to your cremation ring for pets, giving you a unique way to show your devotion for your pet.

Making It Personal - Cremation Ring Engraving

Adding engraved text to the interior face of the band is a terrific way to up the personal nature of your cremation rings from ashes.  Engraved text is available in either block or script font, and most cremation jewelry rings will hold up to 20 characters of text.

Example of block font

Example of script font

Cremation Ring Display - Ways To Wear

There are several ways in which cremation rings for humans can be worn.  What’s important is that you wear your cremation ring for ashes in a way that is comfortable and comforting. Here are some ways our consumers wear their unique cremation rings:

Promise ring

Cremation rings can be worn as a promise ring on the ring finger of the right hand as a symbol of your commitment and love.

Wedding band

Men’s cremation rings and women’s cremation rings can be worn as a replacement wedding band after the loss of a spouse or partner.

On a necklace

Cremation rings for pets and cremation rings for humans can be worn on a necklace and serve as a loving reminder of a person or pet that you cherish.

The Size Is Right - Cremation Ring Sizing

Finding the right fit for you cremation jewelry ring for human ashes is an important step in the process.  Your ring should fit snug but not too tight.  We’ve taken the guesswork out with our step-by-step ring sizing guide!

Still have questions?  You can print our cremation ring sizing guide and get step-by-step instructions on determining your size.

Make It Shine - Cleaning Cremation Rings For Ashes

Proper care and cleaning of your rings for ashes of loved ones will keep it looking its best for years to come.  Follow these steps to clean and maintain your cremation ring for ashes:


Place your cremation ring on a flat, dry surface such as a kitchen table or counter.  Do not clean your ring next to a sink.


Using a jeweler’s cleaning cloth or dry lint-free cloth, remove any build-up on the surface of your cremation ring.


Polish your cremation jewelry ring using a circular motion to bring out the shine and luster of the metal.


Never use harsh cleaners to clean your cremation ring for ashes, or wear while bathing or swimming.  Water and chemicals found in jewelry cleaners, soaps, and shampoos can damage the integrity of the seal over time.


Store your gold cremation ring in a jewelry box, display dome or in a cool, dry place.  This will not only prevent you from misplacing your cremation ring for human ashes, it will also help to prevent tarnishing.

Great Gifts - Cremation Rings They'll Cherish

Loss of spouse

Select the Ladies 14K Gold Tender Cremation Ring as a replacement wedding band for a sister that lost her spouse.

Loss of friend

Choose the Men’s White Gold Beguiling Black Onyx cremation ring for ashes for a husband that lost his childhood best friend.

Loss of pet

The 14K Rose Gold Forever Love Ring is a beautiful gift idea for the young woman that lost a family pet she grew up with.

Anniversary of loss

The Men’s Silver Devout Cremation Jewelry Ring is a lovely gift idea for a son to commemorate the anniversary of a loss.

Graduation day

Gift the Ladies Silver Queen Cremation Ring to a woman that is graduating in remembrance of a sibling that passed.

Special occasion

The Men’s Silver Nobility Cremation Ring is a beautiful gift for a nephew in memory of his mom that couldn’t be there on his wedding day.

Cremation Ring FAQ'S

Choosing a cremation ring for ashes is not your typical run-of-the-mill purchase. We get it. Our cremation ring faq's is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions about cremation rings that we get from our customers.

I don’t see my size offered. Can you special order a cremation ring for ashes in my size?

We absolutely can order a cremation ring in almost any size you need.   All of our mens cremation rings and women’s cremation rings are available in standard sizes but we can special order any whole size.  Call us at 1-877-723-7229 or email us at with your special order request.

I’m a size 6.5 but I don’t see half sizes available. What should I do?

All of our cremation rings for pet ashes and cremation rings with birthstones are available in whole sizes.  We suggest ordering up when your ring size falls in a half size.  For example, if your ring size is a 6.5, we recommend ordering a 7 in ring size.

Can I have my ring engraved?

All of our cremation rings for ashes can be engraved with text.  Depending on the cremation ring, you can add anywhere from one to two lines of text and up to 20 characters per line.

Do you have a ring sizing guide?

We do have a ring sizing guide!  Our step by step cremation ring size guide will help you measure your finger or measure an existing ring to determine what size cremation ring to order.

When will I receive my gold cremation ring?

14k gold cremation rings, including white gold cremation rings and rose gold cremation rings, are made to order.  Production on 14k gold cremation rings does not start until your order is processed.  Standard delivery times is approximately 2-3 weeks once the order has been placed.

I have a custom design I want. Do you offer custom designed cremation rings for ashes?

We absolutely can custom design a cremation ring for ashes for you.  Simply give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 or email us at with your custom design questions and we will get the process started.

How much ash will the cremation ring hold?

The interior compartment of cremation rings for human ashes is made to hold a very small amount of ashes.  Cremation rings for human ashes hold approximately a pinch of cremains or 1/8 teaspoon and all the necessary tools needed to fill and seal are included with your purchase.

How do I add the ashes to my cremation jewelry ring?

Adding the ashes to your cremation ring is easy!  We include all the tools you need to fill and seal your cremation ring for ashes as well as a set of instructions.  You can also follow these steps:

  • Locate and remove the screw using the small screwdriver that comes with your cremation ring order.
  • Place the tip of the included funnel into the opening of the cremation ring and using a plastic spoon, place a small amount of ashes into the funnel.
  • Use the filling sticks to push the ashes down into the compartment, being careful not to overfill.
  • Screw the threaded screw back into the opening, making sure that the top of the screw sits flush with the exterior surface of the cremation ring.
  • Partially unscrew and apply a thin layer of adhesive to the threads of the screw then immediately tighten.
  • Wipe away any excess adhesive.

My ring is too big. Can I get it resized?

If your cremation jewelry ring is too big and you did not have it engraved, we are happy to exchange for the next size down.  If you did have your cremation ring engraved, we are unable to return or exchange your cremation jewelry ring. You will need to take the ring to a local jeweler for resizing.  Be sure to show the jeweler the location of the threaded screw as resizing can compromise the way in which the screw fits into the opening.

Are your women’s cremation rings for ashes of loved ones waterproof?

We recommend that you do not wear your cremation ring for ashes while bathing, swimming or showering.  Chemicals found in pools and in soaps and shampoos can damage the integrity of the seal and compromise the interior tribute.  Place your cremation rings from ashes in a safe dry place when swimming or bathing or doing activities such as washing dishes.

My cat was buried. Can I still get a cremation ring for pet ashes?

You bet!  Cremation rings for pet ashes do not have to be filled with pet ashes.  You can add some of your pet’s fur or hair, a small piece of a favorite toy or virtually any personal reminder of them that will fit into the small interior compartment.

Will the ashes get wet inside the cremation ring if I wear it in the shower?

You should not wear your cremation jewelry ring while bathing or showering.  Chemicals found in soaps and shampoos can damage the integrity of the seal and therefore put the ashes at risk inside the cremation ring.  Store the ring in a safe place while showering.

The cremation ring I want doesn’t offer engraving. What do I do?

Give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 or email us at with your engraving questions and which cremation ring for ashes you are looking at.  In some cases, we may be able to offer a few characters of engraving.

I want to wear my ring for ashes of loved one to the funeral. Do you offer overnight shipping?

Sterling silver cremation jewelry rings can be shipped overnight and two day air.  14k gold cremation rings, white gold cremation rings and rose gold cremation rings for ashes are made to order and standard delivery is two to three weeks from order processing.

Do you charge extra for engraving on cremation rings for pet ashes?

Engraving on our cremation rings for pet ashes is $19.99.  Typical engraving options is one to two lines of text and anywhere from 3 - 20 characters.

I want to order three men’s cremation rings for each of my children. Do you offer a discount for larger orders?

We would be happy to offer a discount for larger orders such as three mens cremation rings.  Please give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 or send us an email at and we will be happy to help!

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