Guide To Honoring The Living & Dead With Personalized Memorial Jewelry

The holiday season is one of the most joyous times of the year. Holidays are meant to be spent with friends, family, and loved ones. But for those who have recently lost a loved one, the holidays may be more difficult. 

Memorial gifts help to honor the dead while bringing joy to the living. If you or someone you know is grieving, a memorial gift can be comforting during the holiday season. Keep reading to find out what’s on our 2022 holiday gift guide for friends and family. 

Why Our Memorial Gifts Are Unique and Special

At Jewelry Keepsakes, we have a wide variety of memorial jewelry and gifts to honor the living and dead. We design each piece with love and care using only the finest materials. We know these gifts hold special meaning, so we do our best to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. 

Below are some reasons why our memorial jewelry and keepsakes make unique and special gifts for the holidays.


Our wide variety of personalized memorial jewelry and gifts can be for memorializing the dead or the living. A personalized photo engraved necklace of the deceased can be a sentimental holiday gift for a friend who recently lost someone. Memorial jewelry is a unique item that can be worn for fashion as well as remembrance. 

Additionally, you can gift memorial jewelry and keepsakes to remind you of living loved ones. A photo engraved keychain of yourself can be gifted to grandparents who live far from you. Having a picture of their beloved grandchild on their keyring will help them keep you close to their heart. It will be a sweet reminder of the love you have for them.


Jewelry Keepsakes offers unique thumbprint jewelry and memorial gifts for friends and family. Our thumbprint items use laser technology to engrave the thumbprint of either yourself or a deceased loved one onto a memorial jewelry item or gift. Our unique thumbprint engraved items even feature the ridges of the thumbprint to make them feel more realistic. 

Thumbprint memorial jewelry and gifts can be special reminders to those who have lost someone. Being able to feel their loved one’s thumbprint (the most unique part of them) can help them feel closer to the deceased. Thumbprint memorial gifts may also help someone feel closer to a living friend or relative who lives far away.

Use this thumbprint buying guide and get all the information you need to shop like a pro!


Our personalized memorial gifts are made from quality metal and materials. These pieces are made to cherish and last for generations to come. We specialize in quality, sentimental jewelry that can be passed down to future generations. When you gift a memorial keepsake or jewelry item, you are creating a new family heirloom. 

Honoring The Life Of A Loved One With Unique & Memorable Gifts

Our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Family and Friends takes all the guesswork out of what to buy and offers a great number of options depending on your budget and your relationship to the recipient!

Birthstone jewelry makes a special gift for a friend or loved one during any time of the year. Our birthstone jewelry pendants are made from stainless steel and stainless steel with gold plating. Our selection features a variety of shapes and stones to match your loved one’s birth month.

To add a special something, engrave their picture or your favorite picture of the both of you onto the pendant. They will cherish it as a unique and special gift from someone they know who truly cares for them. 

Everyone needs a keychain for their keys. Keys and keychains are things people use everyday when they are coming and going. A photo engraved keychain will make a wonderful gift for your friends and loved ones who don’t wear jewelry.

Our photo engraved keychains are made from quality metals that won’t tarnish when properly cared for. We have different styles of keychains to match your loved ones personality. Make the holidays extra special for them with a special keychain to hold their keys. 

Celebrate the children in your life with unique and special necklaces and bracelets made just for them. If you’re a grandparent, you can personalize their gift with a picture of yourself. In this way, they will have a memory of you when you eventually pass on.

Memorial jewelry will make children feel special and loved. Although they will eventually outgrow their child size jewelry, they can repurpose, resize, or pass on their memorial jewelry gift to a future generation. 

Our quality beaded necklaces use beautifully colored beads to make a stylish chain for every wearer. Each beaded necklace can be fitted with an engravable pendant in various shapes. Beaded necklaces may be more stylish for your friends or family depending on their tastes.

Their brightly colored beads are perfect for celebrating the living. Beaded necklaces make great holiday gifts for those you care about. Engrave it with a special holiday message for a more memorable gift. 

Give your spouse a special gift this year with a thumbprint engraved gold or silver ring band. Our rings come in several styles and can be engraved with your thumbprint along with your spouse's name or date of your anniversary.

Thumbprint ring jewelry allows you to share the most personal and unique part of yourself with your spouse, your thumbprint. Thumbprint rings make a beautiful and sentimental gift for your significant other. 

What Types Of Gifts Are Good For Celebrating The Deceased?

There are numerous ways in which you can celebrate the life of someone that has passed away and gift that celebration to a loved one that is grieving.

Cremation jewelry is jewelry made from ashes. At Jewelry Keepsakes, we can use a small portion of your loved one’s ashes and incorporate it into the design of your jewelry gift. Typically, we mix your loved one’s ashes into the resin center of your cremation pendant necklace or ring.

Cremation jewelry is one of the most personable gifts you can give or receive. It allows the receiver to keep a small portion of their deceased loved one with them wherever they go. 

Some of our cremation jewelry options include:

  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Keychains

Most of our cremation jewelry pieces give you the option to engrave a name, date, or special message onto a portion of the jewelry piece. 

At Jewelry Keepsakes, we also have a selection of photo engraved jewelry that holds ashes. Jewelry that holds ashes is different than jewelry made from ashes. Our specialty made urn jewelry is designed to hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes in a discreet, small compartment. These jewelry options come with a kit for you to fill yourself. 

You can have a specialty jewelry piece made to hold a deceased loved one’s ashes with their picture engraved on the front. This type of memorial gift may only be possible if you have access to the deceased’s ashes. Jewelry that holds ashes is most often reserved as gifts for close family members. 

When you lose a loved one, you lose simple interaction with them such as the sound of their voice and their handwritten letters. Signature jewelry and keepsakes allows you to stay in touch with your deceased loved one by memorializing their handwriting.

Jewelry Keepsakes offers jewelry and keepsake options that can be engraved with the deceased’s signature or handwritten message. Signature jewelry and keepsakes make a great gift for someone missing the small things about the deceased. It’s a unique and permanent way to keep their memory alive. 

Thumbprint engraved metal bookmarks make unique gifts for the bookworms in your life. For a loved one who has recently lost someone, a metal bookmark engraved with the thumbprint of the deceased can be a heartfelt reminder that their loved one is still with them. You can also have the bookmark engraved with a name, date, or special message. 

Memorial coins make special gifts for honoring the dead. They can be engraved with an image of the deceased on one side and their thumbprint on the other side.

Memorial coins are great for dispersing to multiple family members. They are small tokens of remembrance for the loved one’s lost. Memorial coins can be kept in your wallet, sewn into clothing, or kept in a special display case. 

How Can You Personalize Your Memorial Gifts?

Most of our memorial jewelry and keepsakes offer word letter engraving up to a select number of characters. You can inscribe your special memorial gift with the name of the deceased to honor their memory. 

Along with word engraving, you can add number engraving. Many people choose to engrave the dates of the deceased’s birth and death. But you could also choose to engrave a special date that meant something to you and the deceased, such as an anniversary, deployment date, or any other special date. 

If you would like to engrave something other than the deceased’s name or special date, consider a quote. You can choose a quote that was special to the deceased or choose a quote you think is fitting to describe your relationship. It can be a religious quote or literary quote from your favorite author. There are plenty of memorial quote ideas posted online that can help you choose the perfect message to engrave on your memorial gift. 

Our photo engraved jewelry and keepsake gifts can take any image of the deceased and engrave it on the jewelry pendant or gift. You can choose a photo with just the deceased or a photo of both you and the deceased. Your photo can be engraved in black and white or color depending on your preferences. Adding a photograph of the deceased to your memorial gift makes your gift more personable and special for the receiver. 

A birthstone is a stone or gem that corresponds to the month of your birth. For example, for those who are born in December, their birthstone is blue or turquoise. If you want to make your memorial jewelry or keepsake gift extra special, include the deceased’s birthstone. If your gift is to celebrate the living, include the birthstone of the gift recipient. Birthstones add both a dash of color and more sentimentality to your gift. 

If you want to add a touch of personalization to your jewelry pendant, consider an initial pendant. Choose either the first name or last name initial of the deceased or person you’re gifting to. 

If your friend or loved one recently lost a pet, consider a jewelry style that memorializes their pet. We offer multiple options for pet memorial jewelry. Choose between shape options like cat paws, dog bones, fish, birds, and more for your jewelry pendant. A gift that represents your friend or family member's deceased pet will make their gift more personal. 

Who Can You Gift Memorial Keepsakes & Jewelry To?


Gift a spouse a special personalized gift in honor of your relationship. We have a selection of rings and pendants that can be engraved with special dates (such as an anniversary date) or messages (such as their name or place where you met). These personalized gifts can be a way to show your spouse you care for them and want to be in their thoughts always. 


For children who have recently lost a loved one, memorial gifts can help them cope. Some children are too young to understand the reality of death. Death can be traumatic for them, especially if they are unsure how to cope with their grief. 

Photo engraved jewelry such as a photo engraved bracelet for children can be a comfort item. They can wear a bracelet with a picture of their loved deceased loved one on it. When they are feeling sad or lonely, they will have an image of their loved one there to comfort them.


Friends are like family, especially during the holidays. Memorial jewelry and keepsakes can make great gifts for friends who are suffering the loss of a loved one.

Have a specialty made pendant necklace or keychain with an engraving of their deceased loved one’s name, a special quote, or personal message of condolence. Memorial gifts are meant for special people and there is no one more special than friends who feel like family. 


Siblings stick together through thick and thin. They are both your friend and family from birth until the very end. Our personalized jewelry and gifts can be customized for each of your siblings. If you want to memorialize your family connection, have photo engraved pendants made for each of your siblings with a special message from you engraved on the back. 

Picture engraved jewelry can also be gifted as memorial gifts if you are grieving another close family member. Use a group photo with the deceased so you will all share the memory of them wherever you go. 


If you have recently lost a parent, your surviving parent may be feeling especially lonely during the holidays. A cremation jewelry gift will allow your mom or dad to hold a part of their life partner with them always. Cremation jewelry comes in the form of necklaces, rings, pendants, and more. 


Remind your friends and family members who live out of state how much you miss them. Send them the gift of personalized jewelry and keepsakes that remind them of you. Choose a picture of you and your friend or family member and have it engraved on a jewelry pendant or keychain. 

They may also enjoy a more useful gift, such as a money clip engraved with a special message from you. These special gifts remind your far-off loved ones that they are in your thoughts during the holidays.


Our troops put their life on the line to protect us here at home. Unfortunately, that means many of them miss important family holidays. If you have a friend or family member on active deployment, a personalized dog tag pendant makes a fitting holiday gift. Active military members don’t have need for much while on deployment. 

A personalized photo engraved dog tag necklace or keychain is easy for them to keep on their person. They will get to keep a memory of home with them while away from family during the holidays. 


Co-workers quickly become our friends and sometimes feel as close to us as family. If your co-worker has recently lost someone, a memorial gift may be an appropriate and kind gesture. You could have a special jewelry pendant or keychain made with an engraved religious quote or special message of condolence. 

Giving a memorial gift to your co-worker lets them know that they are loved by you and others. It lets them know they are not alone and have people in their lives who care for them.

Who Can You Gift Memorial Keepsakes & Jewelry To?

How do you choose the perfect memorial gift for your friends and loved ones? Below are some tips for making sure you make the right choice this holiday season. 

First, decide who your memorial gift will be for. You may want to choose certain pendant shapes or add certain personalization touches specific to the person you are buying the gift for. For example, when buying a gift for a friend, you may want to stay away from pendant shapes that are best reserved for loved ones or spouses, like heart shaped pendants. 

You may also want to consider the gender of the person you’re buying for. We offer numerous styles of jewelry for both men and women. Choosing a jewelry style more fitting for their gender may make it more likely they will enjoy their gift. 

Jewelry Keepsakes makes jewelry and gifts to honor both the living and dead. Our jewelry and gifts can be gifted for any occasion during any time of the year. Knowing what occasion or reason you are buying a gift for can help you in deciding. 

For example, a birthstone photo engraved pendant can make a great birthday gift while a metal engraved bookmark is perfect for a school graduation gift. If the gift is for memorializing someone who is deceased, you may want to consider one of our cremation jewelry styles that can hold ashes.

Carefully considering the recipient's personality will help guide you in your decision making. Think of things such as their favorite color, religious faith, favorite animal, personal fashion style (like minimalist or maximalist), or occupation (such as military members). Jewelry Keepsakes has an assortment of jewelry and memorial gifts to fit every personality. 

If you are buying a gift for a deployed military spouse, consider our photo and thumbprint engraved dog tag pendants. Have a photo of yourself and family engraved on the front with either your thumbprint or special message on the back. A gift like this will hit close to their heart and be something they can wear while on duty. 

When it comes to giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. However, it’s nice to be gifted something you will use. Before you purchase a memorial gift for someone, consider how they will use it. For example, an engraved bookmark is a beautiful gift but for someone who doesn’t read, it’s not very practical. You would be much better off getting them a money clip or keychain that they will find useful in their everyday life. 

Jewelry Keepsakes offers different jewelry styles that can be personalized in different ways. How much you can personalize your gift will depend on how close you are to the recipient. For example, it may be difficult for you to purchase a cremation necklace for a friend who’s lost a loved one, since you likely don’t have access to the deceased’s ashes. 

Instead, you might consider gifting them jewelry that holds ashes or an urn necklace. These jewelry items can be gifted and filled by the recipient of the gift themselves. Also, consider if you want to add engraving. How much engraving you want to add will determine what shape and style gift you should choose. Certain styles have more room for engraving than others.

Jewelry Keepsakes has a wide variety of quality products for every budget. What gift you choose may depend on how much money you have to spend. If you are tight on money this year for holiday gifts, consider our stainless-steel jewelry options. Stainless steel is a quality metal that doesn’t tarnish easily when properly cared for. It’s a strong metal that can withstand outside elements, but less expensive than metals like silver or gold. 

If you have a higher budget, you may consider one of our jewelry pieces in gold. Gold is a precious metal with classic style and elegance. It is more expensive than metals like silver or steel but is more special because of it. 14K gold cremation urn necklace is a beautiful gift for someone you’re very close to. It will last for years to come and can be passed down as an heirloom gift.

Where Can You Purchase Personalized Memorial Gifts?

Jewelry Keepsakes is one of the largest suppliers of personalized memorial keepsakes and jewelry gifts. We have been in business for over a decade and understand our customers' needs. We will also work closely with you to personalize your gift to meet your every expectation. When you choose Jewelry Keepsakes, you are getting top quality and top customer service. 

Other places to purchase memorial gifts and keepsakes from may include:


Etsy is an online shopping platform that connects you with both local and worldwide artisans. Etsy is a platform only for handmade goods. Many Etsy sellers will make custom and personalized orders for their customers. You can find just about anything on Etsy from handmade jewelry to furniture and even beauty products. 


If you prefer to shop locally, find local artisans in your area. Start by going to craft fairs or farmers markets where local artisans are more likely to display their products. You can also check online or on social media platforms to find local sellers in your area. 


If you’re set on purchasing memorial jewelry, check with your local jeweler. They may be able to offer special services such as engravings on certain jewelry items. They may also be able to design a unique style of pendant, ring, or earring set. 

How Much Do Memorial Gifts Cost?

Memorial gifts range in price points depending on the item you purchase, the quality of the metal or stone, and where you purchase it from. Sometimes personalization can cost extra which will also increase your total price point. At Jewelry Keepsakes, we offer memorial gifts that range from just under $50 and up. 

We believe that memorial gifts should be affordable for everyone, but we also believe in carrying quality products. Fine jewelry is different from fashion jewelry because it is made from more expensive and rare metals or gems. Quality metals last longer and are less resistant to tarnishing when properly taken care of. 

Our memorial jewelry and gifts are made to stand the test of time. We offer fine metals including stainless steel, sterling silver, and 14K white gold. When you purchase from Jewelry Keepsakes you are paying a premium for fine quality, artistry, and personalization. 

Memorial jewelry and gifts are made to order and shipped right to your door. Each purchase includes a special, decorative box to hold your jewelry or memorial gift, making them perfect to gift as is. We also include the chain (if you order a pendant necklace) with your jewelry purchase (which some jewelers charge extra for). 

If you purchase cremation jewelry, we will include a filling kit to fill your jewelry at home. Should you have any issue with your order, we have a 24/7 customer service call center ready to answer your questions whenever you need.

When Is A Good Time To Give This Type Of Gift?


Intimate family gatherings are a great time to gift your memorial or jewelry to the intended receiver. As a family, you mourn the loss of a loved one together.

While you may have only one gift for a specific person, like your grandma for example, the rest of the family will enjoy watching her receive it. Memorial gifts can mean a lot to the whole family, regardless of who is the intended receiver. 


If your loved one or friend is having a difficult time over the holidays, gifting them a memorial gift on the holiday itself may help with their loneliness. A picture engraved memorial gift will help them remember the memories they shared with their loved one during the holidays. It can be a comfort to them knowing someone else is also thinking of their deceased loved one on the holidays. 


Sometimes receiving a memorial gift can be emotional for the receiver. If you think the intended receiver of your gift may be embarrassed getting emotional in front of others, consider gifting it to them one-on-one.

Gifting memorial jewelry or keepsakes one-on-one makes the experience more personal. It also saves the intended receiver unwanted attention or embarrassment should they become emotional. 

What Other Types Of Gifts Can You Give Other Than What We Offer?


A memorial blanket or quilt serves as both a memorial gift and as a way to stay warm. Memorial blankets are special blankets that can incorporate pictures of your loved one onto their design.

You have a couple different options for memorial blankets or quilts:

  • Screen printed blankets. There are numerous print-on-demand retailers that offer customizable screen-printed blankets and throw blankets. You can upload your favorite photos of the deceased and have it printed onto the blanket itself. Create a collage or have one single photo on the blanket along with a special printed message. 
  • Handmade sewn memorial quilts. Reach out to a seamstress or crafter and have them make a memorial quilt. They can include special word embroidery, screen printed pictures of the deceased, and even parts of fabric or clothing that was special to the deceased. Memorial quilts make deeply sentimental gifts that the living can receive warmth from as if they were receiving warmth from their deceased loved one. 


Decorating the Christmas tree is a longtime holiday tradition for many families. But when your family is missing someone this year, decorating the tree will feel a lot different. Memorial ornaments can help your family feel more connected to their deceased loved one during holiday festivities.

Memorial or remembrance ornaments can be purchased online from select retailers, commissioned from a handmade seller on platforms like Etsy, or you can make it yourself. 

Some ideas for a remembrance ornament include:

  • A holiday shape (such as a snowflake or snowman) inscribed with the deceased name and date of birth and death. 
  • A snow globe ornament that features a picture of the deceased inside the ornament. 
  • A round plain ornament painted with a special design or artwork to remember the deceased. 


A remembrance or memorial stone is a special, usually flat, smooth stone that can be inscribed or painted with the deceased’s name or special message. You can have the stone made for you by an artist or make it yourself. Memorial stones are long lasting gifts that are inexpensive and can be placed in gardens, on porch steps, or placed on a  shelf as decoration. 


A ceramic or glass candle votive inscribed with a special message makes a special memorial gift for honoring someone who has passed. The recipient can like a candle in the votive and say a prayer for their deceased loved one. When they are feeling lonely, lighting their special memorial candle will help them feel closer to their lost loved one. 


Memorialize the deceased or the living with a professionally printed and framed photograph. Pictures can capture a moment in time and have it live on forever. Have a picture of the deceased sent to a professional photo printing company.

You can then have it framed professionally in a custom-made frame. A beautiful, framed photograph of the deceased will add comfort and style to any home or office space. 

2022 Holiday Gift Guide Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a personalized gift for someone?

Choosing a gift for a loved one can be challenging during any time of the year regardless of the occasion. The pressure is on to choose a gift that they will both like and will use. When choosing a gift for a loved one, consider their personality, likes or dislikes, and personal style. These factors will play into what they are most likely to enjoy being gifted. 

For example, if your friend or loved one is a minimalist, an intricate or glitzy jewelry pendant is unlikely to be something they will wear. They will most likely appreciate a simpler jewelry piece, like a simple rectangular silver framed thumbprint pendant. 

What is an appropriate memorial gift?

Memorial gifts are generally keepsake items, like jewelry and other items that can be personalized. However, technically anything could be considered a memorial gift if the item means something to the receiver. Common examples of memorial gifts include:

  • Personalized engraved jewelry items
  • Framed photo collages of the deceased
  • Engraved plaque or decorative piece
  • Engraved memorial coins
  • Specialty made memorial quilts or throw blankets
  • Thumbprint engraved bookmarks
  • Engraved money clips
  • Cremation jewelry that holds ashes

How long does it take for a photo engraved pendant to be made?

Our photo engraved jewelry pendants are made to order. As soon as you place your order and upload your photo, our team gets to work. Usually, we can have photo engraved orders shipped out within 24 hours. If you have any questions about the status of your order, you can contact our customer service team 24/7. 

How do I go about getting a fingerprint from someone?

To get a fingerprint from someone for your fingerprint jewelry and keepsakes, you must first purchase a fingerprint collection kit. If the person you want the fingerprint from is deceased, you can ask the funeral home to take a fingerprint sample for you. Once you have the fingerprint on paper, you can upload it onto your computer and then onto our website. 

Is it considered morbid to buy someone a piece of cremation jewelry as a gift?

Cremation jewelry is no more morbid than keeping a deceased person’s ashes in an urn. Cremation jewelry holds a small portion of the deceased’s ashes inside the jewelry itself. In this way, cremation jewelry acts as an urn that you can transport with you wherever you go. 

However, you may have to “read the room” before gifting cremation jewelry to someone. Some people may not be comfortable with carrying their loved one’s ashes on them in the form of jewelry. You should make sure they are okay with the idea before going forward with your purchase of cremation jewelry.

Give Them A Gift They'll Treasure

The holidays can be a joyous time of year, but gift giving can often be stressful. When you or your friends and loved ones are suffering a loss, the holidays can be even more stressful. 

Memorial jewelry and keepsakes make gift giving during the holiday season more sentimental and personal. When you choose Jewelry Keepsakes, you can ensure you are getting a quality gift for yourself and your loved ones.

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