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Ash Resin Jewelry - The Ultimate Guide

Author Jeri K. Augustus  / Category Ash Resin Jewelry / Updated: February 3, 2024

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Key Insights

  • Ash resin jewelry combines a remembrance such as cremated ashes with a gemstone like resin to create a one of a kind and highly personal tribute to a loved one or pet.
  • Available in pendants, rings and with a photo, ash resin jewelry can also be completely customized into any design, shape or theme and personalized to be a reflection of the deceased.
  • Not just for remembering loved ones, ash resin jewelry is a great idea to commemorate any special occasion or milestone moment.

Our Background On Ash Resin Jewelry

Having a way to show our love and dedication to family, friends and pets that have passed from our lives is something that many of us go through when that loss happens. For some, it might be a tangible reminder of their loved one. For others, maybe it is something visual they are seeking. Ash resin jewelry checks both those boxes, offering a vibrant expression of love and dedication that is highly personal and unique to the deceased.

We didn't create ash resin jewelry overnight and in order to understand how we got there, let me tell you a little about us. We have almost 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and have been served over 80,000 customers. Ash resin jewelry was added to our online store back in 2019. To date, we have sold over 500 ash resin pendants and ash resin rings and that number continues to rise.

In early 2019, we began noticing that the standard idea of 'cremation jewelry' was no longer what customers were looking for. Whether it was the noticeable screw on the exterior of the jewelry, having to add the ashes themselves or just the 'cremation jewelry look' - customers wanted something that looked more modern but also took away the necessity for them to fill the jewelry. So we got to work!

The end result was our own line of ash resin jewelry that consists of classic designs and customer favorites in different metals, finishes and vibrant resin colors. We launched our ash resin jewelry pendants in October of 2019 and, in 2022, extended that line to include ash resin rings for men and women. We continue to add new customer inspired designs and custom pieces that are unique and expressive.

We invite you to take a look at our Google, Facebook and Better Business Bureau reviews or visit our reviews page to see for yourself. We stand behind our warranty and our products.

What Is Ash Resin Jewelry?

Ash jewelry is different from cremation jewelry in that it is made from the ashes of your loved one. To make this jewelry from the ashes of your loved one, you will send us a small amount of their cremains. Then we mix the ashes in with a gemstone like resin. This resin mixture is set into a pendant or ring and allowed to harden. The ash resin mixture is stronger than stone and has a gemstone like look and feel.

Ash resin jewelry has no visible screw and the ashes are an integral part of the actual jewelry. Because we add the ashes for you, there is no worry about having to add the ashes yourself and worry about sealing the ashes inside. It's all taken care of for you.

The assortment of designs and metal options combined with an array of different colors of resin means that you can fine tune your ash resin jewelry to be EXACTLY what you want. We also offer custom design services for our ash resin jewelry. You choose any design you are looking for, any resin color and we take care of the rest. Ash resin jewelry can also be further customized by adding engraved text to the back of the jewelry.

Quick Fact

At Jewelry Keepsakes, we design and fill all of our ash jewelry right here at our facility in Montana, USA. Our manufacturing capability allows our customers to work direct with the jewelry manufacturer.

Features And Benefits Of Ash Resin Jewelry

Ash resin jewelry has some great features and added benefits that make it worth considering when it comes to remembering your loved ones. The pendants and rings add a splash of color to your remembrance and, because there is no visible screw, the pendants and rings look like every day jewelry. You have the ability to 'see' the ashes in a way that is very discreet and personal.

The overall size, design and qualities of ash resin jewelry is meant to be easily integrated into a modern day lifestyle - no large, clunky pieces of jewelry that may not match your personal style. Our ash resin jewelry is more refined than cremation jewelry of yesteryear. Let's take a look at some of the key features and benefits of ash resin jewelry below.


Ash resin jewelry is available in three distinct types: ash resin pendant, ash resin rings and ash resin photo jewelry. This gives you 100's to choose from and all are available in a variety of different finishes and resin colors.

Ash Resin Pendants

Ash resin pendants come in a variety of shapes and themes that have a very broad appeal. Heart ash pendants such as the Burning Heart Gold Ash Jewelry have a simple decorative accent around the heart and the pendant is gold plated over sterling silver. Most of our ash resin pendants can be engraved on the back with several lines of text and provide yet another way to remember a loved one that has passed.

Ash Resin Rings

You can also choose an ash resin cremation ring as an option for those that don't typically wear jewelry or are looking for something outside the ordinary. Our ash resin rings are available in men's and women's styles and all combine a very small amount of your loved one's ashes (or another remembrance ) with a resin color of your choosing. Ash resin rings are available in whole and half sizes, allowing you to choose what will fit you best.

Ash Resin Pendants With Photo

For those that are looking to combine a favorite photo with the ashes of their loved one and a burst of color, ash resin photo pendants would be the way to go. The pendants are crafted from a variety of metals and features a black and white image of your selected photo. The photo is covered with a clear resin, allowing you to view the photo whenever you choose.

The ashes of your loved one are combined with the resin and added to the pendant. Pendants such as the Sterling Silver Photo Rectangle with Cabernet Resin are unisex and make a great gift option for any occasion.


Another great feature of ash resin jewelry is the wide range of resin colors to choose from. From brilliant jewel tones to soft pastels to pearl colors and metallic swirls, the options are endless. This means you can choose a color that you love, a color that reminds you of the deceased or even a birthstone color.

Multiple colors are an option as well. I lost both my birth father and my stepfather in the past five years. I chose the Ladies Felicity Ash Ring as a way to honor them both. One side had my stepdad's ashes with graphite resin (his favorite color was grey). The other side had my dad's ashes with crimson resin (his favorite color was red). It gave me a truly personal way to remember them in a manner that was unique to each of my dads.


Purchasing ash resin jewelry is a very personal and, often times, an emotional purchase. It is important to us to make that process as easy and seamless for the customer as we don't believe your order should cause any sort of additional stress or worry.

Once your order for your ash resin jewelry is processed, we immediately send out an ash collection kit and, if applicable, a ring sizer. The ash collection kit contains a set of easy to follow instructions, an ash receptacle and an ash holder. We require less than ⅛ teaspoon of cremated ashes and a postage paid label is also included with your order.

When the ash collection kit is sent, we immediately begin creating your pendant or ring. We do this so that when we receive the ashes from the customer, the jewelry is ready to go and will just need the ash resin mixture to be added. Once the mixture of ash and resin has hardened, your jewelry is hand polished and sent out. The overall process typically takes about 5-7 business days from the time the order is placed to when the order is received. This means the customer has their ash resin jewelry in less than two weeks time from when they placed their order!

Quick Fact

At Jewelry Keepsakes, ground shipping of the collection kit to our customer is FREE. Return ground shipping of the collection kit to Jewelry Keepsakes is FREE. Final ground shipping of the finished jewelry and remaining ashes to our customer is FREE.


At Jewelry Keepsakes, family is our everything. And our ash resin jewelry is the ideal way to pass down a part of family to future generations. The pendants and rings are highly personal and we have found our customers favor this type of modern keepsake jewelry over traditional cremation jewelry. And it allows for several representations of a family member from the theme of pendant to the addition of cremated ashes combined with the vibrancy and color of resin. It allows for the heirloom to be passed down with a story1 - Why was that shape chosen? What does the engraving on the back mean? Was that their favorite color? Tell me about them!

And it's important to reiterate that our ash resin jewelry is made at the time of order. This feature is very beneficial to customers that maybe want a slightly smaller or larger pendant. Perhaps you'd prefer a different design engraved around the edges of the heart or a different shape all together.

In almost every case, we can accommodate a customer's design changes and help them create an ash resin pendant or ring that is their own vision and reminder of their loved one.


One great feature when you purchase ash resin jewelry is that we are happy to store the ashes not used in the make-up of the pendant or ring at our facility. This feature benefits the customer for the following reasons:

  • Ideal for future purchases.  We have many repeat customers and should you choose to have another ash resin jewelry keepsake created, this will take several days off the process as we will already have the ashes needed. This brings the turnaround tine down to about 3-5 business days for delivery.
  • Replacing lost keepsakes.  Unfortunately, there are times when accidents happen and your ash resin jewelry is misplaced or lost. Storing any unused ashes with Jewelry Keepsakes in addition to already having your design file on hand means that we can get a replacement keepsake on the way to you in a matter of 48 hours.
  • No need to exhume or open an urn.  By keeping a small amount of ashes with Jewelry Keepsakes, this gives you an alternative to having to open an urn or exhume ashes should you need some in the future.
  • Ashes returned at any time.  If at any point in time you want the ashes returned to you, we do so immediately. The ashes are securely packaged and placed in a padded envelope for a safe return to the customer.

Ash Resin Jewelry Metals: What Are My Options?

Ash resin jewelry metals are one of the first ways of determining what you are looking for and narrowing down your choices. Just like no two people are alike, neither are any two metals and we offer several different metal options for you to choose from.


Sterling silver ash resin jewelry is crafted from .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish qualities. Sterling silver is a great option for every day wear and flattering to almost every skin tone. Silver is timeless, affordable and easy to maintain2.

We have hundreds of sterling silver ash resin pendants and rings to choose from and the styles are available for both men and women. Pendants such as the Dusky Silver Initial Ash Pendant are unisex and can be engraved with several lines of text on the back. It's important to note that sterling silver is prone to scratches and tarnishing and should be maintained with periodic polishing.


Gold plated over sterling silver ash resin jewelry is a great option for those that love the look of gold however cannot afford the higher price tag. Gold plated ash resin pendants have a base of .925 sterling silver and are 14k gold plated. The pendants are typically priced around $250 and are easily maintained by periodic polishing with a jeweler's polishing cloth.

Our Riverbed Gold Ash Resin Pendant is a customer favorite and the gentle scalloped edges of the rectangle add nice contrast to the resin mixture at the center. One thing to know when purchasing 14k gold plated jewelry is that, over time, the plating can fade and tarnish3. Additional plating down the road may be required to restore the jewelry to its initial shine and luster.  


Black plated over sterling silver is one of our customer favorites and it especially is popular amongst men. Our black plated over sterling ash resin jewelry has a sterling silver base and is plated with black Cerakote. The Cerakote finish adds a layer of durability that is second to none and is resistant to scratches and general wear and tear.

Ash resin pendants such as the Carson Rectangle Black Ash Pendant showcase the beauty of the black Cerakote and a brilliant blue resin combination and this particular pendant can be worn by a man or a woman. Additionally, we offer any of our ash resin jewelry pendants in any Cerakote finish4. Email us at to learn more.


Solid 14k yellow gold ash resin jewelry is the best quality you will find and continues to be a customer favorite. Not only is 14k gold jewelry durable but it also holds its value over the course of time5. 14k gold jewelry is very easy to maintain and very resistant to scratching and tarnishing.

We have a wide assortment of solid 14k gold ash resin jewelry and rings such as the Solid 14K Gold Ladies Abigail Ring with Teal Resin is one example. The ring combines the beauty of solid 14k gold with less than ⅛ teaspoon of cremated ashes and a brilliant teal colored resin and is available in whole and half sizes.


The rich tones of solid 14k white gold combined with the durability and low maintenance of the metal6 make it an easy choice for many customers when it comes to ash resin jewelry purchases. 14K ash resin jewelry is available in a variety of themes and styles and typically ships in about 2-3 business days from when we receive the ashes.

Our selection of ash resin pendants includes unisex styles such as the Solid 14K White Gold Graceful Ash Pendant. The square shaped pendant is made to order of solid 14k white gold and offers the opportunity for two different remembrances - much like I did with the ring to remember my dads. This could also be an excellent opportunity to remember a loved one and a pet and you have the option of selecting two different resin colors so the combinations are endless!


And it doesn't end there. We can do ash resin jewelry in other metals such as solid 14k rose gold and 18k gold varieties. To learn more about the other metals we can use for your custom ash resin jewelry, please contact us at

Ash Resin Colors: What Are My Options?

Ash resin jewelry mixes a small amount of ashes with a gemstone like resin that when it hardens, is stronger than stone. The resin is available in three different finishes: opaque with metallic swirl, transparent and pearl colors with crushed stone.

Opaque with metallic swirl resin features rich colors that have a little bit of a metallic swirl that creates depth and dimension. An example of opaque with metallic swirl on the color chart would be Teal.

Transparent resin is a solid color and, depending on the color you choose, the ashes may be somewhat visible inside the resin. An example on the color chart of a transparent resin would be Beryl.

Pearl colors with crushed stone resin features a pearled color that has crushed stone added to give it an opal look. An example on the color chart would be merlot with crushed stone which you find in the Mendocino Rectangle Black Finish Ash Resin Pendant.

All of our ash resin jewelry can be created with any of the resin colors you see AND any resin colors you don't see. We can combine colors and have access to 100's of colors that can be special ordered. It's as easy as sending an email to and we will help you find exactly what you're searching for.

How Is Ash Resin Jewelry Created?

We want our customers to understand the process from start to finish. We oversee the entire process from designing to creating to manufacturing and packaging. Learn more about how we create your ash resin jewelry.


The first step in the creating process of ash resin jewelry is with the customer. The customer chooses the pendant/ring style they are wanting. Next comes the choice of metal and then the resin color they would prefer.


In step 2, the selected design is precision cut with state of the art lasers. Once the pendant has been cut, it is polished by hand to a mirror finish so that once the ashes arrive back at the facility, the jewelry is ready to move on to the filling stage.


We have one designated area and one designated artisan that handles all of our ash jewelry. Additionally, only one ash jewelry pendant or ring and the corresponding set of cremains is on the station at any given time. This allows for absolute quality control of your loved one's ashes and gives added assurance that they are given our upmost attention and care.

Once the ashes are received, a very small amount of ash is placed inside the jewelry. A very thin layer of the resin is placed on top of the ashes and the ashes and resin are thoroughly mixed together. The pendant is then filled to create a slight dome and then waved with a torch to bring any bubbles to the surface.


After the ash resin jewelry has been filled, the pendant/ring is then placed in a professional lab oven for a three hour curing process. The heat creates a chemical reaction and cures the resin onto the jewelry, creating an end result that is strong and resistant to corroding, temperature and humidity7.


The final step is the cool down and polishing phase. The ash resin jewelry is allowed to cool and come to room temperature. A final inspection of the jewelry followed by hand-polishing is done and then your item is packaged and prepared for shipping.

What Can I Put In My Ash Resin Jewelry?

The options are literally endless when it comes to remembrances for ash resin jewelry. The only rule of thumb is to choose what will bring the most comfort and remind you of your loved one. Take a look at some of our suggestions.


Cremated ashes are the most commonly chosen remembrance for ash resin jewelry. The jewelry requires less than ⅛ teaspoon of ashes which means very little of the cremains are disturbed by adding to your pendant or ring. Ashes are also a great option for larger families that are looking to provide a way for multiple family members to share in honoring a loved one.

One thing I have noticed that may deter a customer from using cremated ashes in cremation jewelry is that they don't want to physically handle the cremains. The beauty of ash resin jewelry is we take care of as much of that as possible. We send an ash collection kit that includes everything you need to collect, house and send us the cremains. Additionally, our artisan adds the ashes to the jewelry and securely packages and returns any unused ashes with your purchase.


You can add ground from the site of burial to your ash resin jewelry. In instances where a loved one or pet was buried, this provides a terrific alternative. You could also choose some sand from their favorite beach, soil from the garden they lovingly tended, etc. If the place held special meaning to you and/or the deceased, than it is an ideal addition to your ash resin jewelry.

Both of my dads were cremated so I used their ashes for my ring. However, I lost one of my best friends just shy of two years ago and he was buried. He loved to hunt and undoubtedly the highlight of his final year was the multiple hunting trips he was able to take with family and close friends. His son collected a bit of soil from each place they hunted together in that last year. Adding some of the soil to an ash pendant would be a wonderful way to honor and remember the time he spent with his dad.


A few strands of hair is a great addition to ash resin jewelry and probably one of the easiest to attain. The strand will mix easily with the resin and provides a highly personal way to keep close a part of your loved one. This also does not disturb any cremated ashes and may be an easier option for those that do not want to separate or part with the cremains of their loved one.

This is a great option for those looking to celebrate their animals! I know that we personally have buried all but one of our dogs over the course of 25 years and I have saved clippings of all their fur. It's also a wonderful way to help pass down a memory of a family pet to younger members of the family that might be dealing with grief for the first time in their lives.


Most of us have that favorite t-shirt, sweatpants or some article of clothing that is our go-to comfort clothing. Ash resin jewelry can be filled with a very small piece of that clothing and mixed with a small amount of resin. All that is required is a very small snip of the cloth or even a few threads from the seam.

This is another option for families that maybe buried their loved one or are not comfortable in separating the ashes. Maybe Papa had a t-shirt he wore every Sunday for football or your sister had a pair of jeans she refused to part with. The amount of clothing is so small that the article of clothing will not be ruined by removing that piece.

How Can I Personalize My Ash Resin Jewelry?

Ash resin jewelry is a highly personal way to remember your loved one and we believe that you should have every option available at your fingertips so that you can get EXACTLY what you are hoping for. We offer several ways in which our ash resin pendants and rings can be further personalized - whether to highlight memories of your loved one or to be an expression of your sense of style or personality.


We have an extensive collection of resin colors to choose from and any ash pendant or ring on our site can be filled with any of the resin colors we offer. And if you don't see the exact color you are looking for, please let us know! We have access to several different shades of every color imaginable, we can combine resin colors, add metallic swirl or create an opal effect. Simply email us at and let us know what you're looking for. If you have an example of the color you are trying to recreate, send that along too! The more information for our artisan, the closer we can come to achieving the exact color you want.


Most of our ash resin jewelry pendants can be engraved with anywhere from a few characters of text up to several lines of text. We offer 2 different font choices and all text is laser engraved onto the surface of the pendant. Every now and then we do get questions about fonts that you don't see on our site. Please ask! If you need more characters than the space allows - let us know! Often times we can find the font you are wanting or make the text slightly smaller to accommodate our customer's requests.

Script font, shown with the gold pendant, is the most popular with our customer base. The script is tasteful and easy to read.

Block font, shown on the silver pendant, is great to consider for those that have numbers they want engraved, or for customers that may not have the best eye sight, as it is very easy to read.

And don't hesitate to reach out with engraving questions! Sometimes it can be hard to come up with the words that you want to say and we can help you with brainstorming. One of our family mottos is 'family first'. If you choose a pendant or ring that only holds a few characters, you could have FF engraved or even FFF for 'family first forever'. Another idea is song lyrics. One of my favorite songs is Buy Dirt by Jordan Davis. It reminds me of our forever home that we built from the ground up and it holds special meaning to our family. There truly is no right or wrong answer!

Custom Design Ash Resin Jewelry

One of our favorite things to do is custom designs with our ash resin jewelry. Our state of the art equipment combined with the knowledge and expertise of our staff allows us to create custom jewelry that hits the mark with what our customers are searching for. We do custom designs on a regular basis and our customers are included every step of the way.

I'd like to tell you about one of my personal favorites that we did this past fall. A woman by the name of Jessica had reached out to us in early August of 2023 regarding an ash pendant in memory of her dad. Her dad loved Coca-Cola and she wanted to do a custom coke bottle that incorporated some of his ashes and add 'Share a coke with Dad' on the back of the pendant. She sent in some hand-drawn designs for us to start with.

Our design team got to work! We started with a black and white vector image of a coke bottle and worked with Jessica until the shape and size was more what she was looking for. The proof process took about a week and we emailed the designs back and forth, making adjustments where she asked. She wanted the ashes in the bottle part of the pendant and then a red resin only label.

When we started the design phase with Jessica, we immediately sent out an ash collection kit. By the time we received her ashes, we had a final proof and the pendant had already been cut and engraved on the back.

We added the ashes and resin, cured the pendant, polished it up and sent it off. Not only was the end result beautiful but so was Jessica's reaction!

I received the pendant on Saturday, I have not taken it off since. It is so beautiful and means so much to me. I cannot thank you enough for this precious memorial of my father. I am excited to show my siblings and my niece and nephews when I see them(not all of them have seen it yet) and it looks perfect! It is truly something amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, #####, I can't tell you how much I love this pendant, and how much it means to me as well as all the hard work you and your team have put into this for me!

All the best,

Other Uses For Ash Resin Jewelry

One of the great things about ash resin jewelry is that you are not bound to choose it JUST for memorializing those you've lost. Here are a couple of ways that past customers have used their ash jewelry.

Life Changing Experience.  We had a customer that reached out wanting a custom ash resin pendant made. They had gone on a company retreat a couple months back. At the retreat, the customer walked through fire and had a life changing experience. They had saved some of the ashes from the fire and wanted to keep that experience with them.

Something Blue.  Another customer reached out to us about his upcoming wedding. He had a small signet ring made for his bride and we used a deep blue resin and mixed with the resin was some of the dirt from when he had proposed to her. It was his wedding day gift to her as she didn't have something blue and the gift and a card was presented to her by her mom on the morning of the wedding.

Any Special Occasion.  Whether it's a family vacation, an engagement proposal, a family reunion, honeymoon, etc., ash resin jewelry can be selected as a way to commemorate that moment. We can work directly with the customer to create exactly what they are hoping for.

Ash Resin FAQ's

How do I send ashes for my ash jewelry?

We go the extra mile to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible. When you are personalizing your ash jewelry, simply choose the free ash collection kit and the kit ships out immediately. The kit includes everything you will need to collect and send us the ashes. Any remaining ashes are securely packaged and returned along with your ash jewelry selection.

I love the pendants but I really wanted a different color.  Is that an option?

It absolutely is an option! If you like a particular pendant but would like a different color, simply send us an email at or give us a call at 1-877-723-7229 and we can discuss all of the color options that are available.

I am really looking for ash jewelry in 14k white gold.  Do you offer the jewelry in white gold?

All of our ash resin jewelry is available in 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold. If you don't see it on our site, simply call our customer service team at 1-877-723-7229 or send us an email at and we will get you a quote!

I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  Do you do custom designs?

We absolutely can do custom designs! Because all of our ash jewelry is designed and manufactured in one location, we are able to help you create any particular design you'd like. Call our customer service team at 1-877-723-7229 or send us an email at with your custom design questions and we will be happy to assist!

How quickly will my ash pendant arrive?

Our ash jewelry is designed, manufactured and shipped from one location which means we oversee the entire process from start to finish. Once your order is placed, an ash collection kit is shipped out immediately. Once we receive the ashes, they are mixed with the gemstone-like resin and placed in the jewelry. The ash jewelry ships approximately 24-48 hours after receiving the ashes. This means that depending on how quickly we receive the ashes back, you could receive your ash jewelry as quickly as 5-7 business days from when your order is placed.

Does my ash pendant include a chain or do I need to buy one?

All of our ash pendants include a high quality matching 20" chain. Additionally, we offer a variety of chain upgrades that range in length from 18" up to 30" and the chains are available in four distinct and beautiful finishes. We have a great video below that explains our chain options and lengths in more detail.

I have cremated ashes from my spouse and from my sibling.  Can you add a little bit of both ashes to the ash jewelry?

We absolutely can! There are a couple of different options when it comes to adding the ashes from two people to an ash jewelry pendant. You can choose ash jewelry that has two separate places for cremated ashes such as the Gold Devoted To You Ash Pendant.  We can add a small amount of each set of ashes to one pendant. Or we can custom create an ash pendant and add the ashes accordingly.

Can you add pet ashes to the ash jewelry?

Pet ashes can absolutely be used as a way to create a special memory of any pet that has passed from your life. Simply add a very small amount of ashes to the free ash collection kit that ships once your order is placed. Any remaining ashes that are not used are packaged securely and returned with your ash pendant.

Can I add engraving to my ash pendant?

Engraved text is a great way to further the personal nature of your ash jewelry. All of our ash pendants can be engraved on the back side of the jewelry with several lines of text. Add a name, initials or even a short verse or saying as a way to help preserve and honor the memory of your loved one.

I don't have any ashes but I do have a few strands of my loved one's hair.  Does that work?

We can use a few strands of hair in lieu of ashes when creating your ash jewelry. Simply place the strands of hair in the collection kit when it arrives and ship back to us in the postage paid addressed envelope. Any strands that are not used in the make-up of your ash jewelry will be carefully packaged and returned to you with your ash jewelry selection.


Ash resin jewelry combines a bit of cremated ashes with a gemstone like resin to create a private and beautiful resting place for a memory of your loved one. Available in different types such as pendant, rings and with photos, ash resin jewelry offers a variety of resin colors to choose from and we also offer custom designs.

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Jeri K. Augustus

Jeri K. Augustus was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana.  Jeri has been in the customer service industry for over 40 years and has significant personal experience with loss and grief.  Her compassion and willingness to help others grew and Jeri remains steadfast in helping families find personal ways to honor their loved ones that have passed as well as celebrate those still living.  She was instrumental in helping to design and create new lines of cremation jewelry that included modern pendants, cremation rings and bracelets.  Jeri also played a key role in launching a line of photo engraved jewelry that started with five photo engraved pendants and now includes several hundred styles for families to choose from.  Jeri helps people daily with questions and concerns regarding these products and has an active role in the leadership and customer care at Jewelry Keepsakes.

Jeri still resides in Montana and enjoys spending spare time with her dogs, her children and grandchildren.  Jeri remains passionate in helping those that are grieving and assisting families in finding personal ways to cherish their loved ones.