10 Occasions For Photo Engraved Jewelry

How Jewelry Keepsakes Makes Your Memories Last

Purchasing jewelry often seems like an expensive, overwhelming endeavor. There are so many options for every occasion that - if you’re not careful - you can find yourself just staring blankly at the possibilities. It doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you’re looking for something unique and out-of-the-box. If you want something new and interesting, let us help! We’ve got a great selection of interesting and exceptional pieces that are perfect for anyone.

In a time when so many people wear the same styles and mass-produced pieces, isn’t it time to stand out?

Personalized jewelry has been gaining popularity for years. You can find plenty of celebrities embracing the trend, showing off their style with a personal – and intimate - touch. You don’t have to break the bank on a fully custom piece that costs thousands of dollars to make a statement. You can find quality, amazing items that are sure to wow while providing that personal touch with photo engraved jewelry.

Photo Engraving

Photo engraved jewelry is another facet of personalization. It offers a great, versatile way to celebrate just about any occasion. With your images immortalized in metal, you’ll have memories forever.

The engraving method with Jewelry Keepsakes is a little different from most other competitors. Unlike the common dot-by-dot engraving method, we etch the photo into the metal to provide a smoother, sharper image on each piece.

The entire surface of each pendant or item is engraved in a manner that adds texture and shadow to the image so that the actual subject of your photos stands out in sharp relief even from a short distance away. This process really makes your photo-engraved jewelry pop!

Magical Memories

Personalized photo necklace is the perfect gift for anyone. It simply depends finding the right time and the right piece for the occasion. If you’re thinking about photo-engraved jewelry but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, there are many reasons to consider Jewelry Keepsakes.

Perfect For Anyone

Everyone likes jewelry. It’s one of the most popular gifts across history and there’s no wrong time to give this kind of gift. Moreover, it’s not necessarily a gendered gift either.

More and more, men are embracing jewelry trends, whether with a classic pendant or carrying a meaningful keychain or money clip. There are plenty of tasteful, masculine options that can be given to the important men in your life.

Capturing Moments In Time

In our digital age, physical photographs feel like a thing of the past. We all keep all our photographs stored on our mobile devices, tablets, or even in cloud storage. While that makes it convenient for sharing those memories with others, it also means that those same memories lack a tangible presence in our lives.

With photo engraving, you can see your memories etched in metal that will last. It gives those moments – and the people represented in them – a physical presence that we can take with us wherever we go.

Personal Touch

With that in mind, photo engraving offers a lovely personal touch that many other options lack. Each keepsake is made as a custom piece just for you. It isn’t mass produced or widely replicated.

The item you choose and the photo you provide are combined in a uniquely personal piece of jewelry. There’s meaning in these keepsakes, whether it is simply a fun, light-hearted gift or something crafted in memory of someone important to you.


One of the best parts about personalized photo pendant is that it is affordable. Jewelry is expensive! It’s easy to see a piece online that, after falling in love with, we realize is very far out of our price range.

That isn’t always the case. Fortunately, most of the items on our list are budget-friendly for just about everyone. More than that, we’ll show you options for just about every price-range!

Endless Optimization

Just about every piece in this guide is very customizable. Apart from the nature of photo engraving being incredibly customizable, these keepsakes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and even metal finishes with a FREE 20" high quality chain. If you see a piece you like, odds are you’ll find it in both gold and silver plating as well as a rose gold finish as well. Many of our photo engraved keepsakes can also be accented with a birthstone charm that is placed on the pendant to highlight the image.

There are options for additional engraving on the back as well! Many of the pieces come with customizable birthstone gems that can be added and placed to highlight the image on the keepsake. And every photo engraved keepsake comes packaged in a gift box and presentation box.

Some other options include:

Add Engraved Text!

There are options for additional engraving on the back as well! Add a few lines of text to commemorate the memory on the front.

Great Gift Presentation!

Every photo engraved keepsake comes packaged in a velvet jeweler's gift box and white presentation box. This means that your gift comes ready to give!

You won’t be getting the same manufactured items you see everywhere. These are made just for you and to your specifications!

Perfect For Every Occasion

We think of jewelry as a gift for very specific occasions. When it comes to something as unusual as photoengraved jewelry, we don’t often think it could be suitable for such moments in time. That’s simply not the case! With Jewelry Keepsakes, we have compiled a least of the top ten occasions that are perfect for one of our photo-engraved pieces. More than that, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect selection with this gift-giving guide!

1. Birth Of A Child

Celebrating the birth of a child – whether it’s your first or tenth – is always an occasion worthy of making special. It’s the opportunity to celebrate new life and to memorialize the moment in a unique and lasting way. While jewelry might not be your first thought for such a moment, it is certainly one that will make an impression!

Photo-engraved jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate this experience. Children grow up so fast. It’s hard to remember their earliest days when they’ve sprouted up several feet and started school! Wouldn’t you love a way to capture those first baby pictures forever?

Parents aren’t the only ones celebrating when a new addition to the family is born! What’s grandma’s favorite thing to show off? Pictures of her grandbabies! Are you looking for something special to gift to the new grandmother or grandfather in your family? What better way than to give her a photo she can wear?

Gold Plated Photo Engraved Small Heart

Sometimes, the simplest options are the best for an occasion like this! With its simple 1” size, the Gold Plated Photo-Engraved Small Heart Pendant is a lovely and simple way to immortalize that baby photo you can’t stop marveling over!

The gold-plating adds a classy touch to the design and the engraving process keeps the photo fresh. You’ll never have to worry about it losing crispness or fading over time! It’s also a great alternative to digital photos, giving you a physical keepsake that lasts.

Silver Framed Heart Photo Engraved Pendant

For an option that comes with even more personalization, we recommend this Silver Framed Heart Photo Engraved Pendant. The heart-shaped pendant is 1-¼” high and 1-¼” wide, making it perfectly sized for a keepsake baby photo!

The Framed Heart Photo Engraved jewelry can be further accented with a small birthstone rider heart. The rider heart comes on a separate bail and has a small floating heart that is accented with the month that you choose. The birthstone heart is a great way to up the emotional value of the jewelry!

Silver Framed Rectangle Photo Engraved Pendant

Our Silver Framed Rectangle Photo Engraved Pendant offers a slightly more unisex option for your needs. This rectangular shaped pendant is great for both men and women – providing a versatile piece of metal canvas for your baby’s photo.

This is also one of our more budget-friendly options, proving again that jewelry doesn’t have to be extravagantly priced to be memorable. It's a great value and includes a matching high quality 20" chain.

We recommend these pieces as a gift not only for a new parent but also for a new sibling as well. The small size of these pendants is perfect for an older sibling to wear, especially those who are excited about being a “big brother” or “big sister.”

2. Holiday Gifts

Holidays are a great time to give jewelry as a gift and an obvious choice. Finding the perfect keepsake piece of jewelry depends entirely on the person and the occasion. Our Photo Engraved jewelry is great for holidays ranging from the obvious like Christmas or Valentine’s Day to more specific ones like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Here are some of our best-selling options that make for great holiday gifts!

Stainless Steel Memories Heart - A Customer Favorite!

This is our absolute best-seller! It’s small, affordable, and great for nearly every occasion! The heart-shaped pendant does trend towards anyone with more feminine tastes, but it can be given to young and old alike. Available in gold plating as well, it can also be engraved on the back.

Full Color Photo Pendants - A Must Have For Mom or Dad!

Our full color pendants are a wonderful option for Mother's Day or Father's Day! The image engraved on the surface is a full-color replica of a photo that you choose in the same same texture as the background, giving the pendant a textured pattern that you can feel.

3. In Memoriam

Losing someone is absolutely the last thing we want to think about even at the best of times. It’s also one of the worst kinds of loss we’ll ever experience. Everyone experiences grief differently and sometimes, saying goodbye can mean different things to different people.

When it comes to remembering your loved ones, you should have options. The last thing any of us want is for the memories of the people we love and have lost to fade. With any photo-engraved piece, you’ll be able to keep those pictures fresh and – in many cases literally – close to your heart.

We have a selection of jewelry appropriate for memorial pieces that we think are appropriate for just this occasion. In addition to our photo-engraved pendants, we have several other options for your needs.

With any of our cremation jewelry, you’ll be able to keep a piece of your loved one with you forever. They make a good keepsake for your own grieving process but also can be gifted to others who may want to immortalize their departed loved one as well.

Photo Engraved Round Cremation Pendant

If you’d like to keep a small part of your loved one with you always, a Photo-Engraved Round Cremation Pendant is the way to go. The small (7/8” wide by 7/8” high) pendant is the perfect size for a small, unobtrusive keepsake. It’s a wonderful, personal way to remember your loved one and wear in their honor.

There is a small interior compartment that can be accessed through the bail at the top of the pendant. It can be filled with a small amount of cremains and secured. The stainless-steel pendant ensures that it will not rust and the container is waterproof.

Cremation Keychain

Another budget friendly option for carrying cremains that doesn’t involve a necklace is one of our Cremation Keychains. Like all our pieces, they come in various sizes and shapes (as well as metal types) but they are all fully functional containers.

This is a great option for those who don’t wear jewelry but still want to carry a cremains keepsake. There is a small screw on the bottom of the keychain. After unscrewing, you can add a small “pinch” of cremains to the compartment. This is usually around a 1/8th of a teaspoon.  

Photo Engraved Wallet Cards

If you don’t like the idea of wearing something as a memorial, our Devotion Wallet Cards are another option. This metal card does not hold cremains. It is the perfect size to fit into any wallet or billfold and weights only about 1.4 ounces. It’s a lightweight, durable keepsake that you can take with you all the time without worrying about the photo being damaged in transit.

These devotion cards can be engraved both front and back, providing you with ample space to add a personalized message to go along with your engraved photo. This would be an excellent gift to share with a family member after losing a loved one.

4. Birthdays

This one is probably the most obvious on our list! Everyone likes jewelry and a birthday is the perfect occasion to gift it to someone in your life! When it comes to photo-engraved jewelry, you might wonder what to get engraved and how to gift it. Don’t worry! We have plenty of options for birthdays – but let’s go through some of the most popular ones!

Photo Engraved Bracelets - Ideal For Every Woman

Double Heart Photo Pendant - Great For Couples

Photo Engraved Money Clip - Super Option For Dad

Heart Birthstone Pendants - For Any Mom Or Grandma

5. Milestones

Commemorating the biggest life milestones with jewelry is not an uncommon thing. But apart from birthdays and holidays (which we’ve already discussed), there are plenty of other big moments in life that may be great occasions for one of our photo engraved keepsakes!

Communion and Bar Mitzvah

While these ceremonies may all come from separate cultures, they still symbolize one major milestone in a young person’s life – the moment they come into adulthood. Any photo-engraved pendant depicting an important event or person in their life may be a good option for a gift on such an occasion.

Another of our best sellers! This is a very clean, slim piece. It would suit both men and women equally, depending on the taste of the recipient. The gold plating adds a nice, classy touch to the design as well.


For another cultural ceremony marking the symbolic moment a young person becomes an adult, a Quinceanera is a celebration of womanhood. What better gift to signify this journey than something delicate and feminine for the young woman once she reaches this age?

Luxury Side Heart Photo Bracelet

The Luxury Side Heart Photo Engraved Bracelet is just such a piece! The sterling silver bracelet comes with a small heart shaped engraved pendant. It is a small piece that is perfectly suited for feminine tastes.


This is a milestone most young people experience, whether high school or college. It’s a big step to for a young person and one that should be celebrated and commemorated with a meaningful gift. Family photos are always a great option for the graduate. But if you want to get something for mom or dad, you can consider getting that graduation photo immortalized on one of our pendants or keychains too!

Another of our best-sellers! It’s small, affordable, and great for a young woman or man! The smaller size is appropriate for a young person who might want to keep a family photo with them as they move out on their own!

6. Gifts For Teammates

Being part of a team is a meaningful and important experience. It builds lasting friendships, a greats sense of trust and accomplishment, and experiences to remember for the rest of your life. Whether you’re on the cheerleading squad, the varsity football team, or in the marching band, you’re going to show your team spirit in all kinds of ways! It’s easy to find team merchandise like t-shirts or sweatbands but what about something more? Or a little more upscale and elegant?

That's where we come in!

Maybe you’d like to commemorate winning a big game or coming out on top of the latest tournament. Or maybe you’d just like to celebrate the end of another season together. Whatever it is, Jewelry Keepsakes has something for you.

You might be thinking that it would be difficult to get an entire team photo onto one of our pendants and you might be right! But that full team shot doesn’t have to be the only thing you put on your keepsake jewelry! You can have your team logo, slogan, or even a catchphrase or clever quip for your time together engraved right on whatever piece you choose! And what are the best options for teams? We’re glad you asked!

Rectangle Photo Engraved Keychains

These Rectangle Keychains are the perfect choice for a commemorative any team event or season. You can have a photo of your choice engraved on the front while adding the date, team logo, or something else on the back. They are made of stainless steel but do come with the option of silver or gold-plating. We find the stainless-steel version is a great unisex option, too.

Photo Engraved Wallet Cards

What if you want to feature more than one photo for your big win? The Silver Blessings Wallet Card is a great option as you can choose four photos to be placed on a single card. This allows for everything from a logo, a few publicity photos, and maybe even that team picture to be on the same keepsake! The card measures 3 ½“wide and 2” high. This slim silver-plated card fits into any wallet or card holder and is the perfect way to keep that reminder of your big moment – and the team that got you there– with you all the time!

Sophisticate Octagon Photo Engraved Bracelet

If you want a slightly more feminine look for a team accessory, these Sophisticate Octagon Bracelets are a choice that is sure to wow. With the shape of these stainless-steel bracelets, they are fully adjustable and can fit just about any wrist size. The unique pendant design is sure to draw the eye and make a great statement piece, too!

7. To Commemorate Your Pet

Let’s be honest, we all love our pets. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to show that love, either. Within the last few years, there’s been a major influx is pet-themed gifts for all kinds across the market. It makes sense that you’d want to commemorate them in jewelry as well! Buy one for yourself or for another animal lover in your life!

This isn’t limited to cats or dogs, either. Larger animals like show horses or even birds can just as easily grace one of our keepsakes. For anyone who has a winning show animal of any kind – what better way to show off your pride? These are great gifts for breeders, too!

Full Color Doggie Bone Engraved Pendant

Is there anything cuter than this Doggie Bone Photo Engraved Pendant? This is our absolute favorite option for showing off your pooch! The only thing that’s better than the shape is that this style comes in a full color version! The full color image will have the same textured qualities as the white background which means you can feel the engraved image!

Pet Memorial Keychain

The Pet Memorial Keychain is another option for pet owners looking for something unique! Also bone shaped, it’s a cute keychain that is sure to draw the eye and be a real conversation piece for any other animal lovers! Just because you can’t take your pets with you wherever you go doesn’t mean you can’t still show them off!

Rose Gold Plated Pet Cremation Heart Pendant

If you’ve ever lost a furry friend, you know that it can hurt just as badly as losing a family member. Sometimes our connection with our pets runs just as deeply. That’s why we’re putting this Rose Gold Cremation Pet Pendant on the list. Much like the memorial jewelry we featured earlier, this piece is a lovely keepsake that will hold your pet’s cremains.

There is a small interior compartment that can be accessed through the bail at the top of the pendant. It can be filled with a small amount of cremains and secured. The stainless-steel pendant ensures that it will not rust and the container is waterproof.

8. For New Drivers

Getting your driver’s license is a milestone few people consider the important accomplishment is really is. But it is an occasion that marks a person’s journey into a sense of freedom and accomplishment. Newer drivers deserve to be rewarded after all that hard work (and stress!) from surviving the lengthy exams!

It’s a moment to commemorate with a small, affordable gift that will stay with them forever! It’s also a great way to let them know that you’re thinking about them out there on the road!

It’s a moment to commemorate with a small, affordable gift that will stay with them forever! It’s also a great way to let them know that you’re thinking about them out there on the road!

Rectangle Reflection Pendant

Keep loved ones close while you travel with this silver-plated rear-view mirror pendant. The small size and sleek design make our Rectangle Reflection Pendant an unobtrusive car accessory for just about anyone. What’s more, it comes with a clear cord and a magnetic attachment that allows you to hang the pendant from a car mirror with ease.

And hey – if seeing the family photo dangling from the rearview mirror helps remind them that safety matters even when they’re on their own? Even better!

Silver Pet Bone Reflection Picture Keepsake

For a slightly more playful option, you could consider getting them this Silver Pet Bone Reflection Picture Keepsake. This one is great if your family photo happens to include the family pet as well! It works especially well for a pet lover.

Photo Engraved Keychain

What about for the moment you’re presenting them with the keys to their first car? That’s a huge day, right? It’s the moment a new driver is receiving that first taste of freedom on the road. So why not commemorate that moment with something special (and personalized) to go along with it?

We carry a number of great photo engraved keychain options like this one. They are usually small enough to fit with any other keychains on their keyring (this one in particular measures 1” by 1 ¼“ in diameter) but large enough to display an engraving of your choice.

9. Military Deployment

If you have a friend, family member, spouse, or loved one in the military, you know that sometimes separation is inevitable as they are deployed. Deployment gifts are very common; however, it’s also difficult to find something appropriate for that moment. With limited space and often heavy travel ahead of any serviceperson, you’ll have to be both creative to find something small and still meaningful.

The best part about our military deployment photo engraved items is that they are great gifts for a serviceman or woman leaving for deployment as well as for any of those they are leaving behind.

With these photo engraved keepsakes, you can keep that favorite photo of the two (or more) of you together through those hard times of separation.

Two Half Heart Silver Photo Necklace

Before deployment, many couples gift small keepsakes to one another If you want to make that romantic gesture with your partner before just such a thing, the Two Half Heart Photo Necklace is a great choice for this occasion as well.

These matching pieces are a great option for long distance couples and allow for a lot of customization with photo choices. You can customize this piece with two photos – one on each side of the heart – or choose to have one photo replicated on each half! Engraving is available on the back of each side as well.

However, you will want to find out what your significant other can wear while in uniform while they are deployed to make your choice more practical.

Shop our collection of heart photo engraved pendants.

Stainless Steel Photo Engraved Dog Tag

It’s no surprise that our Photo Engraved Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant makes this list. What is more appropriate for a service member than one of these 1 1/8” wide by 2” inch dog tags?

They come with a matching chain that is resistant to tarnishing and the image will remain sharp for years to come. They are engraved with a photo of your choice but – like most of our photo engraved jewelry - they can also be personalized with an engraved message on the back of up to six lines.

This is also one of our budget friendly options, with a price that is hard to beat!

Personalize your photo engraved dog tag now!

Small Stainless Photo Engraved Dog Tag

This smaller version of our dog tag is another option for a deployment keepsake, especially for a child. Often, children struggle with parental separation even more than adults. This can act lovely reminder for a small child that their parent is thinking of them even while far away.

You could choose a family photo, a photo of the deployed family member, or a photo of that family member and the child for the Keepsake engraving.

Find a complete selection of photo engraved pendants ideal for children here.

Gold Plated Photo Engraved Keychain

If you want a keepsake to carry with you daily, we recommend these Memorial Jewelry Gold Plated Keychains. The shape immediately brings that military touch and the simple design will fit in with anyone’s sense of style.

The gold-plated stainless steel captures the photo engraving beautifully. It won’t tarnish or chip even with heavy wear.

Choose from a wide assortment of beautiful photo engraved keychains today!

10. Corporate Retreat

Buying gifts for co-workers or a big event is an incredibly frustrating task. If you’re in charge of getting a gift that wows for your team or for the big corporate event, you’re constantly looking for something unique, especially if you want something a little more interesting than the typical swag that are given out at work events. Tired of pens, logo mugs, or t-shirts no one ever wears? It’s time to look for something a little more upscale and memorable that will show your appreciation for your cohort without breaking your budget.

Photo engraved keepsakes are a great option for this occasion due to the sheer versatile nature of the engraving options! You could choose the company logo, your company mascot, or perhaps even a photo of the company headquarters on this piece. It shows your pride in your employees and lets them showcase their pride in your business.

Photo Engraved Money Clip

This Photo Engraved Money Clip is classy, sophisticated, and an overall winner for a work gift. It’s a masculine statement piece that stands out for a working professional. The clip is slim enough to fit comfortably in the pocket while sturdy enough to secure bills. This is black rhodium-plated over stainless steel clip with a sterling silver plated engraving plate. Due to the nature of the item, our money clips cannot be engraved on the back.

Photo Engraved Square Keychain

Any of our photo-engraved keychains are a great pick for an elegant, professional gift. In particular, the Square Keychain makes for an understated and tasteful selection. With these keepsakes, you have a photo engraved on one side with the option of adding additional engraving – perhaps a slogan or date of the event – on the back. Each keychain is made of stainless steel but do come with the option of silver or gold-plating.

Gift Giving Made Easy

While we offered up all our favorite pieces for all occasions, there are still plenty of options available on our Jewelry Keepsakes website. If you didn’t find what you were looking for on our list, we hope you’ll take the time to look through our collections of photo engraved keepsakes and pendants. We know you’ll love what we have to offer – satisfaction guaranteed!

And just for checking us out today, we’d like to offer you this 20% off coupon for your next purchase with Jewelry Keepsakes! Enter the word ENGRAVED at checkout for these terrific savings!

Shop our complete selection of photo engraved jewelry today and let us help you choose a gift that will make your memories last!

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