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How to Choose Memorial Jewelry That Will Be Treasured for Generations

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Our daily lives are full of busy activities—work, sports, and spending time with friends and family. It can be a challenge to carve in the emotional time necessary to remember our loved ones and pets who are no longer with us. Memorial jewelry provides a highly personal and one-of-a-kind way to link memories of the past with your here and now. Stunning keepsakes in various types and styles provide a necessary resting place for our cherished memories of those we have loved and lost.

What Is Memorial Jewelry?

Memorial jewelry consists of a keepsake that holds ashes or a small remembrance of a loved one inside the pendant. Alternatively, memorial jewelry may be photo-locked or photo-engraved jewelry that hosts a picture of a loved one who has passed away. Modern memorial jewelry is discreet and available in various designs and styles for men, women, and young adults.

The interior of memorial jewelry is typically accessed by removing a small threaded screw and adding the ashes or remembrance to the interior. A light layer of adhesive is applied to the threads of the screw and then tightened. This seals the ashes inside the cremation jewelry. Other memorial pendants, such as permanently sealed cremation jewelry, seal the ashes inside the keepsake, making them completely waterproof and indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

Why Is Memorial Jewelry Important?

There are many reasons why memorial jewelry is important and a must for families grieving the loss of a loved one or pet. Remember that every situation is different, and one individual’s reasons for choosing memorial jewelry may differ greatly from someone else's.


Memorial jewelry is highly personal and unique to the memory of your loved one. Family members and friends may gain much comfort from a personal reminder of their loved one all the time. This reminder could include ashes, fragments of the burial site, or even strands of hair in the jewelry.


We all prefer a little something different when it comes to jewelry. You may prefer rings over pendants or a different precious metal. You may not wear jewelry; however, a keychain is ideal. The variety of options and selections of memorial jewelry means you are bound to find something for everyone!

Memorial jewelry for ashes can be a unique and meaningful way to keep your loved one close; however, choosing the right piece can be difficult. Read our tips to help you select the perfect cremation jewelry.


Due to the large variety of styles and types, memorial jewelry is budget-friendly! You’ll find everything from sterling cremation jewelry to solid 14k gold jewelry from ashes. This allows you to choose not only what fits your lifestyle but also what fits your pocketbook!


Memorial jewelry is meant to withstand the test of time. Your keepsake is an ideal purchase that will stay with you forever. It also makes for a great family heirloom to pass down to future generations.


No two people are alike, and neither are our memories. Memorial jewelry can be customized in many unique and different ways. Add engraved text to your pendant, and select a birthstone rider heart or initial. You can even choose different colors for the resin for your ash jewelry, choose a full-color photo heart, or pair your memorial jewelry with a premium chain in a different length or finish. The options are endless!

What Are The Different Types Of Memorial Jewelry?

There are several types of memorial jewelry to choose from: photo jewelry, thumbprint jewelry, jewelry for ashes, and permanently sealed memorial jewelry. Let’s take a closer look at the four types below!


Photo jewelry provides a unique way to display the pictures that create your life's history1! Available in various styles and gift ideas, photo-engraved jewelry permanently engraves your favorite picture onto a stainless steel pendant. Ideal for remembering the living and the deceased, photo-engraved keepsakes are a great gift idea for everyone on your list!


Our fingerprints are as unique as our personalities2, and thumbprint jewelry is a touching way to hold onto that individualism. In various styles and precious metals, thumbprint jewelry provides an ideal backdrop for your loved one's engraved fingerprint. Our thumbprint jewelry is made to order and individually crafted by hand.


Jewelry made from ashes combines your loved one's ashes with a burst of color! Ideal for both men and women, we combine a pinch of cremated ashes with a gemstone-like resin and allow it to harden. Choose from a broad assortment of pendants, rings, and colors, and create a unique way to memorialize them forever!


A new and modern keepsake, our permanently sealed memorial jewelry is heirloom quality and crafted by hand from precious metals. Each pendant is made to order and features an internal urn that permanently seals the ashes of your loved one inside. Our permanently sealed memorial jewelry is completely waterproof and indistinguishable from regular jewelry.

Photo Engraved Jewelry: Recreating A Special Moment In Time

Photo-engraved jewelry is a fantastic way to capture a special photo of your loved one, a pet, or any special moment forever! We can remove the background, merge people from multiple photos, and crop the photo to your exact specifications. Each photo keepsake is individually edited by hand and quality-checked at every step.


We offer a variety of different styles of photo engraved jewelry. Our photo engraved pendants come in different shapes, from hearts to dog tags! We have a wide selection of bracelets that can be engraved with your favorite photo, making them a unique accessory. Our premium photo engraved jewelry is made from precious metals and is a stunning backdrop for your favorite memories.

And we have photo-engraved jewelry gift ideas, too! Wallet cards and money clips are ideal for personalizing with a photo of Dad's children or his family. Choose a photo-engraved keychain or rearview mirror pendant to celebrate getting a driver's license or leaving for college. Beaded photo necklaces are ideal for that hard-to-buy-for mom who has everything and adds a splash of color to a picture she loves.


When your photo is engraved, the resulting image is black-and-white grayscale and a replica of your submitted image. We also offer a complete selection of full-color photo-engraved jewelry! The image is engraved onto a textured white background and is a full-color replica of the photo you submit. Because the background is textured, you can feel the memory with your fingertips.


Photo engraved jewelry can be customized with your favorite photo and much more! Engraved text can be added to the back of almost every photo engraved keepsake. Choose a name, a date, or even a verse or phrase. Some birthstones can be added directly to the pendant or as a birthstone rider's heart to wear with the photo engraved pendant. We have a great selection of premium chains that can alter the position of the pendant on the body.

Visit our photo jewelry buying guide to learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect piece for you or your loved one.

Quick Fact

We can remove backgrounds, merge photos and so much more! Don't be afraid to ask for exactly what you're looking for and we will make it happen.


Photo-engraved jewelry is a great option for several reasons. Photo pendants are ideal gifts for any occasion—birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, even those 'just because' occasions! Choose photo-engraved jewelry to celebrate the living and remember the deceased. It is also budget-friendly and very affordable.

Thumbprint Jewelry: A Touch Of Love

Thumbprint jewelry is a wonderful way to always have a touch of your loved one with you. Every fingerprint is edited by hand and then laser engraved onto the keepsake. You can touch and feel the ridges of the print with your fingertips, and the pendants exceed the industry standard in thickness. Our fingerprint jewelry is heirloom quality, and each is made to order.


There are several different styles of thumbprint jewelry to choose from. In addition to pendants, we have a great selection of fingerprint rings! The rings come in men's and women's options and are available in cuff styles and bands. We provide both whole and half sizes in sterling silver or 14k gold.

And what's not to love about giving a thumbprint keepsake gift? Fingerprint money clips are a great gift idea for a brother who has suffered a loss or a good friend to memorialize a parent. Choose a Kershaw thumbprint knife or a fingerprint keychain for a young adult who has experienced their first loss.


Our fingerprint jewelry is crafted from top-quality materials; most are completely handcrafted. Stainless steel and sterling silver are great options for those who like the cool tones of silver. Our sterling silver thumbprint keepsakes come with black, rose, or gold plating. We have thumbprint jewelry available in 14k yellow gold and white gold, and the keepsakes are made when the order is placed.

Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind and considerate present that will help you treasure a special moment forever? Visit our information center to learn about 15 occasions to gift thumbprint jewelry.


There are several ways in which you can customize your thumbprint ring jewelry. Personalized engraving can be added to the back of your thumbprint keepsake. Choose a name, date, or even an additional fingerprint! We offer keepsakes with two fingerprints engraved on the front, an engraved signature, or a note. Birthstones can be added to your thumbprint jewelry and birthstone rider hearts. Celebrating your loved one is important, and we strive to give you as many ways as possible to make your thumbprint jewelry a reflection of your loved one.

Visit our Thumbprint Buying Guide today to learn more about choosing the perfect thumbprint jewelry for your loved one.


There are some great reasons to choose thumbprint ring jewelry. Memorial thumbprint ring jewelry is highly personal and unique. Each fingerprint is traced by hand, assuring you that time and attention to detail were taken to enhance the natural beauty of the print. Our thumbprint pendants and rings are heirloom quality and ideal for future generations. And thumbprint jewelry will fit a variety of budgets!

Jewelry Made From Ashes: Taking Them With You Wherever You Go

Our jewelry for ashes is a vibrant and beautiful combination of ashes and a gemstone-like resin. Less than a pinch of cremated remains is mixed with the resin, which hardens. The result is harder than stone. With various colors available, you can create a beautiful memorial that will be treasured forever.

We make it easy to fill your pendant. Once your order is processed, we will send an ash collection kit. Add the ashes to the kit and mail them back to us immediately. Upon receiving the ashes from the customer, your jewelry made from ashes will ship in as few as two to three business days.


We offer two different styles of jewelry made from ashes - pendants and rings. From simple rounds and square-shaped pendants to more modern nature-inspired themes, our jewelry for ashes has something to offer everyone. Our selection of ash rings is available in both men's and women's, and we even have a few ash rings inspired by the pets we’ve loved and lost.

Treasure your loved one's memory with a unique and meaningful piece of ash jewelry. Learn more about choosing the perfect piece in our ultimate guide to choosing ash jewelry.


We use only top-quality materials for our jewelry, which is made from ashes. Whether you love the cool tones of sterling silver or the warmth of solid gold, we have what you’re looking for. Our pendants are also available in black Cerakote finish and gold or rose gold plated.


There are limitless options available to customize your ashes in jewelry. Most of our jewelry for ashes keepsakes can be engraved on the back side of the pendant. We offer several different resin choices for every ash keepsake, too. You can select jewelry made from ashes that includes a photo of your loved one or choose one of our fingerprint and ash pendants. Your memories are special, and your remembrance of your loved one should be as well!


Jewelry made from ashes has many great benefits. It is highly personal because the rings and pendants use a small amount of cremated ashes. We mix the ashes with the resin so that there is no hassle filling your jewelry. And just because you don't see it on our site—don't worry! We can custom-create virtually any design you’d like!

Permanently Sealed: An Extra Ordinary Tribute

Permanently sealed memorial jewelry takes a modern approach to remembering and honoring your loved ones.  Every pendant is made to order at the time your order is processed.  Permanently sealed keepsakes have a small internal urn that permanently seals your loved one’s ashes inside the jewelry.  This means there is no visible screw and the permanently sealed pendant is completely waterproof.  Permanently sealed jewelry is indistinguishable from regular jewelry and is heirloom quality.


Our selection of permanently sealed pendants features keepsakes such as simple, understated hearts and rounds with mountain ranges and ocean waves. Each design is handcrafted when your order is processed; no two are identical. We offer designs geared towards men, women, and young adults, and our permanently sealed pendants include a free matching 20" chain.


Our permanently sealed memorial jewelry is made to order from top-quality materials. We use .925 sterling silver as well as 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold. Our sterling silver permanently sealed keepsakes can be gold or rose gold plated or finished with black Cerakote.   Before shipping, each pendant is polished by hand and comes with a matching 20" chain.


Most of our permanently sealed memorial jewelry can be customized with engraved text. Choose a short phrase, initials, or even a date to have engraved on the back of your ash pendant. We offer a variety of high-quality chains in various lengths, styles, and finishes to help you create a unique look.


Like jewelry made from ashes, permanently sealed memorial jewelry is highly personal. Because the ashes are sealed inside the pendant, permanently sealed pendants are 100% waterproof and indistinguishable from regular jewelry. All of our permanently sealed jewelry is made to order and completely one-of-a-kind.

Quick Fact

At Jewelry Keepsakes, we can maker virtually any design you'd like as a permanently sealed pendant or ring. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, reach out and send us an email with your thoughts!

What Memorial Jewelry Should I Choose For My Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is crucial in selecting memorial jewelry. Let’s explore four lifestyles and keepsake options!


For extroverts, this is your lifestyle3. Individuals with an active lifestyle typically enjoy some form of exercise, are social, and do work they enjoy. They make the most of the hours and their energy in the day.

Permanently sealed pendants would be a great option for this lifestyle. Because they are waterproof and indistinguishable from regular jewelry, they will easily transition from work to the gym to a night out on the town.


Silver On Black Photo Engraved Money Clip

People who enjoy being alone most likely have this lifestyle. They typically do it alone, whether traveling, working, or sitting down for dinner. Responsible and disciplined, those who enjoy a solo lifestyle are not in anyone's control and do what they want when they want.

Photo-engraved jewelry would be a terrific option for those who live a solo lifestyle. Being solo does not mean not having anyone in your life, and photo-engraved jewelry offers the opportunity to bring a visual reminder of loved ones along for the ride. Photo-engraved keychains for road trips or a photo-engraved money clip would be great options.


Silver On Black Photo Engraved Money Clip

People who enjoy being alone most likely have this lifestyle. They typically do it alone, whether traveling, working, or sitting down for dinner. Responsible and disciplined, those who enjoy a solo lifestyle are not in anyone's control and do what they want when they want.

Photo-engraved jewelry would be a terrific option for those who live a solo lifestyle. Being solo does not mean not having anyone in your life, and photo-engraved jewelry offers the opportunity to bring a visual reminder of loved ones along for the ride. Photo-engraved keychains for road trips or a photo-engraved money clip would be great options.


Often associated with those who live in the country or on farms, a rural lifestyle4 is about living close to nature and peace. There are no concerns for social status; a rural lifestyle is one where the simple things in life are what bring comfort.

Fingerprint jewelry would be a great option for those who live a rural lifestyle. Nothing is more peaceful and simple than holding a loved one's hand. Fingerprint pendants and rings give the gift of touching a loved one's fingerprint in a comforting and peace-inspiring manner.


Those with an urban lifestyle often live in larger cities and live a fast-paced life. There is more to do, see, buy, and achieve. If you live an urban lifestyle, your life is fast-paced and exciting.

Jewelry made from ashes is a great match for those who live an urban lifestyle. The vibrancy of the colors and the unique designs combined with the metals and finishes are exciting and modern. Ash jewelry transitions well from day to evening and allows you to bring a remembrance of a loved one in a private yet color-inspired manner.

Things To Consider Before You Buy


If you're buying for someone other than yourself, remember the recipient when choosing memorial jewelry. Children may form a deeper connection with a pendant that features a photo-engraved image of a loved one, while elders may find comfort in tracing the ridges of their loved ones' fingerprints. Also, clasps can be challenging for those with arthritic fingers, and a bracelet or a ring may be a better option.


As previously discussed, lifestyle plays a big role in choosing the best memorial jewelry. Be bold and think outside the box; however, an urban trendsetter will have different tastes than a rural farmer.


Budget consideration is very important. If you want to spend under $100, photo-engraved jewelry or thumbprint keychains are great options. If budget is not an issue, solid gold permanently sealed is the best, and you can even create a custom design.

Memorial Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions

What is memorial jewelry?

Memorial jewelry is a jewelry keepsake that helps to honor and celebrate someone that has passed from your life.  Available as pendants, rings, bracelets and more, memorial jewelry may be engraved with a photo or have a photo locket.

What is memorial jewelry made of?

Most memorial jewelry is made from metal.  You will find stainless steel pendants, sterling silver memorial jewelry and solid gold memorial jewelry keepsakes in various styles and designs.

Can memorial jewelry be worn in the shower?

Permanently sealed memorial jewelry may be worn while showering or bathing as the ashes are forever sealed inside the jewelry.  No other memorial jewelry should be worn while showering or bathing as the chemicals found in soaps and shampoos can cause damage to the seal.

How do I clean my memorial jewelry?

Use a jeweler’s polishing cloth to wipe any build-up on the surface of your memorial jewelry.  Never use harsh jewelry cleaners to clean your jewelry keepsake.

How do I get the ashes to you for my permanently sealed jewelry or jewelry made from ashes?

Getting us the ashes for your permanently sealed or ash jewelry is hassle-free.  When your order is placed we will send out an ash collection kit and the kit contains all that is necessary to gather and return the ashes to us.  Any ashes we don’t use to create the keepsake are securely packaged and returned to you with your permanently sealed or ash jewelry purchase.

How do I send you the photo or fingerprint that I want used?

You can upload your photo or fingerprint directly on the product page.  You can also email your photo or fingerprint image to and reference your order number.


Memorial jewelry provides a great opportunity to keep a memory of a loved one who has passed with you on your terms. Photo-engraved jewelry captures those special memories and engraves them onto a beautiful pendant or bracelet or various photo-engraved jewelry gifts. For those looking to create a special remembrance of a loved one, choose thumbprint jewelry to have their fingerprint laser engraved forever.

Click here for our practical and in-depth guide on honoring the living and dead with personalized memorial jewelry.

Jewelry made from ashes and permanently sealed jewelry offers a highly personal and one-of-a-kind way to cherish your memories. Whether combining the ashes with a gemstone-like resin to add a splash of color or forever sealing the ashes inside a top-quality pendant, you’ll have an heirloom-quality remembrance that you will treasure forever!

Updated April 1, 2024

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