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Memorialize Your Pet With A Unique Pet Memorial Jewelry

Remembering Our Cherished Pets

Pet owners experience profound love and a strong bond with their furry friends. For many, a pet is not merely an animal; instead, it is a member of the family who brings to their life love, protection, fun, and lasting memories. Even more, our beloved pets often help reduce stress and promote a more active lifestyle, as they are always eager to be outdoors, running and playing, rain or shine.

While a pet is generally adopted info a family for the pleasure it can give its owner, this pleasure appears to be mutual; therefore, it can be described as a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. Pet ownership has been around since prehistoric times and is found in nearly every culture and society. Pet ownership satisfies a bonding need among people worldwide.

Our pets have become family members with distinct personalities and traits that are adored and appreciated. Therefore, it is understandable that the death of a pet is often unbearable and challenging to cope with.

To cope with this painful loss, pet owners find comfort in keeping a piece of their beloved pet in the form of memorial jewelry and cremation urns. This article is a comprehensive guide that will explore options for pet owners interested in learning how to memorialize their beloved pet, focusing on pet memorial jewelry.

The Evolution Of Pet Ownership

Pet ownership has been dated back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It is believed that pets were prominent among the wealthy class and were accepted into their family as added members. Chinese emperors were also known to keep dogs, and they were treated so well that the family servants catered to them.

From the 13th–15th centuries AD, owning pets was popular among the aristocracy and some senior clergy in medieval Europe. It was typical for noble ladies to be seen with lapdogs as a sign of status and fashion.

Since hunting was an essential aspect of life during this period, dogs were bred for specific hunting needs. Considering hunting was a symbol of power and status, noblemen preferred a more rugged hunting dog.

The Queen's Hunting Dogs

In modern societies, pets have gained many more functions, such as being trained as working dogs (seeing-eye dogs, guard dogs, etc.), and simply offering companionship. Often, pets act as a conduit for personal expression as people communicate their personality and status with the type of animal and breed they choose to have. For example, rare, expensive animal breeds are often used as indicators of high socioeconomic status.

Companionship is among the most common reasons for pet ownership, particularly in Western Society. The reason could be associated with the individualist nature of Western Society. People seek out companionship and friendship and tend to find it more easily in pets.

Not only does pet ownership serve the individual owner's needs, it has also been shown to help the medical community understand human health and psychological well-being related to pet companionship. Sequentially, pets have evolved family companionship to assisting the modern-day medical community in mental health research.

What Is Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Pet memorial jewelry, also known as funeral or remembrance jewelry, is specialized jewelry designed for bereaved pet owners as memorabilia to remember and honor their deceased pet.

Pet memorial jewelry has gained immense traction in the last two decades that the catalog of options continues to grow. Jewelry comes in various shapes, styles, and sizes, depending on your preference and how you want it decorated. Options include cremation jewelry, photo engraved jewelry, lockets, bracelets, keychains, and beads. 

Pet memorial jewelry is most commonly used to carry a small amount of your deceased pet's ashes .  Additionally, it is common for manufacturers to infuse your pets fur into an ornament or pendent to match the color of their coat.

What Makes Pet Memorial Jewelry Unique?

Memorial jewelry for pets is a unique way to honor and respect their life and how they contributed to yours. How we honor our deceased pet is entirely our discretion, but choosing to wear a piece of jewelry is an excellent option because it is a form of keeping their memory alive.

This jewelry is unique because they are individually designed for your pet; therefore, no one piece is alike. Whether the individuality is designed through engraving their photo on it, mimicking their fur color for the exterior shade of the cremation jewelry, or their name engraved on it, no one piece is alike.

The design and add-ons are solely up to the pet owner, so every piece is made to represent them and their beloved pet.

Who Is Pet Memorial Jewelry Good For?

Although dogs and cats are the most traditional and common pets, they are not the only ones. Any domesticated animal that is under the care of a human caregiver can be labeled a pet. Whether you are a dog owner, a pet sitter, a horse trainer, or a police officer in the K9 unit, it is never easy to say goodbye to your furry friend. Pet memorial jewelry is not a one-size-fits-all; instead, there are design options for everyone despite their relationship and the type of pet.


Family members are most likely to seek out the perfect pet memorial jewelry among all bereaved pet caretakers considering the long-term invested relationship. Jewelry and pendants can be designed for all family members, including children.

If traditional jewelry does not appeal to children, there are many other options, such as paw print ornaments and pet photo engraved jewelry.


As a pet sitter, a symbiotic relationship is built between them and the pet. For example, the pet sitter routinely visits to take care of the pet, and in exchange, the pet extends love and affection and, oftentimes, protection. Therefore, it is no surprise that the pet's passing can be just as distressing for the pet sitter as it is for the owner.

Purchasing pet memorial jewelry for a pet sitter can be an act of kindness and appreciation while offering them memorabilia of their missed furry friend.


Regularly visiting friends and relatives can build strong, loving bonds with the family pet, equivalent to that of the pet owners. The passing of a family pet could be just as difficult for them, notably if the relationship lasted for many years.

Memorial jewelry is also an excellent gift option to express your thankfulness to anyone who loved and respected your pet.


This is another unique symbiotic relationship. K9's and K9 officers work alongside one another, day in and day out, and build a special relationship different from that of pet owners. They build trust in each other and learn how to work as a team.

The passing of a K9 can be devastating for the K9 officer as it changes the entire work environment. Moreover, the K9 is a loving colleague trained to protect and support the officer, making for a unique relationship unmatched by others.

Therefore, pet photo engraved pendants is an excellent option for K9 officers as memorabilia in honor of the dedication and teamwork offered by their beloved furry friend.


In many cases, animal trainers spend extensive amounts of time training an animal. This can go on for years, and in certain situations where animals require ongoing training; these relationships can last for most of the animal's life.

For example, show horses will commonly require long-term training for both them and their rider. During this time, the trainer can build a strong bond with the horse, thus experiencing significant loss when the horse dies.

Wearing pet cremation jewelry for ashes is an excellent way to remember the life of a pet you contributed a substantial amount of time to train while developing a trusting relationship.

What Are Some Different Styles Of Pet Memorial Jewelry?

A shortage of options does not pertain to the pet memorial jewelry industry. Comparable to all other jewelry, pet memorial jewelry offers choices for everyone depending on personal style and preference.


Necklaces are the most common of all jewelry pieces. What makes it so unique and special is how it sits so close to one's heart, which promotes the feeling of comfort. Necklaces are diverse in nature in how they can be designed.

They can include different pendant and charm styles and even lockets that contain photos. There is no wonder they are the most sought out type of pet memorial jewelry.

A unique necklace style is the cremation necklace, a wearable urn that can hold a small amount of your pet's ashes. This is the preferred option to other urns because it allows you to always keep your pet's remains close to you rather than sitting idle in your home.

Our necklace pendants are offered in various styles and shapes such as a pawprint, heart, flower, ribbon, religious symbols, and geometric, including gemstones. Moreover, to personalize this necklace style further, we can complete it with a photo of your pet, a personalized design, or an engraved message. The choice is yours.


Being another popular option, bracelets are an excellent way to express a statement and symbolize a certain feeling. 

A pet memorial bracelet allows the owners to express their love for a deceased pet and is another perfect way to keep them close and in your upcoming life. Bracelets are also versatile in their design.

Cremation bracelets, photo cremation bracelets, and beaded cremation bracelets are among some of the styles you can choose from.


A memorial ring, also known as a mourning ring, is worn in memory of your beloved pet that has died. It often displays your pet's name, date of death, and perhaps an image of them or a paw print.

A ring is customarily worn on the finger but can also be worn as a necklace as a symbol or remembrance. The use of memorial rings can be traced back to ancient civilizations but resurfaced in the 1930s and 1940s in the United States.

The rings were made of Bakelite, a synthetic resin, and displayed a small picture of the mourned person. In the recent 2-3 decades, a spike in demand for pet memorial rings transpired, becoming a more popular memorial jewelry piece.


Personalized photo engraved keychains are an excellent option for pet bereaves who prefer not to wear jewelry. This may even be the ideal option to gift a family or friend or pet sitter who was close to your pet. 

Keychains can be just as versatile as other jewelry options. You can have a photo of your pet displayed on it; if you prefer, you can even have the ashes, or fur infused.

Keychains are a great option because they are always connected to your keys and go everywhere with you. You are not as inclined to misplace or lose them, keeping your pet with you all the time.

All pet memorial and cremation jewelry requires special handling, beginning with the first step; adding the ashes into the cavity of the jewelry. When we purchase cremation jewelry, we intend to have it forever. Like all other jewelry, this requires ongoing maintenance and proper care. See our comprehensive guide on how to care for and maintain your cremation jewelry.

What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Pet Memorial Jewelry?

In addition to the variety of styles, pet memorial jewelry also comes in different types - primarily those that hold ashes and those that do not. Pet photo engraved jewelry is another type that has risen in popularity and gives families a visual reminder of a pet they cherished. Depending on what you're comfortable with and what appeals to you most will play a factor in which type you choose.


Memorial jewelry for pet’s ashes , otherwise known as cremation jewelry, is designed to hold your pet’s ashes or fur. They generally are versatile in their sizes, shapes, and color choices for the resin. Options range from necklace pendants, bracelets and rings. 


Pawprint jewelry comes in various styles depending on your preference. You can have a pendant attached to a necklace. It can be designed to hold a tiny amount of ash remains stored in the cavity of the pendant.

The paw print design is commonly available in black or white, depending on the jeweler with the paw print displayed on the front side. 


Pet photo engraved jewelry is one of the more visibly telling memorial jewelry. They are also quite versatile in their design and shape; therefore, you can personalize them to suit your preferences.

A few options are:

  • Have a photo on the front and a paw print on the back.
  • They can be designed to hold your pet's ashes.
  • They can be prepared in traditional black and white etching 
  • Color photo engraved jewelry for pets is also an option if black and white is not your preference. This is prepared with a color textured resin design.
  • Shapes are available in dog bone, puzzle pieces, oval, circles with gems, and hearts with gems.

This could be an excellent option for kids who lost their beloved pet. Allowing them to design it can help with the grieving process creatively.

What Materials Are Available For Pet Memorial Jewelry?

Just like style options, there is no shortage of options for jewelry finishing. 


Stainless steel, the Superman of all Metals, is the most preferred type of metal for manufacturing watches and jewelry. Many people prefer stainless steel because of the affordability and longevity of the metal.

It has been noted that in recent history, doctors determined this metal is, to a degree, hypoallergenic (depending on the percent of infused nickel). Men and women who had allergic reactions to nickel could wear stainless steel without an allergic response. This may have compounded its market prominence over time.

Stainless steel jewelry has grown increasingly popular as a base metal and is preferred for pet memorial jewelry due to its affordable price and hypoallergenic nature. Stainless steel can be used in all styles, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants.


Today, 925 sterling silver is one of the most common and sought out among all metals used in cremation jewelry. This metal is popular among consumers and jewelers due to its softness in comparison to most other metals.

This metal comprises 92.5% pure sterling silver, and 7.5% is copper and sometimes nickel, which helps make the composition more durable.

Considering sterling silver can be prone to tarnishing, the wearer of the jewelry must maintain upkeep by regularly cleaning it.  All pet cremation jewelry can be made of sterling silver and is an excellent option based on its durability and longevity.


Gold jewelry is an elegant and classy metal that is of the more costly metal used in memorial jewelry. Considering gold is a popular option, prior jewelers determined there was a need to create a more affordable alternative to meet the needs of all consumers.

This alternative is referred to as plated jewelry. Gold-plated and rose-gold-plated jewelry is designed to resemble pure gold jewelry, but it comes with a more affordable price tag since it is only plated.

Sterling silver or stainless steel r usually is the base metal used due to its durability and reasonable price, keeping the overall cost affordable. For an idea of how stunning gold plated pet memorial jewelry is, take a look at our gold plated paw print dog tag necklace. 

Black plated silver has become relatively popular due to its unique and edgy appearance. It indeed appeals to a specific niche and has done very well in accommodating their preference for unique looking jewelry.

Referred to as Black Rhodium, this colored metal is widely used in pet memorial jewelry for rings, pendants, charms, bracelets, and necklaces. We have an outstanding urn paw print pendent that is coated with Black Rhodium and the appeal is stunning. 


This charming and elegant form of gold has a unique composition of yellow gold, copper, and silver. It can be traced back to 19th century Russia. From there, rose gold went on to gain popularity in the United States around the 1920s and was predominantly used for engagement rings and other fine pieces of jewelry.

Over the decades, the prevalence of rose gold has come and gone and was promoted mainly through fashion trends. It has recently gained popularity in the pet memorial jewelry industry and has become one of the more popular gold options due to its unique and stylish color.

Considering the color pink embodies all things good, this is a wonderful color to have symbolize your beloved pet.


White gold, an attractive choice for pet memorial jewelry, is not a natural metal; it is a mixture comprising about 75% gold and 25% nickel, palladium, and silver. It was produced by coincidence sometime around the 1920s due to a shortage of platinum.

Following World War II, it is believed that some countries started accumulating large amounts of platinum because of its durability to make batteries and other crucial elements for military use. Consequently, platinum was scarce; therefore, jewelers promoted the mixture of nickel, palladium, and zinc with pure gold to bleach its yellow hue and turn it into white gold, ultimately imitating platinum.

Since then, white gold has become an overwhelming choice in the jewelry sector and is now a popular option for pet memorial jewelry.


Yellow gold used for memorial jewelry is seldom ever 100%. Instead, it comes in various purity levels—14k and 18k are among the more popular options for everyday jewelry use. 14k yellow gold is infused with other metals to create a much more potent metal combination. 14K gold may incorporate zinc, nickel, silver, or copper and is approximately 58% gold.

Yellow gold is often worn as a symbol of culture and status, and due to the long-lasting composition of 14k yellow gold, it is a popular choice among bereaved pet owners.

This is an excellent choice for all pet memorial jewelry types and is particularly significant with respect to its durability and beauty.


As one of the more recently introduced options in pet memorial jewelry, glass is surprisingly versatile in its shape and design, making it sought out. In addition to its unique appeal, what makes it more appealing are the techniques used to form glass into a specific desired shape.

Ash-infused cremation balls: This style is made by melting glass into a liquid form then combining a tiny amount of your pet's ashes into it, fusing the two elements. The liquid is then formed into the desired shape and, once cooled, is ready.

Glass layered with your pet's ashes: In contrast to ash-infused cremation balls, this style layers your pet's ashes in between two sheets of glass. Typically, the bottom layer will be dichroic glass, which gives off a multi-colored and reflective characteristic. A tiny amount of your pet's ashes is sprinkled on the dichroic glass and is then topped with a plain, clear piece to finish the look. This style of jewelry has become popular among pet cremation jewelry due to its unique appeal.


Wood cremation jewelry is not new; in fact, it can be traced back to ancient civilizations. Wood has preserved its popularity over time and is another preferred finish. What makes this a desirable and popular option is both the affordable pricing and the exotic bohemian appeal. 

Wood will most commonly be used for urns and even as a pendant for a necklace. A wood necklace gives off a more neutral style and can be carved into the shape of a bone, a pawprint, and more. Here is our beautiful wood paw-shaped pendent for an idea of how exceptional this style looks. 

How Can I Memorialize My Pet?

The symbiotic relationship we build with our pets is one like no other. They love us for who we are; they are forgiving and protect our well-being with every chance they have. It is challenging to face the reality of losing our beloved furry friends, and we often don't know how to cope with their loss. We spend just as much time with our pets as other family members so it makes sense to give them a proper memorial, to remember their lives with us and to put them to rest. 

Depending on your preference, there are many options regarding how to memorialize our pets. The first step is to decide whether you want to cremate or bury your pet. Cremation is increasingly becoming the more common option as it allows you to keep your pet with you. It is managed through your vet's office but could also be taken directly through a local pet crematory.


A celebration of life with everyone who loved and adored your pet is an excellent way to say goodbye. Plan a gathering and concentrate the celebration on remembering your pet by sharing funny stories and photos.

Additionally, dealing with the death of a beloved pet is difficult, so surrounding yourself with positive company can be excellent support for you during the grieving process.


Cremation urns are decorated vessels used to contain the cremated remains of a beloved pet. Urns are commonly used as keepsake remembrances to be kept in your home, used for burial, or to temporarily hold ashes until they can be scattered.

Urns come in various shapes, colors, styles, and sizes and are customized to your preference. Moreover, urns can be used in addition to cremation jewelry for pets.


It is not unusual for bereaved pet owners not to want to keep the ashes of their pets. Instead, a usual memorial practice is to scatter the remains in an area that the pet frequented and enjoyed. Familiar places could be a dog park, a lake, a walking trail, or even the backyard.

Some pet owners will choose to save some of the ashes kept in a keepsake of their choice and scatter the remaining in an important place. 

Scattering can be an excellent way to bring about closure and to help with the grieving process. Additionally, combing the two options is a great way to make sure you made the right decision because it is never easy to make in the first place.


This is another excellent way to cherish and remember your beloved pet. A solid granite plaque is commonly displayed outside in your yard or your garden. If your pet loved to be outdoors, this is a beautiful way to honor them.

Because granite is a heavy-duty stone, it can endure the outdoor elements over time. A photo of your choice will be carefully etched onto the face of the stone. All text and photoengraving is etched into the granite using laser and becomes a part of the stone, so your pet will be forever memorized.


For some bereaved pet owners who prefer to scatter their pet's ashes back into the earth, consider giving their cremation ashes an organic burial by mixing the ashes with the soil used to grow a new tree or plant.

This also serves to give pet owners and families a place to go 'visit' their pet and can be very instrumental in helping children grieve the loss.



Adding or fusing our pet's ashes into cremation jewelry is not only the most popular of options when memorializing them, but it is also a way to keep them near and dear to our hearts and with us forever.

Consider lifestyle as well as age of the recipient if you are gifting pet cremation jewelry. Some styles, such as pet photo engraved pendants, may be a better option for young adults than a solid 14k gold pendant.


What makes this an excellent option is how a small amount of your beloved pet's ashes can be memorialized forever by being added to a beautiful paperweight. Paperweights make lovely home decor pieces and are a great way to keep the memory of your pet alive.

You can even place a framed photo next to the paperweight as an additional visual reminder.


Like other urns, an hourglass holds the ashes in the center. The distinction here is that it has a transparent glass core allowing you to see the ashes flow from top to bottom. Not so much a timekeeper, but rather a memory keeper.

Hourglasses come in a variety of different styles and you can choose the size and type that best blends in with your home decor.


Some bereaved pet owners find it difficult to bury or scatter their pet's ashes, as they feel abandoned. An alternative to this, particularly for diamond lovers, turning pet ashes into a diamond enables you to keep your pet by your side, so they are forever a part of you and your coming life.

The diamond can be made into a pendant or a ring and worn daily or on special occasions. This also makes a nice grieving gift for a loved one that lost their pet.

Interesting Pet Statistics

Three in five Americans owns pets: 70% own dogs, 50% own cats. One-third of pet owners frequently buy their pets holiday gifts. (An excellent personalization opportunity!)

Elderly pet owners visit their medical doctor 30% less than those who do not have pets. Approximately 44% of pet owners would rather cuddle up with their pet than with their life partner. Why not cuddle up with both!

According to pet statistics, owning a dog may decrease the risk of heart disease-related death by 36%. Yet another fantastic reason why pets are so important!

Americans spent approximately $99 billion on their pets in 2020. Online pet food sales rose by 77% during the March 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. What's more convenient that shopping right from the comfort of your own home!

Pet Memorial Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put pet ashes in jewelry?

Yes. As a way to remember your beloved pet and manage grief, many bereaved pet owners choose to have their pet's ashes put into jewelry. Options range from necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

Can you see the pet's ashes in the memorial jewelry?

Yes. Depending on the style you choose. Some may be designed with a transparent center, therefore, exposing the ashes. This is optional and based on your preference.

How much does pet memorial jewelry cost?

Cremation jewelry costs range depending on the material used and the complexity of the design. Regardless of your budget, we have a wide assortment of beautiful keepsakes that will help you remember your loved one.

Costs can range from under $50 for cremation jewelry with a base metal of brass or copper or glass to upwards of over $1000 for cremation jewelry made from solid gold and includes embellishments like diamond or precious gemstone accents. Additionally, adding an upgraded chain, engraved text, or expediting shipping can add to the total cost.

What are some creative ideas to do with my pet's ashes?

Many options are available for bereaved pet owners who prefer to do something uncustomary and that is creative with their pet's ashes. Unique pet memorial jewelry is becoming popular and below are a few options:

  • Have your ashes added to ink when you get a tattoo. Many tattoo artists offer this as part of their tattooing service.
  • Add the ashes to a DIY Christmas ornament or any other decoration you make for the home. 
  • Add your pet's ashes to paint when painting a portrait or for a craft project.

How long does it take for pet cremation jewelry to be made?

Depending on the style, orders will either be shipped out the same day. In some cases where the item needs to be made on-demand, it may take up to 2-3 days to ship.

How long does pet memorial jewelry last?

Pet memorial jewelry that contains ashes can last an extremely long time. Ashes do not degrade considering their composition, and so long as you maintain the jewelry, you can enjoy it for a very long time. 

If I have my pet's photo engraved, will it last forever?

It depends on the color used. Photos that are engraved with black and white grayscale will not fade over time. However, photos engraved with full-color could undergo some fading after prolonged exposure to sunlight, but this is rare.

Do I have to have a special funnel to put my pet's ashes in the jewelry?

No, you do not need to buy a special funnel. In fact, we include everything required with your purchase.

Your jewelry for ashes purchased will include:

  • Your selected pendant or keepsake, along with a matching chain if applicable.
  • An easy to use filling and sealing kit which includes: a small funnel designed explicitly for cremation jewelry, filling sticks to help push the ashes through the funnel and into the inner cavity, and a tube of adhesive.

How do you add ashes into your pet cremation jewelry?

1) Locate the threaded screw. Depending on the design, it can be located on the top, bottom, or back of the jewelry.

2) Remove the screw to expose the interior compartment. Using a tapping motion and the small funnel provided, carefully disperse the ashes into the internal cavity. 

3) For further instructions, watch "how to add your ashes to your cremation jewelry," and you can download our easy-to-follow "filling your cremation jewelry instructions."

Furry Blessings: Remembering Our Pets

Loving a pet is beautiful, and the relationship is unparalleled. But, loving so deeply makes it challenging to say goodbye when your pet passes. When they die, it is essential to take the appropriate time to grieve healthily and focus on the remarkable life and love you provided them. Grief has no timeframe and no limits. 

Although they are gone, we can still keep them close to us with memorial jewelry. It is always difficult initially, but know that there will come a day when you will remember all the loving memories of your furry family member with a healed heart and memorabilia to remember them with.

September 17, 2021 by Jeri K. Augustus