Photo Engraved Jewelry

Photo Pendants

That smile, that moment, that precious person - we capture our history in a series of snapshots that warm our heart.  Photo pendants bring those photos to life so that they can be treasured always!

Dog Tags

Dog tags are symbolic of the connections we form through experiences that we share.  What better canvas to display the moments in time that connect us forever to those we cherish than photo engraved dog tags!

Color Photo Pendants

The moments that we experience with those we love are sometimes best experienced as they happened - in full color.  Color photo pendants provide a beautiful and colorful reminder of those magic memories!

Premium Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Photo Necklaces

Sometimes it’s a person, sometimes it’s a pet or maybe a celebration…that photo captured life at its best and deserves the best possible display with premium sterling silver and solid gold photo pendants!

For that special Man in your life

The love of your life, your biggest fan, a sibling that knows you like no other.  Show the man in your life how special he is with a unique selection of photo engraved keepsakes that honor him!

Man's Best Friend - Deserves the Best

Our best friend, our confidante, the one that makes us smile...our pets play a most precious role in our life.  Celebrate them always with pet photo engraved jewelry designed with our furbabies in mind! 

Photo Keepsakes for the Driver in your life

Adventure, travel, road trips - whether it's capturing a memory from time spent on the go or bringing your loved one with you for the ride, we've got you covered! 

Some of our Favorites

Beaded Photo Necklaces

Sometimes we are looking for a little something that adds a little flair, a little twinkle and sparkle to our memories.  Beaded photo engraved jewelry brings a splash of color and decadence to your memories. 

Photo Bracelets

Those extraordinary moments captured on camera deserve an extra-ordinary way to remember them!  Stunning designs combined with your photo to create a one of a kind remembrance!

Photo Birthstone Necklaces

The months of the year give us reason to celebrate - a birth, an anniversary, a 'cure' for what may have ailed us.  Enhance your photo engraved jewelry with a birthstone representation of that special month! 

Petite - Child Size

Gift a child a memory to last a lifetime with children's photo engraved jewelry.  Because sometimes,  seeing IS believing!